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gdeadmissions.gov.za 2022 Online Admission Application For Grade 1 & Grade 8 : Gauteng Department of Education

Organization : Gauteng Department of Education
Facility Name : GDE 2022 Online Admission Application
Applicable For : Grade 1 & Grade 8
Phase 1 Application Period : 10.08.2021 to 03.09.2021
Head Office : Johannesburg
GDE Admission Portal : https://education.gauteng.gov.za/Pages/index.aspx

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How To Apply For GDE Online Admission?

Phase 1 of the 2022 GDE Admissions Online Application Period is open from 10 August 2021 to 03 September 2021 for Grade 7 learners currently in the public schooling system in Gauteng to apply to Grade 8.

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Phase 2 of the 2022 Admissions Period will commence on 13 September 2021 and close on 8 October 2021. Phase 2 caters for Grade 1 Applications and for applications from outside of public schools in Gauteng to Grade 8.

Just follow the below steps to apply for 2022 online School registration For Grade 1 and Grade 8

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of Gauteng Department of Education through provided above.

Step 2 : Next, read the instructions carefully and click on the “Register/ Verify” link.

Step 3 : Fill the registration form with the required details

Step 4 : Finally click on “Submit” button to complete your registration.

What are the Important Dates of GDE Admission?

Important Dates of GDE Admission are

Phase One : 10 August 2021 – 3 September 2021
Phase Two : 13 September 2021 – 8 October 2021

Apply to a maximum of 5 schools. Remember to use the Home option at least once to apply to schools with Feeder Zones that cover your home address.

Phase One : 10 August 2021 – 10 September 2021
Phase Two : 13 September 2021 – 15 October 2021

Remember to submit documents to All the schools that you applied to in 7 days after applying. Documents can also be uploaded on the System to ONE school for the other schools to view.

Phase One : 10 August 2021 – 3 September 2021
Phase Two : 13 September 2021 – 8 October 2021
There are Decentralised Walk-in Centres where parents can be assisted to make applications from 08:00 to 16:00.

Phase One : 10 August 2021 – 3 September 2021
Phase Two : 13 September 2021 – 8 October 2021

Note that you can also use your cellphone to make an application. Please use a reliable cell phone number as the Department will send regular SMSes to the cell phone you used to Register and Apply.

GDE Terms & Conditions

Online Application for admission of learners to Public Ordinary Schools
** The information requested is confidential and is intended only for the purposes of Grade 1 and Grade 8 applications in the Gauteng Province

** Once information on the application form is completed and submitted, no changes can be made
** Documentation submitted and/or uploaded will be verified by the schools that the applicant applied to

** Submission of the Application does not guarantee placement of a learner at the schools applied to. However, the Department will ensure that all learners are placed in schools with space(s) available

** Any falsified or incorrect information/document/s provided may result in an application being rejected and/or disqualified

** The Gauteng Department of Education does not accept liability for any errors or omissions committed by applicants while completing the Online Application Form

** Applications made based on the option Home address within the Feeder Zone will be prioritised for placement at the school closest to the applicant’s home address as far as possible

** A School Feeder Zone covers a number of home and/or work addresses within a specific area(s) as demarcated by the school

** School Feeder Zones differ from school to school. Some residential addresses close to the school may not form part of the school’s Feeder Zone. Feeder Zones Maps of all schools are published in the Provincial Gazette number 339 Vol. 24 of 2018

** Ensure that you read the Amendments to Regulations relating to the Admission of Learners to Public Schools, 2019, as published in Provincial Gazette, Extraordinary, 18 March 2019, together with South African Schools Act 84 of 1996, (Published under Regulations and Policies on the Landing Page) for more information regarding Admission of learners to Public Ordinary Schools.


If you have questions Email us at gdeinfo [AT] gauteng.gov.za or Call us at 0800 000 789 | 011 355 0000

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  1. Noluvuyo Mhlahlo

    Y is it so hard to register online?

