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SACE Online Registration : South African Council For Educators

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Organization : South African Council For Educators (SACE)
Facility Name : Online Registration
Head Office : Centurion
Website :

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SACE Online Registration

The SACE online registration is facilitated through the SITA e-services portal.

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How to Register?

Just follow the below steps for SACE Online Registration,

Steps :
Step 1 : Go to the following link
Step 2 : Next, click on the Register link Register on the e-gov services.

Step 3 : Fill the registration form with the following details,
** Personal Details
** Contact Details
** Address Details
** Password Details
** Verification Details

Note :
Please provide your ID number if you’re a South African citizen and passport number if you’re not a citizen

Step 4 : Once registered with the e-gov service, you can then login to the e-gov portal and select on SACE to begin registering.
Step 5 : If you already registered on just proceed with login no need to register twice.


Click login on the top of the any page and provide your credentials to login. You must have registered first before you can login.

You can also do the following on the login page
** Register a new account if you have not yet registered
** Reset your password if you forgot it
** Retrieve your username if you also forgot it


1. How can I edit my profile?
You may access your profile by clicking on profile link in the top right-hand corner of the website. Under Account tab, click on the details tab to edit your profile

2. How do I get to the different e-Services on the website?
Government to citizen services
** Click on the citizen link on the top of the page for citizen services.
** Click on the business link on the top of the page for business services.
** Click on the government link on the top of the page for government services.
** Click on the open data link on the top of the page for open data services.

3. What is on my Dashboard?
Your e-Services dashboard contains quick snapshot view of your information on the e-Government portal.

It contains the following
** Personal information
** Access to a list of e-Services you have access to
** Access to a list of accounts you have access to
** Access to a list of tickets you have logged
** Access to a list of job applications you have made

4. Why have I not received an OTP?
** Due to network congestion, an OTP can expire, in that case try again.
** Is the e-mail provided correct?
** Is the cell phone number provided correct?
** Select the Resend OTP button below the Enter OTP field.

5. What is a username?
An identification used by a person with access to a computer, network, or online service.
On the login page
** Your username will be your email address.
** Your password will be your own defined password.

6. For which sectors are services provided for on the e-Services website?
The e-Services website provides services to
** Citizen (G2C – Government to citizen services).
** Business (G2B – Government to business services).
** Government (G2G – Government to government services).

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  1. Hi Iam Thandeka Mbatha from Ladysmith. I have a problem with my registration ,when login in after registration they say my password and username is wrong. I cant get through to register on SACE. Please help

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