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Organization : National Traffic Information System
Service Name : Online Booking Application
Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa
Website :
If the above link does not open, use this link :

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How To Apply For NaTIS Online Booking?

Make Bookings to apply for Learner Licence, Driving License and/or Professional Driving Permits, without having to visit Traffic Departments not having the guarantee of being assisted after standing in long queues.

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Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of National Traffic Information System (NaTIS) through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, click on the “My Booking” tab in the menu bar.

Step 3 : Fill the application with the required details.

Step 4 : Finally click on “Submit” button to complete the registration.

Instructions For NaTIS Online Booking

Gauteng Province wants to ensure that all DLTC’s are Covid-19 compliant to ensure safety of applicants. The sites inspection of DLTC’s are almost done. Kindly note the following before visiting your preferred DLTC.

** All applicants who paid for a Learner’s Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the Learner’s test

** All applicants who paid for a Driving Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the driving licence test

** All Driving Licences which expired between 27 March 2020 to 31 May 2020, are deemed valid until 31 August 2020
** All PrDP’s which expired between 27 March 2020 to 1 June 2020, are deemed valid until 31 August 2020

** DLTC’s that are Covid-19 compliant will open NaTIS bookings for Driving Licence card renewals on 3 June 2020
** DLTC’s that are Covid-19 compliant will open Learner’s Licence and
Driving Licence test bookings on 8 June 2020

** DLTC’s that are Covid-19 compliant will open applications for PrDP’s on 8 June 2020

FAQ On NaTIS Online Booking

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On NaTIS Online Booking

1. Where can I book?
You can book at any of the registered DTLC sites in Gauteng by making use of the web application.

2. How many times can I make a pre-booking?
You can only make a pre-booking once for the same licence test. You are not allowed to make the same test application at different testing stations.

3. How do I pay for the pre-booking?
You must pay for your booking at the testing station at which the pre-booking was made. Online payment will be offered in the near future.

4. What about the eye test?
You can do the eye test on the day of the payment at the DLTC or; go to a recognised eye specialist where a certificate will be issued that will be acceptable at the testing station.

5. How long do I have to pay?
The payment must be made within 3 days from making the pre-booking. This is to prevent the slot from being forfeited and allocated to another applicant. It is only a reservation of your booking until it is paid within the prescribed period to make the booking confirmed.

Please note that fees are not displayed on this site as the different sites have fees applicable to their province. Please contact the DLTC to enquire about fees.

6. What is the procedure if I want to apply for a driving licence when my current driving licence card has expired due to illness, incarceration or being out of the country?
A driving licence that has been issued to a person does not expire. Only the card does after 5 years, therefore the applicant is not prevented from applying for the renewal of a card when able to do so.

Some Important Information From Comments

1. I have been sending Emails with my ID documents requesting assistance as I am struggling to complete my online renewal of license card. It says that, I am on the system already and I can’t remember my login details and the system doesn’t allow me to change to start all over again and my license will expire soon .

2. I have been trying basically 5 to 6 times a day since June 2021. Even tried checking over weekends, 0 slots available, they either don’t know, what they are doing (or) just simply unprofessional. This online system should be scrapped, we are prepared to go personally to the venue as we did previously and get it done. This is not only frustrating but pathetic service.

3. Mabopane Traffic Department people need to pay for a slot. You have to pay R50. If you don’t have money, you will wait there the whole day. The dates on the booking confirmation is also not working.

4. I have been trying to book a slot since April, there are no slots available in Pretoria. How is this possible? The slots stay the same and do not change, no availability since the moment it opens at 8 AM to the time the slots close at 8 PM which has now changed to 6 PM. So please someone explain to me how on Earth we are supposed to apply for our Drivers and Learners? The site is not user friendly and is not fair.

NATIS online booking system site is not working.

I have been trying to book a slot for the past 4 months now with no luck. Rumours says, slots are now sold by the officials in our traffic departments, our government is failing us seriously. Can the government do something about this online booking because I believe there is some corruption taking place.

Most of the commenters commented that, they have been trying to book online but, the NATIS Online Booking Application System is not working and no slots available.

FAQ On NATIS Booking Application

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On NATIS Booking Application

Q: What is NATIS?
A: The NATIS is an online system that allows individuals to book appointments for various services related to the National Traffic Information System (NaTIS). NaTIS is a web-based system used in South Africa for vehicle registration, licensing, and other traffic-related services.

Q: What services can be booked using the NATIS Booking Application?
A: The NATIS Booking Application allows individuals to book appointments for services such as vehicle registration, renewal of licenses, change of ownership, and other related services offered by the South African government’s traffic departments.

Q: How can I access the natis Booking Application in South Africa?
A: The NATIS Booking Application can be accessed online through the official website of the relevant traffic department in South Africa. This may vary depending on the province or municipality where you reside. It is recommended to check the official website of your local traffic department for the correct link to access the natis Booking Application.

