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onlineservices.psira.co.za Online Booking : Private Security Industry Regulation Act

Organization : PSiRA Private Security Industry Regulation Act
Facility Name : Online Booking
Applicable For : Individual & Business Man
Website : https://onlineservices.psira.co.za/onlinebooking/onlinebook

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How To Do PSiRA Online Booking?

Kindly follow the below steps for PSIRA Online Booking.

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Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of PSiRA through provided above.
Step 2 : Enter Your Name *
Step 3 : Enter Your Surname *
Step 4 : Enter Your PSIRA Number
Step 5 : Enter Your Phone Number *
Step 6 : Select Your Service Name
Step 7 : Fill the remaining details to complete your booking online.

Note :
Important Notice to Businesses and Training Centres – Please make a direct bookings with our Regional Offices. Contact details can be found on PSIRA Website under Contacts.

Features of PSiRA Online Booking

Following are the features of PSiRA Online Booking
** Allows Security Providers to book services with PSiRA Online Booking Management System,
** Allows users to view the status of Security Providers including Individual Security Officers and Company’s.
** Interact with PSiRA using twitter and facebook
** Receive Notifications regarding news on Private Security Industry
** Find our Offices with our easy navigation system
** Learn more on our services and how you can register with the regulator
** Read more on the Act using our Document management system
** Other features coming soon

FAQ On PSiRA Application

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulation Act) Application, Certificate, Online Booking

1. How long does it take for PSiRA application to be approved?
12 working days
NB : Kindly advice the clients that the 12 days waiting period does not include weekends and public holidays.

2. Where can I go collect my Psira certificate?
At your nearest PSiRA branch except the head office. Please bring along your ID book for first time collection.

3. How can I obtain the PSiRA individual registration form without going to a Psira branch?
You can simply go on to the Psira website on www.psira.co.za , go to publications, scroll down to downloads, choose option for the registration form and select the one you require.

4. How would I know when my Psira application has been approved?
You can contact our customer care line on 086 133 3850 with your ID number handy to check the status of your application.
Visit our website on www.psira.co.za,on the far right of the home screen, go to online verification, enter your id number, click I’m human then click submit.

5. Is it possible that you can post my certificate?
No, it is not possible, please note that our systems requires the owner’s finger print to print the certificate out, therefore you are required to personally come through to our offices for assistance.

6. Can someone renew my individual certificate on my behalf?
Unfortunately not, you are required to personally visit any of our offices except the head office with all the required documents as we need to verify your finger print on the system before we can print the certificate for you.

For those who are employed, your employer can renew your certificate on your behalf with your consent.

7. After how long does the individual/Business certificate expire?
** Individual certificate expires after 24 months.
** Business certificates expire after every 12 months.

8. What are the requirements to renew business certificate?
** Application letter from business (printed on business letterhead)
** Annual fees paid in full or sign acknowledgement of debt;

Secondary requirements :
Tax clearance certificate; Registration with COID (if the business has employees).

9. What are the requirements to renew your individual certificate?
** Duly completed application form (Renewal of individual certificate form)
** Payment of prescribed amounts (Certificate R40 First renewal / R20 Second renewal /R90 Re-issue and upgrade, ID Card R60 First issue / R90 Re-issue and upgrade)
** Authenticated copy of first page of ID document
** Original PSiRA certificate (affidavit if lost / misplaced).

Some Important Information From Comments

1. I am a new Security graduate. I really want to book for my PSIRA but it seems PSIRA system is delaying. I don’t know, what is the real problem. I am always trying to book online but it says “fully booked”

2. Since registered for PSIRA, I did everything like fingerprints and paid cash R240.00. Now I want to book for my collection but it tells me that is fully booked. How long should I wait? When is it going to be free? I am done everything. I must wait another month and weeks, Actually after paying the money for PSIRA you must get you certificate not to go an do bookings again and again.

Error / Problem:
1. The PSIRA portal is not functioning. I have been trying to book for renewal many times.
2. I am unable to print my PSIRA certificate.
3. Everything on the app except slot time, it was fully booked and now when we tried to again in the app (or) online booking it says error [Object Object] what’s really going on guy’s, can someone explain to us please.

