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online.natis.gov.za Check Your Licence Card : National Traffic Information System

Organization : National Traffic Information System
Service Name : Check Your Licence Card
Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa
Website : https://online.natis.gov.za/#/

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NATIS Check Your Licence Card

This service is used to validate and check your licence card

Related / Similar Service : NATIS Learner’s Licence Test Online Booking

How to Book?

Just follow the below steps to Check Your Licence Card

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Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of National Traffic Information System through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, Click on the “Query Driving Licence Card” link in the home page.

Step 3 : Fill the application with the following details and click on the “Next” button
** Select the Identification Type
** Enter Your Identification Number
** Enter Your Surname
** Enter Your Initials

Step 4 : After that, fill the remaining details to check your card.

Slots Information

Please take note of the following information
The Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport (GDRT) together with all their Driving Licence Testing Centres (DLTC’s), have decided to streamline booking information.

Please note the following :
** The daily tabs above,indicate when SLOTS for specific services will be opened on the website.
** For example, all DLTC’s will ONLY open slots for Driving Licence and Learner’s Licence Testing on a Tuesday.
** All slots opened on a day is released from after 08h00 in the morning until 20h00 in the evening.

On a Monday :
All 38 DLTCs will open slots for the following services ONLY
** Renewal of Driving Licence Cards and
** PrDP Applications

On a Tuesday :
All 38 DLTCs will open slots for the following services ONLY
Driving Licence Testing and
Learner’s Licence Testing

Please note :
If you managed to make a booking for Driving Licence or Learner’s Licence Test then you must confirm and pay for your booking within 3 days

On a Wednesday :
** On a Wednesday NO DLTC will open Slots.
** If you see any slots for any service it may be left over from the previous day.
** Any person 60 years and older can go to any DLTC to renew their Driving Licence or apply for a PrDP

On a Thursday :
The system in the background will have slots available for PRIORITY renewal of Driving Licence Cards and PrDP Applications.

1. What is a Priority slot?
A priority slot is for a person whose Driving Licence or PrDP has already expired.

2. How will the system know that I am a priority?
When you enter your Identity number, the system checks if your Driving Licence or PrDP has already expired, if so, then you will see a priority slot (if such a slot is available)

3. If my Driving Licence or PrDP has expired and there are no priority slots available, what then?
The system will then show you slots that all other applicants will see, whose Driving Licence or PrDP has not yet expired.


1. What is this online service about?
This service is to provide convenience to the public to
1.1.1 Register Profile online and capture their contact details to receive electronic communication from NaTIS. By registering a profile online vehicle owners will be able to obtain their motor vehicle renewal notice (MVL2) two months prior to the expiry date of the vehicle license before going to nearest NaTIS service centre (Post Office or Registering Authority) to renew their license.

1.1.2 Make Bookings to apply for Learner Licence, Driving License and/or Professional Driving Permits, without having to visit Traffic Departments not having the guarantee of being assisted after standing in long queues.

1.1.3 Report Motor Vehicle Crashes that just occurred, by using the smart devices without having to queue on the call to report the incidents to South Africa Police Services, Insurances or Emergency Rescuers.

2. Who is this service for?
This service is for any member of the South African public with a valid South African identity document, foreign identity document, Traffic Register Number (TRN) or Business Register Number (BRN) who would like to register their profile online and obtain their vehicle renewal notices, make an online booking or report motor vehicle crash.

3. Who can I contact if I have a problem?
A telephone number is available on the website as well as an email address that can be used to report any difficulties or problems experienced. For any problems or enquiries please contact our call centre via email – onlinesupport [AT] rtmc.co.za or contact us on 0861 400 800 to assist.

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  1. Khathutshelo

    Hi,I booked for my prdp licence renewal but I didn’t receive any proof of bookings,what do I have to do to download it?

  2. Van Rooi

    How to know if my drivers licence is ready to collect


    I booked for license renewal at kagiso but no confirmation received for 5th August 2022 13h30

  4. Abel cod 40

    electronic national traffic information system (enatis) confirmation of South African driving licence

  5. Frans

    Just check my licence

  6. Poes Coetzee

    What a program… Any enquire on an driver lisence is a waist of time.. do not even try..useless Gov.

  7. Ilse Lourens

    How do I know when my drivers license is ready for collection? It is 6 months now?

