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psira.co.za Online Verification : Private Security Industry Regulation Act

Organization : PSiRA Private Security Industry Regulation Act
Facility Name : Online Verification
Applicable For : Individual & Business Man
Website : https://onlineverification.psira.co.za/onlineverification/individual

PSIRA Online Verification

Kindly follow the below steps for PSIRA Online Verification.

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Business Verification

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of PSIRA through provided above.
Step 2 : Then click on the “Business Verification” link under Online Services.
Step 3 : Next, Enter PSIRA Number Or Search By Company Name
Step 4 : Enter the Captcha Code as shown in the image.
Step 5 : Click on “Submit” button to verify your details.

Individual Verification

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of PSIRA through provided above.
Step 2 : Then click on the “Individual Verification” link under Online Services.
Step 3 : Next, Enter PSIRA Number or ID Number
Step 4 : Enter the Captcha Code as shown in the image.
Step 5 : Click on “Submit” button to verify your details.

PSiRA Online Booking

Due to CoVid-19 regulations, the app has been suspended until the regulations is relaxed. Booking will resume at a later stage and thank you for your patience.


1. How long does it take for PSiRA application to be approved?
12 working days
NB : Kindly advice the clients that the 12 days waiting period does not include weekends and public holidays.

2. Where can I go collect my Psira certificate?
At your nearest PSiRA branch except the head office. Please bring along your ID book for first time collection.

3. How can I obtain the PSiRA individual registration form without going to a Psira branch?
You can simply go on to the Psira website on www.psira.co.za , go to publications, scroll down to downloads, choose option for the registration form and select the one you require.

4. How would I know when my Psira application has been approved?
You can contact our customer care line on 086 133 3850 with your ID number handy to check the status of your application.
Visit our website on www.psira.co.za,on the far right of the home screen, go to online verification, enter your id number, click I’m human then click submit.

5. Is it possible that you can post my certificate?
No, it is not possible, please note that our systems requires the owner’s finger print to print the certificate out, therefore you are required to personally come through to our offices for assistance.

6. Can someone renew my individual certificate on my behalf?
Unfortunately not, you are required to personally visit any of our offices except the head office with all the required documents as we need to verify your finger print on the system before we can print the certificate for you.

For those who are employed, your employer can renew your certificate on your behalf with your consent.

7. After how long does the individual/Business certificate expire?
** Individual certificate expires after 24 months.
** Business certificates expire after every 12 months.

8. What are the requirements to renew business certificate?
** Application letter from business (printed on business letterhead)
** Annual fees paid in full or sign acknowledgement of debt;

Secondary requirements :
Tax clearance certificate; Registration with COID (if the business has employees).

9. What are the requirements to renew your individual certificate?
** Duly completed application form (Renewal of individual certificate form)
** Payment of prescribed amounts (Certificate R40 First renewal / R20 Second renewal /R90 Re-issue and upgrade, ID Card R60 First issue / R90 Re-issue and upgrade)
** Authenticated copy of first page of ID document
** Original PSiRA certificate (affidavit if lost / misplaced).

10. I have checked my individual registration status and it says withdrawn, what does that mean?
Application may be withdrawn due to a criminal record or annual fees not being paid. Contact our customer care number on 086 133 3850 and verify.

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  1. pls help me am trying to get a date for my psira renewal i try day and night but it always says fully booked it hv expired in april am scared ths can lead me to suspention at wrk my psira number is 1456187

  2. Good day my name is Gerald William id number 7209055216089 my company send my forms in to renew my certificate can you please check and send me a me a mail

  3. cedric khethokuhle


  4. im waiting for my sira certificate to come back is been a year

  5. can i send someone to collect my psira card, I’m in north west and she is in Johannesburg which makes it easy for he to do

  6. I lost my reference number to collect my Psira

  7. I need to booking online

  8. Jabulisiwe Khuzwayo

    I applied online in 5 January and my date was 29 April unfortunately I lost my phone & when I go to psira at Durban they wanted a reference number pls help me with it

    1. Reg number 2901905

  9. I lost my reference number for psira collection

  10. Njabulo Eric Nkosi

    It’s been 6 months full now I can’t get my psira since from last year November ..any abdates please

  11. How to book for Psira collection plz help

  12. How can I do psira booking,my phone doesn’t allow

  13. I applied a new psira certificate I don’t know how to book for collection, help please.

  14. I did upgrade for the instructor course but norespondso far


    Im struggling to book for a date to pick my psira certificate please help



  17. I apply long time psira even now i not get

  18. I want to book for collection but it’s not allowing my cell nu now plz help

  19. Hy i want to check my status and date of collection

  20. Thembelihle khumalo

    Hi i apply for psira from last year October but my grades still progress i don’t know why it take so much time like that

    1. I want to check my date of collection and my Sira number

  21. Busisiwe silosini

    How can i renew psira online

  22. I’m Alec nkululeko Khumalo,I’ve been waiting for my psira,so which date I can come to collect it my ID number is 7708225375089,receipt no(4600171) I’ll be happy if my request is accepted

