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srd.sassa.gov.za Apply for Reconsideration Online & Check Status

Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Apply for Reconsideration & Check Status
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/

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How To Apply For SRD SASSA Reconsideration?

If your application was declined for any period and you had zero income in the preceding month, you may submit an application for SRD SASSA reconsideration.

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Just follow the below steps to apply for SRD SASSA Reconsideration & Check status online.

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Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of SASSA through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, Scroll the pages down and click on the “Apply Online/ Check Reconsideration Status” button.

Step 3 : Enter the South African Id number of Applicant
Step 4 : Enter the Phone Number used to submit your Application
Step 5 : Click on the “Send Pin” button

How To Apply For SRD Grant?

Apply online (or) you can use the following channel to apply for SRD Grant.

WhatsApp: 082 046 8553

You only have to apply once via this web site or the above WhatsApp number and not many times on every channel. SASSA will only process one application received from each applicant.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On SRD SASSA Grant

1. Where can I self-check my status for WhatsApp?
For WhatsApp applicants can send a message to 082 046 8553; type “SASSA” and then type “Status” and follow the message prompts.

2. Can I use another person’s account if I do not have a bank account neither a cell Phone?
** SASSA will not pay into a 3rd party bank account.

** Where an applicant does not have a bank account, he/she must indicate from the drop down list the nearest bank through which they want to be paid. Money will therefore be paid into the applicant’s cellphone number.

** Where an applicant does not have a bank account and does not have a cell phone registered in his/her name, the payment will be made through the post office.

3. What is the meaning of Pending status?
The application is in progress, when verification is completed, the applicant will receive a SMS notification of the outcome. Only those with status Approved will receive the SMS notification with a website link to submit bank details or to select a bank for cash transfer if unbanked.

4. If I applied in May 2020 and get approved, will I receive double payment in June 2020?
The Payment for May will be paid, and the application will be re-validated in June, and if the applicant still meets the criteria, the June payment will also be processed. These payment may not necessarily come in one lump-sum payment, or on the same day either.

5. If my application takes long to finalise will I receive double payment /back payed?
If the applicant qualifies in that month of the application, he/she will be paid for that month, and also be paid for the current month if the applicant still meets the application criteria.

The Payment may not necessarily be a double payment or lump sum payment, or on the same day either. It can be split up over days or weeks.

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  1. Zanele Suzan Hlongwane

    Hello please help me out I want to appeal sassa website don’t want to open

  2. Phumelele khumalo

    My R350 was declin ido the appeal but still decline

  3. Masape Rain

    Hi please help me i have been getting this money since but now June is decline and I am not working n I don’t receive any income

  4. Kgaitsedi

    I’ve applied for 350 since last year and it decline reason is another source of income which I don’t have the only income I get is social grant for my children and I’m unemployed

  5. Siphiwe

    I was getting the grant until March, when I reapply it says,, waiting for reapply. Help please

  6. Thandiwe

    Hi I’m Thandiwe I reaply 350 I don’t kwow what to do anymore becoz I’m unemployed and I need this money life is tough please help me

  7. Ntsoaki

    I’ve been dicline bcos of excluration fund spouse so plz I really need this money

  8. Siyabulela

    I’ve been dicline bcos of excluration fund spouse nd I’m not working I’m still at school plz I really need this money

  9. Alinah

    I’ve been dicline bcos of exclunary spouse found plz help me I really need this money

  10. Sesethu Maqanda

    Haike kucacile ba sofa yindlala u sassa udlala ngathi.Source of income ube ungasebenzi,These people don’t understand the word HUNGER

  11. Nomthadazo Patricia madlala

    I got decline for a month of June 2022 reason of source of income which I don’t know and I am not working this 350 was helping me alot because I was buying something to eat . 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I cancelled and re start my application but it still pending this is painfully CRC

  12. Anasthesia tinyeko nobela

    My 350 says decline I don’t have an income no child no grand why is government being so unfair to the poor this time sassa has unfairly declined my srd 350 no income in to my banks and there is no job I was depending to this 350

    My sassa hear our cry we are really in need of this 350

  13. Martha

    Decline for source of income I’m not working and they must give us proof of that source of income,Ramaphosa approved until next year what’s sassa problem

  14. Caroline

    My 350 declined since last year they said i get uif.I tried to do apeals.and also nw i got declined they said i got income.maybe they talk about child grant pls a need help

  15. Beatrice Ntombifuthi

    My my 350 for June declined i don’t know why coz I’m not working I’m only collecting child support grant

  16. Sello

    We waited for 5 months before they pay and they will only pay you one month. During this period what are we eating. Their response is “source of income” pending etc. Should I wait for another 5 months again only to approve one month. I think you guys are from rich families that’s why you don’t understand the word “Hunger “

  17. Hluphekile Donata Dlamini

    I’m unemployed I have no source of income, my srd June application declined because of the source of income.I’m also not registered in UIF as September,October,November,December last year and January this year declined because I’m registered in UIF

  18. joseph dajee

    i have no source of income but ive been declined

  19. Lindiwe

    This sassa R350 is corruption because today is approved then next week is declined I’m not registered with uif they say source of income from who i only received child support grand or this grand replace this R350 what is happening pls someone tell us

  20. Siyanda Sifiso Mthethwa

    My application declined

  21. Germinah

    This really hurts I don’t work I only get 1 child’s grants and it declined because alternative source of income. When I try to reconsideration it fails.My cousin works but got that R350 it’s unfair

  22. Lumka

    I have no income bt am decling help

  23. Kgopotso

    Am kgopotso am not working and l need that monoy

  24. Ngwane Phindile

    My aplication was declined due to uif but im not working and i have never work before,even lasr year my aplication was delined i only received this money once at the moth of February 2022. I need rhis money plz.

  25. Adriena

    I have been getting this 350 since from last year so now i have reapplied my April ,May and june is pending because of source of income and am not working my brother borrowed my card .please try to understand and reconsider my application because i really need this R350.

  26. Malefetsane Lucky Motaung

    I was declined from june,July, August, September,October and November last year, and this year i only received my grant 4 times including December last year now back to square one suffering 😒 again please approve my grant.

  27. Mohale

    My application from August to December declined and I wasn’t working and even June still the same and don’t know why, January pending

  28. Julia Mosia

    Please I really need that money,we have been waiting now it’s says decline, because of self exclutionary what ever.

    1. Zandile Sunduza

      My status decline I don’t know what happened I’m working at all plz help about this situation

  29. Sarah

    How all along am getting my 350 now april may pending and now the see my sister send me the school of child you decline why am not working 350 I need it it help me with selling sweet and bake fat cake when school opening.when go for looking a job telling about age.why gorment treat us like we a not exit in world but when we vote they don’t ask age.this is unfair

  30. constanceshandukani

    When I check it says diclined at June , May & April are pending but at June today it can say approved tomorrow diclined alternative income source idon’t work ijust receive child grant only

  31. Bl maholobela

    How can sassa identified source of income while the is no income. Please we depend on that R350.