Most of the commenters commented that, the PSIRA portal is not working and Fully booked.

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  1. Collen mabunda

    I try to apply but the app s nt working help to renewl my pairs please

  2. Reginald

    Guys this online booking is not working anymore they jc playing wth us cos they’ve already got the job yooo a black child guys i’ve tried many times to booking it doesn’t work

  3. Hlengiwe

    This online booking is not working I’ve been trying to book for renewal many times

  4. Noko

    If you have temporary pairs certificate please contact me to help you

  5. Anonymous

    Hi…plz help Psira issued me a temporary certificate & expire want to knw what to do to get my original

  6. Anonymous

    Hi gyz

    Plz assist me how to apply for psira at the first time ?

  7. Raisibe

    Good day

    kindly assist, Mr Baloyi is trying to apply for the renewal of PSIRA ,he is unemployed but it requires last 3 Months income, other income /valid numbers what must he put there

  8. Thandi

    Good morning please help me to apply the new psira

  9. moatlhodireotshepile5

    How do i apply for a lost psira when I’m no longer using my first number that I did register with

  10. Ntombikayise

    How can I register for psira

  11. Zandile Monica nzimande

    Hello plz help me to register my new psira for first time.

  12. siphesihle khanyeza

    can u plz help m to apply for psira first time

  13. Siyabonga Khumalo

    Can someone help me pls I want to register for psira

  14. Freddie Theron. Port Elizabeth

    This is a hopeless case all I want is, is my money back. I hope they get a computer program that can take finger prints. I wondered how many person’s give hope up like me.

  15. Abongule

    How to aply for Gsira

  16. Nonhlanhla

    Plc help me

  17. Anonymous

    Who’s checking the comments?If there is someone checking I don’t think that he/she’s not understand what people are complaining about only the same problem hayi hayi nidlala ngathi silambile

  18. Bhekizitha

    Guys tell us what is going on here when you apply the date is not available I tried so many times why Psira gave us the place to comment because they don’t care about the comments we are not working,they’re working they put something on the table for their families what about us guys this this is not fair we are not doing this for free we are paying for certificate come on.

  19. Simphiwe

    Well your service is them most useless nonsense I have ever experienced. Even trying to do the renewal via internet is also not working. This definitely means all the employees at psira are useless. You no longer esue original setificate but still we have to pay the same amount for a fucken copy.

  20. Ledwin

    I try to book online thy don’t open date and time

  21. Anonymous

    unable to print my psira certificate i need help please

  22. Alice Mwanza Teneshi

    Good morning

    I humble myself I registered Security Officers Board in 12/09/2002 and I was issued the Certificate ID number ctr/724/01 Reg No. 0821599. Certificate Number 1098535.
    It was obtained in Parow Offices in Cape Town.

    I have noticed that, Private Security Industry Regulation Act has change please advise what should I do to collect the New Certificate

  23. Mahle

    Psira Doesnt book online anymore,They take walk ins,Just go ther n do ypur thing.

  24. Mabu

    Unable to renew my certificate,so please help me

  25. Matlatse in Limpopo

    Am so heart broken I’ve been going to Polokwane to apply for my psira several times,i always woke up in the morning thinking i will regester for my psira but wat i didn’t know is security personel are taking bribe so people can get inside the office.ive been there from 7 until 15:00 without help.am so pissed y our brothers n sisters can do this kinda things.people are taken behind our backs so they can register becouse there giving securities n psira personel money..u can be the first one but u will be surprised wen people are called in secret places to pay money to get inside the offices.this is bullshit i can’t stand for.all the workers there are corrupt

  26. Thokozan

    Can you please resend me sms for my appointment

  27. Thokozan

    Hi i already apply my psira but i didn’t know where could i go to catch it.i apply it at 1 february 2022.still waiting for sms to know where could i collect it and i already pay.

  28. Matshepo

    The dates are the problem here😭

  29. Victor

    can’t get calendar to select date.
    please stop these on line bookings we are not a first class country but 5th class.

