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TUT Online Bus Registration 2024 : Tshwane University of Technology

Organization Name : Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)
Facility Name : Online Bus Registration 2024
Applicable For : Students of TUT
Country : South Africa
Website :

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How To Do TUT Bus Registration Online?

Online bus registration now open from 19 March 2024! Please click below link​ to access the 2024 Online Bus Registration.

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Step-1 : Go to the link​​
Step-2 : Enter your Email Address
Step-3 : Enter your Password
Step-4 : Click On “Log In” Button

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Process of TUT Bus Registration

** Student have to access the online bus registration LINK via the TUT Website.
** Wait for the system to confirm your profile, then click Continue
** Read carefully the Rules and Regulations in relation to bus registration.
** Once you agreed to the RULES, then click on THE NEXT STEP button at the bottom of the page.
** On the next page, the system will detect your campus and personal details.
** Click the button to select YES or NO for Accredited accommodation.
** NB: If a “NO” button is selected, whilst the student is staying in an accredited accommodation, the student will be liable for the transport cost or it will be at his/her own account
** Click inside the checkbox to accept the RULES then submit your application.
** Upon submitting, you will be sent a successful pop-up message via your TUT4life email for application.
** Please wait for approval from Transport Department.
** Once approved, proceed to CPS for issuing of a valid bus transport student card.

TUT Student Discipline

The following actions, omissions and conduct by a student are regarded as misconduct:
** Any statutory or common law offence or any attempt to commit such an offence or instigating another person to commit such an offence.
** Conviction of any criminal offence during his or her period of study at the University, irrespective of the place where such offence took place.
** Intentionally or negligently contravening or subverting, or attempting to contravene or subvert, or assisting, encouraging or persuading any other person to contravene or subvert a code, regulation, rule or instruction of the University.
** Refusal to obey any fair or reasonable instruction or request of any statutory body, lecturer, member of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), any official or any person acting on behalf of the University, or any violation of such instruction or request within the framework of any rule, regulation or law applicable to the University.
** Damaging, defacing, destruction, theft, being in possession of stolen property, housebreaking and theft, appropriation or alienation of University property or property controlled by the University, including that of another student, employee, visitor or person associated with the University, or any attempt to do so.
** Using University property or any property controlled by the University or property of another student or a staff member without permission.
** Bringing onto, or possession, using, selling or distribution of any alcoholic beverages and/or illicit drugs on University premises or premises controlled by the University or during any official excursion or tour without the permission of the Vice-Chancellor or any person delegated by him or her.
** Being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs while participating in the activities of the University or where the student may be identified with the activities of the University or any abuse of alcoholic beverages or drugs on University premises or premises controlled by the University.
** Improper, disgraceful or indecent behaviour on any premises of the University or premises controlled by the University or at any other place where the student’s behaviour is identifiable with or can possibly be identified with the University.
** Any abusive, swearing or indecent act towards any employee, student or person associated with the University that is a violation of his or her dignity or body, either on the premises of the University or elsewhere.
** Engaging in behaviour that may bring the image of the University into disrepute or any act that may be detrimental to or jeopardise the maintenance of discipline or which is detrimental to providing normal services, efficient tuition and the conducting of research.
** Using violence against, or threatening or intimidating any person on any premises of the University or premises controlled by the University, or during participation in any University activity, or anywhere else where the student may be identified with the University.
** Bringing onto the University premises, or possessing, pointing or handling a firearm or any other dangerous weapon, explosive or fuel without the necessary permission or the pretence that such weapon, explosive or fuel will be used on any premises of the University, or pointing a firearm at any person.
** Helping or trying to help another student during a class test, examination or any form of assessment, or obtaining or trying to obtain help from another student during such test, examination or assess- ment, or the submission of any test, examination script or written assignment or any assessment of another student in his or her name.

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