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SAFIA and Legacy FS Photographic Competition 2018/2019

Organization : SAFIA
Competition Name : SAFIA and Legacy FS Photographic Competition 2018/2019
Applicable For : Open to all amateur photographers from anywhere in South Africa
Competition Deadline : November 2019
Prize : R5000 in cash or photographic equipment
Website : https://www.safia.org.za/

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SAFIA & Legacy FS Photographic Competition

SAFIA invites to all all amateur photographers from anywhere in South Africa of any age and photographic experience for SAFIA and Legacy FS Photographic Competition 2018/2019.

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Competition Period

** This contest is held monthly from December 2018 to November 2019. Each month will hold a round of submissions and judging based on particular topics provided.

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Who Can Enter

** This is a monthly competition open to all amateur photographers from anywhere in South Africa of any age and photographic experience.

** The contest is only open to amateur photographers (ie. photographers who do not derive a part or the whole of their income from photography).

** Each entrant may submit one image per month. One qualifying entry will count as one ticket to the grand prize draw at the end of the 12-month contest on September 30th,

Photo Submission

Go to the official website,click on the photo submission tab in home page, entry form will be displayed enter the following details to the entry form.

Photo Competition :
Step 1 : Enter Your Name(*)
Step 2 : Enter Your Surname(*)
Step 3 : Enter Your Email(*)
Step 4 : Enter Your Type of Camera used(*)
Step 5 : Enter Your Caption for the Photograph(*)
Step 6 : Enter Your Theme
Step 7 : Select Month
Step 8 : Upload your photo
Step 9 : Click on Submit button.

Competition Theme & Topic

January Human Interest Your understanding and attitude towards Islam
February Nature Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
March People Intriguing Landscapes
April Travel Your journey locally or in foreign land
May Sport Sport in action
June Your Community Interesting activities in your area
July Current Local, national and international politics
August Affairs / Politics Talented Young people looking ahead
September Youth Children being children
October Children Various views of old and young men and women
November Men/Women Observing science: Macro and Micro views
December Science Your understanding and attitude towards Islam


Monthly :
** Each monthly contest will have its own prize to be announced at the start of the following month.

The Grand Prize :
** There will be one winner of the first prize, one winner of the second prize and one winner of the third prize in the finals

** The 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners will receive a SAFIA Photographic Competition certificate.
** The first winner will be the photographer of the SAFIA Image/Photograph of the Year as voted for by the public and judges from a shortlist of the 12 monthly winners.

** Every qualifying entry in each month will count as one “ticket” to the draw in the finals.. This means that if a photographer enters all 12-monthly contests and wins all 12, then he or she will have 12 tickets in the draw.

The prize is as follows :
** The monthly winning entry will win a prize of R2000.
** The winner of the finals will win a prize of R5000 in cash or photographic equipment to the same value

** The Second prize will be R3000
** The Third prize will be R2000

Competition Rules

** The image should be at least 2MB in size
** The entrant shall provide a caption for the image; the camera used (SLR, DSLR, smartphone etc) and include the category/topic being entered for.

** There is no entry fee to this photo contest.
** Entries must be submitted via info AT safia.org.za/

** The decisions of the judging panel of the contest are final and no discussions will be entered into on any matters pertaining to the judging process.
** By entering the Photo Contest the photographer confirms that they are the sole owner of the photograph and its copy write.

** The photographer also gives permission for SAFIA and its sponsors from time to time to use these images (with appropriate and accurate credit) in the promotion and marketing of the Contest.

** The images will not be used by or offered to any third parties for any commercial purposes whatsoever.
** The copy write of the image will remain with the photographer.

** The photographer also agrees that the image submitted is not a composite, is not photoshopped and is as true a representation of the subject as possible.
** If there is any doubt as to the authenticity of the image then the photographer agrees to submit an original image for scrutiny.

** If the judges decide that the post-production has resulted in a significantly altered image from the original the submission may be disqualified.

** By entering the SAFIA Photo Contest the photographer agrees to abide by these rules in full and without exception.

Judging Process

** Each month a new photographic category will be announced on the SAFIA website and a one week period for submissions will open.

** Amateur photographers from around the world can enter one photograph per month appropriate to that category.
** When the submissions window closes, a shortlist of around 10 images will be selected by the Photo Contest organisers.

** This shortlist will then be presented to the judges for that month to reduce the number of entries to no more than 3 images.
** These 3 images will then be published allowing the public to vote for their favourite image of the 10 shortlisted by the judges.

** The image with the most votes will then be declared the winner of that monthly prize.
** The 12 images from the shortlist will feature in a Photo Gallery hosted on the SAFIA Website for a minimum period of one year.

** The winner of the monthly contest will be put forward to the final along with the other monthly winners which in turn will go to a public vote to decide the 2019 SAFIA Image of the Year.

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