  32. Zodwa

    Hi my Application is declined because of uif pls help me

  33. Molefe petrus xaba

    I’m Molefe petrus xaba I’m 52 year old I have received the diclane massage from Sasa please I’m old heve kids I’m not working please reinstate my application I don’t heve work you can check were I’m working I’m not working please

  34. Jephenia Ndlovu

    Hi my name is Jephenia Ndlovu ive applied for R350 grant but I was declined said I have source of income but now I’m not working

  35. Bongiww Princess Mnyandu

    Hi igama ngingu Bongiwe princess mnyandu,iscelo Sami se srd si declined reason altanative income by I’m a caregiver of my 3 children only

  36. Keseabetswe Catherine Mabele

    I keseabetswe Mabele reapply the R350 grant so April and May says panding then June it dicline, and I don’t receive any income.

  37. Neo motlhabane

    I got declined and yet my source of income is only child support grant.

  38. Nono

    I’m not working please I need that money

  39. Tshepho

    I was receiving 350 4rm last year until since then I reapply its approved n pending for March n June and now declined iam unemployed since 2015 n in that account i save to open some small business can u plz fix this iam depending on that 350 to buy some food plz

  40. Brandon

    I recieved 350 since dec.2021 under caregiver but all of the sudden i was declined fpr june 2022,why?

  41. Anonymous

    This ppl just declined everyone for June other source of income do ur work properly for God sake

  42. Igama lam ndingu VUYOKAZI DIKO

    Please help me i need this money m not working i apply this srd but it say i have UIF please help me

  43. Ali

    Source of income from where i can’t even apply or get a job because of the age a

  44. Igama lam ndingu VUYOKAZI DIKO

    Nda-apply last year kodwa andikaza ndafumana mali kodwa abanye abantu bayayithola mna ithi ndine UIF kodwa andisebenzi ndicela uncendo betuna ndiyasokola

  45. Mpho Mphuthi

    My status say Decline,reason self exclusanory respond.i’m unemployed & orphan,nobody to help financially.SRD helped a lot to put food on table.

  46. Tebogo

    I tebogo Johannes motsewene I applied for 350 in 2020 then I received the money until we reapplied in 2021 then I was declined since then so it says source of income identified and am not receiving any money cause I lost my job during the level 5 of this pandemic so I need someone to explain to me which income am I getting and from were maybe I will understand after am relaying on cleaning people’s yards(gardens)

  47. Nokwanda shozi

    Nga apply ngo April kodwa usathi pending no may wami usathi pending ujune wathi diclen kodwa ayikho imali engiyiholayo angiholi ngisho igrant yezingen ngiyazibuz ngobani min

  48. Tracy Sappani

    I’ve been declined but I dont have any source of income. I’m trying to reapply it does not allow me. What check ups where done cos I dnt have any bank account besides the one the srd grant use to go in. I dnt have any money, how come I was declined?

  49. Phumeza Manto

    My name is Phumeza Manto I have been applied for this 350 since 2020 it always keep on declined because of other income which I don’t have and I even went to labour to rectify this but still my June status says declined of other income this is so unfair

  50. Nolihle

    Hi my name is Nolihle, sassa declined my 350 application because of existing grant, but I’m only getting 480 for 1 child unemployed 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  51. Likole Fedile Getrude

    My application declined reason being an alternative source of income, it was nsfas and this year i’m not receiving nsfas and I don’t have any income.
    Please help on what to do to get R350

  52. gadija

    hi.i really can’t understand how the majority of us are declined. me and hubby are way over 50 no job or income but income source is detected. this is driving me insane cause we really need this money

  53. Luxolo

    My Name is Luxolo I applied for SRD Grant in 2020 and after the approval I received the R350 since June 2020 and stopped in November, December 2020. Then in 28th July 2021 I received the 3payments which was for February, March and April 2021. Then again in August, September, October, November, December 2021 and January, February, March 2022 I received message in my E-mail from South African Social Security Agency(SASSA) says I must pay back the money that they’ve been given to me because I was not qualified for the Special Relieved Grant as their record shows that I’m Unemployment Insurance Fund(UIF) registered, which was false information because i’m never worked in even before and I explained to them. Then after the reapplication which was took place in April 2022 start from the 15th of June 2022 I received R350 for Reconsiderations 5times/FIVE MONTHS bit by bit but now and again it stopped and according to my reconsiderations of 11 months that lamps they still owing me 6payments.

    Please South African Social Security Agency do consider our Complaints.

    The R350 That had been Announced by the State President is playing a huge part in our household living, Yes it’s amburassing for young people of the Nation but we all aware that as a Country we’re facing with a High Unemployment Rate in our Country and it affecting mostly those who are willing to work especially Graduates but can’t work because of the abovemetioned issues.

  54. Vusi

    Its very painful and hurt at a same time i have been unemployed since 2020 when i apply for sassa its says alternative source of income and i dont have any

  55. Vusi

    Alternative source of income and i dont have one is difficult for me

  56. Cagney Leslie Swartz

    Hi im CAGNEY SWARTZ, sassa declined me for June month, reason they said I have alternative income but I don’t. I was forced to take as loan of R750 last week with iTemba loans, and it was paid into the same account that i get my SRD R350 and i needed the money desperately but still they declined my June payment. Please assist me kindly.

  57. Rethabile

    It’s quite frustrating to be exact..it seems like most of us are been told about “UIF” we have no clue of since some of us never even worked before..it’s unfair, because it looks like the government doesn’t want to help everyone and they’re obviously lying when they say they contact banks brcause they would’ve known that we do not receive any uif.

  58. Nthabiseng

    Hi I’m not working but my sdr Grant was declined how fair is that people ho are working are getting this grant something’s are not fair,can they just pay us and stop being selfish

  59. Nthabiseng

    Hi I’m not working but my sdr Grant was declined how fair is that people ho are working are getting this grant something’s are not fair

  60. Rentia


  61. Anicee Arends

    Hi I was getting the R350 since it started, but now they declined my June payment. Satin that I have other sources of income, that I really don’t have. I had to make a loan at easy payed to make ends meet. I’m unemployed. The R350 help me and my kids. Pls reconsider my application. Thank you

  62. Madigoke

    I did application from October 2021 until today June 2022…at the department of Labour.Im still waiting for uif,and im not working at this moment…my status declined because of uif.

  63. Phindile

    This is not right my application was declined and am not working receiving any money and I really need my 350 help my people

  64. Sizo France Bandezi

    My application is decline because i choose wrong please approve my application i used to get this R350.00 before.I must choose R0-R350.00πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”

  65. Mmapati Mothiba

    I my application is declined

  66. Malisa

    Hi i need help i had my 350 a long time now and until april we needed toe reapply and i did today i checked my status and it says i income resource detected but i have no money coming in please i really need the money

  67. Mpumelelo Zwane

    I have reapplied for the r350 Grant but now it says I have an alternative income and I’m not working I only receive money from sassa which is my children’s support grant and my mom is a pensioner which we live by her pernsioner’s money and the child support grant which is not enough . We really need the money please help.

  68. Zinhle

    I’m not working but I didn’t get 350 they say I ricieve Mony imay acc that money it not main my sister used may bank account

  69. Anyname Doesntmatter

    Useless callcentre, Useless department, USELESS, USELESS, USELESS and” GLUELESS CADRE DEPLOYMENT Minister”. Department owes me six months I want that money to open up my small business.

