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online.natis.gov.za Download Professional Driving Permit Form : National Traffic Information System

Organization : National Traffic Information System
Service Name : Professional Driving Permit Form
Applicable For : Citizen of South Africa
Website : https://online.natis.gov.za/#/
If the above link does not open, use this link : https://web.archive.org/web/20210814001930/https://online.natis.gov.za/

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How To Download NATIS Professional Driving Permit Form?

Follow the below steps to download National Traffic Information System Download Professional Driving Permit Form.

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When applying for a professional driving permit, it is essential that the applicant produces acceptable identification.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website through provided above.
Step 2 : Download the application form from the official website

or you can download it from the below mentioned link.

Download Application Form :

Step 4 : Fill the application with the required details and submit to the head office.

NATIS Application Format

List Of Possible Transactions :
Application For :
** New/Professional driving permit
** Duplicate of professional driving permit

Notice Of Change :
** Particulars of person (e.g. ID, name, address)
** Professional driving permit

Particulars Of Applicant :
** Type of identification
** Identification number
** Country of issue if foreign ID
** Gender
** Initials and first names (not more than 3)
** Date of birth
** Official language of preference on driving licence (in addition to English) (mark with X)

** E-mail address
** Telephone number at home
** Contact telephone number during day
** Facsimile number
** Cellphone number
** Postal address
** Suburb
** City/Town
** Street address
** Suburb
** City/Town
** Address where notice must be served (mark with X)

Category Of Professional Driving Permit :
Mark with a cross (X) the category(ies) for which a professional driving permit is required. Note that category D automatically includes category G.

Category :
** passengers (21 years)
** dangerous goods (25 years)
** goods (18 years)


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On NATIS

1. When can I apply for a learner’s licence?
At the age of 16 years or older, you may obtain a code 1 learner’s licence, which will allow you to drive only
** a motor cycle type vehicle with a maximum engine capacity of 125 cc
** a moped where pedals are available to assist the engine or motor

If you are the holder of a valid code 1 learner’s licence and 18 years old or older, you may drive a motor cycle type vehicle with any engine capacity.

At the age of 17 years or older you may obtain a code 2 learners licence which will allow you to drive any motor vehicle excluding
** motor cycle type vehicles
** any motor vehicle of which the tare exceeds 3 500 kg

** a bus or goods vehicle of which the gross vehicle mass exceeds 3 500 kg
** an articulated motor vehicle of which the gross combination mass exceeds 3 500 kg

At the age of 18 years or older you may apply for a code 3 learners licence which allows the driving of any motor vehicle, excluding motor cycle type vehicles.

Once you have obtained a learners licence, you may drive the type of vehicle for which the learners licence is valid, however, you must be accompanied by a driver licenced for the specific vehicle, except in the case of a motor cycle because a learner driver may not transport another person on a motor cycle.

2. What do I do at the DLTC after my online booking for a driving licence?
** Take your ID document, your existing driving licence card, clear ID photographs (for a temporary licence) and the prescribed fee as per the DLTC.

** Your fingerprints will be taken electronically. You will be required to undergo an eye test unless you went to a recognised optometrist and received a valid certificate.

** On the day of the test, you will be tested according to the K53 testing standard. You will be tested to ensure that you fully understand the road traffic signs, have a sound knowledge of the rules of the road and the different signals, which a driver of a vehicle is required to give when driving on a public road, and are generally capable of driving the type of vehicle specified on the application.

** If you pass the driving licence test, you will be issued with a temporary driving licence while your credit-card-format driving licence is produced. The DLTC will notify you via SMS when your licence is ready for collection.

** You need to produce your ID document when you collect the licence card. Licences not collected within 120 days are destroyed.

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    I have difficulties in booking online it keep on saying the information provided does not match the one system has.

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