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VUT Admission Status Self Check : Vaal University of Technology

Organization : Vaal University of Technology
Head Quarters: Vanderbijlpark
Status of Facility : VUT Admission Status Self Check
Check Status : https://password.vut.ac.za/status/

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How To Do VUT Admission Status Self Check?

Welcome to the VUT facility to check the status of your application. To track the VUT Admission status self check , Just follow the below steps.

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Step – 1 : Go to the status link provided above, then click check you application status option.

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Step – 2 Please enter your Student, Passport or ID Number
Step – 3Click Search Button to get your status

Note :
** Official correspondence will be sent to all applicants confirming all outcomes.
** All information on registration instruction will be made available to all successful candidates
** Data on this site is updated hourly

How to Apply at VUT?

** First you have to make sure that you meet the VUT admission requirements of the programme of your choice to apply at VUT.

** Obtain a copy of the undergraduate programme guide as well as an application form from the admissions office (CW Building) or download it from our website (www.vut.ac.za).
Once completed, you must submit your application together with the relevant documentation and application fee to the admissions office by hand or by post.

** The fee changes annually so please consult the admissions office to determine the correct amount. All prospective applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On VUT

What is the closing date for applications?
Applications for undergraduate courses close at the end of September each year.

How long before I am informed of the outcome of my application?
All prospective applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application as soon as it has been processed by the admissions office.

How do I check my application status?
Yes, you can track your application form via VUT’s website (apps.vut.ac.za/status) using your ID number.

How much is the application fee?
The fee changes on an annual basis so it would be in your best interest to consult the call Centre on 0861 861 888 or the admissions office via email (admissions@vut.ac.za) to determine the correct amount. You can also check on the application form.

Do I need to apply if I have previously applied and have not been accepted?
Yes, an applicant is required to fill out another application form to apply for the coming year.

About Us :
Established in 2004 as Vaal University of Technology (VUT), it originated as a College of Advanced Technical Education (1966-1979) and was later known as Vaal Triangle Technikon (1979-2003).As part of the transformation of the higher education sector in 2004, institutional restructuring reduced, through mergers and incorporations, the number of institutions of higher education and training in South Africa from 36 to 23.

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  1. Zwiada

    Pls respond to application
    It’s say not yet code pls help me

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve applied at vut for some time now but doesn’t change.It is forever pending….please help

  3. Koketso

    Please 🙏 respond to my application it’s been along since my status says not coded yet for graphic design …vut is my last hope please

  4. Gift

    I applied at vut but when I check my status it says the will consider my application as soon as they receive my upgraded results but I uploaded them.

  5. Nthabiseng

    I applied in october and when i check myself on application status it says information not found

  6. Thabiso Reginald Macholo

    my application is forever pending

    1. Anonymous

      Mine too…..like it’s been a while now.I wonder why?

  7. Lebogang THOBEJANE


  8. Nokuthula

    I applied around September but still my status hasn’t changed yet

  9. Sibusiso

    I applied around july via email but when i check my status it say information not found

  10. BUSI


  11. joy

    I have applied for admission but wen I check on the system it says I don’t appear

  12. Melissa

    I applied twice but still when I check it it says information not found and that is really stressing me 😏

    1. Nthabiseng

      Same applies to me

  13. Silindile ndosi

    I applied at vut but the is no answer and am still waiting the answer me in one course the tell me i don’t meet the requirements but another one they did answer when am trying to to check my status they only show me the course that a did not meet the requirements so i don’t know what can i do now can plz help me my student numbr is 220158185

  14. Malepe Clint

    Has anyone received a response on de 2020 late applications @ vut ?

  15. Malepe Clint

    Hey guys i applied for late application @ vut for 2020 bt havent been told anything.Has anyone received a response from them so far ?

  16. Joy

    I applied last year on may for BEd at VUT and even now my application is still in progress I’m super stressed I don’t know what to do

    1. Anonymous

      I applied at Vut on 18 February and I uploaded all the documents needed but my application status still says pending documents

      When will this status change

  17. Xolly

    Ms son applied last yr, his status in Education is still saying application received & in progress. Pls help


    How long does it take for ones information to appear on the system for first time applicants? I applied a month ago but till now there is no sign. What should I do?

