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Umhlathuze Food Bank Online Registration : e-umhlathuze.co.za

Organization Name : Umhlathuze Municipality
Facility Name : Food Bank Online Registration
Website : https://www.umhlathuze.gov.za/index.php/social-relief-programme

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Umhlathuze Food Bank Service

The City of uMhlathuze aims to establish a Food Bank where it will address social relief, tailor made for the citizenry of uMhlathuze during this difficult period of the lockdown and beyond.

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The impact of COVID-19 will be severe and will leave behind many people jobless, hungry and desperate for any social relief and assistance for a longest time.


** To ensure a well-coordinated, transparent programme, corrupt free, apolitical programme with no nepotism, the City of uMhlathuze will be the centre of all donations and distribution to beneficiaries through the Food Bank.

** It is with that understanding that the establishment of the Food Bank is of significant importance and the call should be made to the business sector, the private sector, municipal service providers, social partners, NGOs and individuals to make donations towards this cause.

** The donation is primarily for non-perishable foodstuffs that will be distributed to destitute families that have been affected by the lockdown to provide social relief.

** The establishment of this Food Bank is to make a meaningful impact to the lives of destitute families, child headed households, the unemployed, the vulnerable and the elderly by the Municipality.

Register Online : https://www.e-umhlathuze.co.za/euMhlathuze/

Food Bank Target Groups

Food Bank is established solely to serve as a Social Relief Programme to assist the certain groups in the communities that are classified as follows

** Vulnerable
** Indigent
** Unemployed
** Elderly
** Grant receiving
** Women and Children
** Child Headed Families

Beneficiary Screening Process

** The City of uMhlathuze Social Relief Programme Technical Committee will device effective methods of identifying, screening and distribution the food parcels to deserving families.

** The team will properly and transparently manage the beneficiary lists and keep records to avoid duplicating food parcels to families who may have benefitted through other means.

** Beneficiary lists will be synergised and be consolidated into one government list to manage beneficiaries. This is in light of different programmes conducted by government departments, NGOs and individual businesses, which ought to be consolidated.

Distribution Process

Periodical distribution plans will be established taking note of the available stock against the beneficiary lists.

Non-perishable food can be stored for longer compared to the perishable food and fresh produce. Ideally, distribution should take place on a weekly basis.

Food Pack Specification Categories

Category 1 : From 5 Or More Family Members Per Month
** 10kg Aunt Caroline rice
** 10kg White Star/Ace/ Nyala maize meal
** 5kg brown sugar
** 5kg Ace samp
** 5kg Royal sugar beans
** 5litres Sunflower cooking oil
** 500g Imana/ Knorrox soup powder
** 1kg Imana/ Knorrox soya mince
** 80s Rooibos teabags
** 6x400g canned fish in tomato
** 500g table salt
** 1kg Morvite
** 7kg Onions
** 7kg Potatoes
** 4x200g Lifebouy soap bar
** 250 ml Sanitizer
** 4x Sunlight greenbar
** 10s of Tissue paper

Category 2 : From 3 To 5 Family Members Per Month
** 5kg Aunt Caroline rice
** 5kg White Star/Ace/Nyala maize meal
** 2kg Brown sugar
** 2kg Ace samp
** 2kg Royal sugar beans
** 2litres Sunflower cooking oil
** 500g Imana/ Knorrox soup powder
** 500g Imana/ Knorrox soya mince
** 40s Rooibos teabags
** 3x400g Canned fish in tomato
** 500g Table salt
** 1kg Morvite
** 3kg Onions
** 3kg Potatoes
** 2x200g Lifebouy soap bar
** 100 ml Sanitizer
** 2x Sunlight Greenbar
** 10s of Tissue paper

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