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vodacom.co.za Power Hour Promotion : South Africa

Organization : Vodacom South Africa
Competition Name : Power Hour Promotion
Applicable For : Vodacom Customers
Competition Deadline : 4 June 2017

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Website : http://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/terms/power-hour-terms-and-conditions

Power Hour Terms & Conditions :

1. Please note this promotion is for voice calls – video calls are excluded.
2. The promotion is only available to Prepaid, Top Up and uChoose subscribers.

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3. The promotion excludes Prepaid 79c customers, Contract customers and Community Services SIMs.
4. The promotion runs from 3 July 2016 to ends 4 June 2017.
5. The promotion entitles customers to seven Power Hour promotional bundles per week.

6. Limited to one bundle a day, i.e. 60 minutes worth of voice airtime (measured on a per minute basis) on calls made to Vodacom cellphone numbers on the day the bundle is purchased, between 6am and midnight (i.e. Monday to Sundays), subject to these terms, conditions and exclusions (all off-net calls will be billed to the customers prevailing price plan).

7. On weekdays (Monday to Friday) each Power Hour promotional bundle costs R7 (incl. VAT).
8. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) each Power Hour promotional bundle costs R7 (incl. VAT).
9. Once a customer has used up the 60 voice minutes they will begin paying again for voice calls made to Vodacom cellphone numbers at their current price plan rate.

Thus, if a customer’s Power Hour bundle runs out while on a call, the customer will be billed at their applicable price plan :

Price Plan  Unitisation  Peak VC to VC  Off Peak VC to VC 
Vodacom Daily Free Calls 60/60 R1.20 R1.20
Vodacom Anytime Per Second 1/1 R1.20 R1.20
Vodacom All Day Per Minute 60/30 R1.40 R1.40
Vodacom All Day Per Second 1/1 R1.70 R1.70
Vodacom Per Second Plus 1/1 R2.25 R1.18*
Vodacom Day Saver 1/1 R1.99 R1.30
Vodacom 4 Less 1/1 R2.60 R2.60
Vodacom 4U Prepaid 1/1 R2.58 R1.12
Vodacom Big Bonus 1/1 R1.85 R1.08
 Vodacom Power Bonus (default) 1/1 R1.50 R1.50

10. Discounted Vodacom4Less rates and redeemed Talking Points discounted rates will not be applicable while a Power Hour bundle is active.

11. All unused minutes will expire every day at midnight. Call types that qualify for Power Hour :
a) Vodacom to Vodacom (on-net) voice calls.
b) Callback to Vodacom (on-net)
c) Call forwarding to Vodacom (on-net)
d) Through-Connect to Vodacom (on-net)
e) Conference calls to Vodacom (on-net)

Power Hour for a week :
1. Power Hour for a week is available to Prepaid subscribers only (except for 79c Tariff)
2. The Power Hour for a week bundle is R49 and allows you to get a 60 minute bundle every day for 7 consecutive days. The bundle is for Vodacom to Vodacom calls

3. The bundle is available for purchase on *111# More Power menu , *111# Promotions menu and *111*60#
4. No daily Power Hour bundle can be purchased if you already have this bundle active
5. The balance that appears on *111# is the balance for that day’s bundle

6. Purchases of the bundle can occur between 06:00 and 22:00
7. Every day’s bundle allocation is valid until midnight with no carry over
8. Discounted Vodacom 4Less rates and redeemed Talking Points discounted rates will not apply to the Power Hour bundle

9. Call types that qualify for Power Hour :
** Vodacom to Vodacom (on-net) voice calls.
** Callback to Vodacom (on-net)
** Call forwarding to Vodacom (on-net)
** Through-Connect to Vodacom (on-net)
** Conference calls to Vodacom (on-net)

10. Call types that are excluded :
** Voice and video calls to other SA Networks
** Roaming calls
** International calls
** Video calls (to all networks)
** Conference calls (to other SA networks)
** Call Sponsor
** VAS calls
** Reverse Charge
** SMS, MMS, Data, SVS
** General Service calls
** Directory Enquiry calls
** Reconnect
** Message forwarding
** Fax Out dial
** Call forwarding (to other SA networks)

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