  19. Unarine

    I applied at VUT. And when I check my information I dont find anything


      i have applied at vut on late application and when i check my status it says information is not found so can you please reply my application on this ID NO 0003295646081

  20. vongani lyborn nkuna

    i have apply but when i check my status say information not found what wrong

  21. Masala

    I applied 7 months ago ,still nothing ….and I got bachelor n I’m stressed

    1. Ofentse

      Your not alone same here and tht is really stressing.

  22. Kayleb

    I applied at VUT ,when I check the status, it says, my application is received and in progress and now am stressed because other people have received their official correspondence

    1. Karabo

      Even me…and i’m so stressed right now

    2. Ofentse

      Same here and i am really stressed

  23. Sibongile

    I have applied at VUT bt I haven’t got respond and on VUT self check it keep saying could not find my information.

  24. No name

    I have applied at vut my application status has been on evaluation for a very long time now when will it change

  25. Mamello Joyce Ntsalong..

    I applied on September and still haven’t recieved anything from vut and when i check my status..it says they can not find my information.. I wonder why because it’s the second time i apply at vaal..

    1. Pearl

      I think you must go there and tell them your problem I also faced the same thing it’s not only u

  26. Syabonga

    I think all of us have the problem, maybe VUT have some problem to upload the self check information.

  27. Nokuthula

    I have applied on 2017 and my result of upgrading didn’t come as I have expected and now I want to reapply again as I am upgrading again.

  28. Mudau

    I have applied but I didn’t get any response from VUT.

  29. Thabiso Moloi

    I applied at VUT but when I do a self check it say no information found, I wonder why.

  30. MORAKE


  31. Fortunate

    I applied at VUT months ago, when I check the status, it says, my application is in progress from long time.

  32. Thabiso Khabele

    I applied to VUT but nothing I get regarding my acceptance.

  33. Selowa Rachel

    I applied in VUT before closing date and when I check they say my ID in not found, how it is not found? even I have registered, my ID is 9511180550086.

  34. Katleho

    Let us know, when are we going to get acceptance letter? We really need them so we could apply. Please people time is passing.

  35. Desry Lamola

    I applied last month but when I tries to check my status it says my ID is invalid.

    1. Lesego nkomo

      Same here and they say they update hourly I wonder why

  36. Dietego

    I applied at VUT, my status says unsuccessful because I don’t meet requirements, so I want to do extended degree, do I wait for next year (or) do I apply again? As for my second choice which was IT, I haven’t got response yet. Can somebody help?

  37. Lisa

    I have applied last month but, when I do self check my details are not valid.

  38. Sukile Dlamini

    I have applied on the 19th of August 2018. But no response and selfcheck says self check couldn’t found. Please help.

    1. Motsoane

      I also applied last month still I did not get any response. Coming to selfcheck, it says not found. Could we please be assisted?

  39. precious

    I also applied a month ago but when I self-check it says “information not found”. I met all the requirements. Please reply me.

  40. Evelyn

    Now I have to stay at home the whole year because of VUT. I applied but they didn’t even bother to send the result if my application got success (or) not and when I check it is always in progress.

  41. Anonymous

    I have applied for studies 6 months ago but I have not yet received the feedback nor result. I am now confused. Should I reapply?

    1. Admin

      Go to the link “vut.ac.za/status/” to check your application status. Official correspondence will be sent to all applicants confirming all outcomes. All information on registration instruction will be made available to all successful candidates

  42. Elizabeth Zimunya

    I applied for admission a month ago. whenever I check the status of application, It displays “could not be found”.

  43. Linda

    I want to know, when will we get the acceptance letters?

    1. Emmanuel Mabula

      I too have applied a month ago but I haven’t got my results. When will we get our results? Because when I check, my application says it is still in progress.

    2. Admin

      Exam Results
      After writing assessments and examinations, the outcomes are made available to students by the Examinations department.

      Methods for publication of results
      ** Results are pasted on students’ notice boards.
      ** Results are given to students personally by the Examinations department.
      ** Students can access their results via student ITS iEnabler.
      ** Students can access their results via SMS from the University IVR system. SMS the number 34763

  44. Calson Miehleketo Ndlhovu

    I have applied at VAAL, but they respond that my application is unsuccessful. But I indicated that I am busy upgrading some other subjects. I thought they will respond when my results come back.

  45. Ntsotiseng Liee

    I have applied at VUT two months ago but when I do self check its says they can’t find my information.

