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reavaya.org.za Apply for Rea Vaya Smartcard : Joburg

Organisation : Rea Vaya Joburg
Facility : Apply for Rea Vaya Smartcard
Location : Johannesburg

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Website : http://www.reavaya.org.za/?_=180&&I=31
Smart Card Terms & Condition : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/7754-termsconditions.pdf
Penalty Appeal Form : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/7754-penaltyform.pdf

Apply for Rea Vaya Smartcards

Terms and Conditions :
1. Card Security :
1.1 You must treat your Card as if it is CASH. As with cash, anyone in possession of your Card can use it to make contactless payments.

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1.2 You must make sure that you keep your Card, the security features of the Card, and the PIN safe and secure by:
1.3 never allowing anyone else to use your Card;
1.4 taking care to ensure that your Card is always in your possession;
1.5 not interfering with any magnetic stripe or chip on you Card;
1.6 not giving your Card number to any unauthorised person;
1.7 not writing the PIN on your Card;
1.8 not carrying the PIN with your Card;
1.9 not recording the PIN where it may be accessed by other people;
1.10 not giving your PIN to anyone else including the police and bank employees;
1.11 not giving details of any of the security features of your Card to any unauthorised person; and

1.12 complying with all reasonable instructions received from Absa about keeping your Card and the security features of your Card safe and secure.
1.13 Due to fact that the Card is similar to having Cash, Absa/Rea Vaya cannot guarantee that your Card will not be used and the funds depleted after you have reported it lost or stolen.
1.14 Absa will not be liable for the replacement of any lost or stolen card or the remaining value on the card

Lost, Stolen & Damaged Cards

2.1 If the Card is lost, stolen or damaged, you can purchase a replacement Card at the following Rea Vaya Stations: Orlando Stadium, Diepkloof, UJ Kingsway, Park Station, Johannesburg Art Gallery and Carlton Center

2.2 If the chip on a damaged card can still be read, the replacement card will be loaded with the remaining value on the damaged card within 30 days.

2.3 If the Card is lost or stolen, or the chip on a damaged card cannot be read, the remaining value on the lost, stolen or damaged Card will be transferred to your replacement card within 30 (thirty) days after you requested this at any Customer Care Centre, provided that you are able to prove your identity and entitlement to the remaining value.

Where To Buy Your Rea Vaya Smartcard
You can buy your smartcard for R26.50 from any of the following stations :
** Park Station
** UJ Kingsway
** Johannesburg Art Gallery
** Orlando Stadium
** Thokoza Park
** iNdingilizi
** Diepkloof
** Carlton Centre Westbound


Where To Load Your Smartcard ?
You can load Rea Vaya points onto your smartcard at any Rea Vaya station

How To Travel Using Your Smartcard
** Simply “tap in” with your card as you enter the paid area of a Rea Vaya station or at a bus stop, and “tap out” again as you exit at your destination. Rea Vaya stations have access gates with validators. Hold your card against the validator and the gate will open. There are staff members, wearing Rea Vaya uniforms, standing by to assist you.

** If you embark or disembark at a bus stop rather than a station, simply tap in or tap out using the validator near the door of the bus.
** The system will automatically deduct the correct fare, based on how far you’ve travelled, from the money pre-loaded on your card. Check the validator display to view your remaining balance .

What’S The Minimum Balance Needed To Travel?
It’s important to ensure that there is sufficient points on your smartcard to travel. You need at least R14.10, which covers the fare for the longest trip on the Rea Vaya routes.

Know your smartcard number and expiry date :
** The faster we’re able to trace your details on the smartcard database, the sooner we’ll be able to transfer your money.

** To this end, it will help if you can provide the number of your old smartcard.
** For this reason, commuters are encouraged to keep their Rea Vaya smartcard number and expiry date written down somewhere safely in case their card is one day lost or stolen.

** The smartcard number is the 16-digit number on the front of the card.
** The expiry date is the month-year combination (for example, 03/19) under “valid thru”, also on the front of the card.

** You should also take care to provide your correct ID number, as the wrong number will also delay the money transfer process.
** Still have questions about your smartcard? Contact Rea Vaya’s call centre on 0860 562 874.

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