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NBT Mathematics Test Exemplar Questions : National Benchmark Test

Organisation : National Benchmark Test
Exam : NBT Exam
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : Mathematics

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Website : http://www.nbt.ac.za/
Download Sample Question Paper https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/1716-MATExemplarQuestions.pdf

NBT Mathematics Test Exemplar Questions

Questions in the section Functions and their Graphs will determine whether a test writer understands the properties of parabolas. Questions 1 and 2 are examples.

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1. The function f defined by y=-x2+6x-5
(A) A minimum y value and a negative y-intercept.
(B) A maximum y value and a positive y-intercept.
(C) A minimum y value and a positive y-intercept.
(D) A maximum y value and a negative y-intercept.
Under the heading Algebraic Processes one of the topics listed is Algebraic Manipulation. Question 2 is an example of a question where the answer cannot be deduced by substituting into the given options to rule out those that are correct.

2. The sum of the roots of the equation -x2+6x-5=0 is
(A) -5
(B) -4
(C) 3
(D) 6
Another topic listed under the heading Algebraic Processes is Number Sense. The following question depends on Number Sense (the bigger a number, the bigger its square root) as well as the concepts tested in the first two questions above.

3. The expression v-x2+6x-5 has a
(A) maximum value of 2
(B) minimum value of 2
(C) maximum value of 3
(D) minimum value of 3

Question 4 is an example of the category Transformations and related concepts.
If the graph of x2+6x-5 is reflected in the ????-axis and the resulting graph is then reflected in the y-axis, the new equation is
(A) y=-(x-3)=4
(B) y=-(x2-6x-5)=4
(C) y=(x+3)+4
(D) y=x2+6x+5

One of the categories listed is Competent use of logical skills in making deductions and determining the validity of given assertions. Question 5 (which is also an example Number Sense) illustrates what this means. Writers need to assess the various options and make deductions about their validity.

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