  70. Lesetja

    Hi my Lesetja my Application was declined since from last year reason being for Alternative income source identified

  71. lesedi mphafudi

    They declined me they say I have source of income I’m not working I only receive child support grand

  72. Thelma Keitheng Mokgosi

    Hi my name is Keitheng Thelma Mokgosi I applied for 350but it was declined due to source of income,I’m not working at all I don’t have any income that I receive only a child grant,plz will u consider my application I really need the money thank u in advanceπŸ™πŸ™

  73. Liz

    Hi I’m not working I only collect money fr my children and it declined wth with this I don’t understand wts going on it’s not fair to us we who deserve this mney are not getting it while government enjoy all the money with out declining it

  74. Alungile Khatshwa

    Hi I applied for 350 and it’s declined the reason was source of income,to my surprise I never work were for this “source of income”identified comes from…

  75. Nomsa

    Sassa grand 350 decline me reason is self rebound but was once of money its from society it was R5000

  76. Hazel Steenkamp

    I reapply for the grant because am not working,and now I my grant is declined for alternative source.i don’t have alternative source of income so please can’t you fix my application

  77. Tinyiko

    From last year was receiving R350 but since this year march it says pending for March and may but June says declined because of income and I’m not working nor receiving any income please help

  78. Nape

    I don’t receive R350,it keep on saying I am registered with uif, sometimes it says I have alternative source of income, what must i do?

  79. Magatsheni

    I reaply on April’n may but still pending and June decline it says “self exclusionary response found” I don’t know what can I do now cause i need this money seriously plz help😭😭

  80. Shamiela

    Hi evening I got approved since the covid started now I reapply now I’m declined reason being other source of income that I really don’t have I’m so broke and unemployed it’s not even a joke I’m struggling to provide for my kid’s at the moment since the R350 srd
    Really helped alot I need that R350 kanala

    my kids

  81. Goodness

    Hy my stutas for June say decline it say I get alternatives income and I’m not working

  82. Maerunisha Choonara

    My name Maerunisha Choonara. I was working for Sencus SA from 03 April till 15 May. Am at home ever since but still Dy say I generate an income. R these ombisals so stupid. Why don’t Dy phone and find out if we working. It’s our money stop stealing.

  83. Annastasia

    Sassa is very useless..the outcome of my application is saying i have another source of income while I’m collecting grant for 2kids only I’m not even working

  84. Noma Gwala

    It has been five years now without being employed, and I have been working as a fieldworkers with StatsSA a pilot project which is no longer existing….all of a suden I am at alternative income source which does not exist. I need that money because no one is working at home. Why is government playing games with our desperation. Especially the age group between 35 and 59, which is neglected,no longer employed because of age restriction a…where do we exactly belong ???

  85. Rashida Noble

    Hi I have never received any 350 since the first time I applied at first I was approved but didn’t get no money and then declined because of uif and uif was a once of in October 2021 but I’m still being declined I have send in my reconsiderations and I mailed a letter on the government website I don’t know if they are even reading our mails or comments but please I’m not working at all I have no income now I only buy food with the 350 anyways please check the uif and see the last time people received money from them some people didn’t even get uif at all please check our status properly.

  86. Lindiwe

    MY application declined source of income last year I received the grand im unemployed never registered for uif

  87. Lindiwe

    My application declined source of income verification i don’t have any income and i m unemployed how is this fair

  88. Let's Lets

    Hi.Im declined reason being alternative income but I’m not working and not receiving any income. I think someone in the deptment is receiving what’s supposed to be mine. Our government is just a scam and a shame to vitizens

  89. Cornelius Madatt

    I also applied in January but still pending now last time rejected uif registered since January

  90. Lizelle

    Hi i was declined but i dont have an income please help my im heart broken i knit scarves and try selling but i need the grant to buy wool i cant go work im epileptic and get alot of fits please help me😭😭

  91. Boitshwarelo

    They say you’ve got source of income while you don’t work mxm this government

  92. Monya

    I had to borrow money to survive because sassa was useless with the payout en delays now they declined mine because of funds that come in from borrowing, they are pocketing the funds for themselves.disgusted but they give taxi drivers R5000 that’s got an income, communist bunch

  93. Leeanne Hassiem

    Im leeanne solomons i have re applyd and june says i have source of income but im not working at home and my husband also not working i really need the money

  94. Kgomotso thabo. Mokoena

    Hi I think sassa must communicate with labour cause we are being declined for uif that we got or haven’t got no we need that grant to survive

  95. Valencia thagope

    Was receiving 350 grant last year till October 2021 was declined Nov cuz I worked for 2days at iec from then on was declined saying alt source of income then changed to uif registered for real uif for 2days June 2022 was paid 350 for reconsideration but my june 2022 still pending how possible maar.

  96. Elizabeth Maphuti Mahlako

    I’m Elizabeth Mahlako apply R350 sassa grant since from last year August my application decline because of Uif please help me I need that money solve this Uif registered



  98. Sfiso mbiko

    Hi I want to know where this UIF is going to coz we do not receive that UIF ,thet they say we decline of it

  99. Allison

    Hi I’ve been declined since August saying uif registered and i was never employed i really need that money

  100. Franscinah Lehlohonolo

    Please explain how does this”Uif register”works because am declined because of that..and its been very long time since am not working and never receive any money for/from UIF.please respond so that i know what to do next,am in need of this money am not working

  101. Sophia

    I also apply last year August concideration show uif I have been at home 5 years already wen do wre get our 350

  102. Fundisaa

    I fundiswa I will decline since last year march they say am getting UIF but am not working . than I use to appeal all those months but i don’t know how to check my status

    1. Andileerh

      I reaply I don’t know what can I do now to get this money cause I’m not working no income April ‘n may is still pending then June decline says “self exclusionary response found” 😒😒

  103. Keotshepile lovedolia lelaletse

    I want to know if am approved because when I call sassa says the natwork is conjanction……all I want is to know my status please

  104. Abdul haq Nerinda

    Honestly government is a complete scam they heartless they steal from people that really need the money I’ve applied since 2019 and was declined,to make it worse I never even collected any UIF.so my question is what happens to the back pay of all the months I never received my R350’s?

  105. Nceba Msebe

    I have been receiving my r350 until last October the it said declined uif registered and I don’t receive any uif and last worked in 2013 so I wonder what’s really happening πŸ€”

  106. Verra Nokwengeza Tofile

    I am Verra, i applied a srd grant since it started i did not get any, the application said i have uif while I’m not working anywhere

  107. Hilton

    I just want to know why I was declined for source of income and I dont work how long it takes to be approved for this

  108. Bongiwe

    Hi I’m Bongiwe I applied 4 srd 350 and it declined saying I’m uif registered although I never work for a company plz can u take my application into consideration.

  109. Rachel

    I’ve applied for appeal since August 2021up antill March 2022 there is no feedback even when I coll them they say it pending the appeal when are they going to unser my appeal I’m not working I need this money

  110. Sakhumzi Malusi

    My application was pending since August last year.No alternative income,since last worked over 5 years ago.The situation very depressing as I am a father of 3 kids who cannot even provide for them.Please help

  111. Thuthukani

    I only got paid until October 2021 from November i was diclened reason is uif registered and i don’t have any uif. Then i applied for reconsideration but is still pending why can you please reply to my comment i need that money

  112. Nompilo Hadebe

    Change bank details since from this year March my R350 sassa grant decline because of uif but I don’t even get that uif i need help cause I need this money

  113. Christopher khumalo

    Since I applied from 2020 was declined reason uif,and i have never received any uif , because I only worked for south African national defence force till 2007 December i have put in an appeal but nothing no response

  114. Samantha

    I am struggling to reinstate my application since it was pending since April. I cancelled to try again but now I am not succeeding. Please help.

