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online.natis.gov.za PrDP Renewal Booking : National Traffic Information System

Organization : National Traffic Information System
Service Name : PrDP Renewal Booking
Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa
Website : https://online.natis.gov.za/#/
If the above link does not open, use this link : https://web.archive.org/web/20210814001930/https://online.natis.gov.za/

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How To Renew NATIS PrDP Renewal Online Booking?

Book now for PrDP Application

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Just follow the below steps to apply for PrDP Renewal Online Booking.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of National Traffic Information System NaTIS through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, Click on the “Book now for PrDP Application” link in the home page.

Step 3 : Fill the application with the following details and click on the “Next” button
** Select the Identification Type
** Enter Your Identification Number
** Enter Your Surname
** Enter Your Initials
** Select the PrDP Category 1
** Select the PrDP Category 2

Step 4 : After that, fill the remaining details to complete your renewal.

Important Notice :
Slots opened to be made available over a 12 hour period. Please note that the management of slots opened by DLTC’s are now system driven. In order to ensure fair access and opportunity to all, slots that are opened will be made available from 08h00 in the morning until 20h00 in the evening. DLTC’s have been instructed to adhere to the ‘days’ they indicate that slots will be opened, and the system will ensure that these slots are released in batches and at random times.

Age Restrictions For PrDP

Age Restrictions for PrDP Categories
** 18yrs – 20yrs – Eligible for Goods category only.
** 21yrs- 24yrs – Eligible for Passenger and/or Goods categories.
** 25 yrs or older – Eligible for any of the 3 categories.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On NaTIS Online Booking

1. I want to register my profile but I have no email or cellular phone number?
To be able to register your profile online to receive the service(s) offered, it is compulsory to enter either a valid email address, cellular phone number or both.

You will have to also select your preferred method of contact and accept to receive electronic communications from NaTIS before continuing.

2. Upon registering your company profile, what email is required?
The email address recorded will be the email address that your company receives communication from NaTIS. This will not update your proxy’s contact details on NaTIS.

3. What is SMS notice number?
The SMS notice number will send a SMS to your cellular phone number that contains your license plate number, vehicle notice number and the amount due for renewing your license.

This SMS can be presented at your nearest NaTIS service centre (Post Office or Registering Authority) to renew your vehicle’s license.

4. I can’t email my vehicle renewal notice(s) or SMS my notice number?
To be able to email your vehicle renewal notice or SMS your notice number, you must have registered an email address or cellular phone number upon registration.


A telephone number is available on the website as well as an email address that can be used to report any difficulties or problems experienced. For any problems or enquiries please contact our call centre via email – onlinesupport [AT] rtmc.co.za or contact us on 0861 400 800 to assist.

Some Important Information From Comments

1. I really don’t know what this government is doing, you are making things more and more difficult for us. Now we loosing jobs because of this online booking. I have tried for months now and still no slot.

2. This NATIS system takes long to find bookings.When I got booking, I went to Xavier junction, they decided to close early and were offline. I went again and waited in a queue for 5 hours before we were helped. I could not pay due to outstanding traffic fine.They told me come back to pay no queuing as all documents are sorted just payment. I went back with fine paid receipts. They refused to help me. I need another appointment. I am now struggling to find an appointment. There are 0 slots in all areas close to me. Only in Pretoria which is far to go. This is very frustrating going up and down. People outside the office are corrupt and inside all want money to help.

3. This online booking system is not working. Every time, we go online to book there are no slots and my PRDP has expired and it is a requirement at work to have it. Please investigate this system and see for yourself don’t rely on your managers who give you wrong information that this system is working,it is not working at all. Please do something my honourable minister.

4. Online system never works in South Africa, this online booking its typically example of how messed up this country is, I hate everything that has to do with government departments.

5. I have been trying to get a date to renew my PRDP. It keeps on giving me an error that says, my ID number does not correspond with their records, I have tried several times.

1. I have being trying to book online but it says, “No Option”.
2. When I put my details it says, “The information provided does not match”. What to do?
3. This eNATIS system is so difficult to use. It opens with a lot of Internet pages of advertisement.
4. Every time, I try to make a booking, I am getting a Blank Page.

