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srd.sassa.gov.za Apply for Reconsideration Online & Check Status

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Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Apply for Reconsideration & Check Status
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/

SRD SASSA Reconsideration Online Application

If your application was declined for any period and you had zero income in the preceding month, you may submit an application for reconsideration.

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How to Apply?

Just follow the below steps to apply for Reconsideration online.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of SASSA through provided above.
Step 2 : Next, Scroll the pages down and click on the “Apply Online/ Check Reconsideration Status” button.

Step 3 : Enter the South African Id number of Applicant
Step 4 : Enter the Phone Number used to submit your Application
Step 5 : Click on the “Send Pin” button


1. Where can I self-check my status for WhatsApp?
For WhatsApp applicants can send a message to 082 046 8553; type “SASSA” and then type “Status” and follow the message prompts.

2. Can I use another person’s account if I do not have a bank account neither a cell Phone?
** SASSA will not pay into a 3rd party bank account.

** Where an applicant does not have a bank account, he/she must indicate from the drop down list the nearest bank through which they want to be paid. Money will therefore be paid into the applicant’s cellphone number.

** Where an applicant does not have a bank account and does not have a cell phone registered in his/her name, the payment will be made through the post office.

3. What is the meaning of Pending status?
The application is in progress, when verification is completed, the applicant will receive a SMS notification of the outcome. Only those with status Approved will receive the SMS notification with a website link to submit bank details or to select a bank for cash transfer if unbanked.

4. If I applied in May 2020 and get approved, will I receive double payment in June 2020?
The Payment for May will be paid, and the application will be re-validated in June, and if the applicant still meets the criteria, the June payment will also be processed. These payment may not necessarily come in one lump-sum payment, or on the same day either.

5. If my application takes long to finalise will I receive double payment /back payed?
If the applicant qualifies in that month of the application, he/she will be paid for that month, and also be paid for the current month if the applicant still meets the application criteria.

The Payment may not necessarily be a double payment or lump sum payment, or on the same day either. It can be split up over days or weeks.

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  1. Siphelo Nkwateni

    i siphelo nkwateni applied for R350 distress fund but was declined on the reason that i was accused of receiving income which is not the case.During 2020 i got a 3month public works relief programme employment which ended in march 2020. i was then given unemployment fund from the department of labour which was a once off R900.I therefore dispute that i have an income. my identity number is 7304026XXXXXX. please rectify.

  2. Mbali Ntuli

    I applied and Aug approved Sep approved Oct approved but no pay day please check what’s the problem

  3. Robyn

    What if I lost my phone and want to reconciderate how do I get the pin or message if I have to use the number I applied with.

  4. Nkosibongile

    I get decline all the time, reason uif but I don’t get a single cent from uif I finished uif around september 2021, I don’t understand our gov or sassa

  5. princess

    i was declined for no reason

  6. Sylvester Nhlanhla Kambula

    Goodday,I would you guys to reconsider my srd application cause I have reapplied for August 2021 and updated my banking details successfully but now you guys are telling me that I could not get the money because I am receiving other source of income where as I have been unemployed for 3years now. Please check with your sources correctly

  7. Claudia Pullen

    I apply for the srd grant and they decline me. I did receive my srd grant before and you close it for all if. You said we must re apply. When you open on August you decline me by saying” receive income” but I am unemployed for four years now. Please reconsider my application

  8. Jonas

    I applied for covid 19 relief and ot declined says I qualified for uif and I’m unemployed

  9. Khanya

    My name is Khanya my application was declined reason being + verification failed, I don’t understand coz my ID no is correct please assist.

  10. Thozama Matandabuzo- Resi

    Why always I get declined because am not working even first SRD R350 I didn’t got it even today my status said decline because of UIF where is UIF coming? Because I never worked till now still looking for job. Why you played with us

  11. charmaine kedibone mphahlele

    I applied in august and i was declined but im unemployed not even getting any income please help

  12. Shivesh

    I have been declined cos im UIF registered. I worked in Woolworths for a 1 month contract casual job. I havent made any contributions to UIF. I am unemployed from 14 January 2020 to current. How can I be helped to receive the covid relief fund. I have sent emails havent received any response as yet. Please help

  13. Portia Baloyi

    I Portia Baloyi I’d No 8609081130080 I was declined from last year and I’m unemployed, please give me a valid reason rather than alternative source of income because as a person you have to hastle to put food on the table and Mr President recommends that this grant is for unemployed SA citizens.

