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srd.sassa.gov.za FAQs Frequently Asked Questions : South African Social Security Agency

Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : SRD FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/


SASSA SRD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1. What is the Required Information for application?
** Identity Number/Department of Home Affairs Refugee, Asylum seeker or special permit number;
** Name and Surname as captured in the ID or permit
** Gender and Disability;
** Contact details – Cell phone number;
** Residential Address;
** No hard copies required and no attachments required

2. Can I go to a SASSA office to lodge an application for the Special Covid19 SRD Grant?
** No, SRD applications cannot be done at local offices. Applications for the Special Covid19 SRD Grant of R350 per month must be completed electronically by using 1 of the available channels.

** No forms will be made available as the entire process is electronic. Please stress that noone should pay for the application – the process is free

3. I made an application for the Special Covid19 SRD Grant and I have not received feedback from SASSA, any advice?
Please note that SASSA is experiencing high application volumes. Many people also apply more than once or apply on all the channels. This delays the process as SASSA has to verify all applications and ensure that there are no duplicates.

In the end SASSA will only consider one application per applicant. Once the application has been considered, a SMS message will be send to all considered applicants. Every applicant will be advised about the outcome of their application.

4. Does submission of an application imply approval is guaranteed
Submission of an application is not approval. Not all applications will be approved. Every application will be tested for availability of means or income. Those applications which pass the mean test and related verifications shall be approved. It should also be noted that payment is subject to availability of funds.

5. I received a SMS from SASSA to upload my banking details but no money has been received
Once we have obtained your banking details we should be able to pay you either through your bank account if you have one or through a cash transfer option

6. How are payments for this grant going to be done?
Payment shall be done through direct deposit into your own Bank Account or Through cash transfer option which goes to the cell phone and can be cashed at the bank ATM of your choice.

Applicants who do not have a bank account will be able to select a bank of their choice between the following 4 banks to receive a cash transfer payment

Where no choice is made as to how to receive the payment, SASSA will send the payment through the Post Office. All asylum seekers and special permit holders will be paid through the post office, where a personal appearance, with the revant documents will be required to prove identity before payment is affected.

7. Can one use another person’s cell phone number to make an application?
Yes, applications will mainly be processed on the Identity number of the applicant. The cell phone number provided will be the one to which messages are sent for that applicant. The cellphone number to receive money must have been registered in the names of the applicant.

8. When I apply through the WhatsApp and Website channels, do I need to upload any documents or attachments such as ID copy, proof of residence etc.
SASSA does not require any documents / attachments to be uploaded. SASSA shall conduct online verification of personal information supplied through other alternative electronic means of data validation and verification. No physical documents are required

9. If I do not give consent about my information being verified with either SARS and other financial institutions, what will happen to my application
If you do not give consent for information verification with other organisations for purposes of SASSA making a decision on your application, SASSA will unfortunately not be in a position to accept your application. You cannot submit your application if no consent for information verification is provided.

10. If I applied using USSD Channel , is there a problem if I submit a second application through the website channel
Multiple applications through different channels are discouraged at all times. SASSA will consider one application only per applicant.

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  1. I stopped srd grand trying change my banking details .and now my details are
    Acc 1225362995 capitec

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  5. I want to change my srd grant to bank my name is lucky Frans mnguni and my I’d number is 8008305945086

  6. I cancel my sassa grant by mistake i thought im canceling the payment through bank,my name is samuel ndlovu, id no.is 8010185414084. What must i do to update cause when i check my pay date its cancel out come, please contact me

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  9. I want change my banking

  10. derrick bono mnguni

    last month I send my banking details and the system says it successful but still I got an sms says I must go to post office



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