Most of the commenters commented that, the NATIS Online Booking System is not working.

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  1. Paul

    ANC + online booking = sheet

  2. Paul

    online booking it’s sheet

  3. Thembinkosi

    hi my name is Thembinkosi Masilela I booked for the PDP drivers license and now I lost my booking details and the code so how do I retrieve it cause 2morrow I have to go to the traffic department

  4. Andile

    No more restrictions for covit why we still need to apply online Slot or they panish us

  5. Letsatsi

    I come from to randburg to ask whether can i get temporarily license. And they refused.

  6. Phathilizwe

    This system of booking online is not good at all especially prdp people because every 2 years do same thing but foreigners don’t renew but doing the same job what nonsense is this

  7. Henson

    We wiil meet 2024 election.

  8. Anonymous

    I can’t believe we are suffering from our own Government.They don’t give a damn about south Africans.
    Only option now is to pay for a slot.



  10. Siphosethu

    I have a license code 14 I hope everything will be good. DANKO

  11. Thabo

    I am Thabo, i made an appointment to renew my PrDP but the appointment form/statement was not send to me.

  12. Tumiso benjamin

    I don’t know how to renew pedo drivers lisence

  13. Zinzi

    This is government must sort out this and who come with this nonsense every people doest get help online.These people are lazy to do their jobs

  14. Alfred

    Hi guys I’m straggling to get a slot fr pdp renewal I’m located at mabopane since last week

  15. Nelson

    This thinģ of yours is not working straight booking online is not working please can make plan because all the time the is slot

  16. Kayemba mawazi

    I booked to renew my Driver’s license in East London but it excluded the pdp and it was on the 11th August 2022
    So I decided to leave it and rebook at kwt in September

  17. Theo Breytenbach

    Good morning
    I would like to move my booking I have made to renew my PDP to another date. How do I cancel the one I have previously made. I would like to go to Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape province on 7 September 2022. There is an open slot available for this date.
    Please help as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  18. Tumelo

    It is my first time to renewal my pdp hope every thing will be well.DANKO

  19. Mbuelo

    When I put my Details it say,,The information provided does not match what we have on the system.what must I do

  20. Anonymous

    System is rubbish

  21. Kwanele

    I book a wrong thing I want to pdp renewal please can you help to cancel

  22. Beatrix Solomons

    I try to book for several weeks already for an appointment in Pretoria to renew my licence without success What must I do?

  23. Linky

    Morning please help how to cancel the booking

  24. Linky

    How to cancel bookings

  25. Steven Mokgatle

    hi I have been trying to book for my licence renewal.

  26. Khuliso

    I have being trying to book online I want to renew my PDP but when its time to choose traffic department it says no option 😕 🙃 😒 😫 I went their they refuse to help me because I don’t have any appointments

  27. Mzwandile ndlovu

    I was book for my pdp bt I did’n get a massege or email to confirm

  28. ngwako

    mbaks i don’t know what are you doing there….this online system doesn’t help us anymore

  29. Lebogang Tabudi

    I really don’t know what this government is doing, you are making things more and more difficult for us now we loosing jobs because of this online booking. I’ve tried for months now and still no slot 😭😭😭. Will you feed my family if I loose my job.i think it’s about time we do something legally for those who lost their jobs due to this incompetent government

  30. Samkelo

    Am straggling to book a prdp

  31. Mzamane Rikhotso

    How to check the booked time n date

    1. Tshope Henry Paul

      I booked for a pdp and was given a date however i forgot the date that was provided to me.

  32. Anonymous

    This system is bull.. how do they expect people to rely on a such shit system, am sure they are not even aware of the mess this system is doing

  33. Fatima

    Hi this natis system takes long to find bookings.when I got booking I went to Xavier junction they decided to close early and were off line. I went again waited in a queue for 5 hours before we were helped.i could not pay due to outstanding traffic fine. They told me come back to pay no queueing as all documents are sorted just payment. I went back with fine paid receipts. They refused to help me. I need another appointment. I am now struggling to find an appointment. There are 0 slots in all areas close to me. Only in Pretoria which is far to go. This is very frustrating going up and down. People outside the office are corrupt and inside all want money to help.

