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sun.ac.za Senior Students – Registration 2017 : Stellenbosch University

Organisation : Stellenbosch University
Facility : Senior Students – Registration 2017
Location : Matieland
Closing Date : 26 January 2017
Website : http://www.sun.ac.za/english/welcome/Pages/default.aspx
Application Details : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/5185-REGsenoir_2017.pdf

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Senior Students – Registration

** This notice is being sent to all students who were registered as students in 2016, regardless of whether they are going to register again in 2017, or not, or whether they have readmission to study in 2017, or not.

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1. Registration :
12 – 26 Jan – Self registration :
** By registering themselves, seniors can avoid the NARGA registration process.
** Any computer with internet access may be used.

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** Students who do not have access to a computer, may make use of the computer-user area that will be made available for them.
** This computer-user area in the Neelsie Students’ Centre will be available from 16 to 26 January, 08:00 – 16:00, with officials in attendance to render assistance (excluding 21 and 22 January).

NB :
1. If students do not use self registration (e-registration), they will have to follow the normal registration programme in NARGA.
2. Module changes after registration should be done via the e-registration programme on my.sun.ac.za
3. Students who are not yet registered when the normal NARGA registration ends on 26 January, will have to pay a late registration levy of R500-00.

24 – 26 Jan – NARGA Registration :
Students who do not use the self registration option, register as follows

** : Senior under- and postgraduate students on the Stellenbosch Campus register in accordance with the registration schedule further on in this notice in the Faculty of Science’s computer users area (NARGA) in Block A of the Administration Buildings.

** Use the northern entrance to the building.

Please note :
** It is very important that you should not neglect to register, even if you have doubts about the modules that you want to follow, since changes to the original registration can be done later, if necessary, up to 10 February 2017.

** Students who do not use self registration, would not be allowed to register outside their allotted faculty timeslots as indicated on the registration schedule further on in this notice.

27 Jan – Module changes – specific faculties :
** Students in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Economic and Management Sciences, who want to change their modules after self registration, or registration in NARGA, get a special opportunity to have the changes being brought about on Friday 27 January between 08:00 and 12:00 in NARGA, before the classes start on Monday 30 January.

27 Jan – 10 Feb – Late Registration :
** Senior undergraduate and honours students who are not registered by Thursday 26 January, will be allowed to register with their faculty officers in Block A of the Central Administration Buildings until Friday 10 February, on condition that class attendance commenced timeously, and with payment of R500 late registration levy.

2. Non-South African Citizens :
** All students who are not SA citizens, must show at registration either a permanent residence permit or a study permit, which should have been obtained previously from the South African Department for Home Affairs.
** The permit must be valid for 2017. If you have failed to obtain the permit, you will not be permitted to register.

3. Outstanding Documents :
** Students who have not yet presented their proof of admission documents (Senior Certificate and/or certificates of other education authorities) will only be allowed to register if they submit their original outstanding proof of admission documents prior to or at registration.

4. Masters And Doctoral Students :
** Masters and doctoral students have to register as students at the start of each year for the full period of their studies until the degree is awarded.
** Registration can be done until 26 January. Registration can be done personally, by mail or self registration.

** Those who register by mail are requested to complete the relevant form(s) that are sent to all masters and doctoral students who were registered for the programme for at least a year.

** Students who register personally, must do so in accordance with the registration schedule further on in this document.
** New masters and doctoral students can register until 31 March 2017.

5. Last Day For Changes To Modules :
** Module changes will be permitted until 10 February 2017.
** Any changes after this date for which permission can be granted will be accompanied by a R100 levy.

** See also paragraph 7 (Proof of registration) in this regard.
** Please also note the special opportunity for module changes prior to the commencement of classes on 30 January at paragraph 1 above.

6. Fees Payable At Registration :
** See the enclosed notice for fees payable at registration. A visit to the cashiers during registration can be avoided by depositing the required amount into the account of the University in accordance with the information in the notice.

7. Proof Of Registration :
** At registration, each student is provided with a printed proof of registration, that indicates the programme and modules that were registered for. Students utilizing the process of self registration, must print the proof of registration out of the student portal, my.sun.ac.za Please scrutinize the document carefully, as it contains important information.

** If any mistakes occur, it need to be corrected in the student portal at my.sun.ac.za, or with the relevant faculty officer in Administration Block A, before or on Friday 10 February.

8. Student Card :
** If you are still in possession of your student card of 2016 and are going to use it, you need not have it activated for 2017, as it is automatically activated after you have registered for 2017.

If you are not in possession of your student card of 2016 any more, or you want a new card with a new photo, you must act as follows :
Replacement of student card :
** 16 Jan – 3 Feb in the Neelsie Student Centre

** 6 Feb and later in Administration Block A, IT Hub
** Irrespective of whether you are going to use your card of 2016 or obtain a new card, you will have to enter into an agreement with the University that you will not provide your student card to another person for use in any way.

** An e-mail in this regard will be directed to you early in January.
** The acknowledgment will be a pre-requirement for registration.
** This acknowledgment can be done via the self registration application or visit my.sun.ac.za >>undergraduate >>administration >>student card agreement

Contact Address :
Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1,
Matieland, 7602,
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Tel.: +27 21 808 9111

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    How do I get a registration form?

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