  46. Wisdom Baloyi

    I would like to change the qualification due to the lowest marks but I am upgrading other subjects.

  47. Mpese Tshepiso

    I applied at VUT for 2018 but still there is no response.


      Just try to do it again it will work, I have done it now I got everything that I want to know.

  48. Elisa Nqawe

    I’ve applied at vaal, but they didn’t even SMS to tell me that they received the application form and even the self check it says this ID number is not in our system.

  49. Lerato

    I applied at vut in January. Even now I am still waiting for their response. I applied again last week. When I do self check it tells me that my id number is wrong.

  50. Nonhlakanipho

    I have applied at VUT but I haven’t received any response about my application. My ID number is 9811061101086 and I even deposited the money at ABSA.

    1. Khanyisile Shezi

      I have applied at VUT in May this year 2019 but I still didn’t receive any response.Even when I check my status on self check it says they can’t find my information.Please help me to get the admission letter or Approval of studying at VUT next year.

  51. M Mushe

    I’m waiting for October and see if it is true that self check will be available online. It is still in process to be in internet.

  52. Modukanene Emanuel

    I have applied for 2018 but I didn’t get any response.

    1. Selaelo Ramavhale

      That was my problem. But it is sorted. You search but self status check and then you enter your I’d, it will show your process.

    2. Thando Ndlovu

      I applied for 2018. When I do a self check, it says my application is in progress. Please say me the result progress.

  53. Anonymous

    I have applied in June and even now I did not get anything from them. Why?

  54. Happy Lethabo

    I’ve applied on March but I haven’t received any letter nor email yet. Can you please reply me, so that I would be able to know where I can go next year?

  55. Katekani Mathabela

    I have applied but you haven’t respond to my application. Can you reply me ASAP so that I will know where to go next year?

  56. Ramovha R

    What’s wrong with self checking status?

  57. Anonymous

    I’ve applied for civil engineering(extended), I’ve been waiting since January 2017 and My bursary is pending since I’m not yet accepted. Please do something.

  58. Lutendo Vele

    I applied few months ago but when I did a self check, I did not see my name.

  59. Mokhanya Seipati

    I have applied a month ago. Till now there is no reply. My application is not yet uploaded in the database.

  60. Anonymous

    I am still waiting for a response from VUT. How long will it take to get confirmation about my admission?

  61. Siphesihle Shiba

    I have registered on the 13th January 2017 but have not received any response from VUT. Again I registered online cause I thought maybe it was lost or something. I also tried to call to inquire about my status but always transferred to their admin office which rings forever. With no luck, tried also their admin (inquiries dept.) email address but fail to get response.Self Check is worse cause it shows that there are no details regarding my application form. Is there any ways that could help to know my application status?

  62. Anonymous

    I have being waiting for an SMS or call. My policing ID no. is 9605305161082.

    1. Noxolo

      I have applied For VUT months ago but I have received any response yet. Do I have to apply again?

  63. Zizipho Ntanjana

    I applied on 13th January 2017 for policing foundation but no response. What must I do?

  64. Nhlanhla Sithole

    I have applied on the 9th of January 2017 and I haven’t received any SMS.

  65. Anonymous

    I applied on 11th of January 2017. Till date I have not received any response. What so ever , my application was to study for photography.

  66. Shaun T. T.Kupamutonga

    I applied in the beginning of January to study Marketing. I have not received my reply since then. My passport number is CN040905. On the self check it does not show my name.

  67. Mpilo

    It’s the last week of January. We still haven’t received any news whatsoever concerning our Application status. I’d really like to study there and further my education at your institute. My ID number is 9702145481083. Please reply ASAP.

  68. Tholoana Maduna

    I have applied for ecotourism and was told that its not even full. Now it is not Full but I have not yet got any response and I qualified for it with good results. Please assist me.

  69. Lesego Makola

    I applied at VUT on 9th of January and it was a late application but even now I keep on doing self check still there’s no sign of any result.



  71. Lesego Ditlhake

    I just received SMS confirming that my application has been successful and that the registration closes tomorrow. So I don’t know if I’m expected to pay registration before tomorrow or they are closing applications. PLEASE CLARIFY.

  72. Mclere

    Rather tell that my application was unsuccessful, unlike not receiving any feedback, I’ll come straight to the campus to fetch my documents because seemingly are going to end up on a gabage-bin.