  34. Lebogang Tabudi

    This is just a big mess every time there are no slots in and around Pretoria how do you expect us to get stuff done

  35. amukekani

    Since I’ve booked for pdp renewal 30 days is over now I don’t know what to do

  36. Mduduzi mkhonza

    Hi my name is mduduzi mkhonza I’ve been trying to book online but no luck please I really need to renew my driver’s licence and PrDp. I havent being working for years now and the only jobs that comes around are driving jobs so please tell me how can I get the dates for booking please🙏🙏

  37. Anonymous

    Hi guys I was struggling to book pls make things easier for us we are not all exposed to technology

  38. simpiwe

    This online booking seems like its not working,

  39. Sbuda

    Good morning,pls help I’ve tried many times to apply for booking for Prdp seens from last year help please….

  40. Janki maleke

    Hai this online things it doesn’t work totally cause the system is been manipulated byvthe goverment official’s.so we rather go standard agian and it was fat as ever this online thing.

  41. Guy

    After having a valid drivers licence for 56 years my licence has expired and I’m battling to book a renewal. It’s so frustrating!

  42. Robert Masemola

    Please help Me find access to book for My PDP because the internet seems refusing to grant access to book. I’m struggling

  43. Concerned native

    For the department of transport seems to be a slippery slope they are trying to climb. I have been trying to book online and the system cannot grant me the date and it’s so sad in these hard times to acquire data and all efforts to be in vain. Prior to the new south Africa there was no pdp or license renewal and they just found a way of parasiting money from the poor. I am glad that they lost in the last municipal elections and will be happy if they loose the national elections. Enough is enough

  44. norman

    hi,norman here im trying to apply for a renewal of my prdp but im not succeding doing this online pls mr fix mbalula assist

  45. CHIEF

    Is this a scam or what?cause the system tells about account openiong in Idendity so this is not working,so MBALULA stop playing with tax payers money by introducing this nonsense please,respect us ur nothing without usCHIEF

  46. Koekoe

    Seems to me that the minister sits in his office, (or where ever,) to much spare time on hands and then decides too boost his alter ego by suggesting to implement systems of which he himself clearly does not seem to have any knowledge and a definite lack of insight and understanding!!!

    It seems he is only being driven by his own desire and urge of “PRIDE and (so called)
    ACHIEVEMENT and SUPREME AUTHORITY,” enforcing, without any regard to an already simplified system, that, though very timeously, delivers the required results.

    To this mindset, “specialized and educated people and / or companies:” have been commanded by his office to design and implement a NEW SYSTEM which HE DEEMS favorable and rewarding to all his citizens, *YET IT FAILS ALL OF US WHOM WANT TO COMPLY WITH REGULATIONS!!!*

    And so once again, as law abiding citizens, mostly contributing to taxes, we find ourselves, like so many times before, bearing the brunt of incapable and incompetent leadership, of which the end result is incompatable, unrewarding and more frustrating than ever before!!!

    BUT EVEN WORSE, we are FORCED BEYOND OUR OWN CONTROL, to find ourselves in the disposition of owning an “unrenewed or expired” license and defined by our own state “AS ILLEGAL DRIVERS???”

    Also, in the unfortunate event of an accident, would our insurers be willing to except our explanations considering the facts related to compensation and cover???

    Perhaps we should just EACH AND EVERYONE make the decision to abandon all our (unsuccessful) efforts, and perhaps then the Gov will take note and fulfill a meaningful and uncomplicated solution???

    This whole dilemma is a shameful disgrace for our country and URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED!!!