  30. Nonkuleko

    I have been trying to book but the system always fully booked

    1. Shikuteke

      how long does it take to get psira certificate after application approved?

  31. Mlungisi

    We are struggling to selct collection date for our PSIRA card application. May you please guys try to fix that inconvenient.

  32. Marcia

    M done everything but still says that renewal pending from 25 February 2022.butthe rest of people that I help them to renewal already have a profile that show there’s renewal

  33. Tseleng montle

    I want to apply for psira what can I do?

  34. Moses Nkosinathi Shabangu

    Hi guys I was trying to book for my psira renewal and only to find that it doesn’t want to give me the option to select date so how can I go aboutit

  35. Ntsako

    This things of booking online is not working.and now is boring

  36. Melu NKOSANA

    Dear SIRA officials security industry doesnt require education with high level, most of the people who work at this industry majority of them are uneducated poeple with no high education, plz can u try to make thing simple for the sake of everyone , open your office doors and allow people to go inside instead of complicating things plz we are begging u guys.

  37. Douglas

    Hi guys I did get a date eventually, it’s better to book using an iPad or computer

  38. trevor

    i try many times but it stop where i put a date

    1. Anonymous

      Let me assist you for online bookings

  39. Anonymous

    corrupt ass department of security, south africa is nothing but a big mess that always needs money, sies

  40. Albert Ndou

    The psira portal is not functioning can someone please do right thing why do we go digital while we are not yet prepared

  41. Lucia

    I need a help guys for booking

  42. Jacob

    I need help i tried to book online because of psira so the problem is on the dates are booked so i dont know what can i do about this thing

  43. Siyethemba

    I have been trying to book online since last year june and there’s no dates available i even try on website Instagram and on tweeter no luck

    1. Lindo

      I can help you if you like no need to book

  44. Njiva zi

    Good day psira office please fix the system online booking is fully booked whereas business are running employers won’t tolerate security personnel practice with expired psira document please help the people so they can help themselves and their families by making an honest living

  45. Mogomotsi

    Yhoooo guys I have tried to book for my spira several times but it says fully booked I don’t know why maybe we should call this people for our spiras serious we wanna work now,….💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🫁💔💔

  46. Cbahle

    How to create a profile??

  47. Cbahle

    Ndicela nindincede ngokucreate iprofile plz ndifuna ukuyoregister

  48. Ndabuko

    I don’t understand after being told to make profile I did so then I would have my Psira No. Now I have it and is impossible to apply.all the dates are fully booked,that a reply on my screen,maybe I should go to other provinces coz it isn’t fully booked there,help me whoever you are plsease

  49. Buyiswa

    Goodmorning i am trying to renual my psira certificate bt i am struggling becouse og this new system yhooo its been a week now please

  50. Selinah magalane maphopha

    Hi please which way can be simple for everyone else causes we are tired off apply online while you do not a relevant date since trying to apply November till today no dates has been found

  51. Zikhona

    How to book for psira collection

  52. Sinegugu

    Its so hard gyz to applay forit since 2019 l apply but fully booked how it works plz

  53. Bongumusa majola

    It’s better to go back in a old system where by certificate not expireid because we waste our data and feeding some internet Cafe with our small cash peanuts many


    This new application is complicated ND I tried so many times but nothings it’s shows please help me I want to get the date for clollecting my card on psira I don’t know wat must I do now please help me

  55. Anonymous

    Let’s take it back where it was before if when you need it you waiting for for long time change it take it back

  56. Albert

    This online thing is a problem I want to tell you this they doing more more money at their offices because there are some people who don’t know how to book online so they help them at their offices thats why we don’t get available dates if you can go there you will see what I talking about

  57. JB mzilikazi

    This online booking for psira its seems useless its does not help us always full booked

  58. Michael

    Hi how to book for collection my psira.certificate

    1. polite

      good day
      can you please help me to register psira online for first time am try but i cant get it

  59. Anna

    I have try to book nodate of booking was wrong about the date pls open the date psira I want to renew my certificate

