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Organization : National Traffic Information System
Service Name : Online Booking Application
Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa
Website :

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NaTIS Online Booking Application

Make Bookings to apply for Learner Licence, Driving License and/or Professional Driving Permits, without having to visit Traffic Departments not having the guarantee of being assisted after standing in long queues.

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How to Book Online?

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of National Traffic Information System through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, click on the “My Booking” tab in the menu bar.

Step 3 : Fill the application with the required details.

Step 4 : Finally click on “Submit” button to complete the registration.

Important Notice

Gauteng Province wants to ensure that all DLTC’s are Covid-19 compliant to ensure safety of applicants. The sites inspection of DLTC’s are almost done. Kindly note the following before visiting your preferred DLTC.

** All applicants who paid for a Learner’s Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the Learner’s test

** All applicants who paid for a Driving Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the driving licence test

** All Driving Licences which expired between 27 March 2020 to 31 May 2020, are deemed valid until 31 August 2020
** All PrDP’s which expired between 27 March 2020 to 1 June 2020, are deemed valid until 31 August 2020

** DLTC’s that are Covid-19 compliant will open bookings for Driving Licence card renewals on 3 June 2020
** DLTC’s that are Covid-19 compliant will open Learner’s Licence and
Driving Licence test bookings on 8 June 2020

** DLTC’s that are Covid-19 compliant will open applications for PrDP’s on 8 June 2020


1. Where can I book?
You can book at any of the registered DTLC sites in Gauteng by making use of the web application.

2. How many times can I make a pre-booking?
You can only make a pre-booking once for the same licence test. You are not allowed to make the same test application at different testing stations.

3. How do I pay for the pre-booking?
You must pay for your booking at the testing station at which the pre-booking was made. Online payment will be offered in the near future.

4. What about the eye test?
You can do the eye test on the day of the payment at the DLTC or; go to a recognised eye specialist where a certificate will be issued that will be acceptable at the testing station.

5. How long do I have to pay?
The payment must be made within 3 days from making the pre-booking. This is to prevent the slot from being forfeited and allocated to another applicant. It is only a reservation of your booking until it is paid within the prescribed period to make the booking confirmed.

Please note that fees are not displayed on this site as the different sites have fees applicable to their province. Please contact the DLTC to enquire about fees.

6. What is the procedure if I want to apply for a driving licence when my current driving licence card has expired due to illness, incarceration or being out of the country?
A driving licence that has been issued to a person does not expire. Only the card does after 5 years, therefore the applicant is not prevented from applying for the renewal of a card when able to do so.

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  1. Hi im strangle to book online i want to renew my pdp please help

  2. I need a date for a learner license but the system is failing me

  3. good morning, during the tough period off the lockdown I completed all requirements for my prdp renewal. I’m at the stage where I don’t get slot to pay for my temporal prdp and at the working environment we as truck drivers it difficult. I’m not working now due to a long overdue prdp and I can’t get slot,our government is not helping South African citizens instead push us to deep poverty. this online booking has to stop before the economy can lapse and it is useless.

  4. Y is so hard to get a slot our learners a expire very soon

  5. Hi I have been trying to book for learners licence please help me

  6. I got a slot – went through the process and waited for my OTP pin to confirm, which I was going to get via sms on my phone….I waited for hours, then days for that pin…what is happening really…..

  7. my license card has expired from June2020

    I did try to book on line everyday , but no available slots at Vereeniging , vndpark , Meyerton

    what must I do ?

  8. mntambo sibongiseni siphamandla

    whyh mara thy keep us booking online because thney failed to give bus a slot our government is big failer this pdp is not free we use our own money come on don’tr give us adame problem what is amother fuck

  9. This System is not helping at all , I have been trying to find a slot to renew my drives license till today I have not been able to get a slot. I tried to walk in to the testing station and I couldn’t get any help.

  10. good morning am struggling to book online for renewal of my drivers licence card. can you please assist

    1. We gating tired for the slot that are not available what we can do to get it because it’s being long help please with slots

  11. Every week i try to book nothing haheppen

  12. hi i Themba makhubu. i want to book to renew my licence

  13. I am finding difficult to renew my driver`s license and I have all possible avenues at my disposal but still not succeeded

  14. I have been trying to book for an expired driver’s license without luck. I have followed the steps when I tab on my booking it goes back to home page. What do I do

  15. i have been trying to book for PdP cant get a date, this new bloody system is a sh lab it must just be scraped

  16. I struggle to make a booking online at Centurion.there is no slots available. I even look at Watloo driverns licence testing centre as well as Kempton Park . no slots available .Can you be so kind and let me know when there will be slots available

  17. im aiso book for pdp but never get any message;date;time

  18. Benjamin Masala Tshikalange

    I am struggle to make a booking online at Ormonde Johannesburg because there is no slots available Can you please be so kind and let me know when there will be slots available?