  115. Nhlanhlo

    My 350 was declined since I register last year and I do appeal I once get uif it was once off but still it’s says decline plz I need this money I’m unemployed

  116. Sandra Ivy Phillips

    Hi, Sandra
    I have been waiting on my reconsideration srd application since August, September, October and November of 2021.it shows pending and I have emailed sassa regarding my reconsideration. December 2021,January, February, March 2022 it was approved and paid out to me. April 2022is still pending and I am wondering what the hell is going on. Since the other months indicated on payment why am I still waiting on the reconsideration to be paid out. As the reply on my emails said it was approved for 2021 as mentioned above for reconsideration why the payout taking almost a year.
    If nothing is being done I will take it to the media as I have proof of approved payments and blow this entire thing in public. This corruption has to end on a serious note.

  117. Ntombifikile Tsakane Mnyamane

    Sassa is a scam thats all I can say I’m a 99 with one kid never worked my entire life I’ve got no one that sends me money and have no accounts only easy pay which I collect my kid grant on and stil at this year from 2021to2022 declined due to source of income..

  118. Maria Nomahlubi Hadebe

    Good day
    My name is Maria Hadebe. My application had been declined since 2021,saying I qualify UIF. Unfortunately Department of Labour also declined my UIF application stating that I need find another job in order to unlock my UIF, as it took me long time to submit my Ui19 to the Department. Kindly assist.
    Thank you

  119. Joseph

    Hi my name is Joseph skinner I was declined for several months but I don’t get uif or any income please can you please reconsider my application so that I can be approve please my cellphone number

  120. Zenande Nompumza

    My name is Zenande Nompumza apply for 350 but still I didn’t receive it all months I apply its said identity verification failed

  121. Nkosikhona Lucas Sithole

    No alternative income and ipr5 I do know what is ipr5 is.Now ask myself how can I get this grant.I have new number now that one was not mine

  122. Nkosikhona Lucas Sithole

    Since I applied I found nothing but I’m not working. Please do for me the right one thing to check for what happened. My Nkosikhona Lucas Sithole I’d no 84062359XXXXXX.no alternative income pls check again there where igt this monee

  123. Laurraine

    Good day i applied for 350 srd grant since last year August it declined because of uif and I last received uif 2018 but it still says i receive uif and I’m now unemployed single mother no income at all, i even tried to appeal but still no luck so I don’t know what to do anymore please help thanks.

  124. Thabo

    Corruption is better for them,unemployment,is better for us and we apply cause we don’t work and they decline us,they can go to hell with that 350

  125. letiesha motlatsi

    I don’t no why do sassa decline me for uif I only received uif ocktober 2020 and it was a one payment but still sassa still decline me from uif I even didn’t receive my money srd sassa 350 from August 2021 until March 2022 I didn’t receive any money and I did reconsideration for all that months I also really now for April 2022 but still no outcome I don’t even work I have no income so why can sassa decline me from uif so please stop decline me from uif pls and pls Lett me no of my appeal status any outcome of the appeals pls and my reply I don’t work I’m now a single parent and with no income

  126. Thotyiwe

    I apply for 350 last year August my application was sseceful but I didn’t get because of UIF although I don’t have any source of income.what must I do please help me

  127. Silver

    Plz just approve us
    We waited long time ago
    From AUGUST 2021 month
    Still today pending

    That money some of us(people)Ra ehlokaπŸ˜₯😭

  128. Silver

    Am really broke about money
    Am far from urban area
    Am living in rural area
    I don’t have money to go marketing
    Around town so can feed my family

  129. Anonymous

    I want to know if our information details we applied this grand srd with is it not working anymore my address my cell my bank account is it not appearing on your database

  130. Noko

    I applied for srd but it says uif registered and I have never worked, is now 6 months not receiving anything and I don’t have other source of income. I tried to apply for consideration but nothing. And I also went to sassa office but still no help. What must I do now?

  131. Kedibone

    Hie I appy fro April 2022 but my status still says pending for how long is gonna show pending pls this is too much

  132. Mf

    Can u please fix this uif registered am no longer reserved it 2020,2012 I tried to apply till nou its busy saying uif I need my 350 please

  133. Waheeda

    Hi.my application has been declined from March 2021.always saying uif registered. I have reapplied n this April application says pending. Seems like most people are getting similar uif declined. Does not make sense cos we cannot receive uif for so many months.sassa needs to update their records. Also the uif. So that people can receive their grants. I hope they look into this matter urgently.

    1. Kedibone

      I reapply for 2022 but my status still says pending how long is gonna take please thus is too much now

  134. Jan Arendse

    I’ve applied since last year August 2021, every time I’ve been declined for alternative source of income but l am unemployed since 2020. I have no source of income, this whole system is corrupt

  135. komeshni

    hi guys my name is komeshni i wold like to know the outcome of my application for the flood relief
    fund my id no is 87022602XXXXX
    my adress is 13 buttergreen gardens off fairlawn cresent
    thank K Reddy

  136. Shirley Lottering

    Hi. I did received SRD grant previously, not regular but at least maybe every 3-4 th month. Now my status says I need to re-apply but if I try it says they’re not taking applications untill further notice. What do I do?

  137. Sannah Sale Maodi

    And I did the reconsideration and the appeal but up to now,so I will like to know what will happen to all my money that I did not receive from 2018. Course it keeps saying I was getting NSFAS funds but it is not true.I only received NSFAS money last 2021 course I registered at Tshwane college from Murch till October 2021.From 2018,2019,2020 I was unemployed person,so all the months it keeps saying decline or pending,and also in the reason box it keeps saying I’m getting money grant,like I don’t understand what is going on here,so please help me out so that I can be able to receive my R350 grant.

  138. Shirley Mogotsi

    And I did the reconsideration but up to now, so would like to know as I re applied on the 23rd April will I get those months owed to me, as am unemployed, I don’t have any means of income

  139. Shirley Mogotsi

    I’ve been receiving R350 SRD, but as in February and March my status says uif registered, how is that possible because am unemployed.

  140. Nokwanda

    Its really not fair since August I aplied and they say im getting uif which is not true

    so what I want to know is now that I I have applied for april wil they pay from august tlll now


    Hi i am VUYISILE DYAN I WAS APPLYING FOR SRD.SASSA GRANT I HAVE GET ONCE LAST MONTH ONLY EVER SINCER LAST YEAR I WAS PENDING ALL THE TIME FROM AUGUST TO FEBUARY. My id number 710616576XXXXn i hope that the one that is on now it has change from the old one and it will better than that one

  142. Fanyana

    If I submit my online reinstatement application for the April 2022 R350, I receive an answer “appld”. Nothing changed in status. Please help.

  143. Moeketsi

    Hi my name is Edward Masulubele apply for the 350 grant my application decline and I don’t receive any income please help

  144. Louis nxumalo

    Hi I’m Louis nxumalo I have got a problem since I applied for srd grant it’s decline due to uif registered

  145. Mkateko

    Hi, i am Mudabula Mkateko, i been applying for 350 it keep telling me i am registered to UIF, i last received my UIF last year August 2021. So i am no longer getting UIF and i am unemployed, someone who we apply together last year and get same reply your registered to UIF, She she did reconsideration on January 2020 and by February she was approved and she was getting the 350 grants untill march,i did the consideration too so why i am i getting declined.