Q: What information do I need to provide when booking an appointment using the natis Booking Application?
A: When booking an appointment using the natis Booking Application, you may need to provide information such as your personal details (name, ID number, contact information), vehicle details (registration number, make, model), and the type of service you require (e.g., vehicle registration, license renewal, change of ownership).

Q: Can I reschedule or cancel my appointment booked through the natis Booking Application?
A: Yes, in most cases, you should be able to reschedule or cancel your appointment booked through the natis Booking Application. However, the process may vary depending on the specific traffic department’s policies and procedures. It is recommended to review the cancellation and rescheduling policies mentioned on the application or contact the relevant traffic department for further assistance.

Additional Generic Procedure

To apply for NaTIS online booking, you must first register on the NaTIS website. Once you are registered, you can log in and select the type of driving license you want to apply for. You will then be able to select a date and time for your appointment.

Here are the steps on how to apply for NaTIS Online Booking:
1) Go to the NaTIS website:
2) Click on the “Book Now” button.
3) Select the type of transaction you want to book.
4) Select the date and time of your appointment.
5) Enter your personal details, such as your name, ID number, and contact information.
6) Upload a scanned copy of your ID document.
7) Pay the booking fee.
8) Click on the “Submit” button.
9) You will receive a confirmation email with your booking details.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when applying for NaTIS Online Booking:
1) You can book an appointment up to 30 days in advance.
2) You can only book one appointment per day.
3) You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours in advance.
4) You must bring your ID document and the payment receipt to your appointment.
5) You must arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time.

You can book an appointment for a variety of transactions, such as:
1) Driving licence renewal
2) Learner licence application
3) Vehicle registration
4) Name change on vehicle registration
5) Change of address on vehicle registration

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  1. Sam

    I’m trying to get a slot for my drivers license renewal and you people keep on giving me a only 2 places at Centurion I can’t go there as I work in the Vaal area and stay at Soweto Centurion is too far

  2. enock

    me too they say my information is not found

  3. Anonymous

    I have trying for a week to get a booking. The system is corrupt.these cronies all so corrupt its a total disgrace.

  4. Neliswa

    Is online booking work because I’ve trying several times since last week no luck

  5. LuvoTajana

    How can I cancel the booking? Please help

  6. Fana makhale

    How do you cancel online driving license renewal booking

  7. Mongezi

    good morning, please assist me,I have an appointment at 13:50 in santon but my confirmation message had been deleted by mistake,can they help me without it

  8. Sunrise

    And why you have to choose province for the application 🙆🏽‍♂️🤔💔

  9. Pumela Qavane

    I tried many times to book. worse Buffalo City Municipal took zouf names since there’s a Loadshedding. promised to call me since then. I’m struggling too book. Change this System pls. Qavane

  10. Stephen

    I m trying so many times and my driver’s license expired last month, I don’t know what to do please help this system y very poor

  11. Tabo

    How do I know if my drivers license is available? I didn’t get sms yet

  12. jakorenese

    I lost the phone i applied using n now im not using the same number what must i do?

  13. Jacqueline Lindi Cele

    hi I want to book for my driver’s license in Meyerton

  14. Sanele khoza

    Hi,I also have a problem to renew my card licence since from March I do fill up all my details but when it comes to submit it just freeze I don’t know why anyone can help me to book for licence renewal?

  15. Rob

    The website you are showing on this page no longer exist, I cannot find the place I’m supposed to cancel my appointment to change the date, so I can’t make another appointment. I thought this was supposed to help the South African Public? Not make an already broken system worse. Please reply with an link to the correct website to cancel an appointment.

  16. Bulelwa

    The online service is not serving us.It is looting data and that’s it.I have been trying million times to book for test driving, it’s not effective

  17. Gibson

    Please help me i try so many times to apply for renewal

  18. Francina senyane

    I want to book for my license renewal but doesn’t show the application form please help

  19. Belinda Randall

    Hi, I booked for my hubby, but now i cant remember the date. How can i find his appointment date.

  20. Roslyn Lazarus

    Hi please can I have the tel no. or email address to the Natis office at 44 Grand Central Boulevard, Midrand. alternately can my driving license be posted to me


    This website is not well managed, we are struggling to open it, why are we not going back to standard renewal system rather than be frustrated with open the dead website.

  22. Wallauicha liebenberg

    Absolutely a disgrace, no help, no slots,card expires. Finally after months got an open slot at brakpan .went there with proof of natis.just to end up at final stage to pay and mysteriously i vanished off the system thus couldnt pay and they send me back home with words go find new slot just to come here to pay.all of this after chasing round to get an eye test done somewhere else !!!!!!!now cant find a slot .what exactly can i do.thete is no one to help no one that cares????????!!!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    This government is playing fool of motorists. More money paid for e-tolls and now they expect tjotjo again for renewal of licenses.Their
    system is always stuck when you are supposed to submit your bookings .The day the motorists took to the streets is when they will start respecting them.

