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Pick N Pay Stores Customer Care Line Number : picknpay.co.za

Company : Pick N Pay Stores Limited
Head Office : Kenilworth
Industry : Online Shopping
Service/Product : Fashion for women, Men & Children

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Website : http://www.picknpay.co.za/contact-us

Customer Careline Number of Pick N Pay

** Do you have something you’d like to tell us? A compliment you’d like to share, a complaint you want to voice, a query or suggestion for how we can make your shopping experience easier? Please, let us know.

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** We want to hear from you. Please fill in the form below or give us a call on our customer careline on 0800 11 22 88 Toll free from landline only

Customer Careline :
Mon – Sat: 8am to 7pm, Sun and public holidays: 9am to 5pm
Toll Free : 0800 11 22 88 Toll free from landline only

Online Shopping Help :
Call : 0860 30 30 30
Time :
** Mon-Sat: 08:00-19:00
** Sun & public holidays: 09:00-17:00

Contact Address of Pick N Pay

101 Rosmead Avenue,
Kenilworth, 7708.

Returns Policy of Pick N Pay

** Pick n Pay strives to provide the best possible service to its customers and has put the appropriate measures in place to ensure all its staff and suppliers are fully aware of, and comply with the Consumer Protection Act.
** We are committed to operate our business in terms of the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act and our returns policy is aligned therewith.

A customer’s till slip is their guarantee :
** Goods will be refunded or exchanged, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, if the goods were defective, unfit for purpose or failed due to a design or manufacturing flaw.
** Pick n Pay reserves the right to refer returned goods for technical assessment by the manufacturer or authorized service centre.

** Customers are required to present their original tax invoice or till slip or other proof of purchase, (through Smart shopper card).
** Please note that it may not be possible to determine in-store whether goods have been damaged or what the cause of a failure or defect may be.

** Accordingly, Pick n Pay reserves the right to refer returned goods for technical assessment by the manufacturer or authorized service centre prior to repairing, replacing or refunding an item and to provide the customer with feedback within 10 business days of receipt of the returned goods and to act accordingly.

As with all warranties, certain conditions and exceptions apply :
** Please take proper note of any terms or instructions that accompany your goods;
** Goods that show a material manufacturing defect or other material defect within the first 6 (six) months of purchase will be repaired, replaced or refunded; and

** Defects that develop after six months may be repaired, replaced or refunded at the manufacturer’s election, and subject to the relevant manufacturer’s policy.

The manufacturer’s warranty will only apply to material defects in the process of manufacturing the goods and will not apply in the following instances:
** damage caused by lightning or power surges;
** damage caused by misuse or abuse to the goods or contrary to instructions and warnings provided on the goods or their documentation;

** goods used for a purpose other than the purpose for which they were intended e.g. commercial use of domestic appliances;
** accidental damage;

** goods that have been altered or physically changed in any way; and
** A public regulation prohibits such returns for public health reasons.
** Once we have accepted a return and approved a refund, the customer will receive the refund in the same manner as payment was made.

About Us

Pick n Pay Stores Limited, through its subsidiaries and associates, operates in the retail sector on the African continent.Pick n Pay is the quintessential family store focused on the customer. Since 1967 when consumer champion Raymond Ackerman purchased the first few stores, the Ackerman family’s vision has grown and expanded to now encompass stores in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Swaziland and Lesotho. Additionally Pick n Pay owns a 49% share of a Zimbabwean supermarket business, TM Supermarkets.

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  1. Penelope

    Hi my name is Penelope I was at your pick n pay store in Daveyton to complain about my sassa card,a transaction was done on the 16 June 2022, my statement showed proof that 450 was withdrawn from Daveyton pick n pay store but my slip says insufficient fund then I was only able to withdraw 100 rand,when I go to the store I was told by the lady called Grace Zweni the fruit n veg manager that they emailed the head office and there is no response I should wait until Monday and i need the money by today so she said there’s nothing she can do and I have all the proof and slips.

  2. Bernard

    I believe there is false advertising regarding rump steak specials for R99.99 per kilo valid Saturday 16 April 2022 at your Mulbarton branch . 1) It does not say stocks are limited – they tell me its sold out . 2) They do not say it is only sold in the pre packed section in the fridge and it is not available from the butchery section.
    I have been there for the rump steak specials on few occasions and always come back disappointed .
    Please stop wasting our time and fuel to get to your shop .
    I will in future reduce my normal shopping at your premises.

