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tableviewprimary.co.za Apply For Admission 2018 : Table View Primary School

Name of the Organization : Table View Primary School
Facility : Apply For Admission 2018
Head Office : Table View
Deadline: 24 March 2017

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Website : tableviewprimary.co.za/admissions

Table View Primary School Apply For Admission

Enrollment 2018 : Grade 1-7
** Our Application for Admission Package will be available from 6 February 2017.
** This package contains detailed information about the required documentation and forms that must be signed and submitted.

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Kindly note the following :
** Complete, sign and attach all the necessary documentation.
** Hand in all the forms from the Application Package to Mrs Santilli by 24 March 2017.
** Enrollment will only be considered once all of the necessary documentation has been received.

Orientation Day ā€“ Grade 1 :
** Should your application be successful you will be notified of the Orientation Day in November 2017.
** Further information regarding preparation for the Grade 1 year will then be discussed.

Grade 2-7 Parent’s Evenings :
** These will take place within the first two week of the first term of 2018.
** All relevant information regarding the operational functioning of the school and parent responsibilities will be discussed during these meetings.
** You will receive written notification of your childā€™s acceptance into Table View Primary School by Friday 3 June 2017.

2017 Starting Date :
School will commence on Wednesday 17 January 2018.
Application Dates To Schools For 2018 (WCED)
Admissions open : 6 February 2017
Admissions close : 24 March 2017
Schools inform parents by : 3 June 2017
Parents confirm acceptance by : 30 June 2017

Admission Policy :
1. Interpretation :
In this policy document, unless the context indicates otherwise :
1.1 the Act – the South African Schools Act 1996 (as amended);
1.2 Applicant Learner – any person receiving education or obliged to receive education in terms of the Act, who is applying for admission to the school;

1.3 Teacher – any person, excluding a person who is appointed to exclusively perform extra-curricular duties, who teaches, educates or trains learners at the School;

2. Enrolment Procedure :
2.1 In the case of Grade One applicants, Enrollment procedures must commence and conclude within the time frame communicated by the WCED.

2.2 In the case of Grade Two to Seven applicants, enrolment procedures must be completed no later than 1 December of the year preceding the year of enrolment. Families who are relocating into our area after this date, will also be accommodated if we have space available.

2.3 The Parents and Applicant Learner may be required to attend an interview if required to do so by the Principal.

3. Documents Required for the Admission of a Learner :
3.1 The Parent/s must complete and sign the prescribed application form for the admission of a Learner. The application form, together with the additional documents, must be delivered to the school within the admission dates as set out in 2. above. Unless the fully completed documentation accompanies the application form, the application will be deemed incomplete.

3.2 When a Parent applies for the admission of an Applicant Learner, the Parent must present :
3.2.1 An unabridged birth certificate, (or proof of application for an unabridged birth certificate from the Department of Home Affairs), together with a copy of the abridged birth certificate or Identity Document, until such time as the unabridged birth certificate is received.

** Immunization Certificate – A certified copy of, or proof that the child has been immunized against polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and Hepatitis B

Proof of residence :
(a) If you are a homeowner – the latest municipal account (not older than one year)
(b) If you are renting ā€“ a copy of the lease agreement, valid for at least one full year. If expiring within the next two months, a new contract may be required. A sworn affidavit will NOT be considered as proof.

(c) According to the Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999 there is no provision for a third party in a rental agreement and thus subletting will not be considered as proof of residence.
(d) In the case of a change of address, the school needs to be informed in writing and a copy of the new lease agreement must be provided. A valid Study Visa/ Study Permit.

4. Primary Admission Criteria:
The Applicant Learner can be admitted to the School if the following criteria are fulfilled :
4.1 The Applicant Learner resides permanently in area closest to the school, the parent may not travel past another public school on his way to Table View Primary.

4.2 The age of the Applicant Learner does not exceed two years above or below the chronological average age of the specific grade; and
4.3 The Parents have completed the Enrolment Procedure in full and to the satisfaction of the Principal and/or Governing Body.

5. Secondary Admission Criteria :
In the event of the maximum capacity allowing for additional enrolments, and the Applicant Learner not fulfilling the Primary Admission criteria as set out in par. 4.,

The following criteria shall be applied :
5.1 The Parent(s) of the Applicant Learner are employed in formal employment in the area closest to Table View Primary School.
5.2 The Applicant Learner demonstrates an enthusiasm for participation in the academic, sporting and cultural activities offered by the schools previously attended by them;

53 The Applicant Learner will benefit the most from the subjects, activities and facilities offered by the School,
5.4 The Applicant Learner shows academic potential, or has special circumstances which merit consideration of their application;
5.5 The Applicant Learner has a good disciplinary record;

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