  60. Zodwa

    Mara guy’s serious is not fair this situation

  61. Kenneth

    the on line booking at psira does not work!!..wake up psira

  62. Wade

    Good day people I agree with you’ll guys we all having same problem…wake up to a good day to try support family psira let us down with all this n that not even atleast letting 50 people inside the office…some dnt even have smartphone or anything more to help themself they only know to come to office sort psira out as normal…they try meet us half on this not making so hard yrrrrr we human man

  63. Maxwell Mbo

    Since I try to book but no dates are available

  64. Anonymous

    Can’t go online guys this thing of yours not working

  65. M.E.THOMAS


  66. Anonymous

    Toy-toy will help us on this, asisebenzi asikwazi kwenza renewal



  68. Martha

    This online booking it’s always full when we gonna be able to get help we really need our certificate

  69. Anonymous

    Let us March to pairs offices let’s stop being robbed guys let take it to social media and news platforms it 8s enough.

  70. livhuwani

    hi my psira expired November 2021 I try n try but dololo!!!!.
    does it mean that if I go personal they won’t help??***

  71. Enock bhekithemba mbatha

    I book online since from last year ,my psira says fully booked what must I do?

    1. nwa d

      try to check at 10;50 and you will get a available date

  72. Ntando feni

    Guys when u want to book go to psira app around 10oclock in the morning and book it will be slowly bt unyamezele izode iqibe or mntu ke shiye nto zakhe ndimenzele and andikhumbuze nam yalibala

    1. Anonymous


  73. Boshomane

    I even wonder wat time are dey book deir self.

  74. Thalifi Jason

    Plz give a date to come plz
    I need sira

  75. Phatheka mhlakaza

    Good people this online booking is or was a good adea if,you have someone who is doing his or her job by giving. Out a curate dates. Because everytime when you book it’s says fully booked,and you complain no one is taking any comments into consideration
    No reply,not even improving so that we at least see that one complaints,comment do go somewhere,now Iwo detwhat is a point of all those comments really,mara people you are just playing with us here💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  76. Nonjabulo

    I try to book online it processing I don’t know what must do

  77. Lucky

    Psira people are corrupt. They want us to go there physically and pay bribes for space

  78. Vincent

    Totally that’s not fair since last year September trying to book/renew my psira on line but always found fully booked , common this thing doesn’t make sense

  79. Msawenkosi

    Like serious people how many job opportunities do I have to lose up until this fully booked thing ends since last year, now my Psira Certificate expired

  80. Lungile

    This online thing is nt working 4 some of us I’ve been trying it since may its saying fully bucked i even went there last month they refuse to help m saying they a only helping those hu have areference from online booking then someone approach me saying he can help but i have to pay asum of R300 i ddnt have cash so i had 2 go back home in mpumalanga

  81. Vukani

    Everyday online booking dates are fully boocked

  82. Mhlangabezi

    Please help me I’ve been trying to book it’s been a month now ,this platform always fully booked ,what must I do now ?

  83. Sfiso

    Wat must I du my Booking Waz cancelled after I’ve been waiting 3months full ad know I can’t du my bookings coz everytym I try to do the booking. Oll date are fully booked.

  84. Anna Mawela

    Always full booked this thing of online is useless

  85. Sinazo

    I have been going to Spira to collect my certificate but they told me to go and book online for collection.How do i book online for collection?

  86. Prince

    This online booking is ineffective , it really wasting our time…always fully booked.

  87. Dave.Sebayeng

    “All days are fully booked”.so what must we do? u dont have plan B?u r useless PSIRa.

  88. bafana zondo

    help me to apply psira good ppl plz im from kzn my id 96092159XXXXX my no 079199XXXX psira no 3046931 plz good ppl plz i tried but i faid

  89. nomsa lukele

    good morning.
    i went to register as a security officer on the 8th of june 2021 and i was told to wait for 5 weeks for my certificate as a security officer,when i checked my results yesterday it says “provisionally rejected”i already booked to collect the certificate and my date is on the 2nd of august 2021
    i just need to know what does that provisionally rejected mean?
    please help me.