  19. My name is Letooane Mofokeng i have been trying to book for licence renewal for three months no slots available for vereenigi g and vanderbijlpark

  20. Please help me to booking learner’s licence

  21. I have been trying to book for leaner in the past 2 months

  22. Zuzumuzi Gift Mthenbu

    I’m struggling to find slot, no slots ate available, eish it sucks, i do not know what to do, i think it’s best if we do things old school coz this online things confused us and some there not educated so it will be so hard for them to book..things changed i went there2 pay 4 ma learners nd they told me they do not take cash,they take credit or debit card nd i was like really, coz some of us do not have bank accounts..this internet, online thing sucks

  23. I’ve been trying to book for nearly two months now, always no slots available. This system must be reviewed. It’s really not working. For those people who can’t even afford to buy data, what must they do? It’s really frustrating.

  24. I want to book learners licence but icant help me

  25. I want to book for pdp online how I book

  26. How do we apply for learners licence

  27. Its been a month trying to book online in Alberton i have everything ready including my fingerprints Alberton is not releasing slots for us to go and pay by the cashier…something is not right with Alberton theres something fishy going on there.

  28. Mogakolodi Annastatia Monchusi

    I’m struggling to get slots in Roodepoort what must I do now?

  29. i have been struggling to get a slot online since July 2019 to date. I even tried again today and all centres in gauteng has zero slots available

  30. Please need to make a booking as soon as possible. The website is not helping at all. Your always off line and no slots available for almost 2 months now. Why can we just to it old school go to your nearest DLTC center and apply.

  31. i try to book my learners but cant seem to find the right website

  32. I find it hard to renew my DL because every time I logg in the website… All slots are not available, so what can I do?

  33. Is been two months now struggling to book for my pdp in Heidelberg, there is always no slots! What can we do to find a slots in Heidelberg?

  34. trying to make a booking for my driving licence card expired. no slots available every time i go into the website. what must i do next.

  35. I was trying to book online for my licence renewal but everytime no slots I think it’s best to go to normal system these online things sucks



  37. Kindly help i need to apply for pdp please

  38. I struggle to book pdp online

  39. David tumelo matsane

    Im struggling to renew my pdp

  40. Iv been trying to book for learner’s license,m struggling awa mara

    1. having the same problem

  41. morning i want to book my learners licence online but i can not i do it. please help.

  42. This online application thing is just nonsense mxm

  43. I have been trying to apply for a pdp,is been two months now,with no slot,why can’t we go back to the way we used to do things,this online thing is not working

  44. I struggle to apply for PDP online at Heidelberg because there is no slots available can you please be so kind and let me know when there will be slots available

  45. I’ve been trying to book for my pdp renewal since August and it will expire end of October,why can’t you just you the old system cos this online booking is delaying us😠😠😠 some of us we are drivers so what if we loose our jobs

  46. My son his learners within two weeks expired now we still struggling to log in

  47. This thing killing us my son struggling to boo for driving test please help us

  48. Ive been struggling to renew my licence for the past 4weeks, its now expired , how to apply online ????

  49. I struggled to apply pdp seens July help

  50. Am struggling to make a booking at Sibasa can you please assist me

  51. I dnt understand why we are booking online bcz this nonsense is not working properly.
    It’s part of your job to make bookings for us not this KAKA that you are doing.
    Sum of us they don’t even know how to use a smart phone,we are drivers not IT specialist, please dnt make our lives difficult.

  52. Hi, i have been trying to get a booking to renew my license for 3 months now and all stations it shows Nil bookings, mu license expires at the end of October, so what happens when i get stopped in a road block and my license is expired?

  53. I have been trying to book for pdp no available slots. its been more than a month now. I need to do a pdp. Please help

  54. i want to renew my pdp but there is no slot i think these system is not working they must use the old system

  55. I struggle to log in to make a booking, what must I do to make a booking?

  56. Ay Gauteng failing us serious how longing trying to apply online but I’m failing,,so now i even decide I’m gng to do it at mpumalanga

  57. Am struggling with everything I wanted to do PDP I went to the licence department they told me I must go to the police station without a form for finger is offline no in and no out please we are working with licence traffic cops are not dancing with us when it comes to a licence.

  58. Am struggling to book log in i want to book for learners what can i do?

  59. Hi, really struggling to make a booking as no slots are available at any renewal centre in Gauteng…..please help? Checking the site since last week but no slots available…..can management please try and do something?

  60. Im Struggling to make booking please assist

    1. im also struggling to book for card renewal

  61. i applied to renew my license through PDP but till now no response the date is 23 September should I go even though

  62. driver license expired on 7 month still no slot in gp and offices refuse to help with out appointment even if there is no costumers at window totally use less system and useless people

  63. since 1 september, no slots are drivers license is expired plaese guys help me

  64. Iam struggling to make a booking for renewal of drives licence no slots

  65. Hi i m struggling to make bookings in Sibasa can you kindly assist

  66. I struggle to book for prdp aapplkcation

  67. I struggle to log into the online bookings.please assist in this regard

  68. since 1 september, no slots are drivers license is expiring on 1 october 2020.Please advise

  69. i struggle to make a booking online at kungwini because there is no slots available Can you please be so kind and let me know when there will be slots available?

    1. Hi i want to book learners licence on line what can I do?

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