  2. Rilwele Mudau

    I have done everything needed for application for my son… And s he is not placed we live very close to school and it’s a working distance and my child has already 3 siblings in the school but it’s been told he has to go somewhere else… He takes only 2min to get to school,but he has not taken I went to distract but still no help

  3. Paulinah Spho

    How to check my child tht his registered since i apply last year i struggle to lock in

  4. Valencia k

    Hi how can gde assist in giving a list of schools that are closer to where I am staying. I stay in boksburg and tried to apply through gde however the list of schools are all very far from me. I am trying to apply for my son grade 8,no school around can assist nd gde also not helpful.

  5. Koki

    Struggling with my password


    How do i appy for grade 1


    How do i appy for for grade1

  8. Bella

    I would to start the process of registration for grade 1 but after i punch the password it doesnt show the submit button for me to continue

  9. Dimakatso

    Hey I need school for my kids grade one nd three pls

  10. Lauren

    Hi please I need help I have registered my daughter on the 10/01/2021 but till today she isnt placed because they cant seem to find her application. I have been to the district in NOVEMBER last year no help, been to the school no help.please how do one go about this it’s her first year of high school and now we sitting without a school. Please assist..

  11. Aneesa

    Kindly confirm when late application open online. I need to register myself as a parent and my child for grade 1 for 2022.

  12. Julia Mamotlalane Leaha

    Hi GDE I need to know if you are still going to open the online registration for 2022 again because I tried to apply for my two sons last year for Grade1 and Grade8 and I a problem with my number and I even went to the schools I wanted to enroll my kids at but they couldn’t help me so please I need to get my kids to school since they open soon

    1. Dinah Mthembu

      Hi GDE I need to know if you are still going to open the online registration for 2022 again because I tried to apply for my two sons last year for Grade8I need to get my kids to school since they open soon

  13. zanele

    Hi,when is the opening date to apply for grade 1

  14. Evodia Moloi

    Good day I have been trying to register my daughter for grade 1 but nothing can you please help

  15. Kelly

    Good day I have not applied for registration for grade one. When is late registration opening? Please help

  16. Phumelelo Hlatshwayo

    Good day

    I have read somewhere hat late phase application will open on the 5th which is today , but the is no link, please advise which step to follow

  17. Michael

    What time is registration opening today

  18. Thapelo

    Hi will the online application be opened this month (January) for parents who did not succeed registering in 2021

  19. Thapelo

    Good day I did not apply for my child grade 1 admission last year, will I be given a chance to do so this month

  20. Getrude Mupotsa

    Hi l registered my daughter for grade 8 next year but l didn’t get sms from schools

  21. Ntombi Hlatshwayo

    What is placed by transfer mean??

  22. Ntombi Hlatshwayo

    Good day

    I have registered my son going to grade 1 next year, I have submitted all the necessary documents. when I checked online its saying placed by transfer on one of the schools I applied at. What does placed by transfer mean??

  23. mkateko

    I’m straggling to register my son for grade 1 online, please help me.

  24. Yonela Ntshantsheni

    I appled long time ago i think it was 15 0f september but i didnt receive any answer tull today

  25. Elizabeth

    I am Elizabeth I haven’t applied for my child for grade 1 when late applications will be opened

  26. Puseletso Morake

    GDE greetings i have done all needed be done in august, n now everything changed from document verified to NO DOCUMENT SUBMITTED,wherlse iv submitted everything.

  27. Mayo

    Please help i haven’t registered myson for grade 1 2022 now m stressed Please help me out

  28. Dimadima

    Yoh I couldn’t register my son for grade 1 next year..any help guys

  29. jane Letwane

    kindly assist, and inform me with the opening of online registration for grade 9

  30. jane Letwane

    Good morning how do i apply for the grade 9 student, my son is changing school this year.

  31. Anonymous

    How do I apply for grade1

  32. Khanya Majuba

    Hello. I have registered my son for grade 1. The system doesn’t want to download my documents from my phone,I decided to go back to the school and hand deliver the documents. When I check online it says that the school didn’t receive my documents whereas I delivered them before the 7 working days. Please help I need a way forward.

