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NRF Freestanding Doctoral Scholarships Successful Applications 2018

Organisation : National Research Foundation (NRF)
Announcement : Announcement of Successful Applications For The NRF Freestanding Doctoral Scholarships For 2018
Opening Date: 22 December, 2017
Closing Date: 31 March, 2018
Name of the Scholarship : NRF Freestanding Doctoral Scholarships For 2018
Applicable for : South African Students
Website : http://www.nrf.ac.za/content/announcement-successful-applications-masters-innovation-and-nrf-sasol-inzalo-scholarships
Download Applicants List : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/9660-Freestanding.pdf

NRF Freestanding Scholarships Successful Applications

** The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) are pleased to announce the provisional awards for the NRF Freestanding Doctoral Scholarships for 2018.

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** The awards have been made according to the strategic objectives of the NRF Freestanding Doctoral funding instrument, the Ministerial Directives on equity targets and the available budget.

NRF Freestanding Doctoral Scholarships

** The successful applications are listed in Table 1.
** Due to the National Skills Fund (NSF) revised budget allocation, the NRF will not be making new awards for Masters and Doctoral Scarce Skills Scholarships for the 2018 Academic year.

** If you have not studied at UWC for your previous degree, no application forms will be accepted without a certified copy of the ID document/passport document & Academic record from your other university.

Please Note

** If your name appears in table 1, you have been successful in receiving an award for 2018.
** The NRF will forward award letters to successful candidates in January 2018.
** Once you have received the Conditions of grant (CoG), please read through the written agreement carefully, before accepting the award.
** All signed and completed documentation must be forwarded to the NRF via your university postgraduate funding office, research office or financial aid office.
** Funds will only be released once the completed documentation has been received by the NRF.
** Awards not taken up six (6) months after awarding will be automatically cancelled, unless otherwise approved by the NRF.
** If your name does not appear in table1 you have not been awarded a scholarship for 2018.
** Feedback to unsuccessful candidates will only be provided between January and March in 2018 due to processing of funding outcomes for various funding instruments.

Successful Applicants List

Successful Applicants For The 2018 NRF Freestanding Doctoral Scholarships.

# Reference Title Initials Surname Proposed Institution
1 SFH170530234826MrKNyamayaroCape Peninsula University of Technology
2 SFH170706249697MsCDlangamandlaCape Peninsula University of Technology
3 SFH170629246261MrLMampunyeCape Peninsula University of Technology
4 SFH170523232289MrRGMatowaneCentral University of Technology
5 SFH170712252168MissDNaidooDurban University of Technology
6 SFH170701247194MsOTTajelawiDurban University of Technology
7 SFH170602236378MrsMMUTANDADurban University of Technology
8 SFH170630247002MrsAKUDANGADurban University of Technology
9 SFH170622243701MsKNDlomoDurban University of Technology
10 SFH170705248918MrsBMazibukoDurban University of Technology
11 SFH170601236064MissNVSitholeDurban University of Technology
12 SFH170605236911MsALBBattisonNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
13 SFH170612239441MissDAVenterNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
14 SFH170703247577MrAMDyerNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
15 SFH170613239960MrLNdimaNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
16 SFH170703247963MissCStindtNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
17 SFH170531235388MrMBYiadomNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
18 SFH170603236629MrCMatthewsNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
19 SFH170606237358MrTODembarembaNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
20 SFH170706249711MrZMthwesiNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
21 SFH170704248464MrMMngomaNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
22 SFH170630246729MrPCTsipaNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
23 SFH170701247225MrTHSpeckmanNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
24 SFH170704248313MissFRMartensNelson Mandela Metropolitan University
25 SFH170721256738MrLXoloNelson Mandela Metropolitan University

We Congratulate the 2018 New Awardees.

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