  146. Cleopas Ndlovu

    It’s regrettable that the management of Sassa have decided to force distressed South Africans to reapply for the same grant which has been extended a number of times. This decision was ill conceived without due regard to application processing costs to both government and distressed South Africans. Departmental costs are activity driven they should have used the same existing data files and updated them. Your system is cumbersome and to date it is not working three days before month end let alone an official statement with regard to the new procedures

  147. Manana

    Hi from last year November and this year January to March I didn’t received my 350 I will get it if I go to post office.

  148. Rabia

    My status is nou showing for 6months pending so how long dus it take to get approved and when are y guys looking at the reconciliation sustim plz help us

    1. Olga

      Hi,i last get my UIF Agust 2021 and when i apply for 350 it keep declining reason UIF, Even if i do consideration it keep declining why, please help i am unemployed and i need this 350.


    I have been trying to reapply for it keeps on saying failed. I am not working. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY APPLICATION

  150. Goitsemang jefrey mogale

    Hi am unemployed since last year june.but u guys u refuse to pay me i don’t even get uif .can u help pls

  151. Linda Jakeni

    Since August 2021, my Application was declined becouse of uif, whereas am not getting any uif .

  152. Thobeka

    I applied for this relief R350 grant on August 2021. My application declined due to UIF, I claimed UIF last year i don’t have any source of income right now please recheck my status

  153. Lonia Mohale

    Since I applied last year on August and it falied…then I made appeal and I got the massege that says i have UIF at that time I’m unemployed

  154. Sphesihle princess

    Hi my name is Sphesihle since last year i haven’t received a cent it keep on saying uif registered I’m not employed and not getting uif please help

  155. Nonkululeko

    Hi my name is nonkululeko nyawose I have a problem to re apply for srd grant because I lost the phone that I used to apply with last year…how can I re apply

  156. Silindile Zungu

    Ive applied for R350 ever since it was introduced by I have not received any,it keeps declining due to uif that am not even receiving,am unemployed and have no source of income this is sadπŸ’”

  157. zukiswabooi230

    It is with great sadness that I am one of the people that do not qualify for the R350 relief grant as I am unemployed and in need of the R350 to assist me with the basics as it is not that much but can at least make a change in to my life but the system keeps on rejecting me due to UIF that I do not even receive as I am unemployed also I have tried to appeal since last year but no answer.i hope the system can clear my name and I can receive the grant like others.

  158. Rairai Stephen Tebele

    Since I’ve applied for this relief R350 I can’t get my money as result of declines due Uif while don’t have source of income

  159. Mapule christinah Khoza

    Hi, have applied for 350 but have since been declined reason government payroll and am not employed currently, so made an appeal but nothing is happening cause be appealing for all those months

  160. Zinhle paulinah sibambo

    Since I haven’t received uif I’m unemployed .my number is 0678531631 since last year August I haven’t find 350

  161. Londeka

    Hi my name is Angeline londeka dube please kindly check for me I applied August 2021 declined I phoned them they told me it’s because I have an income I told them I don’t have an income I did the appeal still pending from last year

  162. Sanele

    I apply 2020 and i only got once 350 after that they told me awbt NSFAS and 2022 i i also register they telling me awbt UIf

  163. Sonwabo Normal

    I applied forsrd sassa grant 2021may application declined,I’m unemployed since 2019April I have no income life is very dificult

  164. Mpho Mache

    Hi I applied for sassa R350 from August only paid from December last year the other behind months r declined pliz help πŸ™πŸ™

  165. Jackina

    I’m anonymous I also applied for the srd grant from last year August,it then said declined due to uif ,it changes to source of income and I’m not working so I had to ask money from my uncle so that we can survive

  166. Sheldon

    My name is SheldonJones and as per the labour Department when it says uif registered and have been declined you need to go to the sassa office to rectify it with them not sure still need to go no money to go even to their offices
    Hope there was a easier way to get the relief grant just to provide at least something but I can’t depend on the R350 does not look like I will be able to qualify.

  167. Malema

    When or how do this UIF registered question be answered, because most of us when applying for Grant that’s all we receive declined UIF registered

  168. Singathwa Mpangele

    Feb 2022 my 350 was declined reason ” UIF registered” it’s been 5 years now I’m not working I did appeal for March 2022 outcomes is still the same please help me how do I do cause I’m in need of this 350 as cost of living is to high ” UIF registered”

  169. Singathwa Mpangele

    Feb 2022 my 350 was declined reason ” UIF registered” it’s been 5 years now I’m not working I did appeal for March 2022 outcomes is still the same please help me how do I do cause I’m in need of this 350 as cost of living is to high ” UIF registered”

  170. Sibusiso T Vilakazi

    I apply for srd Grant from 2021 August it always decline with reason of uif registered but I am not receiving any income I will be highly appreciate if they consider

  171. Bernice

    Hi my name’s Bernice nkosi I used get disability grand and they cancelled it saying it is expired , try to apply for srd grand but declined from January pls sassa reconsider my application ID 8911171002082


    I applied for srd grant last year August it declined saying UIF registered which was true but I only receive the UIF for three months only since then I have been applying with no luck please help because I am not working

  173. Mazwe

    guys I got once off of my uif pay out because I vbeen working as a contractor for three month my contract ended by end of august till now Imnot working its decline becuase of uif every month is pendig and says registerd in uif ive been phoning for several time plz reconsider my application Mazwe Mxolisi Aaron Chiya id no 72021562XXXXX

  174. Siyabonga Boy-boy Mohlaping

    Hi. My name is Siyabonga Boy-boy Mohlaping. I have not been working since 2019 and I am not receiving any income. I applied for srd grant since 2020 when it was introduced but I have never been approved and I reapplied when were told to to apply in all the time when we were told to do so. It has never been approved but I am not working and I am not receiving any income or uif or any other source of income. I am still waiting for your approval on March 2021 on SRD grant which I consider it’s still going to be paid to come with all the other previous months payment. I know I am not the only one never paid but I wish if you could pay me maybe for last year rather and this year leave 2020. I am also a tax payer in my country when I am working like everyone who I paying taxes and uif. We need fairness in things that the government introduces as benefits for all its citizens. Thank you.

  175. Vuyokazi

    I applied for the srd grant in 2020 August but till today i have not received a cent,they said I am UIF REGISTERED, I applied for the Reconsideration then they said i have another income, i dnt know what income is that because I am depending on the grant of my 2 children,i really don’t know what to do now

    1. Cornelius Madatt

      Hi same this side uif registered since January 2022 this here nothing change and now its pending whats going on Sassa do your work people whose working get payed

  176. Noluthando sibisi

    Hi I did appeal lastyear November it keeps saying pending. What must I do? Because icalled sassa office January this year they told me we will receive the srd last month but nothing happened.