  90. Andrew monyela

    Hi I’ve been trying to book online but it always say fully book is there any other way of booking jobs are passing by cause my psira has expired

    1. bafana zondo

      same problem

  91. Anonymous

    Oh God help us ,we are starving right now but we had something that could help us ,We did security course bcz we need to put bread on the table but now it seems like we wasted our money and time .oh dear father please help us to renew our Psira s.online booking is not working for all of us 😥

  92. Buyani

    I’m trying to book here but it says fully booked what must I do,because now I am desperate

  93. Anonymous

    In Pretoria they are demanding 300 Rand

  94. Bella bella

    I’m trying to book online but it’s says fully booked y?they must told us, please help me


    I’ve been trying trying to apply date of collection the sera but it refuse its been while now, what I have to do?

  96. Ratshilumela

    Does collection of psira need to book online or may I go to psira without booking online

    1. yesizwe

      guys come on fully booked for 3 months for a Psira. when you at bellvelle Psira offices the security offices, they want 500 so you can go inside. You tell me your management dont know about this. were the hell we going to get 500 we are not working now. but you busy asking us for bribes

  97. nontsikelelo

    people whats going on just when i finished the booking its says error,please fix your system.

  98. concerned citizen

    I think the company’s should hire without Psira card because it looks like these fully booked nonsense things it taking us no whee we are fed up.

  99. Modise

    Help mi to apply psira online

  100. mbekezeli

    several times I’ve been trying to book but nothing. I even sleep late or wake up early trying to book but it keeps on saying it is fully booked.anyone who knows better maybe there’s something I’m doing wrong..

  101. Johannes phuti sefaamela

    I have booked for psira but I forgot my date wat can I do….

  102. Anonymous

    We need to take them to skhipha amafiles channel 157 on dstv moja love

  103. Ano

    Please open dates for us to book.everyday its fully booked

  104. Luxolo Dinga

    Good afternoon is the any other way of booking or ppl should visit personal for certificate collection cause it sims on line booking is always full.

  105. Bafana Lowrance Thembna.

    hi P Sira on Johnsburg building.
    i am Bafana Themba.
    apply for booking on online for fast time Psira.

  106. Manoko

    Can u pls make the app available so that we can book

  107. Manoko

    They canceled my date they say I must book again when I try to book app does not work aowa dis people they don’t take us serious how will I book a date again while the app don’t work

  108. Hh

    Same thing apply money talks,poor guys falls like our government its a system..

  109. Scelo

    I really don’t know what must i do now coz its alway said fully booked it said coz we loose jobs opportunities

  110. Lalas myeni

    I’ve been trying to book online for the past two weeks but it does not work. please help!

  111. Sizwe

    I have been trying to book but when I get to the point of selecting a branch it says error object what are we supposed to do now.this is not acceptable really

  112. Masibonga

    Guyz we all have the same problem about application collection for psira certificate ..why they didnt told us if they just want our money if they change the system of working why they dont tell us as customers ..this is unfair


    I Am Trying To Book For Psira Collecting But Unfortunately The It Doesn’t Work So Please Help Me Out There
    What Must I Do?

  114. Nokweh

    I’ve been trying to do online booking. But it’s keep on saying date are fully booked. I don’t know what to do now

  115. Phathanani G Biyela

    Hey Guyz this app won’t allowed me to complete my booking please help me sira no. 22811564 an phone no. 0610634381

  116. Ncedo Mfengu

    Guy’s what’s wrong with you? Firstly the was everything on the app except slot time, it was fully booked and now when we tried to again in the app or online booking it says error [object Objet] what’s really going guy’s, can someone explain to us please.

  117. sbusiso Nxumalo

    helw im sbusiso im a new security graduate I realy wanna book for my psira bt it seems psira systems is delaying I dnt know wht is the realy problem.im always trying to book online but it always says “fully booked”…till when? I need the answers.if anyone has a clue please me inform

  118. Khuliso

    I went to psira last week for collection so security told me i supposed to paid 500

  119. Siyanda

    I’ve been trying to book online but no date is available my certificate will be a waste what a poor service wow!!