  24. Anonymous

    Why is only driving schools owners who get dates even on one day without booking online? This online thing has increased corruption in traffic department, as people are demanded to pay R300 to get the date 😭😭😭

  25. Kenneth

    I tried many times to register my PrDP,I don’t know if is confirmed or not…. this online thing freaking me out jeez my license expires soon.. please help

    1. Yandie

      same here I’ve tried many times for Prdp I don’t get a confirmation and my license will expire in 2 weeks this on

  26. Paul

    The system stinks. It’s useless and never works. It’s been under the so called scheduled maintenance for the past 36 and the dead line is looming. On the other side the minister says no more extension. To me it seems like a money making plan for government.

  27. Sam

    I made a booking but I cannot check it and didn’t receive a confirmation of the booking. The website says I have already booked so now I want to see the time and date ?

  28. Anonymous

    I feel defeated , I have been trying to book online for my licence renewal, the system is useless and when I phone there is no answer, at some stage I was first in line for more than 30 minutes until I hung up.

  29. Bernadette M Geldenhuys

    I don’t understand why you send the link to me if I can’t do anything other than opening advertisements, with no relevance to renewing my license card.

  30. Anonymous

    Good morning I help clients to book for their Enatis booking renewal pdp learner’s and license

  31. Fran

    I’m trying non stop to apply for license renewal online, never slots available and assistance at testing stations are extremely poor. Can we please assistance asap. System is not working at all. Extremely frustrating.

  32. Jobe

    I think that nonsense talk by Mbalula is making life difficult for us no slots no respond when trying to apply.What must we do pls minister respond or I personally can I send my details you do it for me cos reaaly it’s heart breaking

  33. Moloi Kgele

    I’m being trying to register several times, all i get is my information is the same with system,it’s better we go back to old system there was no stress.

  34. Motshidisi Moeng

    My license expired 05/21, i have tried countless times even midnight to get a slot, all the time it says my ID, name, don’t match, went to waterfall office park for help and I as told that I should keep trying. I feel like the very same way the book for over 50 years citizens manually, they can also assist us.

  35. m Shangase

    driver license expired on 7 month still no slot in gp and offices refuse to help with out appointment even if there is no costumers at window totally use less system and useless peopl



  37. Constance

    I have been wainting for my conformation, it’s been two months know please assist us.

    1. Tshepo

      Guys last month I did booking online and I get myself booking for the following for my prpd at temba it dnt take me two weeks to get guys stop complaining about the app natis is working properly stop posting lies cause what I relished it that people they dnt understand to use it ask you will get help now I have prdp temporary.

  38. anonymous

    i cant even get a slot i want to book of my learners license this system is useless go back to the old ways leave what you cant manage

  39. Lekhosi la Mampela

    I try to apply online but this thing gives me stress cuz my licence since expired on 02February 2022 and i cannot renew it.And it shows that minister is not willing to extend the days and some put bread on the tables with this licences i wish they can bring back old style of renewal is better

  40. Motlogeleng Lucas

    Try another method Mr president this one is not working

  41. Anonymous

    This is frustrating!!!

  42. Makaudi Tsotetsi

    hi , i have make a booking and to this day no response was done.they have also given me the case number
    please help as my drivers licence has expired

  43. J.W. Vorster

    I have been trying now constantly every day at every hour to get into the online booking site. Even 2 or 3 in the morning. This for 3 weeks constantly. I just cannot get into your website. Please advise what to do. This is getting very frustrating!!!!

  44. Sdala

    This online booking isn’t working,govervement why you force things that you know it can’t work.please open the old booking system to stand at the line the whole day is fine.

  45. Anonymous

    Thi useless online booking must come to an end its very useless and boring



  47. Kerry Neve

    I am totally fed up!!!!! What is the point of having an online system when everytime I log on to book my sons learners there is NEVER any slots available!!!! I even went to the license dept to book and they tell me I can’t I have to book on line…
    People get a grip and sort this system out. Its an absolute disgrace. No wonder people do illegal acts to get things done.

    Not a very happy Citizen


    LAHLIWE Kambule I struggle toto get booking online. I must I do to make my booking online.

  49. Morne

    Your screen shot of the application doesn’t even look the same and the and the reCAPTCHA doesn’t accept the fact that I’m actually a human and refuses bluntly to take me to the next page……I will be taking screen shots… Should I be pulled over by a fat KFC eater I’ll be sure to show them that I’ve been busy since 11:30 Am trying just to book for license

  50. Edwin

    I have been trying to get application form to book for pdp renewal but am not winning

  51. da general

    is a challenge to book online

  52. Malose Mokgalapa

    We need to book but it’s turf I don’t know when this will come to end. Is this the results of our really?

  53. Anonymous

    My question is what is going to happen after the 30th of March because we have been trying to book online it does not work and they push people to take temporary licenses does government want us to keep on paying for temporary because most of the people who get slot they have done temporary licenses if it is an entry they must tell us

  54. Felicity Dayah

    I have been sending e-mails with my ID documents requesting assistance as I am struggling to complete my online renewal of license card . It says that I am on the system already and I cant remember my login details and the system doesn’t allow me to change to start all over again and my license will expire soon . Can someone please urgently assist me .