  177. Evisence

    Hi im evisence kholisile mabaso i applied 2020 never received any 350 they tell me about uif please help im not working since 2017

  178. Blaweni Lulama

    My application declined because of uif and i am not getting any uif, i am not working pls consider my application my id number 830818 0727 XXX

  179. Monque

    Hi i need some help i have tryd to apply bt it has declined saying a have uif bt I’m nt working for 2 years nw plz help

  180. Mante seketi

    I also applied on January,it is declining,it says there is an alternative income,and am unemployed and have no income

  181. Kogie

    Hi my application has been declined from last year Aug saying uif registered..my uif is finished as of last year Aug …always applying and being declined also did reconsideration but no feedback from 2021 ..pls check my appeal..thank u

  182. Tshihume Vusani

    Hi my name is Tshihume Vusani I have applied for srd and it says uif registered and that was a once of payment for August 2021 since then no income pls help

  183. Tumelo lucky

    Since I applied mine was because of uif now I made the appeal but my appeal still not answered I don’t know what to do now

  184. Disebo khongoana

    since i apply it declined and say UIF until February this year,and March is approved…..
    What about the other months

  185. Kefentse

    I applied for r350 every time I get declined. I’m not working I don’t have any income. Please reconsider my application cause I don’t receive any income.

  186. ELLIOT Dumisane

    I apply last year August 2021 till today I didn’t receive anything. They say I have an income which is not true because I’m not working.

  187. Delene

    I got decline for feb and march is still pending. I lost my no that I used when I applied for srd,and I can’t make a sim swap due to some numbers I forgot when I call inn I’m just so lost.

  188. Nomusa

    Hi my application is declined.because they says I’m registered in uif.but I don’t know why because my uif is finish last year agust.

  189. Sibongile Mazantsana

    Hi I’m Sibongile Mazantsana I applied for 350 in August September and October I was get the my money but November decline say uif registered please help ID number 91090464XXXXX

  190. Sbusiso nkosi

    I apply for srd grant but its say alternative source of income but I don’t get anything so what must I do plz anyone who can help me plz help me

  191. Mahlodi precious

    My name is Precious I’ve been declined since last year August reason being uif registered but I’ve never worked in my life

  192. Mohapi Abel Mokeretla

    I’ve tried several times to apply and re-apply but the results came negative, saying my identification number is wrong not corresponding with home affairs but that’s my identity number always usingit. I’m not working at the moment and no income pls help me to be approved and get the money.

  193. KOPANO

    I applied since last year August reconsideration says alternative income,and I dnt get any income is 4yrs now not working..When I check February status says I’m registered with UIF PLEASE HELP .CAUSE IM NOT REGISTERED WITH UIF..

  194. Nalubabalo Matsolo

    I did get R350 but for only 3months then it was decline due to uif status, the last time I was employed was in 2018 and I’m not getting uif please help, what must I do to be reinstated

  195. Vusumzi Oliver Rasi

    I applied for the gap grant in September 2021 but my application was declined due to UIF received. Now I am unable to appeal as my appeal date has expired. What can I do?

  196. Obakengtau

    I applyed from last year from agust sep oct now ,I didn’t get my R350 ,but I’m not working ,is been 4yrs now ,pls help me

  197. Warren

    I I’m Warren skriker I applied last year since August and it keeps saying uif registered and I don’t get uif and I don’t have any other income.

  198. Sello Simon Aphane

    I applied for 350 it says decline reason being UIF registered,yes I know I have UIF money but I can’t claim it cause my points are not qualified to claim please help my names are sello Simon Aphane I’d 841223Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—Γ—

  199. Lindiwe Radebe

    Hi everyone
    I have been trying to get R350 since last year, I keep on getting a feedback of failed application due to UIF. I am unemployed and I don’t get UIF


    Hi anyone can help me I got rsd in 2020 for may June July after they don’t give me pay date bt my status said approved every month any can help

  201. ZODWA


  202. Esihle Tyalana

    My name is Esihle Tyalana I applied for STD grant it says I am uif registered where’s I am not working since last year xa you please check for me

  203. Miranda Lorrettah Msimango

    Hi I applied last year in August but my application was declined πŸ™„ the reason being source of income identify which I don’t understand as my last employment date was in March 2020 and I have no source of income, the UIF payment was a once off payment, please help

  204. Margaret

    I have applied for 350 and it says uif register and I don’t get the money since 2021may I have no income

  205. Virginia Ramphela

    Hi,my name is Virginia Ramphela, I applied for srd grant from last year 2021 August and it always says uif registered and I hav the whole of 2021 unemployed to date but I haven’t received any amount of money.please assist me

  206. Sharon

    I sharon Davhana i apply 350 grant since August 2021 and it declined due to alternative income and i dont earn any income when i do reconsideration it say cuttoff dates expired pls help this thing is frustrating pls i really need the money pls help

  207. Sibusiso Maxwell Tshabalala I

    My name is Sibusiso Maxwell Tshabalala I also applied for srd grant and I was declined the reason is that I receive uif where’s I don’t and I don’t have any income. It’s sad.

  208. Nomqibelo Nancy Mlambo

    Good day i have been applying since and reconsideration.i dnt understand y i am uif register while i am not working and havr

    Been appealing surviral time bt no answer could anyone help me.81110104XXXXX

  209. Anonymous

    Plz try to check that the people the system said they have income whereas not also it says uif whereas nothing the ones who get srd is the one who have income so it’s frustration to people so when srd is rejecting you with proof we don’t no what to do from August that starting time rejecting whereas people they need they talk about alternative income where is this alternative income

  210. Makoya

    Patrick Setona since i applyed this grand since 2020 until know it declined saying i am uif registerd then i went to labor but they told me that i am not on the are data.i called the help line of this grand i have talked with different people there but none of them helpend me about this problem,so know i can say this people who are responsible for the money of covid are thiefs and lootering government money how could this things can happen while those people can use the are computers to check us?so i think we should ask ramaphosa where is the money of covid 19 that we have known about all along and if he really knows who are the people he put to control the money and serve the people what belongs to them not for them

  211. Ncobile

    I’ ncobile mabilane apply for the 350grant my application was decline & I don’t receive any income pls help me

  212. Khanyisa vanetia Maluleke

    I khanyisa vanetia Maluleke i apply for R350 sassa grant my application declined and im not getting any income my details MALULEKE KHANYISA VANETIA OF ID NO 9009261075081 please help

  213. BLONDIE


  214. Nomini

    Hello I am Nomini Dlela, I applied for red grant R350 when I check my stutas it say iUIF registered I claim the kid and I got it once what can I do because I am unemployed

  215. Yvonne

    I applied on march last year 2020 and my application was declined for uif i was never work so i am appealing to the decicion they made im unemployed and not getting any income so please help me to get my 350

  216. Sibongile Nomvula Makhobeng

    I apply srd grant in August and it declined all the month the reason of declined is uif register and I didn’t register uif please help.Id 891221128XXXX

  217. Nokuthula

    I’m nokuthula tshangela i apply for the 350 grand but my application decline say i have a UIFi don’t have a uif plz help meπŸ™πŸ™

  218. Thokozile Merriam simelane

    I’m not receiving any grant I need help I last receive my uif on 2020 please help I’m registered with SARS but I’m not getting anything

  219. Thokozile Merriam simelane

    I’m thokozile Merriam simelane I’m 44 years I’m unemployed my id 780206072XXXX.i last receive my uif on 2020.so I’m registered with SARS but I don’t have any payment coming to me as my dates on my check status denied me to get 350 relief grant.please help I’m pregnant without any income coming to me I have no one even my son he’s grant stops last year April because he was turning 18..I really need help with 350 please

  220. Brenda Tsiane

    I Brenda Tsiane applied for R350 since last year august it says uif registered ,but i got my uif in 2020 and until my last payment …pls help since then I don’t have income

  221. Rochelle JantaWevers

    I am Rochelle Janita Wevers I applied for the SRD grant but my application was decliy due to uif registered.I did not apply for uif because the manager told me to resign.I am still unemployed

  222. sipho

    My name is sipho I applied for the sassa grant last year October to February they keep on declining my application. I have no source of income surely the must be a way to attend all the citizen the applied for the so called reconsideration or appeal.Whoever is in charge must come up with an action plan to resolve this issues about sassa grant.Sassa is letting us down everywhere. You go to the post office the is a long queues everywhere.Per day they serve 200 people then they close for a day, sometimes you will be advised that the money finished .This is not a comment it is a serious matter that needs to be attended to and you need to find a resolution.we can’t go on like this……….. you log a quarry with the call centre they tell you to be patience our patience is running out.