  8. Robert Lucky Seepamere

    I just want to find out if my fingerprints are back.Id no 741020559XXXX

  9. bradebe

    good day. I’VE BEEN TRYING TO BOOK FOR MY PRDP NO SLOTS AVAILABLE WHAT MUST I DO? and everytime when i apply it said already applied but i dont have ref number

  10. Marius Duvenage

    Good day I would like to check if my license card is ready for collection at DLTC Waterfall

  11. Zabathini Elias

    Hi I’m Zabathini Elias would like to check My driver’s licence card availability. Since I applied June 2021 still have not received

  12. Zabathini Elias

    Hi I would like to check my licence card, since I applied June 2021 I still have not received


    How far is my licence card

  14. Sefako RESEHASHI

    Hi I’m sefako RESEHASHI please assist me with my driver’s license card availability

  15. khalipha

    hi iam khalipha tyhali i want to check my driver licence card if it is ready

  16. Deon Rademeyer

    Hi, how long does one have to wait for he’s card?
    I renewed my card 26/04/2022,and has not received any notification as yet about collection

  17. Shoki Khoza

    I like to check if my drivers license is ready m

  18. Khethiwe Choice Nkosi

    Want Chevy if my driver’s licence is ready to be collected at Vereeniging

  19. Khethiwe Choice Nkosi

    I would like to know if my driver’s licence card is ready to be collected at Vereeniging

  20. Lumkile Nomalenge

    I want to check my lisence code 10 my number is 0723178357 L Nomalenge

  21. Lumkile Nomalenge

    I want to check my lisence code 10

  22. Philile Ncube

    I want to check if my license card is available

  23. a

    Hi I waiting for my licence card

  24. FDA Rocha

    I renewed my drivers licence on 9 March 2022 at the RTMC ECO DLTC and have not received any notification on the status of my licence.

  25. Patrick Lephoto Lekau

    Hi plz can check my drive lecense card 920105597XXXX

  26. Kim Hutton-Brown


    How do I find out ow far my drivers license is ? My tempory license has now also expired.

  27. Anita Maletsatsi Lebogang

    Hi I forgot to take the reference no/ confirmation letter for my booking

  28. Bongisipho Mabaso

    I want to check card License

  29. Happyson Ndlovu

    Did my licensed in January still waiting for my card how long Kanti it take to return this is holding me back to sought my pdp as I was told to wait for card before I process it it’s too long now.

  30. Ndumesh

    Good day. Please help I try to book online but they said the applicant has applied. I did not even get the date. How can I check my date

  31. Luyanda Mjojo

    Hi I want to check my driving license card status i appy on April id number 8409155XXXXXXXXX

  32. Busisiwe

    I have been waiting for my license from last year December 2021 till today even the online check my license status is not working nor is the sms 33214 number

  33. Hlengani

    That website of you is not opening,I want to book prdp.

  34. Fumani Makaringe

    Hay I want to check if my driver’s licence is ready for collection

  35. Nontombi

    Hi i would like to check my licence card status 8507200XXXXXXX

  36. Frans Drijfhout

    Hi, just want to know when will my licence be ready for collecion?

  37. Thea

    I need to know when i can collect my drivers licence card
    I have been waiting and phoning for long time sice January

  38. obakeng

    hi want to know if my drivers license card is available

  39. Mochudi Khunyeli

    Hi pls I confirm if my drivers licence card is ready for collection

  40. Mochudi

    Hi Im mochudi Khunyeli. I would to know if my drivers licence card is ready for collection

  41. Paulos bimbi Masombuka

    My drivers license is missing code 10 i want check cord numbers is available still

  42. Anonymous

    My drivers license is missing from hammanskraal sekampaneng block sv 137 code 10 I want check my number id is 8307055XXXXXXX

  43. Bongani

    I want to know if my drivers is ready to be collected from 16 feb





  46. Yashlyn Govender

    I have booked for a slot and received 1 in January, systems was down, now i went today with my reference number and was turned away because i didn’t appear on the system anymore, yet when i go online it shows iv registered and have a slot, what do i do now because i wasn’t helped today???

  47. GK Krogh

    Applied for Divers licence renewal at Belfast. Was told to collect by 3 weeks time
    Receipt no 4005000XXXXX
    NaTIS@Identitity number 0046026XXXXX Issued on 22/02/2022
    Current drivers licence expired on 24/04/2022
    Belfast, Machadodorp and Dullstroom offices closed down due to non payment of electricity and rent I’m told. Where is my issued new drivers licence?


