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Stellenbosch University Contact Number and Email ID :

Organisation : Stellenbosch University
Service Name : Contact Number and Email ID
Headquarters : Stellenbosch, South Africa
Industry : University
Service/ Product : Emergency, Enquiries, Ethics Hotline

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Website :

Stellenbosch University Contact

Client Services Centre​​​:
Telephone: +27 21 808 9111
Fax: +27 21 808 3822
E-mail: info [AT]

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Stellenbosch University (SUN) Password Change

SAEON Pretoria Contact Number & Email ID

​Private Bag X1
Matieland, 7602
South Africa​

GPS coordinates:
Administration B building, Victoria Street, Stellenbosch ​​

18° 51′ 47.536″ East
33° 56′ 1.327″ South​​

Emergency & Other Numbe​rs

Campus Security:
Report incidents to the Control Room​:
Tel: 021 808-2333

Police Flying Squad:
Tel: 10111

Delta Search and Rescue:
24 hour emergency number: 021 851-3559

Tel: 999/10177

Mediclinic Stellenbosch Emergency Centre:
Tel: 021 861 2094

Equality Unit:
Walk-in service at 39 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch
Tel: 021 808 3136
unfair [AT] for reporting cases of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and victimisation

Campus Health Services (CHS):
Weekdays 08:00 to 17:00​
Tel: 021 808 3496

Lifeline Cape Town:
Tel: 021 592-2601​​

24-Hour Rape Crisis Stellenbosch:
Tel: 082 977 8581

HIV/Aids Helpline:
Tel: 0800 012322​

CSCD 24 Hour Crisis Service:
Service is strictly confidential
021 808 4994 (office hours: 08:00 – 16:00)​​​
010 205 3032 (after hours)
Address: 49 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch

ER 24 in Collaboration with CSCD and CHS:
Phone: 010 205 3032
** Student/Patient will be liable for ambulance bill.
** Where ER 24 cannot respond they will send a service provider.
** Cost of phone call to the emergency line is for the patient’s own account.
** Benefit summary as per the contract.​

Ethics Hotline

​​Stellenbosch University subscribes to an independent ethics hotline which was created a few years ago to report any irregularities anonymously. This service is managed independently by Deloitte.

Ethics Hotline Contact Details​ ​
Tel: 0800 204 549
Fax: 0800 007 788.
Email: sun [AT]

Emergency Numbers
** Stellenbosch Campus Emergency number: 021 808 2333
** ​Whatsapp: 082 808 2333
** Enquiries / Reporting / Pedestrian service: 021 808 4666
** Tygerberg Campus ​Emergency number: 021 938 9507​​

Campus Safety

Campus Security is a service division which assists all students, staff and visitors in creating a safe environment for the university community. Security officers patrol the grounds of the university and are trained to ensure the safety of the university community and to assist in emergencies. ​

Students and staff are encouraged to take ​safety precuations by following these tips:
** Never walk alone, especially at night.
** Walk in groups, use the shuttle service or request security to escort you.
** Keep your phone and valuables out of sight.
** Carry a whistle and pepper spray at all times to be able to draw attention if needed.
** Choose the safest route, even if it is not the shortest.
** Avoid isolated areas, especially when you exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
** Be conscious of your environment, as criminals prefer to target someone not aware of his/her direct surroundings.
** Keep a safe distance if a motorist asks for directions.
** If you suspect that someone might be following you, change direction.
** Be a caring Matie: accompany a friend.
** Property on a car seat is tempting to a thief. Lock it in the boot.

S​​​afety escort at night:
If you need to move between campus buildings, or from a building to your car after dark (20:00 – 05:00), a security officer will escort you.

** Call 021 808 2333 or alternatively 021 808 4202 and wait for the officer to join you.
** You can also Whatsapp the security office at 082 808 2333 to contact you. No voice calls to this number is possible.

Safest routes:
** Choose the safest route, even if it is not the shortest. Victoria and Bosman Streets​ need to be the core of your route.​
** At night a security officer is on duty in the mobile security kiosk.

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