  223. Nonkululeko Manzini

    Hi I’m Nonkululeko it says I receive income while I’m not working i need the money serious I once work on 2018 Dec and 2019 Jan only 2 months my Id no 9101280613081

  224. Tshepo Rapula

    2021 November that was my last payment due to UI19. I believe it has been sorted because of the absconsion i had. Please reconsider my request again

  225. Linda George Shezi

    Hi I am Linda George Shezi I’d no 8509065341085 I have never got my srd grant due to alternative outcome; reconcideration done but still no sign of luck. I am not working and have no other source of income now I don’t know what to do with this. Please review my application and tell me what goes wrong

  226. Mncengeleni

    Mncengeleni nxumalo I applied for sassa relief grant and.it decline status said I have income. I have no income I did not working.pls what can I do

  227. Cleodene

    I applied at the beginning of 2021 and it says uif registered n last I was working it was 2020. I tried to apply again but

  228. Lebogang Margaret Mbitse

    I applied for SRD grant in November 2021 and my application was declined. The reason was that I was uif registered even though I last received payment from uif in October 2021.I am unemployed with no source of income at all.

  229. Anonymous

    My name is Lebogang Margaret Mbitse. I applied for srd grant in November 2021 and my application was declined. The reason was that I was uif registered even though I last received payment from uif in October 2021.

  230. Matome

    I applied last year August and approved and I didn’t receive anything when they I missed 1 No of acc No I tryd to fix I didn’t succeed

  231. MKATEKO

    Since 16 August 2021 I applied srd grant but it says declined,and I am not working I don’t have and income.please help

  232. johannes

    I didn’t even get cent from 350rand grant because of uif when I make appeal its just say failed

  233. Mpho Makhafola

    My name is Mpho Delta Makhafola I have applied for R350 grant but it was decline and am unemployed and I don’t have any income.

  234. Jessica Rendani

    I have applied since August 2021 but my application keep on declining saying source of income and I have already do reconsideration but no changes please help

  235. Raylene

    Gmorning I apply last year 2021august and all my outcome shows decline dew to uif that I don’t get neither do I get an income an I’m not working at impressive designs anymore that’s where the boss apply for COVID money an I no longer work there an receive no income what can I do please people of sassa help me pls I’m a mother of three an only two get sassa HELP

  236. Mboshwa Richard Mbonani

    My application for covid19srd grant was declined for qualifying for UIF since August.i try to check my UIF it says I’ve got no credit.Since 2019 Im not working with no source of income.Please help me.id no.68072954XXXXX

  237. Dibuseng

    I apply for sassa 350 last year August it declined every month the reason source of income which is I don’t have it’s been 2 years now not working I apply for reconsideration but nothing is happening please help

  238. Peter Mokete Mano

    I applied last year when the srd fund was implemented. My application has been declining since then. The sad part whenever I apply for reconsideration I fail because of the phone number I used when applying. my ID number is 7512085085089. I have no source of income

  239. Sandile Khoza

    Hi I have applied for the srd grant and I have not recieved anything it says uif registered and I have been unemployed for over 2 years now. I also lost the number that I used to apply for the srd grant. Please help.

  240. Zanele mahlangu

    My name is Zanele mahlangu apply for 350 i get declined since August til now am not working i need that money seriously

  241. Nokuzola Dayile

    I a applied for May last year and got declined even this year from November, December was declined January its pending and I don’t have any source of income my name is Nokuzola Dayile

  242. Shiasta shaik

    I applied for 350 in August check my status every month but saying receiving income from UIF which I don’t I’m unemployed single n getting child support

  243. Phumeza M

    I also have been declined Five times, say I have another source of income, when I’ve been unemployed since the beginning of 2017.

  244. Nonkazimlo

    Hy I’m not working but I don’t get my R350nd I have never worked before but it says that I have UIF please help

  245. jostina

    NOW Im not registered for uif I got uif 2020December I was working for eight months ON wifi project and ends 2020 July so im not getting anything

  246. Thobile

    I applied since August2021 and it been declining me all this month’s while I’m not working and don’t even have uif

  247. Ngcwazi Zezenkosi

    I apply at 07Auguste then igot decline the reason is identity verification then itry to fix this then when icheck my status they says identity verifocation fix so igot paid fo Otomber November nd December bt for August and september steel pending why?

  248. Makoma

    I applied in August 2021 n it says uif registered n last i was working it was 2014

  249. Barendre Gouws

    I applied for SRD Grand 2020/2021 and have been declined every month and I appeal and only got paid for March. Again I applied Aug 2021 got declined,due to alternative source of income as I dont ever have a bank acc on my name nothing, I appealed and its still pending, for Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec on reconsideration. Im divorce, unemployed apply everywhere for work but no luck. Living with my parents, but then there’s people working getting R350 every month. Tell me how…..

  250. Anathi

    I can’t seem to find my comment amongst other people’s comments so I am wondering wether you received my comment or not because I need feedback

  251. Anathi

    My srd grant is declined due to uif registration,I did not register for uif and I was hired via a 3months contract which started in november 2020-january 2021 therefore I have no source of income ever since january so I hereby ask for reconsideration because I need money as I currently have no source of income,please.

  252. Naome Mabel molefe

    Since I applied for the R350 since August September October November and December but all got declined…for source of income but I dnt work…

  253. Kebareng Lecolo

    I applied on 14 of August declined, September, October all this months are declined,while November is pending
    I have been working at EPWP project,and that contract was ending on 13 of September 2019

    The income that I get is a child support grant which is R920 only other income I don’t know about it, because I didn’t apply for it.

  254. Kebareng Lecolo

    I applied that are grant on 14August it says decline because of alternative income, September declined, October declined and November pending why?That alternative income are you talking about R920 child support grant or what

    I was working on EPWP,on 2019 that contract ending on 13 of September 2019,I didn’t apply for Uif.