    Hello, i’ve done my license in may 2021 at marble hall, i’ve been trying to fone and find out if my card id available for collection after the printing machine broke last year, how do i know if my card is ready for collection?



    ID 7201270531087
    ID 9211115070082

  50. Jackie

    I have applied and paid for my new drivers license card on 31 May 2021 already and still have not received it, when I checked the system it only stated by Card status: “card posted to DLTC” but with the new system it doesn’t give you the “query driving license card” option on the website as stated – please advise?

  51. Vuyolwethu I'd no 8201195557083

    I renew my Prdp last year and it shows that I have traffic fine of 2019 in Joburg,which I never visite in joburg and I don’t have even a car.Can you please assist

  52. GC van Wyk

    I have applied for my licence card renewal in December
    I cannot get the online service working
    Please help

  53. Devash

    There is no “query driving licence card” option on the website. There used to be one, and whenever I checked it constantly said “in production” since September 2021. It’s been a long time, and I still don’t have my renewed card, and there’s no way of checking if it’s ready. I have tried many times over the last six months to get a hold of someone at the Testing Centre, but my hundreds of calls were never picked up. When contacting Natis directly, similar story, except I once got through and was told that they cannot assist with this information, they do not have it.
    How am I supposed to get my renewed card that I’ve already made payment for?!

  54. Zwelithini Maseko

    Hi, I have booked a slot online and got an sms to say that they will respond within 30 days but I haven’t received any message yet even if I try to call there’s no answer, I booked in 3 places, please help to give information.

  55. Jeffrey Selepe

    i would like to know if my new card is ready for collection.
    My ID NR 82051957XXXXX.

    Was done in Meyerton.

  56. Anonymous

    I used the old website and it was not ready then I tried to see where I could check on this totally useless website and could not find anything. I then emailed them and was told I must try in two weeks.
    then I came back here and found the SMS option and tried it.
    just got the email that it’s ready to collect.

  57. Sharon

    Good Day Everyone,

    I just sent an sms to 33214 and received an sms back advising that my card is ready for collection.

    I applied for mine last year also. Maybe try to use the sms again.

  58. Zuki

    If you want to know the status of your License sms your ID number to 33214..

    You will receive an sms few minutes after.

    1. Tom

      tried the SMS ID to 33214, just says contact the center, tried all numbers, totally useless, cannot check anywhere to see if it’s ready!!!! applied May 2021

  59. Prisca

    I wrote to RTMC and they told me to check the status of my driving licence online by selecting the “Licence information summary” after logging in. However, I can’t see this option and there is no option for “querying a driving license card”. This is really very frustrating. Please help

  60. Anonymous


  61. Cecil Simon Lemao

    I want to check my Driver’s license card I.D no.7205055446080

  62. Josia medeni

    Since I waiting for my licence card it’s been four months now how can I check my I’d 8212075048085

  63. Sam Goeieman

    Hi. Ijust want hear whether my licence card is ready for collection?

  64. Jayd Clara

    Good morning I’ve applied for my driver’s license card and I want to know if it is ready for collection? No one answers the customer care line or responds to my emails.

  65. Moeti

    When can i come to collect my driver license and are open on Saturday at hammanskraal

  66. Patrick M

    This eNATIS online system is useless, u can’t even check your card licence online. I just wonder if our comments are being checked, because the problem should have been resolved long time ago. I’ts a clear indication that no one bothers to check them. These services are used by people on the ground and when they raise issues the minister of transport will be saying” they are making a HALLABALOO”

  67. Mugove Rugube

    Hi l have applied for my license last year May till now I didn’t get anything, please help

  68. Anonymous

    Useless website we can’t even check our licence card status online.

  69. amina

    Hi I would like to check my license card I’d no 7707076XXXXXX

  70. Rita Naidoo

    I am unable to access the “query licence card” option, please advise, thank you

  71. Fikile Tofa

    I want to know my driver’s licence card how far to be collected 90091063XXXXX

    1. Bheki

      I want to check my license card

  72. Venash

    My status says “received by CPF ” what does that mean?