  47. Annyno

    Yhoo this app is a dissaster please gov come up with a helping system this one is frustrating and we losing jobs

  48. Tjatji'sto

    Hello Mr transport minister it seems you and your cabinet happy about this problem of licence renewal.maybe you are happy to see the Wright citizens of the country suffer South African are loosing their job due to licence department chaose but remember foreigners are busy working as their drivers license is valid for the next 100 years can you please intervene in this issue so all of us are renewing licence all I mean also foreigners so that we stand together as one nation or can you please change thing of valid and invalid licence make it 5 years like driving licence the thing of validation totally is unacceptable as we struggle while others are happy working

  49. James Ndzuzo

    Minister Mbalula

    With due respect can you please change this online booking system is not working for us citizens of the country. Everytime we go online to book there are no slots and my prdp has expired and it’s a requirement at work to have it. Please investigate this system and see for yourself don’t rely on your managers who give you wrong information that this system is working,it is not working at all. Please do something my honourable minister.

  50. Anonymous

    This government is playing with people. Almost 2 months waiting n using data to get a slot. I dont know to call it but is more than a shirt shem.

  51. King koning

    This online booking thing is NOT really helping nor useful…infact it’s just another way of getting us frustrated

  52. Muelekanyi Nathan

    I apply my license last year July since today I ddnt received my driver’s license

  53. Sample T

    I’m trying to register but it doesn’t press next,is this problem New or you all met it before I proceed with this registration process

  54. Solomon Mokhatla

    I have been waiting for slot application since beginning of March

  55. Fabian

    On the 28 February 2022 I make a request for a slot date and received an email From this NaTis system acknowledging my details. I still have not received a slot date. Do I request and wait another 30 Days?

  56. Johannes Lesiba Lesolo Mokwena.

    Applying since January 2022 means MrMbalula is included to this struggling of online. The guestion is who is going to pay who during the road accident?Driving without license will never pay any one,Never.

  57. Wonder

    Yesterday they told me to pay 200 they will help me with the booking online at traffic department springs



  59. Bheki

    Been tryng to book for my public for months now. Don’t think this online booking help us anywhere

  60. Vulani

    For me to leave a comment u do have a space but to book there is nothing showing up this is bull serious.

  61. Piet poes


  62. Sphokuhle joobe

    How to book online?

  63. Sifundo

    I’ve been trying to book a slot since last year but still even this year I can’t find it💔💔💔

  64. Sakaria mathodi

    How to open this please help me

  65. Thabo

    I’m straggling with booking on line aowa plz hlp guys

  66. Vincent H

    My pdp expires long time ago bcz of this book online thing. Iply last year December they gave a date I go there in midrand they told me they don’t renew properly.am confused please help booking online it’s not working

  67. MADODA


  68. Anathi

    I keep on trying but I cant get through, please help.

  69. Nombuso mdluli

    Why are they saying we must book online for our drivers license renewal but we can’t this thing is not working we’ve been trying since from last year but we don’t getting any help

  70. Thabo Mogadile

    I have tried several time to renew my PrDP, i cannot get a slot at Kempton Park there is were i stay i can’t select another place due to distance.

  71. Thanks

    Whoever came up with this online shit now we are struggling they are quite, now we must use more money to get everything ,, the only thing you know is to open cases against people who says the truth,,

  72. Samuel maske

    I’m trying to login so I am not able to

  73. Cheslyn

    I received a date to renew my prdp. How do I obtaine proof on this site to show my workplace that my appointment is in the month of April only.

  74. Onemanjive

    This is not working stop playing us Gvm we don’t have money to buy data fix it or eradicate it once its been month now trying this booking

  75. Anonymous

    This is nonsense now we’re struggling to get prdp nxe!

  76. Mamello

    I wonder whether the MINISTER Fikile is aware what the frustration that this online bookings has brought to society

  77. Samuel maske

    I’m trying to get the page I failed to

  78. Yamnkela

    This system just needs you to be patient, I managed to get a slot in 3 days, even though it was far, in Pretoria the are no slots only available in joburg I drove 1h40 to Heidelberg from Pretoria, you just need to check each district,

  79. Maduvha

    I apply for drives license last year 2021 November .can someone check my card that its back

  80. Mbongeni Mahlanze

    I wish this message can get to Mbalula. We understand that you always what to make things work easier, but this system is absolutely nonsense can we get a better system that will work for us.