  255. Beauty Mhlanga

    I applied and Aug approved Sep approved Oct approved but no pay day please check what’s the problem

  256. Lomile Sylvia

    I applied in September 2021 and it was declined it says UIF registered and I have not registered the last time I work was in 2018, can you kindly assist me as I am unemployed and in need of the grant relief ID NO: 8202022720084

  257. Lethiwe Monica Nyathikazi

    I applied for sassa grant bt it was declined they say I am getting uif, I am not working just that by that time I got peace job for invigilating while students were writing exams just now I am not working

  258. viwe xhotyeni

    Please help of how to do a dispute to your website as my application declines as March 2020, notifying that iam UIF registered. Then I got a letter from labour Dept highlighting that my UIF was done on 11FEB 2020 and it was the last one to recieve. I also send that letter with the affidavit reporting that i have no income but it is still declining. Please help of how i will dispute through your website.

  259. Siphelo Nkwateni

    i siphelo nkwateni applied for R350 distress fund but was declined on the reason that i was accused of receiving income which is not the case.During 2020 i got a 3month public works relief programme employment which ended in march 2020. i was then given unemployment fund from the department of labour which was a once off R900.I therefore dispute that i have an income. my identity number is 7304026XXXXXX. please rectify.

  260. Mbali Ntuli

    I applied and Aug approved Sep approved Oct approved but no pay day please check what’s the problem

  261. Robyn

    What if I lost my phone and want to reconciderate how do I get the pin or message if I have to use the number I applied with.

  262. Nkosibongile

    I get decline all the time, reason uif but I don’t get a single cent from uif I finished uif around september 2021, I don’t understand our gov or sassa

  263. Sylvester Nhlanhla Kambula

    Goodday,I would you guys to reconsider my srd application cause I have reapplied for August 2021 and updated my banking details successfully but now you guys are telling me that I could not get the money because I am receiving other source of income where as I have been unemployed for 3years now. Please check with your sources correctly

  264. Claudia Pullen

    I apply for the srd grant and they decline me. I did receive my srd grant before and you close it for all if. You said we must re apply. When you open on August you decline me by saying” receive income” but I am unemployed for four years now. Please reconsider my application

  265. Jonas

    I applied for covid 19 relief and ot declined says I qualified for uif and I’m unemployed

  266. Khanya

    My name is Khanya my application was declined reason being + verification failed, I don’t understand coz my ID no is correct please assist.

  267. Thozama Matandabuzo- Resi

    Why always I get declined because am not working even first SRD R350 I didn’t got it even today my status said decline because of UIF where is UIF coming? Because I never worked till now still looking for job. Why you played with us

    1. Joseph

      My name Joseph skinner Identity number 7311175071087

  268. charmaine kedibone mphahlele

    I applied in august and i was declined but im unemployed not even getting any income please help


      hello please help i try reconsidertion many time but no help i do not have any income not working

  269. Shivesh

    I have been declined cos im UIF registered. I worked in Woolworths for a 1 month contract casual job. I havent made any contributions to UIF. I am unemployed from 14 January 2020 to current. How can I be helped to receive the covid relief fund. I have sent emails havent received any response as yet. Please help

  270. Portia Baloyi

    I Portia Baloyi I’d No 8609081130080 I was declined from last year and I’m unemployed, please give me a valid reason rather than alternative source of income because as a person you have to hastle to put food on the table and Mr President recommends that this grant is for unemployed SA citizens.

  271. tasma

    i apply for srd grant and say decline the resason says alternative source income idetified and im unemployed since 2019 i dont know wy it says decline plz help me

  272. Portia Ngubame

    My application was decline and the phone number i was using is no longer in use what must i do

  273. Anelisa

    I was decline too cz of sorce of income while I don’t work my I’d number 941206054XXXX

  274. Emma

    Since last year I started to apply I didn’t even get anything even now nothing I registered it say decline reason uif register and m not working pls help

  275. dumisani mbongiseni ngubeni

    Hi i’ve been apply for srd grant but i don’t get how to check my status bcoz am not working even the first one i struggled to find i don’t know why

  276. Maria phoshoko

    I applied on August 2021 and I got decline cz they say receiving sort of payment and I’m not working and I don’t receive any of money

  277. Masilonyana Nicholas Marema

    I tried to apply for SassaR350 but it says irp5 and I’m unemployed since 2019 April can you please help me 8708045XXXXXXX

  278. Thobie

    Hi I applied.but declined .identity.maybe I put the wrong spealing

  279. Mr T Lambizo

    I want to change my bank account to Capitac and my savings account number 182977511

  280. Nyama Esihle

    I’ve applied for R350 but my status said I’m NSFas registered although not receiving any income
    Please resolve this solution for me

    Name: Nyama Esihle

  281. Bulelani

    I got only for 4 months the system say I applied for UIF which I didn’t apply bcz I didn’t work

  282. Claressa Govender

    Hi this claressa Govender applied for the covid19 grant for the second year and has been declined it’s says I’m irp5 registered but I’m unemployed for the pass 2 years with no income I tryed again but still not goin threw how do I get help with this

  283. Zibuyisile

    I apply last year bt it declined I don’t know why because im not working and am not even earning any graint

  284. Anonymous

    I applied last year got it once after that it said declined the other months I don’t understand why coz i never got u if or nsfas as they are implying there

  285. Mihle

    When are the pay dates for reconsideration when it’s approved??? I’ve been waiting since March.

  286. Marco Goosen

    I also don’t know what pin they talking about. For the srd application for reconsideration form. What pin are talking about. Someone pls tell how to get a pin pls.

    1. Rentia lottering

      Tell me how do it work
      I now people who work
      And they get the 350 grand
      And I do not get money
      That is not fere
      Sooo please I beg I am on my knees help me

  287. Marco Goosen

    I applied for srd nd got approved. I had a few payments but then In November 2020 I received my 1st nd only uif from my ex job. I never received any uif again after that one. In February 2021 they stopped my payments due to my uif. Arent they supposed to put me back on the system because I don’t get other money in. How does this help me now. They check if you get other money but now they check if you don’t get money anymore. If they must do their job right, then will see that I only got 1 payment. If I can email them about it, I get emails back from noreply. Can someone pls assist me nd tell how can I get my outstanding money? I my name is Marco Antonio Goosen.

  288. Reneiloe sister nkadimeng

    I applied in December. When I checked in January. They said my application was pending. I checked again in March they said I did not apply

    1. Sanelisiwe

      I applied August 2021 n it declined n it says UIF registered n I have not registered the last time I work was in 2018





  290. busani walter khoza

    I applied on april 2020 and my application was declined so i’m appealing to the decission they made as i am unemployed and not getting any income.my name is BUSANI WALTER KHOZA,ID NUMBER 7211205663087



    1. Rhoda Govender

      I applied for the 350 sassa in August said approved then it’s said verify your ID said decline from that time I am still waiting I never get any money in my account

    2. Sanele

      Please solve this UIF registered my UIF end on November 2020 but still it’s say UIF registered.

    3. Constance Zanele Majola

      I have applied for SRD last year Augustand I was decline from August, September, October and November, it says it says I have income of which I don’t have any income. Please Reconsider those months

  292. Agnes mamluku machaka

    I apply for April may June and July l get decline because of I.d number please correct my details AGNES MAMLUKU MACHAKA. I.D. NUMBER 6208110533083

    1. Anonymous

      I sihle nkosi apply for the 350 grant my aplication decline nd I don’t receive any income plzz help me

    2. Seipati

      I seipati apply R350 sassa grant since from last year August my application decline bcs of uif please help me i need that money solve this uif registerd

    3. Thabelo Hendrich kone

      My payment for June is declined and I don’t know why because am not working

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