  73. Teboho Moses Hoffman

    I want to know my driver’s licence ready to collect my ID 891206557XXXX

  74. Mdududzi khumalo

    Hi I’m mdududzi khumalo……. I applied my pdp license in october till now my lisence has not come and this online natis is not working when I sms….says my driver’s lisence has been produce kindly collect in the next 21 days

  75. Raulinga Steven

    I want to know when. My card licence Wil be available for collection pls

  76. Tshabalala Ronald

    Hi I renewal my pdp last year October, I need to check if is available


    MY ID 80090259XXXXX

  78. Louise

    what does it mean when my notifications says DETAILS RECEIVED BY CPF

  79. ANC NATIS Scam

    The ANC’s money-spinning NATIS is a shameful money making scam.

  80. Joseph

    I just want to know if my licence is ready for collection my Id 7612145697087

  81. Julia Sibongile Mhlongo

    I renewed my license on the 5th of November2021 at boksburg department license but I can’t receive any messages

  82. Zandile

    The website dosent show anything it dosent give potions as to I need to check if my licence card is available for collection but nothing even an SMS

  83. MP Rameetse

    Hi guys I have applied for my prdp since 07 September 2021 and I have not received my card yet when I went to the station they say it is not back yet. This system has collapsed period.

  84. Prince

    This online does not work how to check for card collection

  85. Anonymous

    I have applied for the licence card since May last year and reapplied again in December 2021,have not yet received my card.i was able to check my status with regard to the production of my license card , currently I am struggling to check my status on your system. May you please assist I am quite sure I am not the only person struggling on your system it is very frustrating. On the other hand almost all people are driving with the expired licence cards

  86. Siya

    This natis not helping us there is no page for lisense status

  87. Lefa moshate

    Guys this system is not right I’ve applied on 08 DEC 2021 till now

    Can anyone help me with their number so that I can call them in Krugersdorp dltc

  88. Sithembiso innocent mavoyi

    I am booking for my PDP

  89. Tony

    No option to query my drivers licence details cant even login

  90. Sharon Du Toit

    The sms facility is not working. How do we know when to collect our licence?

  91. Bertus Bierman

    It seems that this site is completely unresponsive for any queries. I also want to know when my renewed license card will be available. Seems the single machine producing these cards is either nor coping or should be replaced. This is totally unacceptable. Please respond urgently

  92. Abongile matsweli

    Hi guys anyone can help me checking my card license plzzzz

  93. Abongile matsweli

    Hi guys my name is Abongile matsweli am trying to check my card license, anyone can help me plzzzz🥺

  94. RI SASS

    Good day did apply on the 08 December I want to know if my card is ready for collection

  95. CM Mabuza

    I have been trying to check for drivers licence card but the poor platform doesn’t take me there , I did on October 28 2021

  96. NTSAKO

    Plz i want to check if my license card is ready for collection my id no is 92051860XXXXX initial NR surname Makhubele

  97. Veronica

    Were is the online site were a person can check status of licenses card I applied in September2021 went back 27 November2021 and card was not ready there is no way a person can check its already 28 February 2022 and still no card..the sms is not working send so many times no response back..

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Good day I phoned to confirm and went to pick it up .

  98. Gatvol

    You have no option to query Drivers license card. what happened to the old site.

  99. Siyabonga stemele

    Applied for my pdp last year may 2021 until now have not yet received my card.

  100. vincent nkomo

    want to know if my license is processed

  101. Marlize Goosen

    Trying to check if my driver renewal card is ready, but not able to. Applied 21/12/2022. ID no 7109060290089

  102. Norma Nkuna

    I tried to check my drivers licence status but there is no option for doing that,this platform is draining our patience

  103. Anonymous

    Query system option does not appear anymore and it’s more than six weeks now

  104. Sqalo

    how do you check the collection of driver’s licence now? there is no option for query driver’s licence now

  105. Sabata motaung

    I tried to check my drivers licence status but there is no option for doing that,this platform is draining our patience

  106. simanga phewa


    please i still waiting for my licence from last year 27 august 2021

  107. Buti

    There’s no option for us to check if my license is ready for collection please assist

  108. Jeffrey Truth Mathebula

    Hi I want to know if my Lisence is ready for collection it’s one year now 83062159XXXXX application was done in Carltonvill, please help

  109. Pta.Gvol.

    There is no option for CHECK CURRENT STATUS ON YOUR CARD. in the explanation it shows there is supposed to be a tag, check status, however on site there isn’t. Again a waste of tax payers money for a site that does not function. Without a license since October……. pathetic.