  55. des

    i cannot get into the system it stays frozen

  56. Timothy Machimana

    It is not working, I have been going to the licence department to renew my licence and they keep on saying I must book online. I tried several times and it is not working

  57. Esther

    I have been trying to book for learner’s several times but the system is not working. Please help I’m devastated.

    1. Lekhosi la Mampela

      I try to apply online but this thing gives me stress cuz my licence since expired on 02February 2022 and i cannot renew it.And it shows that minister is not willing to extend the days and some put bread on the tables with this licences i wish they can bring back old style of renewal is better

  58. Anonymous

    still waiting for my card license from August 2021 until February 25 2022, this is a disaster Mr. President, advised fire your Minister of Transport…..

    1. Prudence Rahube

      Oh lord!! so it is more than six weeks they say?

    2. Hanna

      The same here, went in on 1st of September 2021…..still no drivers license. The public service is shocking to say the least. Nothing works in this country. Ministers, public servants are useless.
      Fist excuse in November 2021 the machine is broken. Now machine is working but Licensing departments are on strike. When is it going to stop.

  59. Angie

    I don’t think this system is working.
    Been trying the whole month with no luck.

  60. Martha

    Oooh no!!! this is not working, am struggling and my license is expiring on Sunday.

  61. juan

    julle is vaktap kan nie in log nie

  62. Freddie

    why the govement wast money on this if it dont work

  63. Deon

    Hi, I am struggling to make a booking for my renewal of my drivers license!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whenever I completed the info and have to submit it doesn’t allow me to!!!!!!!!

  64. Cobus

    Cant even go in on the online system PATHETIC

  65. Bulelani

    Please help I’ve been trying to book for learners online it keep on say the info doesn’t match the one on their system what can I do now

  66. Samantha

    Hi the old system work well now u have registered it not working please help please go back to old way it not friendly any more .

  67. Somnandi

    If you go straight to the dltc and pay tjotjo you get what you want so imagine paying tjotjo just to register for prdp

  68. Ras Shara

    what is the use of booking online and when you arrive at traffic department you still Q and stand in the long line of people who did not book online…..Malboro Sandton traffic centre is just Chaos

  69. Anonymous

    Guys I’m in need of applying for a PDP but the system here is not working, any assistance please

    1. Albert

      Can you please cancel this system. Because doesn’t work at all.

      We are prepared to go to queues.

      Please give us options. I tried more than 50 times unsuccessful.

  70. nkuzi

    this system is totally rubbish it doesn’t help with anything

  71. Anonmous

    This service is KAK, they try to help but the e-booking system does not even word. I think a bunch of idiots is sitting and sleeping behind their desks. My drivers license expires shortly and when traffic cops pull me off I will scream and shout at the top of my voice.

  72. shane

    i want to book leaners licence test please help me

  73. Sabelo

    This way is delay me too much and it’s waist our data

  74. David Mvangeli

    This online booking is not working at all I’VE been trying for from November up to now I can’t get through

  75. Godson

    Time is up for lip service ,we need true service .this said because to book on line is a extremely difficult task ,so i do not understand where are overseeing people to make sure that service is deliver,it cannot be,that it should be said we are failing to manage setshaba sa rantsho,wa mmala wa sibilo.

  76. Teboho

    What the price I have to pay or save for the whole PDP fees including the every payment that will be needed .

    Just need an informat

    I have already booked .

  77. Sivuyile

    This online booking is not working at all it keeps on saying I don’t exist when I took to the traffic department they keep on telling me everything is ok I must try again

  78. Nomasonto

    Hi guys, I need a booking form to complete so I can renew my driver’s licence please. People must help us by responding positive and give us direction on what to do because we’re really desperate.

    I don’t want to see myself getting a ticket with a huge amount of money that I don’t have.

    Hopefully this message will be read by the right person.

  79. Anonymous

    We end up saying thing tht we shouldn’t be saying coz of corruption that’s talking place and I’m sure.

  80. Luyanda

    This online booking is net kaak,,it is not working,i have been trying everyday since October 2021 but always 0 slot till today.

  81. Japhter

    I didn’t get slot since last year November and my license is expired also in plz do something before it’s goes out of hands

  82. Kevin

    Battling to register via email


    i want to book for drivers licence

  84. Anonymous

    This online booking is not worth it, we rather be allowed to do a walk in

  85. joseph

    Ican help u guys wit slot

    1. Teboho

      Please just tell me how much I have to save for the whole PDP permit payments

    2. Dimzalicious

      Hi, I need a replacement for my drivers licence. Can you assist for me to get a slot. this Natis thing is always zero slots. Gauteng/ PTA

  86. Thanbelo Ranwedzi

    I want to book for renewal of slot

  87. B. T

    this online crap must be scrapped it is not working for anyone I foresee a problem.

  88. N Radebe

    Now we must pay someone R250
    To get a slot, corruption never end!