  81. Adam Makua

    I’m angry and disappointed about this system. My driver’s license expired July 2021 since then I tried by all means to renew my license ’till today. I called national traffic department and talked with the lady called Jenin and she referred me to Mr.Phakula and he referred me to Mr.Manganyi ’till today i didn’t get help ’cause the link Mr.Manganyi gave it to me is also not working. It can’t open that slot. It’s better to wait until this people come up with something easier for us. I really disappointed with our traffic department.

  82. Phuthego

    Mbalula must stop plyn games with us crus if he is doin his wrk he should hve fixed this nonsense thing long tym ago bcz he doesnt care dats y we a experiencing dis problem

  83. Sibawa

    Guys this online thing it’s not working for us, my Prdp is expiring next month but since I’ve started trying to apply online november 2021. Ke mathata feela mooooo

  84. Phuthego

    This systems is so bad en useless evrydy de is no slot y cant Mbalula let us use da old systm cz dis thing is not wrkng @all

  85. Nandipha Maci

    Online system never works in south africa,this online booking its typically example of how messed up this country is,I hate everything that has to do with government departments
    I’ve been trying to get a date to renew my prdp it keeps on giving me an error that says my id number does not correspond with their records,ive tried several times

  86. Curtis

    Ive tried to book for my pdp a couple of times but every time the atemp failed now its expired and how im gonna do my work now because im driving a truck

  87. Sibulele

    Hi guys anyone who know how to book online im strangely to find a day now

  88. Matthews

    This eNatis thing is so difficult to use
    It open lot of Internet pages of advertisement
    I strangle first before I can make my booking
    Just make our booking nice and simple

  89. Mametsi johannes monyela

    Please help me to apply my proposal please I tried online but not working

  90. Anonymous

    Who ever created this, Hanahana ka Rona ba batlang mesebetsi, just because bona they’re working for government they can do whatever eba eratang,

  91. Anonymous

    Who tf came up with this app because it’s nonsense. I’ve spent the whole fucken three weeks tryin to get a slot and still no luck. How tf are we supposed to book if there no slots at all?

  92. Tsiliso Ntsane

    Prdp renewal

  93. Katlego

    I’ve also been trying but I think this online bookings is not helping at all😭

  94. Tebogo

    Pls help us bcs we need our license

  95. Solomon

    Hi i did apply for PDP on 6/12/2021 but I didn’t get nothing to show that I should come collect my PDP so how long it takes to come back as 6 weeks past.

  96. Mudau matamela

    I have trying since from last year August until to date to day i got fired at work because of this shit i went to the traffic department a security guard told me to go back nothing can happen here if I’m not applying online, please someone assist me please I’m in pain

  97. Sthembiso

    This app as brought up, in order to help the consumers and to facilitate peoples, on their DLC application but is causing stress, humbly please this online booking needs to be revised by the developer and improve it.

  98. Anono3

    Hi this is very bad at this time whe need a pdp it’s like u are asking for free they also need money her every thing her in South Africa its money

  99. Anonymous

    Hi I can’t even get a job because of this pdp thing pls make a plan who ever work with this sistem make a plan our kids are hungry what are they going to eat I really need this job and make it quick and the traffic they give us a ticket for what it is not our problem they also need to understand this

  100. Dikampa

    Waste of time Nd data we accept that driving in South Africa is for the foreign people only with zinc liecemce

  101. Makwe William Madisa

    i would like to renew my PrDP BUT I CANNOT FIND THE PAGE

  102. Collen mashiane

    Hi guys please can someone help me about how can I booked for PDP asseblief tog

  103. MN Mosibihla

    This thing of booking online is nothing but a waste of our times,it is not working probably,I spend 4 days trying to book for pdp renewal but nothing help,it is much better to go for a quaer

  104. Shadrack

    Cant get into booking slots for prdp license New code 10

  105. sf mnybelela

    I asking date to traffic please igot I received work now my problem is get pdrp have been test last year chouldn.t pay because problem of money now got money to pay please if icon get date for nest week I will be happy

  106. Anonymous

    this things has too much frauds I think the old strategy is better going straight to license department and do everything by ur own

  107. Richard Mothapo

    I have been reading comments of people who tried to make bookings on several occasions and thought they can’t handle pressure until i log in to the system for my prdp. The system is user friendly but to get a slot/ to make it through is a problem and a half.

