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View Municipal Account Balance Online : eThekwini Municipality

Organization : eThekwini Municipality
Type of Facility : View Municipal Account Balance Online
Website : durban.gov.za

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How To View eThekwini Municipal Account Balance?

** Unrestricted access to the View eThekwini Municipal Account Balance function is no longer available to the general public for consumer privacy reasons. The function view will only be available for consumers registered with eServices.

Related / Similar Facility : eThekwini Municipality Water Connection Request Status

What is eThekwini Municipality e-Services?

e-Services is a self service facility that eThekwini Municipality offers to Individuals, Companies and Organisations.

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It currently offers :
** Up to date account information
** Delivery of accounts by email
** Copy of previous accounts
** Further functionality will be added shortly

How To Use eThekwini Municipality e-Services System?

To Use eThekwini Municipality e-Services System, follow the below steps

** Register your Profile
** Link Accounts to your Profile
** All facilities are available for accounts that are linked to your Profile
** NB. It is important to respond to any activation email sent by the e-Services system.

Rules for linking accounts to a profile :
** Accounts will only be linked to your profile if the ID number/Company reference number you provided in

** your Profile is the same as the account holder number held in the Revenue Management system.
** If you have a problem linking your account please Contact our Customer Care Centre
** If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Line on 0313245000

eThekwini Municipality Contact

e-Services   :
Please use the following contact details to contact us.
Phone Customer Care Line on 031 324 5000
Fax Number 031 324 5111
Email Customer Care Line on revline AT durban.gov.za

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 07:30 to 16:30
Saturdays 07:30 to 11:30

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  1. Basil

    Please use email address to send account balances.Improve your communication.

  2. vik

    useless like everything else

    1. Anonymous

      True – They take dom to a new level

  3. d moodley

    hi how do i access my account, this site is so unfriendly

  4. Savathri Reddy

    I was unable to register my account to the email I’m very upset with this as we don’t get our bill on time n when they do send it its the previous month absolutely disgusted with the services of the municipality!!!!



  6. Errol Mqadi

    please can i have my statement on the following account 8361803XXXX. The account is in areas already

  7. Francois

    What kind of email is this – Email Customer Care Line on revline AT durban.gov.za ?

    What is the correct email for Customer Care

  8. Jeanette Ngonyama

    Can I have my bill accounts for April May and June please

  9. Mrs JB HANIFF

    Please can I have my account balance a/c no8790620XXXX

  10. Ernest Smith

    I have tried several times to register, so as to receive my monthly billing more regularly but, have not been able to logon thereafter. My bills always arrive two-months too late. I see the bill notification via ‘messages’ has ceased too. Please help.

  11. Michael Smith

    Good day, I have been trying to arrange with your office to have my four (4) bills emailed to me, without success. The posted bills are arriving either late or not at all, so my bills are not being paid timeously. I have emailed my request, as well as tried registering, tried calling Customer Care – all FAILED attempts, with no response.
    Thank You

    1. Anonymous

      Hi there. Did you ever sucseed? I have also been trying

  12. T. Naidoo

    Hi! Please can I have my accounts for rates, water & electricity for now & every month on my e-mail
    I have been trying to register & go to e-balances nothing is happening.
    I need to pay my accounts

  13. Revashnee govindsamy

    Hi could i kindly have this months bil

  14. Ellen hasson

    Hi my account is in arrears plz help me I want to make arrangements to pay in instalments plz


    please email me last 2 months statement. Acc Number 831082CXXXXX

    in future email all my statements

    1. Rehana Shaik


      Please advise on how to access my rent bill

  16. Anonymous

    Hi I need to enquire balance for my neighbour she is disabled

  17. D W LAGGAR


  18. ADSAM

    Good Day

    My Credit authority was cancelled. I went to pay on the date of payment and the Sizakala offices in Tongaat closed at 11am due to the water issues. Now they are asking me to pay an amount of R14 000.00 immediately to avoid suspension of electricity services. What do I do now.