  89. Anonymous

    Can the government do something about this online booking because I believe there’s some corruption taking place, I’ve been trying to book a slot for the past 4 months now with no luck. Rumours says slots are now sold by the officials in our traffic departments,our government is failing us seriously…

  90. Daniel

    Av been trying to book online for the past two months with no luck this is not working really…

  91. Brian L

    Fellow SAns,if to book online is helping,why they didn’t allowed Election to book online? because they know very well to just remove us in front of there Table in there offices!we are paying Tax for Mahala under this Corruption Leadership

  92. Skhura

    This comment is an addition to all the comments out there, who ever came up with this idea must go back and consult more because its dysfunctional, its frustrating and totally out of order. Some of us working for government and in order to drive a government vehicle you must have your Driver’s license handy up and in working order otherwise you wont drive a state vehicle. This online booking thing is not working at all, please allow us to go back into square one by visiting DLTC’s. We are abiding law citizens don’t frustrate us while we already frustrated by corruption.

  93. Refilwe

    I truly think the person who come with is idea of making a booking when we have to do pdp in Gauteng is a an true foolish leader because this idea was not to help the people who do pdps but to give a batter way of making corruption in the license department.they must cancel this nonsense of them this people must work it doesn’t matter how many people have being there to do the pdps, license or what ever they applied to save the people and they are getting paid for that so let them do so

  94. Julius

    I’ve been tying to apply for My driver licence for the past 3 months but no slot and I’m really frustrated

  95. Mapinkana

    Good day
    My license expired june last year. I’ve been trying to book a slot but there is always a 0 slots every day.
    I took my time to visit the Ekurhuleni office but the guy ask me to pay R200 to book a slot
    To this day still havent renewed my licence

  96. Hlengiwe

    This online booking is not helping at all I tried several times but it couldn’t . I decided to go to the nearest licencing department but the guys at the gate said I must keep on trying wuuuuuuu this online booking is not helping at all.

  97. Connie

    What a wste of tax payers money….yet again….This site is a load of absolute nonsence. Always 0 slots available. You tell me Mr. Government when last was this updated.

  98. Danny

    So people with no smart phone is going to be hard for them

  99. Nickson Dube

    I want book for prep renewals

  100. Linda

    This slot booking in order to renew your drivers/pdp is a load of @@@@.I made a booking I went as per the time slot I was given but did not get my ref no: and after driving 90km out of my way to get it done I was failed twice on my eye test and had to go to Specsaver R 95.00 later. Went back gave them my document and done everything now just to pay R 228.00 and all should be done. When the cashier replied your not booked for a slot today I took the proof of the internet copy I’ve printed but had not have the ref no I was told to leave. I did say this is “flippen this is a load of crab” then the one employee lady replied back and said “yes you to” meaning that “#### you too”. They don’t listern to what is realy said but fast to reply. If it had not been for us drivers lisence they would not be having a job thus they don’t respect the customer who is infact the person paying a part of their wages monthly. This is no way to tread customers. 011 891 0117 LESEGO is the person to be contacted should you have any problem as he is the head of this slot department.

  101. Floyd

    I have been struggling with this system is not working.

  102. Reena

    I have been trying basically 5 to 6 times a day since June 2021. Even tried checking over weekends, O slots available, they either dont know what they are doing or just simply unprofessional. This online system should be scrapped, we are prepared to go personally to the venue as we did previously and get it done. This is not only frustrating but pathetic service

  103. Nolitha

    Natis Online is just a bull shit system. It is disfunctional to condone corrupt elements which by the way has become a culture in licensing offices.
    My card got lost in August 2020, I got pissed off when I was told to pay R750 for me to get a slot. I made a big noise in that corrupt office ended up having to apply for temp drivers license which has also expired. ANC govt is failing SA citizens in all aspects

  104. anonymous

    My driving license they will be expired on the 20 September 2021.I went to the traffic department do face to face I never get help tell me I must get the slot on line if Im not do so they will send me to someone but they need money I never go to someone,in the line guy show me how use the app but tell me if you get the slot don’t be happy until do eye test they will be off line you will tell you to do another slot. I went the 18-08-2021 but lucky I get the slot on 19-08-2021 at 16:00 and you must do because by 16:05 the slot are gone.I stay Gauteng.

  105. BENNETH


  106. Sego Sego

    Minister Mbalula how do we do this, since this system is clearly disfunctional. No slots at all centres across Gauteng! I will have a hernia if I’m stopped & told that my licence has expired!!!
    Thanks ANC government

  107. Sophia

    A try to book online for renewal for driving license but a don’t get to the date an time is not typing so pls help as guys

  108. Kgomotso sa

    I’ve tried to book for August,the calendar is not active even for the current month (July).

    Is it the system or I need connection??

  109. Avril louw

    Good day I would like to know my drivers licence was stolen how do i re apply for my licence card because i really struggle online for the past two weeks for bookings.

  110. TT

    This is unbelievable this system is not working,trying to get a slot from May and nothing. Next thing will be asked to pay tjotjo to get a slot.