    I waited the whole two days for slots to be send to me and i am on the third day and i started to believe all the above people with their experiences with the system.

    To the DEPARTMENT please can someone read through these messages and see what people go through and help where you can.

  108. Anonymous

    Hi guys can you pls help me to apply pdp am strangling pls

  109. Azania

    Who ever created this .had one inttetion .that is to drive south Africans Mad till one would wish to return to apartheid .Democracy and this prdp registration is leading us to hell.

  110. natis gov .co.za

    I need help to use the same document which I use is my request ing have been test chouldn.t pay because the problems of money if you allow me to use same documents

  111. Klaas

    Guys online booking is shit.how long I have been trying this nonsense 😒😑

  112. Lazola

    Hi people I’m Lazola here in Gqeberha I need to renew my driver’s licence but I don’t get any help here can someone help plz thank you

  113. anonymous

    This thing of slots doesn’t work the slots that are available are far from where we leave let pwople walk in at the license department

  114. Mishack

    Good afternoon guys m still struggling this thing is too difficult u can’t book online it is not easy,but if u want to see what is corruption go to license department u will see it,corruption is free in this country

  115. Bradley

    I try to book for pdp but I it’s so bad about this online booking please help me

  116. Lebo

    I’ve been struggling to book my appointment for my PDP since last month but I can’t get a date so please assist me caus I went to kagiso2 traffic department no luck

  117. Michael

    I don’t see any improvement on this just a stress

  118. Diana Mothate

    I’ve been trying to log on for online license renewal. can somebody assist with the steps to follow

  119. Mutshena

    Just log in and get 4 open slots in Randfontein where i live. Thats super.

  120. Pontsho Moffat malope

    I’ve been trying to get a slot since June till today this thing is tirering.we use data to do it bt nothing…..this is bull

  121. Anonymous

    Guys I don’t know yr hv come to this because it’s really sucs…no I’m stucked with my pdp expired and still can get to renew it 😩

  122. joyce

    I have been struggling for 3 weeks day and night to get a booking with no luck- renewal

  123. Clever

    Hy am struggling to book my prdp renewal plz help because this page can’t open

    1. Doctor

      Since ele government ya ANC ,Jedi online booking, so ye refellwa ke mesebetsi because of yona, bona basebetsa Habana stress while Rona our kids are struggling
      Next time u must think twice before okabea molao wadi online.

  124. majoro

    me 2 it doesn’t give a date time

  125. Thembinkosi Moses Nkambule

    I’m Thembinkosi Moses Nkambule I’ve been trying to book online I always get 0 in all places I’m nearest even far places from were i stay even went to the license department since last month till now not getting any help my PDP now expired the only thing hepping at license department it’s corruption only people for driving school it’s now them they have to book for us give them amount of 350 so they can go inside the department to make arrangements why we must struggle like this government help us now we can’t even drive at our companies cause our PDP expired

  126. Christa De Jongh van Arkel

    how to cancel at Pdp booking to get a other date

  127. Abby

    Pls help wht must I do with my pod has been expired pls help I have tried and tried pls pls help

  128. Oupa

    Guy’s I’ve been trying to get through this online problem i don’t know how if works our Pdrp expired long ago so any info please South African

  129. BRIAN

    I’m struggling to book for a renewal of my prdp

  130. Katlego

    To book online is nonsense. Haebe ke tsela ya bona ya ho etsa tjhelete ke masepa hobane re fellwa ke mesebetsi or ba batla ho bona re protesta for di license/prdp think twice because we are quarter to be angry

  131. Anonymous

    This is Annoying I’ve been trying this for 3 weeks now

  132. Anonymous

    I have being trying to get a slot what must I do

  133. Kabelo

    Why is this online booking made impossible? I’ve been trying for weeks now but still I fail to get booking option. What is the use of this online booking? And we are using our data here.