  33. Lebogang Itshegetseng

    Good Day…I have applied for my daughter for Grade 1 and when I tried to go to check how is the processing going I can’t be able to log.Am frustrated because I was able to apply for Grade R for my other and they have admitted her at Modderfontein Laerskool and now am waiting in panic for the Grade 1 application

  34. Nokulunga

    Please help i haven’t registered my daughter for grade 1 2022 now m stressed i don’t know what to do. Please help me out

  35. Samuel

    How do I apply for my grade 1 and grade 6?

  36. angelinedzvega

    Hie,how to apply for gradeR

  37. Cecilia

    I’ve applied for my daughter for 2 schools when I’m trying for others I can’t get through the system please help coz you said minimum is 5 schools she’s going to grade one it’s so frustrating can you please help me

  38. Luckyboy

    I’m a parent of a grade 7 student. I try to apply for grade 8.so I get difficult to apply.can the department help me.

  39. Itumeleng

    Hi index to apply for my daughter she’s going to grade one next yearandwere moving tooliven extension 13 .pls help

  40. Rosetta

    Hi I’m so frustrated I’ve been trying to register my son from 13th September until now the 21th time 00:28 thinking that maybe it will work better if it’s not over loaded,but it’s still the same. Nothing happens on this system whether you press login or parent registration,I have sent an email to the department but I was told to register first,I don’t think this person went to the system to check what is happening.

  41. Retshepile

    Need help to register my son for grade 8 please

  42. Elias Ndebele

    Please help me ..can’t apply online coz I’m using passport it’s requiring id number it can’t proceed with my application…the same thing happened last year until my son repeated grade R…I stay in Groenerwaide

  43. Givemore

    Hie,have been trying to register my son grade 1 since opening of registration.Struggling to go to the next step of the address part what should I do please help


    my credential are correct and pass word i can’t go through the next page

    1. Givemore

      Where should we go for help ,if we fail to register on our own this system is so boring and a waste of time.

  45. Florence

    I’ve been trying to apply for grade 1 if the I’d is not right,it is the email yet I hv put in the correct email and I’d please assist

  46. Nomntu

    I’ve applied for my son for one school when I’m trying for others I can’t get through the system is I can’t even explain.please help coz you said minimum is five schools he’s going to grade one were from Eastern Cape Help.

  47. NOMNTU

    Hi I’m Nomntu I applied for my son at one school when I try for other schools I can’t go through I don’t know what’s the problem guys please help hes going to grade one its frastrating me coz were from Eastern Cape.

  48. Precious

    I have been trying schools around me…on online , all are full..what must i do

  49. Prince

    I’ve no problem with online registration but i think the department of education turned a blind eye to those students transferring to gauteng from other grades either tha grade 1&8 some are coming for other grades eg grade 9 or 10 etc.

    1. Simphiwe

      I have applied for my daughter for grade 1 on the first day of the online registration for grade one’s
      But till today I haven’t received any placement offers from all three schools till today. I even sent an email to the gde.

  50. Bjsisi

    I’ve been trying to register my son for grade 1 but I can’t continue with the application I don’t know what’s going on please help

  51. Standile

    This online thing is just a terrible waste of time. Why can’t be simple and straight forward. I have been struggling forever and now tired of it

  52. Anonymous

    How can i apply on line .

  53. Anonymous


    1. Levern

      Can I still upload my documents online if the registration date is over

  54. Mittah

    Goodday day mam/sir

    I do appreciate the improvement for registering on line I would also appreciate if the schools our kids would like to go to should be linked to save us trouble and time, I wish it could be a package all in one unlike applying on line and registering physically to the schools

  55. jacob

    I think my grade 7 boy wont be attending school next year because i have given up on this online thing.they could not help at school.i give my boys future away.

  56. Simphiwe Nkosi

    I would like to apply,i cant get in

  57. Busisiwe Mthombeni

    I would like to register my little she will be going to grade one..how do i do it

  58. Roshen

    I would like to apply for Grade 8 2022

  59. Johanna

    Is hard to register online as the system says my number is not registered in the school while I know we did and the school can’t help what can I do

  60. Matebalo

    How do I apply for my child a grade 8

  61. richard

    hi how are you
    i forgot my username what do i do

  62. Tirelo

    Kindly confirm the time for the opening of online registration.

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