    1. Phindile Magwaza

      ADSAM, these guys seem to be inflicted with a GOD COMPLEX. I find myself in a similar situation in that they refuse to address these issues despite even speaking with them one on one. I am a pensioner, and, discovered there had been underground water leaks on my premises. I received my utilities bill, which appeared to be the usual reasonable amount. However, the bill in the following month had been had been way too high, like in excess of R40000. I followed this up, however, I took the initiative to renew all water pipes at my premises. Having done this, I sought assistance from this Westwood Ins. company. after having put a dispute in place, as this is the only way one could force these guys from disconnecting my services. Despite this, the municipality went on adding this ridiculous amount of R40000 to my bill, on the basis of billing me on the average usage they claimed. I returned to the municipality, when I was advised that the only way to address this, will be to settle the amount, before they would attend to my matter. By this stage, I was slapped with a bill of R120000. Eventually, water loss ins. paid out R1200, which left me with this huge debt. I explained my plight to the municipality, when I was asked to go to the water dept. upon Prior lane. Having done this, I was referred to a social worker setup that they had. I was told that I would be visited by a social worker within 3 months. In this period, I had been facing individuals arriving at my premises to ” shut me down ” as they put it. I returned to Water Dept. where a social worker reiterated that I should be patient, and they will visit me to assess why it is that I could not foot the bill. They were to come by to see my living conditions, so as to take a decision. This was done in October 2021. To date, I have not received that visit. By now, I was kept under threat of having my services “shut down” I was required, om each occasion, to give these guys money for cool drinks and such, so,” they would be able to HELP me” This went on forever, and had become really traumatic. RESULT: I went into my bond account and borrowed against my account, and made payment, as my credit arrangement had been cancelled for no apparent reason. ADSAM, that miracle is not going to happen. You are going to have to go back, and do a fresh credit authority. You will find that you will be needed to put down 50% of the amount owed, before you will be attended to with the reasoning being ” you have failed to keep to your agreement. You’re not alone ADSAM.

  19. Portia Ntando Dlamini

    Can you please email me the statement for water and electricity every month. The account number is 83283XXXXXX. In the meantime please email me April. I am no longer receiving it via the post box at UMlazi. Your help will be much appreciated.

  20. vinesh

    please forward my billing readings monthly via email

  21. V Reddy

    Please can i have the current municipality bill for account Number 656146XXXXX.

    Thanking you kindly

  22. Dylan

    Poor service delivery u call in because u need your bill..but u listy to music .gov should have a toll free number where we has paying customer don’t struggle…poor service

  23. Richard Andre

    I’ve been waiting 3 days to have our electricity reconnected as it was disconnected in error. I was told on Wednesday afternoon that someone will me. Nonsipho phoned me yesterday confirming they will reconnect my electricity still waiting

  24. Rick Andrew

    This a poorly designed website professing to be user-friendly. The list of complaints is three times the length of the website. Communicating with the Durban municipality is like playing squash in a tent. There’s no response!!

  25. Lewen Perumal

    need my electricity bill for march 2022

  26. A.V.MAKAN

    NO WATER {83184423453} &ELECTRICITY [59738041052] ACCOUNT RECEIVED FOR MARCH 2022

    1. Joe

      Why do they call it a care line when they do not answer the phone. Just need to know my bill amount for March 2022 but no joy. Register for e-billing but it’s empty. Who can help coz they want to cut us off when it’s not paid. No joy.

  27. Dianne Gething

    telephone number for Client services 031 3245000 never gets answered……no help there ….called several times held on for 35 minutes. sick of music being played. This is useless….. still no bill still not registration done properly and I will get my electricity cut off if not paid by me

    what am i supposed to pay?


  28. Chris


    You are not receiving my emails with my readings

  29. Sinegugu Precious Mngoma

    Please assist with amount due on rates only then show what I owe for water only.

    ID NO: 790826 0616 088

  30. Maganthrie pillay

    M pillay account number 833823XXXXX please can u send my rent bill every month=

  31. Slie

    Please can I have my statement for this month the service is really bad for e-services my account number is 836118XXXXX

  32. Andrew

    I have no idea what my account number is, I wish to pay my electricity account, phoned the Help Line, received no response. Please help.

  33. TREVOR


    1. Anonymous

      I dont even think they read the electricity. It is just sucked out of thin air.

  34. Anonymous

    Please send me a copy of the following account no:966260XXXXX

  35. S Rajgopaul

    Please send my bill on e-mail
    reason: e-mail address change


    May i have balance of municipal account?

  37. Niel Ramlal

    Need utility bill for 20 Glenara Road, Reservoir Hills, Durban for January 2022

    Account holder: Niel Ramlal: i.d. 660709 5146 086

  38. Collin

    Hi,I need my January bill.can u sms my water n lites bill

  39. vinothan moodley

    hi can I please have my latest balance account number 83004128858

  40. Samuel John Latchmadu Pillay


  41. Ananthan

    I have successfully registered via eservices.
    How do I check my balance or what more do I do??

  42. Robert Dippnall

    Please send me my account balance.