  134. A.Collyer

    this is a NO GO!!!
    No luch at all, after how many times and hours spend

  135. Bingani

    I’ve been trying to renew my pdp, I can’t click on “pdp book now”, so I’m stucked there almost a month now. Please help.

  136. Modise Archibold Maleeme

    I want to renew my pdp what must I do

  137. Mpikiso

    Guys this thing of booking online is not good at all you stuglling trying to book for renewal prpd no date available and you struglling even to get money for buy data minister Mbalula think twice Tata atleast if others booking to the station should be better sometimes old system is better

  138. Moremi Samuel

    This online booking does not work, I have been trying to book ever since my pdp expired but no luck, some of we drive for a living and now I am not allowed to drive at work .

  139. Patrick

    Help plz,I have been trying for so long now,any clue?

  140. Shepherd

    Good morning
    It has been a year now trying to get online booking i dont understand how to book. Please help me. i lost my licence and i a daily car user.

  141. Anonymous

    This online booking is not working xem three months trying to book for pdp application no lucky pls work on your system pls

  142. Deonette

    Please help me I strukkel and can’t go in my number 079741XXXX

  143. Dennis

    Hi kindly assist I need to make a booking for my public

  144. Ntombizodwa Nyangintsimbi

    Good morning

    I’ve been trying to get booking for a renewal of prdp /pdp .please can you help me to do booking of renewal

    Thanks you very much

    I’ll wait to hear from you soon

  145. Mkhuseli Qithi

    Please help me I’m struggling to book a pdp

  146. Bennie

    This online booking is not working for me

  147. Nkhobo ernest katjedi

    At last I managed to get a date today my appointment is Thursday temba hammanskraal

  148. Anonymous


  149. Sihle

    I’m doing this for myself I have no dealership so which option must I select on dealership?



  151. LESEGO

    Its very frustrating to be quite honest, its an emotional roller-coaster. It FAILED me one too many times as there are no slots in an around Johannesburg and my concern is my licences only expires next month.

  152. LESEGO


  153. harry

    can I please if myb the gornment resend us emails wht can we do because we fail to register a pdp repoterd by hs zwane

  154. bhuukhuzwayo5

    Hi ,since on the 29 June trying to make a booking for renewal my driver’s license till now it’s say no slot, an my driver’s license it’s will be expired on 27 July mmmh really



  156. MMAMA


  157. Tshepoi

    I have been trying since

  158. Silvia

    I am struggling to book my prdp at sandton but when I go there security lady tell me she can book for me with R350 and she need deposit first but I am struggling to book online they got connection as they say. whats the use of online booking if it doesn’t benefit us this is more corruption.

    I fully agree with above person’s comment. Not all of us know how to use inter, have time to go on system whole day because no internet data, or at work. Thus there is people whom ask R60 to R150 to assist. Provide clients with all document, summary of processes of renewal, summary and estimate overall cost, meaning cost of I’d, eyetes ect. They make sure client go hassle free so they dont send client back. What a pitty WE put more in to your clients to the lowest cost but they take R350 and then client must get thens in order. We educated from PDP CLIENT ASSIST THEM SO THAT MORE CAN BE ASSIST
    People inside is supposed to assist only with admin. Client struggle to go to Office or make appointment but they dont really know estimated cost. Give a summary to client so they go to eye test, do personal update, I’d, foto there Needs summarry after booking apoointment. Dont put it so small on appointment or fine add to PDP Print it bigger or option for download. Not everyone do read all the rule or cant read it because of lack of facilities. I’ve been a marketer and agree with above.

  159. Jeff ndo

    Hi l trt to book but it tell me no slots available always andxmy licences expired on june what must l do now

  160. mentso kobola

    i have struggling to apply or book my PrDP, always your system says there is no slot available. actually what the damn this system working????????????????????????????

  161. Linda Hedley

    I have been trying to get an appointment for nearly two years.
    How ridiculous is this?
    What must I do to renew my licence???
    No slots at any site.