  120. Siphe

    I hereby asked you to help me because I am trying to apply online but unfortunately it doesn’t work so please help me

  121. Susan

    You can try phone or booking on line . Sorry guys we are wasting our time

    1. Wilson Jabu

      You can say that again Su

  122. Mzwakhe Jerry

    Good day I’ve been trying to book online for my reaction certificate registration the are no options on the last column what can I do to book online

  123. Dineo Victor mokgehle

    Please help me book this platform it always say fully booked

  124. Manoko

    Hello I got the message say all de bookings are canceled so I must do other bookings so when I try to book online I can’t go throw please tel me what I must do

  125. S N Mlambo

    Please help me haw to do bookings becouse I’m trying from 18 Jun till know all date are fully booked what must I do.

  126. S N Mla

    Please help me haw to do bookings becouse I’m trying from 18 Jun till know all date are fully booked what must I do.

  127. Phuti valentia mphelo

    Since morning trying to apply for my prida.what do I do plz.

  128. Siphiwe sithole

    How long must we tru to renew our certificate but this app is a waste co is not working

  129. Athi

    Hi officers I wans there at psira Johannesburg yesterday to renew my sira, those people they ask me R500 so they told me that no R500 no psira. So lento yongafuni nama date bayenza ngabo. The problem is that I don’t know where m going to report them

  130. Athi

    Guyz I was there at psira Johannesburg yesterday to renew my psira, they ask me R500 they told me no R500 no sira. So lento yongafuni unikisa ngama date bayenza ngabo. The problem I dnt know where m going to report them.

  131. Anonymous

    Hello I’m trying to book but I can’t find the address

  132. Anonymous

    Since registered for psira. I did everything like fingerprints form already filled. I paid cash R240.00 nou I must book for my collection it tells me that is fully booked why??? How long should I wait??? Cause all dates start from 23 June till 23 July when is it going to be free??? Am done everything I must wait another month an weeks, no man guys this thing must be abolished no no this thing of online is not working at all. Actually after paying the money for psira you must get you certificate not to go an do bookings again agaaa man. This thing it’s annoying.

  133. Gester Mathebula

    Hey there, I got message dat says you cancelled all the bookings we must book again, but the psira App is not going through, could you please tell us how are we gonna rebooked again

  134. busani thwala

    hi everyone i think this psira thing no longer working i tried from January to register psira for my young brother it says fully booked and i check twice a week but still fully booked and what worst is that i tried to phone psira offices and the lady assisted me she says it was a system problem for cape town and durban and she promised that it will b ok after 1 day i must try again but now it after a month and it says same thing

  135. themba rom

    I want to book on line

  136. Malebo malepe

    I’m trying to book online I want to renew my card and certificate but it keeps on saying back to safety box and offline please help

  137. Sithabiso Kwanele chamane

    I tried so many times to apply for my psira collection. All dates are booked I do not know what to do anymore
    I really need this can someone help me .

  138. Samuelreatile

    Since may always i cant find a date you are full booked whats the problem how am I going to renew my psira certificate

  139. Kwazi njabulo zulu

    I already booking before but i was delete my massage have my date please resend this massage

  140. Khetha Majola

    Hi guys these people really don’t care because their site is not working it says back to safety,how do they expect us to find jobs with expired psira,if only I knew where to report them I would have done so

  141. Thembinkosi

    Hi guys I’m Thembinkosi Dlamini, I have been trying to apply online and it’s not working I need help please

  142. Busanang

    PSIRA they don’t care aboUt us..I’m trying to book since May 13 untill today ….still fully booked noooo man this is unfair crcly



  144. Musawenkosi

    Hi where can I get quick booking date becouse I find all dates are full since may until now

  145. Phumlani sikhosana

    What the problem with this company it means I cant work do something guys Pls

  146. Mqwambi.Mjabulisi Nicholas

    I want to check whether my psira certificate is ready for collection

  147. Mqwambi.Mjabulisi Nicholas

    Hi I want to check whether my psira certificate is ready for collection. My ID number is:7012156031088.