  73. Mazibuko Machela

    Same applies above. I did applied last week Monday (09th January 2017)yet. I didn’t receive SMS for conformation. Please we really like VUT to continue our studies.

  74. Motaung Nhlanhla

    I have applied last week but still there is no response. I know its late application but I need to study.

  75. Xivuriso

    I’ve applied to study logistics for 2017 but haven’t got the SMS yet. Please help.

  76. Slender

    I had applied but I never got confirmation message. When will I get it? When is the due date for first year student?

  77. Tiisetso

    I need to ask a question concerning that when your application is unsuccessful because you didn’t meet the minimum admission score. Is there anything you can do to change your course and still have chances to study?

  78. Frustrated Lady

    I applied at VUT. I just got the SMS that says NSFAS approved my bursary but here it says my application was not accepted. What does that mean?

  79. Mamikie Angela Mhlanga

    I have applied the past year. I don’t have the response yet and I went to your institution. I was told to apply as a late applicant.

  80. Boitumelo

    I thought my application would be successful as I thought they’re good enough to be admitted in university. I did a late application this year of 2017 but until today I never got any response. I really wanted to study in VUT. I don’t know how I can get my positive results of my application.

  81. Mbali Molotsi

    I applied last year. Up to now I have not received a feedback. Please assist me.

    1. Mbhoni Justice Makhubele

      I have applied at VUT a late application. But I didn’t get an answer up until now and I really want to study there.

  82. Nontsikelelo Tanya Ngcobo

    This is so depressing. I’m still waiting for a response even when I call to find out about the feedback the calls are not answered. The self check is also not working.

  83. Shakes Thabang Sikhosana

    I applied at VUT for sport management and I haven’t received any respond yet. Please respond. I just wanna know where I stand at the moment.

  84. Tshembo Maluleke

    I applied an late application on Tuesday 10th January 2017, but until now I received nothing. I applied under sports management or logistics. Please help me with it. I’m willing to further up my studies at VUT.

  85. Sipho

    I applied early but I didn’t get any notification. Until now I don’t know whether my application is considered as successful or unsuccessful and it getting late. If I may know may be I can apply somewhere else before it’s getting late. Please help me to know.

    1. Aletta

      I applied last year at Daveyton campus for IT. They put me in marketing. Now I changed to main campus and applied for biotechnology. They haven’t sent SMS.

  86. Ayanda

    I applied at VUT last year and I still haven’t got an answer and I hear the application is closing today. What must I do then?

  87. Xolani

    I had applied for nature conservation but didn’t received a message yet.

  88. Makgauta Mpembe

    I applied earlier this year. My application still says pending. What shall I do?

  89. William

    My child is still waiting and want to study Logistics for 2017. When will he do self check it is still pending and has passed with Bachelor Degree. Can you please help? His id number is 9903125679080.

  90. Buntu Ngxabi

    I also applied at VUT but still I haven’t got an answer. I need to study as I qualify for the course with a bachelor.

  91. Callista Musheluka

    I applied last year for a diploma in Logistics. I have passed with a bachelors but my application status still says pending. Please help. This is a matter of space.

  92. Refiloe

    I have received a SMS that I have been accepted to study at Vaal but I have not got the acceptance letter.

  93. Maureen

    When are we getting acceptance letters? Some of us need to apply for bursaries. Your administration is poor. If I hadn’t checked my application status online I wouldn’t be able to know if I got accepted or not. So I need to know the registration dates.

  94. Jackson

    This must be one of the useless university in the world!

  95. Mbongo Matshediso

    I have applied since the previous year, 18th august 2016. Still I haven’t got SMS or reply but I have passed my matric with a bachelor and I meet the requirements.

  96. Murigwathoho Ndaedzo

    I applied for mechanical engineering but I did not get any SMS and I passed with bachelor. I don’t even find my status on self check. What must I supposed to do now because I am confused.

  97. Ubisi Sibusiso

    I have applied but there is no reply yet. Please help because I need to study.

  98. Sindaphi Blom

    I have applied at VUT for 2017 academics. It’s been over three months now and I haven’t received a response.

  99. Octovia

    When are you going to answer me because it’s been long time and I wanna know where I stand before it is too late.

  100. Sibusiso Ubisi

    Why do my result is still pending though I meet the requirement?