  111. Tim Mabaso

    When one listens to the Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula, speaking about this system it all sounds hunky-dory. Well, I guess the Minister only announces what he is told. The reality is that the system is NOT working. It is embarrassing and disappointing. No wonder there is continuation of people who bribing their way through system

  112. Reuben

    Minister Mbalula you tell me what to do now. my drivers licence expires in August. i have been trying to get a slot since May 2021 to no avail. This system sucks!!!!!

  113. Jane

    The online booking is really disgusting,there is no day on which one will ever find a slot.If you happen to see a few,it just tells you something went wrong you must start again,when you start,they are all gone.Minister of transpoprt what is really happening?????????

  114. Anonymous

    Horatius I was by kliptown is also looted I must get ather date

  115. NB

    Please help!!! This system does not work. My Licence expires sin Aug and I have been trying to get a booking since March…no luck

  116. David Molefe

    This online booking thing is not working my license expired since March 31 till today no slot or I have to bribe to get a slot coz South Africa is full of corruption.I think this booking system was the way of making money

  117. Makwala ml

    Hi I send a cancelation of renewal license but now when I try to rebook it says I’ve already have a date the reason for cancelation is too far were I got de date can you cancel my booking so dat I can get a new date around ekurhuleni

  118. Joel zinikele Fiphaza

    My pbp have expired long time ago, now I can’t drive without it
    Is tough for me and my family what to do now, because of this enatis

  119. sefiri

    i tried to apply for prdp since january no luck till today.this system doesnt work.

  120. Jabulile

    Mabopane Traffic department People pay for a slot therfore it doesn’t help to do a booking. Its a mess you have to pay R50 to be placed in front of the que. There are guys working there that approaches everyone standing on the que. The corruption in this traffic dept is pathetic. If you don’t have money you will wait there the whole day. The dates on the booking confirmation don’t work.

  121. Moresto resty Hlabjago

    That enatis online booking does not even work for us cause it’s been a while we trying to book but we don’t get any help

  122. Pissed Off

    I have been trying to book a slot since April, there are no slots available in Pretoria. How is this possible? The slots stay the same and do not change, no availability since the moment it opens at 8AM to the time the slots close at 8 pm which has now changed to 6pm. So please someone please explain to me how on Earth we are supposed to apply for our Drivers and Learners???? The site is not user friendly and is not fair. It pushes us more towards rather booking through a driving school than to do it this way!!!

    1. joey

      They don’t get back to you, this morning when I went to Langlaagte test station, after I tried so long to get a slot, it was closed due to covid,
      why can’t they send out messages. This was a drive and a half to get there, waste of petrol and time.

  123. Beatrice

    Good day,

    this online booking is not working, i tried now for how long just to do an online booking for my mother, but there is just no available slots. also no one is answering the phones here in Krugersdorp, is there still people working there, or is this just another way to get money from people when they are stopped with unvalid licenses. please assist on how can we do a booking or at least answer the phone

  124. Roseann Moodley (Ezra)

    I compared the South Australian online system and it is so simple. Your photo is valid for ten years, we have to renew ours. You need your license number and you submit, then collect when it is ready, like our Smart Card. Why is the Traffic department not doing what Home Affairs does? Leave it open for manual application, because the online system is not working. It really is not us or the workers at the department, but the method. Change the method and at least help us to ‘save face’ in terms of how the other countries are working. We look so foolish every day when we can’t ‘get any joy’ and they say, ‘ we never even left our couch.’

  125. Zakaria mabuyane

    Hi ive been trying to book for my Pdp online. It doesnt go through.

  126. ROBERT

    This online booking its look like is only for driving school only doesn’t work for everyone,even when I found slots available to enter a day doesn’t allow me.Can you please anyone help how to enter a date?

  127. Bayanda

    I have been trying to book online for the last 4 months but till today there are no slots, I went to a branch in Midrad and was told I can’t be assisted as I have to pre-book online, when I told them of the system problems they said they can’t help. This is really frustrating!

  128. Boy

    what about peoples dont even know how to use this system
    some people not well literate.If slot accomodate 60 people how you going to complete hundrends of thousand of peoples.

  129. Daphney Rakobile

    I’ve been trying to book since last year, my licence expired.I don’t what is going on,I check slots everyday 3 to 4 times per day but is always 0 slots. I’m a government employee who uses a government car everyday but now I can’t drive and do my job because of my licence expired.Please assist.

  130. Sello

    For the past three weeks I am trying to book but the system is saying 0 slots in all EKURHULENI areas. May you please assist me and after you have captured everything it doesn’t take the capturing of date and time. Please assist

  131. Kabelo Moloto

    Hi, can someone please help me out with this booking process ‘ being trying to book since October 2020, with no Luck! Am desperate to book for my license test driving Code 10….always zero slot around Gauteng

  132. Johannes

    hi I am in possession of a code 10 license and am trying to use this omline system to book for my pdp renewal but failing in the prosess. what am I doing wrong? please assist

  133. Nkoles

    I lost my card n I need to replace it bt derz a zero slot, when I go to police station to myk affidavit thy told me its not gonna happen,so I’m driving with my identity card,how I can I get a fine for failure to produce while is nt my problem at all,plz any1 whuz responsible myk sure u deal with dis b4 we starting to disrespect each other as evry1 is on duty