  148. Siphokazi mashiyi

    I’ve been trying to book online for over a month now but it’s always fully booked is the any other option. That I can use

  149. Jabulani

    I’ve been trying to book online what is another option please help me

    1. A Helper

      If you want to make a booking. Open your App by 00:00 than make your booking they are only open for 15 Minutes by 00:15 it’s closed but I dont know since it’s a Lockdown

  150. Lorraine

    I have been trying to book for my Psira it always saying fully booked since January where can I get help please

  151. Katlego

    I have been trying to book online for psira collection, dates are Ll full we’re Can I get halp.

  152. Moses

    Hi I have been trying to book online but I can’t due to all dates that are fully booked till 12 July 2021. Please come up with plan B as this one is not working for us and remember that we have already deposited money into your account so we are not supposed to struggle.

  153. Anonymous

    Hi I’m Zanele Babongile Nxumalo I’m trying to book since April bt I can’t get please assist me

  154. Bakang

    I’m here by asking help for booking so I trying to apply by online but I have no luck so please help me

  155. Sbusiso

    I renewed my psira certifcate in March and I got temporary certificate and you promised that in 2 weeks time I will get my original certificate and now I cannot gat to the page to apply to collect my certifcate since we have to book for everything.Please be competent at psira offices.

  156. Zandile

    Hi am Zandile I have been trying to apply from last year still no luck date are always fully booked

    1. Lihle

      I’m trying to book but I don’t know how to book online because always kuhlala kugcwele ndingenza ntoni ngk plzzz help me

  157. Tholakele mekie

    Hi can u pls check my psri my id 8212030525086 pls from November

  158. BONGISA


    1. Victor

      Hi, it really seems that we wasting our money on PSIRA because it’s not helpful to security officers, look I have been trying to book online since May until now but all in vain as it keep as it keep saying they are fully booked. In PSIRA has become so dysfunctional.

  159. Lindiwe

    Since 2020 June am trying to book online is fully booked so l don’t know plz help


    Good day!!i have been trying to book online,but all dates are vacated and there is no available dates,please help if u can,i am trying to book for collection date.

    Thank you!!

    1. Jabulani Isaac maluleke

      I am trying to book online Iam not winning to renewing my certificate is go to this next month

  161. Busisiwe Nel

    Check my psira 8111150703087

  162. Daisy Lumbela

    Hi.. as a first to collect my certificate please tell me when must I come to collect it .I need date and time please is being long since last year October and every time when I come your telling me is not ready so please help me.

  163. Mhlengi Mbambo

    Hello I’ve trying to book on line since December but still now I can’t get helped with a date please assist me

  164. Khulekani nkambule

    As a first time booking for collecting my psira I’d no 9304235804082 the company already applied for my psira I need a date to collect my psira at the first time

  165. Khetha Majola

    The site does not go to the page where you fill in your details,it’s says back to safety, honestly how do they expect us to find jobs because everywhere this psira is needed

  166. Navash

    I am currently online trying to make an online booking but the site won’t open. The furthest I get is filling out the details an when I press submit, it goes to error.

    1. Sibusiso Reginald Mkhize

      I was appliying for a PSIRA on February can you please give me a date to collect it

  167. Bongumusa Patrick Mbanjwa

    I’m hereby to ask you an quickly date after getting temporary Psira.as all dates are full booked up until the end of June.my Psira no 761XXX and I.D.no 76010457XXXXX. I’ll be highly appreciated as my request is successful.

  168. Edmond

    Why do we pay for renewing our certificates ? Isnt it that Psira is now a spaza shop and we officers are earning peanuts.

  169. Arab

    For me PSIRA is a useless entity, we report cases they refuse to investigate, in fact, there are companies they fear to investigate. Investigators will take you from pillar to post. I can even mention their as l know. They are useless.

    Why should we pay them, for what? To go to the office and drink coffee. Big companies, when they arrive, they are taken to the Boardroom and given wine. Throw the file in the bin.

    1. Tuelo Mopalami


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