  110. Madge

    Query system page does not display. This worked previously when i tried to check the status of my drivers license card.

  111. WH pienaar

    I’m still waiting for my licence card. They couln’t find fingerprints, but it can’t be that long.

  112. Nkosingiphile Pearl Mkhwanazi

    I’m trying to query for my licence card I don’t see option when should I click on these new updates online service.

  113. Riaan

    My status says “received by CPF ” what does that mean?

    1. Gerhard

      Did you perhaps find out what does “received by CPF” means Riaan?

    2. craig

      * Dispatched from CPF – sent to the centre
      * Received by Natis – its ready for collection
      * Received by CPF – card is still in production.

  114. Mbongeni Beqezi

    I want to check my licence card cause its more than 6 weeks now

  115. Lwazilwenkosi Ali Twala

    I want to check my lisence card please.

  116. MJ


  117. Hlooks

    I renewed my driver’s licence in July 2021. When i went to check my card in January 2022, i was told it hasn;t been produced yet. i do not understand how these licence dept operate.


    hi am asking when am I going to get my license since last year March till today am still waiting


    hi can you guys plz assist I renew my driving license card last year on the 29 March 2021 than I’ve been told to collect it after six weeks, after six weeks I came back to collect it than I’ve been told that my fingerprints are not matching so I started afresh and wait for another six weeks till today I haven’t received my card ( I did the renewal in Vereeneging DLTC)

    1. Tshabalala Ronald

      I need to check my pdp license my ID 8305075725080

  120. Toro Gwai

    Since I renew my driving licence last year but till today am not getting it. I don’t know that’s the problem

  121. Ellen

    Iam so happpppy I’ve got my license card finally ,from 22/10/21 God you are awesome
    Thanks, yours is coming
    Vereeniging phambile thanks guys

  122. Palesa

    Passed my driver’s license on the 7th of June 2021 even today I haven’t received my card.

  123. Ellen

    Please attend to our queries,I Ve apply for a card on the 22/10/21 it’s been 3 month now not yet receive my license at all what is the problem hle? Please answer us

  124. Anonymous

    Why are you not answering our questions?why
    What is taking you so long to produce our cards. Ive apply on 22/10/2021 no card yet.plz attend to our queries thank you

  125. Nicholas Mazibuko

    There is no page where you can renew the pdp, please gave us more information about how to register online please and stop playing with our minds as if this things worked

  126. Nicholas Mazibuko

    There is no page where you can renew the pdp

  127. Pamela Fourie (PHF)

    Please check on line booking 482300001JMN – when is the scheduled date and where to go to renew my drivers lic card?

    1. Sydney

      Hi want to renew my driver’s licence

    2. Ellen

      Viva iam dancing my card is finally been release wow, Thanks Guys
      Thanks Vereeniging license department thanks NE Lekhu for outstanding work

  128. Thabang Vincent Makhwete

    Hi,i want to check my license is ready for collection my id number is 8702025984082

  129. Robert chauke

    hi my name am Robert chauke i just checking my license driver card

  130. Gabriel Motsoaledi Zindela

    Hi, could you please confirm if my PrDP Card is ready for collection


    I am so dissapointed,I was told to collect it after 4 weeks from the 23/11/21,I went there today only to find out it was proccessed only on the 17th/12/21

  132. Maria

    Just wondering so many questions but no answers. Why does it take so long to get a driver’s licence.??? So many people are asking the same question? Without a driver’s licence, is insurance going to pay if involved in accident?????

  133. Mmule

    Iwant to check if my lisence card is ready . Its now over six weels

  134. JM SEMA

    License collection

  135. PM NHLAPO

    I’ve tried my utmost best to get a slot for my licence renewal,none is available so far.I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.