  134. siyavuma longfield gwarube

    Hi my driver’s lincence expired on the 08 march 2021 since i was trying to book no slot if i completed the form i can’t put the date and time please help

  135. siyavuma longfield gwarube

    Hi I’m trying to book for renewal of my driver’s license but I’m struggling to put date and time the other spaces are filled today there was 0 slot available in all testing station centers can you please help my lincence is already expired last month 2021

  136. Sibusiso maseko

    This website for booking is not helping cos every centre its 0 so try something that is gonna work out my Drivers licence its expired now im gonna have to go start down

  137. Neuriel

    Hello my card will expire on the second week of April and akasia region is been (0) slots for three weeks,then I opted to go to Xavier 1 hour drive but I straggle to enter time and day 3days now please help.

  138. Dock

    This online booking is full of nonsense we are all struggling to get a slots they sold them or what.. and now what must we do? Mbalula must come to make other plans for that please

  139. Thembeny

    Honestly this system aint working and it is really fustrating can thé minister of transport invade we cant carry on like this cause its always 0 slots avaliable thère must be something wrong with it… Can we have atleast solution as to what else can we do in order to book…

  140. Innocent B Nzima

    This thing of booking online is useless, we are now on level one of covid 19,so why don’t they just open the way we used to before? Everytime you try to book there’s no slot, the only slots that found are the ones from far.Ukhona ubumenemene Lana.

  141. Edward

    Just cancel this thing of the online booking coz is just fake,how come the is zero slot in all Gauteng traffic departments when u log on to this online booking,surely we are just being played here this thing is disfuntional nje,plzzz do away with it is not helpful to anyone,i hv been trying to book for my code14 driving test with no luck n it has been for some coupler months now,this is annoying to say the least can they just scrap it once n for all boring

  142. Jabulile

    How come whole of Gauteng no slots this is nonsense how will I know if slots is available meaning everyday every hour I must log in to this web site checking for slot available that time my drivers license is already expired
    Since I tried to book for renewal until today no slots 3 months passed by mxm nonsense nje

  143. Nozenza

    Hi Can someone please explain why all slot are on zero meaning there is no slot and my driving license is expiring this month end…as I have received massage from the license department that’s says a slot has been made available for me, I must just go online to check DLTC and book the time…but all the Gauteng slot are full….please guys help us….we are frustrated😢😢…if only i can get a way or example where to go when i have login at online natis

  144. Happy

    I’ve been struggling to get slots as well each and every time I check the are no slots at Benoni,since from January and my learners will expires on the 25.03.2021

  145. IJ MSIZA


  146. Anonymous

    I have being trying to book a date for test drive bt is this online is nt working for us cn we pls go bck n book str8 at traffic departments…i cnt go anyway without my licence is 3 month now

  147. Motlokoa

    This online thing I think they are giving slots to some people they favor because how can a lot of us be unable to get slots?I think the are some individuals who are benefiting from it.

  148. Anonymous

    If this is how technology works in South Africa when it comes to book on line..then I think this whole system should be chancelled and thngs be done manually.

  149. Romeo key

    Been waiting for me card since last year July
    This system says “Card has been posted to traffic dep”
    But doesn’t state
    Cab you assist me

  150. Eva Tshipo

    I tried to apply online but i failed .. please help me.

    My name Eva Tshipo
    I stay here in Tembisa

    On 16/02/2021 i was at Kempton Park to apply face to face but security guard chase me out & is being a while trying to apply and failed

  151. Maxwell

    my PDP is about to expire now but I can’t book the date since the slot is always 0 in Randburg I also went there then they said I must come when I recieved the sms but now slot keep saying zero

  152. Anonymous

    Can someone tell me what to do
    I have tried this several times and is not working somebody must be accountable as what we should do next
    This online issue is frustrating drivers
    Minister please make a plan

  153. Johnson Eddie Mokuosi

    Hi! In Johnson Eddie Mokuosi in in a situation where by I can’t reach traffic department to cancel my appointment of testing for driving licence. In trying to do it online I can’t go through and in scared that the moment Im prepared to do it there will be some bad qenciqes

  154. Lisa November

    Now that am trying to apply with phone it doesnt wanna go through because i dont have a laptop at home and/ or computer and not working and am trying to use my phone to book in for my renewal

  155. T.P Tlali

    I’ve trying to book online for PrDP since last year and I’m failing cause this really frastring and not easy for me to do it.please help me I really need a PrDP cause I am a driver who delivers good to different places

  156. SPV

    To all those struggling to see a slit open register yourself first sometimes then only can You see the open slots the only problem is how would you know the card is ready

  157. sarudzayi gweshe

    i also been trying to book for a driving licence test but to no aveil
    .my learners is expiring in march
    .no slots they any other way

  158. J.J.Schalkwyk

    I’ve been trying since January 12,2021 to make a learners licence booking ,but to no avail
    You get into the site and it doesn’t open.Today is the 25 January 2021,time is 03:27 I’ve tried but still nothing.Its sad,and there is not even a notice to say what’s wrong

  159. Champ manoko

    Dear sir/ struggling to get my driver’s licence for EC with pdp.hence i have paid every at kliptown PDLTC ON THE 25/11/2020.even now ,no sms for collection,i even lost the job and now is the end of January,can i please get a feedback.ka kgopela i have all the payments receipts.

