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Jacobs Magical Aroma Competition 2021 : jacobscoffee.co.za

Organization : Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Competition Name : Magical Jacobs Aroma Competition 2021
Applicable For : Residents Of South Africa
Competition Deadline : 31.07.2021
Website : https://www.jacobscoffee.co.za/competition/

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Jacobs Magical Aroma Competition

Magical Jacobs Aroma Competition 2021 is operated by Jacobs Douwe Egberts ZA (PTY) LTD in conjunction with Tradeway Promotions (Pty) Ltd; Vetro Trading T/A Vetro Media; Pentravel, a division of Cullinan Holdings Ltd; IDH Media Limited

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Who Can Participate?

This Competition is limited to legal residents and/or citizens of South Africa. In addition, the following people shall not be eligible to participate in this Competition

** Directors, members, partners, promotional and advertising agents, merchandisers, employees or consultants of the Promoters.
** Spouse, life partner, parent, child, brother, sister, business partner or associate of any of the persons specified above.

** People who are not legal residents and/or legal citizens of the Republic of South Africa.
** Persons under the age of 18 years.

Competition Period

The Competition shall commence on 1 June 2021 and will end on 31 July 2021. No entries received after 31 July 2021 will be considered.

Participating Products

Product included in the competition are listed below

Description :
** Jacobs Kronung 200g
** Jacobs Kronung 100g
** Jacobs Decaf 200g
** Jacobs Decaf 100g
** Jacobs Gold 200g

** Jacobs Gold 100g Pouch
** Jacobs Hazelnut 95g
** Jacobs Caramel 95g
** Jacobs Kronung 300g
** Jacobs Kronung 250g Pouch
** Jacobs Kronung 230g Pouch
** Jacobs Gold 230g

** Jacobs Kronung 150g Pouch
** Jacobs Kronung 40g Pouch
** Jacobs Kronung 1.8g x 20
** Jacobs Kronung 1,8g x 10
** Jacobs Gold 1,8g x 20
** Jacobs Gold 1,8g x 10
** Jacobs 3IN1 18g x 10
** Jacobs 3IN1 18g x 20

** Jacobs Classic Roast & Ground 250g
** Jacobs Intense Roast & Ground 250g
** Jacobs Delicate Roast & Ground 250g
** Jacobs Espresso Whole Bean 500g
** Jacobs Kronung Whole Bean 500g
** Jacobs Iced Vanilla 21,3g x 8
** Jacobs Iced Salted Caramel 21,3g x 8
** Jacobs Iced Original 21,3g x 8

** Jacobs Espresso 7 Classic Capsules 10pc
** Jacobs Espresso 10 Intenso Capsules 10pc
** Jacobs Espresso 12 Ristretto Capsules 10pc
** Jacobs Lungo 8 Intenso Capsules 10pc
** Jacobs Mocha 21.9g x 10

** Jacobs Instant Cappuccino Vanilla 18,5g x 10
** Jacobs Instant Cappuccino Chocolate Hazelnut 18,5g x 10
** Jacobs Instant Cappuccino Original 18,5g x 10
** Jacobs Instant Cappuccino Reduced Sugar 14g x 10

How to Participate?

To participate in this Competition, Participants must adhere to the following

Steps :
Step 1 : Participants are required to purchase any 2 Jacobs Packs* (*excluding single sticks) at any store nationwide to enter the competition.
Step 2 : Participants are required to Dial *120*1074# and follow the prompts.


** Participants may enter the competition a maximum of three times per week over the entire promotional period 1 June 2021 until 31 July 2021, if Participants purchase any 2 participating products per entry (every 2 products purchased qualifies as 1 valid entry) and complete the competition entry and enter the last four digits of the barcode per the Jacobs products purchased.

** Participants are required to keep their till slip as proof of purchase to constitute a valid entry.
** All entries from disqualified participants’ mobile numbers will be rejected.

** Only one prize per household and per person.
** No computer-based entries will be accepted.

** Any mobile number that enters an incorrect barcode five (5) times in succession will be locked out of the Competition for the entire duration of the promotional competition


Participants in the USSD part of the Competition stand a chance to win the following

** 4 x R50 000 SA Holiday voucher
** 40 x HP Notebook 255 G7 Notebook AMD RYZEN 5/1TB/4GB/15.6

Laptop model issued to winner may differ from the one advertised due to availability constraints from the manufacturer. Should stock not be available, a similar model, of the same or lower price according to Hewlett-Packard (HP) prices, will be issued.

Dates of the prize draws :
Laptops 5 drawn per draw :
** 15 June 2021
** 22 June 2021
** 29 June 2021
** 6 July 2021
** 13 July 2021
** 20 July 2021
** 27 July 2021
** 3 August 2021

Travel vouchers 1 per draw :
** 15 June 2021
** 29 June 2021
** 20 July 2021
** 3 August 2021

Draw :
** The winner will be drawn via random draw on a weekly basis utilising a CPA approved system.
** The system is 100% competition approved.
** The draw is fully automated and works through the system which has been signed off by the competition commission.

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