  14. tasma

    mine says decline i dnt wy the reason says alternative source income idetified

  15. tasma

    i apply for srd grant and say decline the resason says alternative source income idetified and im unemployed since 2019 i dont know wy it says decline plz help me

  16. TEBOGO

    Help me to appeal plz guys

  17. Portia Ngubame

    My application was decline and the phone number i was using is no longer in use what must i do

  18. Innocent Gadifele Seoka

    Why decline because I’m unemployed

  19. Anelisa

    I was decline too cz of sorce of income while I don’t work my I’d number 941206054XXXX

  20. Emma

    Since last year I started to apply I didn’t even get anything even now nothing I registered it say decline reason uif register and m not working pls help

  21. dumisani mbongiseni ngubeni

    Hi i’ve been apply for srd grant but i don’t get how to check my status bcoz am not working even the first one i struggled to find i don’t know why

  22. Maria phoshoko

    I applied on August 2021 and I got decline cz they say receiving sort of payment and I’m not working and I don’t receive any of money

  23. Keotshepile

    I’ve applied my status say decline reason being debtor…

  24. Masilonyana Nicholas Marema

    I tried to apply for SassaR350 but it says irp5 and I’m unemployed since 2019 April can you please help me 8708045XXXXXXX

  25. Thobie

    I put thobile instead of thobie

  26. Thobie

    Hi I applied.but declined .identity.maybe I put the wrong spealing

  27. Gcwalisile Ngubane

    Y denclane because I am not working 😥😥

  28. Mr T Lambizo

    I want to change my bank account to Capitac and my savings account number 182977511

  29. Tokologo

    I would like to know my status I applied long time

  30. Nomasonto

    I,m already applied by I want to know my status

  31. Anonymous

    How do i know when im appeared

  32. Nyama Esihle

    I’ve applied for R350 but my status said I’m NSFas registered although not receiving any income
    Please resolve this solution for me

    Name: Nyama Esihle

  33. Bulelani

    I got only for 4 months the system say I applied for UIF which I didn’t apply bcz I didn’t work

  34. Claressa Govender

    Hi this claressa Govender applied for the covid19 grant for the second year and has been declined it’s says I’m irp5 registered but I’m unemployed for the pass 2 years with no income I tryed again but still not goin threw how do I get help with this

  35. Zibuyisile

    I apply last year bt it declined I don’t know why because im not working and am not even earning any graint

  36. Lerato

    I didn’t receive any payment from January it says canceled i dont know why.

  37. Anonymous

    I applied last year got it once after that it said declined the other months I don’t understand why coz i never got u if or nsfas as they are implying there

  38. johannes mahlake

    i dind receive any paiment yet from january 2021 id 7012305829085

  39. Mihle

    When are the pay dates for reconsideration when it’s approved??? I’ve been waiting since March.

  40. Marco Goosen

    I also don’t know what pin they talking about. For the srd application for reconsideration form. What pin are talking about. Someone pls tell how to get a pin pls.

  41. Marco Goosen

    I applied for srd nd got approved. I had a few payments but then In November 2020 I received my 1st nd only uif from my ex job. I never received any uif again after that one. In February 2021 they stopped my payments due to my uif. Arent they supposed to put me back on the system because I don’t get other money in. How does this help me now. They check if you get other money but now they check if you don’t get money anymore. If they must do their job right, then will see that I only got 1 payment. If I can email them about it, I get emails back from noreply. Can someone pls assist me nd tell how can I get my outstanding money? I my name is Marco Antonio Goosen.

  42. Reneiloe sister nkadimeng

    I applied in December. When I checked in January. They said my application was pending. I checked again in March they said I did not apply

    1. Sanelisiwe

      I applied August 2021 n it declined n it says UIF registered n I have not registered the last time I work was in 2018





  44. busani walter khoza

    I applied on april 2020 and my application was declined so i’m appealing to the decission they made as i am unemployed and not getting any income.my name is BUSANI WALTER KHOZA,ID NUMBER 7211205663087



  46. Agnes mamluku machaka

    I apply for April may June and July l get decline because of I.d number please correct my details AGNES MAMLUKU MACHAKA. I.D. NUMBER 6208110533083

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