  43. Lee-Ann

    Please give me my account number and amount to be paid

  44. R maharaj

    Hi. I have not received my electricity bill for Dec 2021 till date. Please can you advise as to how can I retrieve it. Your urgent attention would be appreciated

  45. Lorraine Lamb

    Please can my bill be emailed to me I am not getting any accounts for ref 83200763838 thanking you kindly.

  46. Lynette Mildred Findlay

    Please can I have a copy of my electricity statement for January 2022.

    1. david

      hey can plz send electricity bill

  47. Dianne Kruger

    Please give me my account balance for December 2021, your phone rings and cuts off. My account no/ 83323XXXXXX. I’d / 6102090XXXXXX

  48. Mrs G Padayachee


    Could you kindly supply me with my account balance.

    Acc no:83203635XXX

    Thank you.

  49. L.thorsen

    Please send a copy of account No 62923150085 to my email address

    1. Anonymous

      kindly forward my future account no8361711XXXX to my email address my name is T R Dingle.

  50. Constandt W van Wyk

    Kindly forward my December 2021 consolidated billing for account number 51101XXXXX to my email address.

  51. Jayaselan Nadase

    urgently need the balance of my account 735463XXXXX

  52. R PILLAY

    balance on account created by finance dept

  53. Rungasamy Govender

    Please email my billing for the Month of December 2021 acc no 8523600XXXX

  54. Kumarasen Gopal Govender

    Please can i have billing for account number 83027334113

  55. Bheran Haripersad

    Hi. I need the bill for electricity and water bill. Account number 836166XXXX

  56. Ronald James Riley

    Ronald Riley
    Please could I have my Metro Bill for 31/05/2021
    Reference 2021/04/30


    can i have the amount i must pay for water ending november 2021

  58. M.S. ZUMA

    HI Ineed an account balance for 8332601XXXX

  59. Zubaida Peer

    Urgently require my electricity bill account number 46126900XXX

  60. Brad Paton

    account balance for 8304396XXXXX . No account for October



  62. R M Wiggett

    Please could i have copies of my W & L bills for:
    April, May , June July and October 2020
    July, Aug, Sept and Oct 2021.

    Account 83194858369 R M Wiggett
    4 First Ave

  63. R Phalad

    Hi, I need an account balance for 83194596274.


    please can i have my latest balance

  65. TRISH

    Please could i have a copy of the account 31106100088 for my body corporate Bexmore for October 20

    Please save email address

  66. Mrs V A Seale

    I need an account for MARCH, APRIL and May 2020
    Mrs V A Seale Identity number: 5505140226xxx
    Account number: 830 163 099 xxx
    vivseale AT aol.com

  67. Mr V Gounden

    i need a account billing for acc.no 83398815850

  68. Mr V Gounden

    Hi can i please have an account billing for acc.no. 83398815850

    1. Linda Pillay

      Hi i need my current billing for the electricity charges, the account no is 66619000059…thank you, your urgent response will be appreciated..
      Regards Linda

  69. Mrs EJ Cronje

    Please can I have my electricity acc nr 83094634352 for April and May my ID nr 4904210100086.Thks

  70. O.G. Ludik

    I need my latest account billing balance for Electricity please submit by email to marion.ray AT live.co.za this is for Mr O.G. Ludik Account No. 830985XXXXX.

  71. Mr A.H Kader.

    I urgently need my account balance for march 2020.

  72. juggernath

    My account number is 83450912053. Please can I have my latest account balance.

  73. Emmanuel Subramoney

    hi please can I have my balance for my account 66505000147.
    account for mr e.subramoney.
    please sms to ph 0844031611.


  74. Morgan Padayachee

    My account number is 64760700049. Please can I have my latest account balance.

  75. Philip Meadowcroft

    I am urgently requiring my electricity and water account statement for last month. Account number is 57107400001.

    1. dhanasagren naidu

      hi I am D.naidu id. no. 4606115053084 , please forward all billing statements which are my electricity to my email
      ref no rates 07/60803030
      please submit the months for which no payments were made by me. Kindly note I dont receive any billing statements for my rates and electricity accounts either by post or email. Therefore there was no way for me to reconcile my monthly accounts diligently
      thank you god bless

  76. Lorette Harding

    I am urgently requiring a balance on my electricity and water account now that my property has been sold and transfer has gone through. I was unable to pay it because my tenants vacated my home early. Account number is 55921900380. Please help me.

    1. Lorette Harding

      I urgently need the balance of my account 55921900380 my ID is 5208060179086. I have sold my place and I require new owner to put the account in her name once I have paid the arrears.

    2. gan

      I require a bill for JUNE 2020 ,I haven’t receive a bill for the last 3 months
      my acc no 64774600275
      email add ganspacetv AT gmail.com


      please can i have my account balance

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