  136. Zameka

    I want to renew my license card

  137. Nduduzo mabaso

    I want to check my driving license

  138. Solly Ndubana

    Solly Ndubana

    I renew my licence card on 22/10/2021 my ID 6511085659084

  139. Vuyisa mphendukana

    My ID number is 8506066212083 how can I get my licence card and when came to collect

  140. Linda Burger

    I applied on 20/10 /21 for my new license ID 5008180005082 when can I collect at Bronkhorstspruit

  141. Nonhlanhla M. Dlamini

    Hi…I would like to check my licence renewal that was done on line,how many more weeks must I wait for it…Thanks

  142. KAREN




  144. Glenton Phakathi

    I need help since i wait for my license since last year till today i haven’t find it please help

  145. Thembinkosi

    Driving licence renewal

  146. Daniel

    Hi I would like to check my license card I’d no 821206598XXXX

  147. Lekgoledi

    Went to collect license today. But they told me they can’t find it. Is so frustrating now is over a year. What to do?

  148. Sisanda Bandezi

    I would also like to check if my license is ready for collection.How do I do that please assist me with the website or something.

  149. Abegail

    I’ve been trying to access the website to book a date for the renewal of drivers license and unfortunately the website is not accessible. I’ve trying this over two month now.

    Is there any other alternative to book the drivers license or to at least get the interim drivers silence.

    Looking forward to your responds.

    1. Anonymous


  150. Steven

    Hi, I would like to check if my card is ready for collection, my ID number is 810629580XXXX at krugersdorp license department

  151. Ikgopoleng sikwa

    I want to know if my license is ready for collection

  152. Olebogeng Victor Gaobuse

    Please i forgotten my date for pdp renewal booking

  153. Dineo ntabayae Dlamini

    Hi got my license in 2017 and got sick so I never collected …which procedure should I take so I can have a driver’s licence thank you

  154. Jeffrey Truth Mathebula

    What must I do to get my drivers license cause I’ve been waiting for the sms, it’s 9months now

  155. Jeffrey Truth Mathebula

    Hi I’m still waiting for my drivers license since last year November

  156. Lizzy masango

    Hi…i did my licence since may 2021 when i go for collection they always say say its not delivered yet…Please help am desperately need it my id no…i did it at mpumalanga libangeni

  157. Brighton zviedzo katsande

    I want to check my drivers licence id 2024000550001

  158. CG Afrika

    Hi I would like to find out if my learners is still valid my ID number is 840809 507XXXXX

  159. Mzamani Ncube

    Hi i apply my license may tile now i haven’t get it will check for me please my ID 730917595XXXX

  160. Ayanda

    Hi I would like know how can I arrange for my card to be sent to where I am now

  161. Kedibone Johanna seshoene

    Hi I would like to check my driver’s licence card id no ,8201012542086

  162. WILFRED


    1. Rachael nkosu

      Hi I have done my driver’s licence at Mpumalanga last year in August 2021 how do I know if it’s ready for collection cause natis is not working.

  163. Modely

    I like to know if my new card for driving license it’s ready for collection

  164. Kabelo olgar kgaswane


  165. Collen

    Plz i want to check if license card is ready to collect my id no is 7908086237085 initial ct surname malema

  166. Dennis

    It’s been long time am trying to book for my PDP renewal but am struggling. Already is expired my driver’s licence will also expired on 01-11-2021 I really don’t understand what is going on here.

  167. Rrn

    I am writing from Pretoria.Your slots are always not available.

  168. Petros

    I was trying to get slot to renew my pdp for 6 month until today no slot available this is terrible

  169. Farida Ally

    I would like to know if my new card is ready for collection.
    My ID number is 7501220257083
    my application was done in Vereeniging.

  170. Maphisa khodani

    I want to check my license card

  171. Fikile

    Hello,may someone please help me obtain a slot as my card driving licence expired 31 December 2020,was given till end of August 2021 to renew,have been trying to get a slot without success.please somebody help.thanks.

    1. Anonymous

      if you keep on declined maybe you need to choose other nearest dltc doesn’t matter if you take two or more taxes because you won’t get help if you focusing on one dltc or maybe you need to stick on tuesday and wednesday between 9am and 11am or sundays after

  172. Thato

    Your website doesn’t give me an application so I can be able to secure myself a booking. When I go to 2 of your license departments I’m being charged a fee of R100 plus the usage of my data to make a booking. This is pure robbery

    1. Petros

      I was trying to get slot to renew my pdp for 6 month until today no slot available this is terrible


    Hi I cannot get into your portal to book a appointment to renew my drivers licence card.


      I booked for licence renewal at Nigel but no confirmation received for the 7th September 2021 9h00

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