  101. Frustrated Student

    Why don’t you respond? We applied last year and yet the status is still pending. You know what, I never applied because I loved this varsity. Its because you were the last option left. I had no choice.

  102. Mushothi Tondani

    My student no is 217205690 and ID no is 9612095077080 who have applied for my further studies for 2017. Up to now I have not received any reply. Can you please reply so that I may know about my application status? Another thing that I want to know if coming to the university to inquire can be the right thing or not.

  103. Sifiso Shabalala

    I have applied for admission to study mechanical engineering with VUT. I have not received any SMS confirming my application. I have passed with a bachelor. There is no information when I do self check.

  104. Sinethemba Anele Malaza

    I’ve registered 5 months back and I still haven’t got a response. What should I do?

  105. Magonono Pfananani

    I applied long time ago but still there’s no answer.

  106. Nsikelelo

    I applied at VUT since June. A week back I just checked myself on this service and I saw that I was accepted but still haven’t received SMS. I’m so stressed.

  107. Amanda

    I had also applied and I didn’t get any answer.

  108. Thama

    I also applied for VUT days before the closing date but still there is no reply.

  109. Phenyo Phage

    I applied for VUT just before the closing date but I haven’t receive any information and status.

  110. Mokgadi

    I applied at VUT but I didn’t received anything. I applied on June. I look forward for my response.

  111. Siyanda

    I have applied for Admission on the 8th of June! Till now I haven’t got any response from the University! It’s been a semester!. Other Universities that I’ve applied for responded towards my application and that after I’ve applied for admission at VUT, and I thank Lord that I’m admitted in those two Universities. Apart from #feesmustfall the institution has a poor service.
    You guys are more than welcome to throw my documents into the bin.

  112. Khumbudzo

    I have applied for a change of course and now I have made a background check on what I wanted to change to and I don’t like it anymore. Now I want to withdraw the application and continue with my old course. What can I do?

  113. Mashudu

    I have also applied but still no answer.

  114. Sandile Philani Khumalo

    I applied on vut. But still I haven’t got any reply. Please if any rejection or situation occurred let me know.

  115. Nathaniel Thando Moiane

    I have applied but I have not received a reply. Please help because I need to study.

  116. Leticia

    I also applied before 2 months ago and I have not received anything. I went to self check. There is nothing and when I call they shout at me. If we did not qualify or you cant process our application why cant you just tell?

  117. Zelda Moremi

    I also applied a month ago and my application is not yet on the system. Please help!

  118. Thabang

    I have sent my application to you but I haven’t even get a response. I don’t even have a student number.

  119. Sibusiso

    I have sent my application to you but whenever I want to check self your link doesn’t open. Please help!!

  120. Portia

    I just checked myself on this self service and I see that I am accepted but still haven’t received the admission letter to my postal address.
    Another issue is I called the office yesterday to indicate them that I accept the offer but they hang up on me. VUT why are you doing this to us? Do you guys have any idea of how difficult it was for me to get that airtime which you guys wasted without even getting a single help from you?

  121. Thembela

    I’ve applied a month ago. Still there is no reply. My application status is not yet on the system.

  122. Sambo Forget

    I applied 4 months ago at Vut but when I check my self I did not find my name.

  123. Nothando

    I applied at VUT and tried doing the self check but seems I am not on the list.

  124. Cynthia Mofokeng

    Its been almost three months. Since I applied but still no response. Can you please let me know?

  125. Napo

    When are we going to get acceptance letters guys?
    We want to apply for bursaries,and already some are closed!

    1. Thando

      I have applied 5 months ago. Still I have no reply from vaal university of technology.

  126. Ines

    I applied a month ago but till now there is no sign. What should I do?

  127. Emihle Myataza

    I applied at VUT a month ago but when I do self check I do not see my name,and it says that my ID number Is not correct.

  128. Thibello Radebe

    How long does it take for ones information to appear on the system for first time applicants?

  129. Naphthalia

    I have applied but since June till now nothing comes out. Did you guys even see my application?

  130. donald

    Its been two months now since I applied at VUT and my application status is not yet on the system. Can I at least know where I stand?

  131. Colleen mabaso

    I applied a long time ago, still nothing. Come January, and we don’t want to be stressed.

  132. maulet vuma

    I applied at vut months ago but when I did a self check, I did not see my name.

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