  3. Lindsey Louw

    I am highly disappointed with the LACK of SUPPORT from the customer support department from Pick n Pay Asap and on the back of my experience with the customer support line I will never use the app again. In fact should this not be resolved I will never purchase another item from Pick n Pay as a whole. I will send my compliant out onto all the social media sites that I can find. I will now use the Checkers SIXTY60 app as I do not have to jump through hoops to have my money refunded they do it immediately no questions asked. On Thursday 10 March, I purchased two packs of Lamb and when the lamb arrived it was rotten. I contacted the customer support line provided on the app . Michael answered the call and promised to resolve my issue and have my money refunded. He gave me his direct email address x1083149 AT pnp.co.za and I sent through the pictures that he requested. On Friday I had not had a response so I emailed him again – still nothing I email again in Tuesday 15 March still nothing. I then called the same customer support line again this time Wesley answered the call – Wesley Jacobs the same promises and I had to send the receipt for the purchase. I have still not had a response. In my opinion these two staff members should not be allowed to deal with the public at large and should be fired. The absolute bullshit they speak and the nonsense they tell you is frightening. I would consider changing the name of the customer SUPPORT line to the we don’t SUPPORT you at all line. SHOCKING SERVICE PICK N PAY and I bet you don’t really give damn.

  4. Nandipa Ndinga

    Good day
    I would like to recognize Khensani Shibambu(cashier) , who works at Pick and pay at Busy Corner mall. She gave us an excellent customer service. I was with my two sisters, she was so patient with us, she didn’t get irritated she was so friendly, you could see the smile under the mask, she was so warm. Thank you so much for an excellent customer service. May she keep up the good and great work.

  5. Sello

    On the 25 February 2022 I bought 48 cans of castle lite at Pick N Pay liquor store Green stone Mall which expires on the 02 March 2022. on the 28 February 2022 I went to the store for refund or exchanged, the store manager Refilwe kept me waiting for 30 Minutes and I left without being assisted. I was notified by my clients that the cans where near to expire and they cannot buy them. please assist on this matter, I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

  6. Walter Ncube

    i purchased a Aim 43″ plasma tv on 14/07/2019 at Mayfield Square in Daveyton and the warranty is 3 yrs,now my tv has a problem and i phoned them now they are telling me that the law has changed because of Covid 19 the warranty is 6 mnths and i bought my tv before Covid 19

  7. Kelebogile Ramaboa

    Good morning
    I called pick n pay customer service to complain about Southdale cashier who was rude to me and my sister they told me that I will receive a call within 24 hours even now I haven’t received a call so where must we complain when we treated bad buy this cashiers it’s fine pick n pay Southdale it’s 5min away from me but I rather go to checkers or Woolworth from now on even though I’ll drive

  8. Susan fourie


  9. boledi monyai

    I feel we are being treated unfairly by PnP staff especially in the townships,|I went to Pnp Alex mall yesterday to get pampers that are on special,the staff ther looked like they were suprised when i talk about special.i was told they are waiting for a delivery truck and I asked about the once i see on shelves they told me those are not for special,they even told me the special ends on that day,but I am suprised because i know the special ends on the 22 Nov. 2021,Everytime you have a complain and want to speak to a manager, youll be sent from pillar to post. It is always clear that the mangaer is not doing his job as it seems the staff is always protected.

  10. Francis

    Monday and Tuesday, I was not able to get the in store special that pick and pay malbarton advertised. After traveling 20 klms to there store. The department managers excuse was that they were waiting for delivery. I then spoke to the store manager, who found that they did have stock, and if waited they would prepare it for me. After an hour I was no longer able to wait. This cost a lot of time and travel expenses. This is one store I normally always speak highly of. Very disappointing. Also contacting customer care, is now becoming more and more difficult.

  11. Molemo Mashaba

    I had a bad service experience at pick n pay the square in Nelspruit. I get to the store and I need to buy the 40 inch skyworth tv. When I get there I see different types of tv’s and I needed someone to help me understand the differences. Then I go to the cost Omer care department as there was no visibility of staff on the floor except cashiers. There were 4 gentlemen standing there not sure what they were discussing. I ask one of them that I need help and he said he doesn’t work With tv’s but he will get me the lady who can help. Then I went back buy the TV side and waited for about 10 minutes no one came. I then went to the guy again he said the lady is busy with the customer she will come. I waited again over 10 minutes and no visibility of other staff I can ask. Then I went again to the guy and he said I can just ask anyone he’s currently busy. He seemed annoyed at that time. So i said to him I can’t even see anyone to ask. Then another gentle men wearing pick n pay uniform without a name tag came through my direction and I said excuse me can I ask something then he just passed me as if he’s not even hearing me. As I was standing there confused another gentleman went by the customer service department then I approached him to say what kind of service is this store giving. I explained to him and that was when I was attended to. If I was not desperate to get the TV I would have went to the other store. And unfortunately all the staff that I interacted with had no name tags. I can only identify them instead of naming them. I won’t go buy to that store ever again

  12. Sandra Cloete

    I bought a Daily Maverick on Saturday 4 Sept. but my copy is last week edition – even though a Pick ‘n Pay clerk assisted me. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME. I complained to Daily Maverick last week because the supplements inside had been stolen. The editor sent me another copy !! I have tried phoning your Gardens Centre store 021 461 1046 and 7 but there is NO ANSWER. I will pursue this complaint and WARN potential customers.