  162. Diane

    My vehicle licence is long over due

    How can I do this online

    1. Mzo

      I try to book from June till now,this online booking it’s not working

  163. Emely

    Hi I’ve been struggling to find a slot all over Gauteng, I went to Maponya mall for my DL renewal but they told me to book online and this thing is tiring I can’t get any help here.

  164. Bangao

    I keeping trying that is not working at all please gov make somethin easier for peoples

  165. dennis

    I have been struggling for o long to get the slot, old system is better. Please change this system. we have to pay money in order to get a slot nonsense

  166. Nontobeko lumko

    This is not working for us is there to frustrate us .I have been trying since last month,no slot.things in this new south africa so fustrating

    1. mpumelelo sibanda

      booking online its tuff y my license expired a month i go i keep trying i cannot win

  167. Makhubele Never

    Hikombela government yihi olovisela ndlela yopfuxeta ti drivers licences mhaka ya online booking is not easy coz we are straggling to get slots plus traffic Corps vahikarhata mapatwini please.

  168. Gee Gee

    System is useless being trying for over 2months.
    Zero Slots

  169. S.S

    Good morning, I tried booking from for the last two months and my licence is expiring on the 19/05/2021 please advise what must I do next.

  170. Mokone

    The online application system is number one, I wish all the provinces to start using online, it is killing corporation rapidly.

  171. Clifford Tau Madidimala

    Last month a booked online for Prdp rewal and get date of 21April 2021 at Brakpan Dltc,when the date arrives,boom i was not even on the list.The security lady look at me as if I am a chance taker

  172. anonymous

    Good morning, this online booking is waiste of tym nd money by using data, l’ve been trying to book since from last week as my prdp going to expire next month, everytime the slot is 0 all over gauteng province, can someone top there please see what we see here at our level

  173. sbu mdletshe

    can the goverment reintate the old system because we are strugling to make the booking we have to pay in order to get the date for bookings

  174. BONGANI


    1. Bangao

      how you did it ?

    2. Makgabele

      How different did you do it I have been trying since i received the SMS that my licence expires 4th August . I have since been trying . we cannot go outside our AREA. WHAT D I DO

    3. KK


  175. Calvin mandla sambo

    Good evening i have been try fro booking but i dot get it just make it be be esy dis page is taking to long.we need the better way pls..

  176. Anonymous

    This things of booking online it’s a nonsense

  177. Maxwell

    my PDP is about to expired please someone help the slot is always 0 when I go to Randburg testing they need sms

    can someone help

  178. Ramaru

    guys i am struggling since last year september until now,this system is very bad, i dont understand whats going on here

  179. Chan

    I have been trying to book for my PRDP renewal, and it seems impossible for me to go through since my identification number is Traffic Reg number. Please do assist

  180. wilson

    I am struggling to book my prdp at sandton but when I go there security lady tell me she can book for me with R350 and she need deposit first but I am struggling to book online they got connection as they say. whats the use of online booking if it doesn’t benefit us this is more corruption

  181. Patrick Sikhosana

    Good day even though the day is not good to struggle by booking online and your system is not user friendly several attempts I’ve made since 26 September 2020 none of these slots were opened from 08:00 to 20:00 which is not possible. Between these hours it’s were I had made my attempts but not even one person of whom I was checking over with them as to whether they have made it or not. Please bring our old system where we would not stuck in this manner. Or may this Office make their on line bookings easy as to communicate on a WhatsApp. Please assist because now is undemocratic if someone else can access information wile others could not even reach it.
    Mr P Sikhosana

    1. Lebohang Mayepe

      Yhooo guys this is truly nonsense seriously this online booking is bullshit and it really doesn’t work I’ve been up and down in the traffic department didn’t get help and up until today guys no luck hai rhaa this is bull can’t renew my pdp

  182. Beauty

    I have been struggling for 3 weeks day and night to get a booking with no luck- Kindly assist

  183. Anonymous

    This system is bad,very very bad,please keep our old system

  184. maris

    Good day,

    I have been trying a few numbers for the Randfontein branch, but not one goes through

    1. Nkhobo ernest katjedi

      On Friday I saw 24 slots in temba traffic department at around 7 late I managed to get a booking there check latter after 6

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