  160. Judah

    Hi my name is Judah,i did a booking for prdp and it was successful but after my fingerprints were back and supposed to pay for prdp i was told to book online for payment,so I’d like to know if there’s something like that?

  161. proudly 🇿🇦

    good morning, during the tough period off the lockdown I completed all requirements for my prdp renewal. I’m at the stage where I don’t get slot to pay for my temporal prdp and at the working environment we as truck drivers it difficult. I’m not working now due to a long overdue prdp and I can’t get slot,our government is not helping South African citizens instead push us to deep poverty. this online booking has to stop before the economy can lapse and it is useless.

  162. Beauty

    I got a slot – went through the process and waited for my OTP pin to confirm, which I was going to get via sms on my phone….I waited for hours, then days for that pin…what is happening really…..

  163. matsholo

    my license card has expired from June2020

    I did try to book on line everyday , but no available slots at Vereeniging , vndpark , Meyerton

    what must I do ?

  164. mntambo sibongiseni siphamandla

    whyh mara thy keep us booking online because thney failed to give bus a slot our government is big failer this pdp is not free we use our own money come on don’tr give us adame problem what is amother fuck

  165. Conny Khoza

    This System is not helping at all , I have been trying to find a slot to renew my drives license till today I have not been able to get a slot. I tried to walk in to the testing station and I couldn’t get any help.

  166. Flora

    I have been trying to book for an expired driver’s license without luck. I have followed the steps when I tab on my booking it goes back to home page. What do I do

  167. antoinette

    I struggle to make a booking online at Centurion.there is no slots available. I even look at Watloo driverns licence testing centre as well as Kempton Park . no slots available .Can you be so kind and let me know when there will be slots available

  168. Benjamin Masala Tshikalange

    I am struggle to make a booking online at Ormonde Johannesburg because there is no slots available Can you please be so kind and let me know when there will be slots available?

  169. Letooane Mofokeng

    My name is Letooane Mofokeng i have been trying to book for licence renewal for three months no slots available for vereenigi g and vanderbijlpark

  170. Zuzumuzi Gift Mthenbu

    I’m struggling to find slot, no slots ate available, eish it sucks, i do not know what to do, i think it’s best if we do things old school coz this online things confused us and some there not educated so it will be so hard for them to book..things changed i went there2 pay 4 ma learners nd they told me they do not take cash,they take credit or debit card nd i was like really, coz some of us do not have bank accounts..this internet, online thing sucks

  171. Veronica Mbonani

    I’ve been trying to book for nearly two months now, always no slots available. This system must be reviewed. It’s really not working. For those people who can’t even afford to buy data, what must they do? It’s really frustrating.

  172. OS

    Its been a month trying to book online in Alberton i have everything ready including my fingerprints Alberton is not releasing slots for us to go and pay by the cashier…something is not right with Alberton theres something fishy going on there.

  173. Elize

    Please need to make a booking as soon as possible. The website is not helping at all. Your always off line and no slots available for almost 2 months now. Why can we just to it old school go to your nearest DLTC center and apply.


    Is been two months now struggling to book for my pdp in Heidelberg, there is always no slots! What can we do to find a slots in Heidelberg?

  175. Anonymous

    I’ve been trying to book for my pdp renewal since August and it will expire end of October,why can’t you just you the old system cos this online booking is delaying us😠😠😠 some of us we are drivers so what if we loose our jobs

  176. Black

    I dnt understand why we are booking online bcz this nonsense is not working properly.
    It’s part of your job to make bookings for us not this KAKA that you are doing.
    Sum of us they don’t even know how to use a smart phone,we are drivers not IT specialist, please dnt make our lives difficult.

  177. Candy Milligan

    Hi, i have been trying to get a booking to renew my license for 3 months now and all stations it shows Nil bookings, mu license expires at the end of October, so what happens when i get stopped in a road block and my license is expired?

  178. jafariphiri

    Am struggling with everything I wanted to do PDP I went to the licence department they told me I must go to the police station without a form for finger is offline no in and no out please we are working with licence traffic cops are not dancing with us when it comes to a licence.

  179. Anonymous

    Hi, really struggling to make a booking as no slots are available at any renewal centre in Gauteng…..please help? Checking the site since last week but no slots available…..can management please try and do something?

  180. lc blom

    driver license expired on 7 month still no slot in gp and offices refuse to help with out appointment even if there is no costumers at window totally use less system and useless people

  181. Ansie Labuschagne

    i struggle to make a booking online at kungwini because there is no slots available Can you please be so kind and let me know when there will be slots available?

    1. Anonymous


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