  13. Tracy

    What help is a customer care toll free number, but when dial customer care number, voice message saying number has changed but not available at the moment!!! 🙁 🙁 AND NO other numbers!!!!!

  14. Bonita Alexander

    Hi do u have a competition going I ff the competition to 30 people and still did not get to the end of it your 50th birthday celebration.Im upset seeing that I shop by your store and wasted my airtime

  15. jerome

    i just want to lay a complain against pick n pay east london in retail park today as i approach door security closed door i took out phone and showed him its not yet 18:00 and it was 17:59 i ask him cant quickly grab something he told me its closed i ask him to call manager because i came and you closed as i approached door he told me i must wait but his stand with female security and not sending he to call manager and not knowing i understand xhosa told the lady i wont come in i replied in xhosa please call manager he told me wait he is coming one staff member entered the store from outside and he security told him but could not hear what his saying all i could hear is this staff told him vala vala shienie meaning close close that door with a attitude i then said can you just call the manager because i was standing here for a long time he told me i am the manager not coming to me and ask how can i help but continue saying vala but not know i even know most of management because i am a regular customer there doing my grocery there almost everyday another security come as i stand and chat with this one staff that say his manager and he told me boetie wait by pushing me out of door i then push him back because i look like a criminal now in front of everyone exiting door the manager then came i then told her what happen but i am very angry for the way they treat me and speaking xhosa not knowing i understanding and the security still smiling i then told the manager look at him still smiling not respecting me but he kept smiling at me.i then told manager go check footage what time i came. What i hate they close door as i approached door and told me i wont enter bad attitude and the guy that say he must close the door who do i think i am but claiming to be manager and speaking xhosa not knowing i can speak xhosa. I am really not happy being treated like that at a store i spend my money every day

  16. Marcia

    Hi I was at pick n pay festival mall they refused to help me withdraw money with my intellimali card (busary card) they said it doesn’t work, but I have used it before at pick n pay


    Good Morning Pick n pay,

    I am so very much disappointed in the customer service given to me at pick n pay Katutura shop 09264 cashier Patience Katjimune on Monday. One stands in the queue before 6pm when u arrive at the till you informed you may not purchase alcohol after 6pm, maybe if they were alil faster I would have been at till point before 6pm.

    I asked for a supervisor or manager available there comes a lady she talks to the tiller I assume asked what the matter was because they spoke oshiwambo.
    I look at her I explain that the shop is busy I have been in the queue for half an hour now, now that I came to the till point I cant purchase alcohol. Now the lady looks at me talks to the casher and walks away.

    I left the shop without getting the alcohol or any explanation what so ever.

    I think you need time to train your staff.

  18. Eugene

    Please stop delivering your pamflets to my house , i do not want them and you are spreading the virus

  19. Mercia Bishop

    Good day

    During December 2020 I bought a packet of Green Pea Flour. On examination I noticed that there was no indication whether the product was genetically modified. I wrote to yourselves in this regard – to date I have not even received the courtesy of an acknowledgement.
    I will be pleased to receive clarification in this regard.
    Please respond appropriately.

  20. Kezanne Conradie

    I am very unhappy with the quality of the clothing. I love the styles.Works for my body shape and it is affordable.But I wear it twice and it starts pulling loose at the seams. The material actually tears. I wear my clothes loose so I don’t buy them too small to give them reason to tear.

  21. Vanessa Quan

    hi there, I had such poor service from cashier at PnP Hyper Greenstone on Sunday 1 November.
    Obviously because she was a temp (name said Staff) she had no will to actually be there. She was slovenly in her approach, lounging on her chair and couldn’t be bothered to press her revolving band, rather expecting me to give her my shopping. What a sour face. She had obviously had a bad day.

    Norwood Hyper staff are also unfriendly. Perhaps it’s the bigger stores?

    I think some customer service training would benefit all PnP Hyper staff. Go visit PnA and see how friendly and helpful they are.

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