  23. Hia i want to collect my psira please help

  24. I want to collect my psira but i can’t get date while iam booking please help

  25. Hi I did book renewal psira then I lost the massege of mi reference number so how do I get the massege bck

  26. I want to book renewal psira certificate

  27. Raisibe Mahlatse Maimele

    How can I apply for psira card collection

  28. I wanna verify my psira

    1. Busisiwe silosini

      How do i renew my psira online please

  29. I’ve been trying to do online booking but I don’t fine date it says fully booked

    1. Hy even me I’m trying I DNT found a date ?

  30. I’ve tried many times for booking online bt system always say fullbooked and I need to collect my new certificate for grade B

  31. Maggie mapule Mahubane

    I am here to renew my psira certificate

  32. Hello,
    This is Pule I will like to check with you that is it possible for my company by the name of Tumelelo Trading Enterprise to be reinstated after being withdrawn from Psira,and being in the position of paying all outstanding debt owed by the company,as I have now been left alone as a Director.

    Looking forward for hearing from you in a near future .

  33. I need to know my status

  34. I have being informed by the agents on the call to post my documentation to the address that was provided on the back of the form .
    I done that but no responds on feedback

  35. Please help me i want to book online

  36. Hi i lost my cellphone december i forget my date bt i know it february can you please check for me ngase ngibookile

  37. Im struggling to book for a date to pick my psira certificate please help

  38. I don’t know what’s going on since 2018 I’m waiting for my grade C and E till now I only received grade E nd I can’t apply with grade E help gyz check for me

  39. Z A Mphutha I lost my massage too my date is tomorrow(29/01/2021)

  40. How to check my grades?

  41. hi i need to apply for psira,how do i apply online please help?

  42. This is best and easy way to get your Psira certificate and card.



  43. I like to make an appointment please

  44. Should I also book online for psira collection again???

  45. I want to book online please

  46. Hi please help I want to check online but they need psira number and don’t know mine.

  47. I lost my massage for my Psira collection so can you please resend me the massage because I am suppose to come and get it here in January 2021


  49. Madumetja Alfred Mogotlane

    I lost my references can you please resend to me my date is 18_12_2020Can you please resend via sms

  50. do i have to book online for psira collection?if yes how do i book

  51. How can I get my psira how can I book

  52. How can i apply

  53. Marothi Gilbert Moagi

    psira renewal

  54. How long does the registration process takes.

  55. You give me appointment for 6 October know I just received another SMS that u cancelled my apotiment to renew my sira

  56. How do I get my cira card

  57. Good day

    My name is Mlebisi GXulu.
    I want to renew my prima, so I was wondering if I can come to the office since we are on level 1 because I’m struggling to apply on line.

  58. I lost my massage u sent to me & i don’t know if u gonna accept me plz resent me

  59. How can I apply for psira online

  60. Where can I apply so psira

  61. Jabulile Princess Gumede

    I apply for renewal psira certificate and I didn’t get massage what must I do

  62. I just happy for renewal I didn’t get massage what must I do

  63. I apply to renew my Psira but receive SMS to make another booking again

  64. I just want to renew my psira I don’t know how I can start to go through the website


  66. I’m triying to book online but I do not know what can I do plz help me

  67. She as me I haven’t recived any massage or call

  68. Its possible to come to psira office to collect my psira certificate without any call or massage because I have chect it online and it says its approved

  69. I have applied my psira on 1june but I didn’t get any call or massages to collect my psira what should I do

  70. Why must I stand in the line if I have a online booking for a specific time?

  71. I lost my reference booking can you please resend again my booking is on 25 august 08:30-09:30

  72. I lost my reference booking can you please resend again my booking is on 25 august 08:30-09:30

  73. Sebola Jerry Moloko

    I want to book online collecting my certificate so how can I apply cuz I already registered

    1. Mahlodi lerato masilompana

      I need a collectiong deta for may psria certificate

  74. How can I renew my psire certificate online because it doesn’t allow me to select my available date.

  75. Reotshepile Moatlhodi

    I hve lost my psyra after renewing it the day before yesterday what mc i bring to apply fie another one

    1. Is this mystery online application for psira renewal really working if so what took so long even five months or more without respond i think they are playing with desperate people some Lost their jobs now psira is disgrace and curse

  76. bookings are closed already, problem is I did my application on January 29 and I am afraid that I will get my psira certificate expired already. what can I do

  77. Zukiswa mnqanqeni

    02 Sept 2020 at10àm but I don’t have email

  78. Zukiswa mnqanqeni

    No problem

  79. Luvuyo Lennox Loverman Jezile

    Can I please apply for grade C Psira card.I got grade D Psira certificate.I need to make grade C card please help me.

  80. I lost my references my date is 25/08/2020 at 12:30-13:30please resend for me

  81. I lost my references as I booked my date is 25 August 2020 @12:30 to 13:30.please resend

  82. since I apply my psira certificate on 19 march 2020 until now I won’t receive anything from psira? when I collect my psira certificate? and how I knw the day I collect?

  83. I booked psira online my date is 29october2020 so I lost my reference you can help me

  84. I have booked online for my peira renewal on the 08 June 2020 so I deleted the reference no by mistake so can you please resend me that reference

    1. Thupetji vanesa kob0

      I apply to renew my psira but I did not receive sms.

    2. Am trying to book my psira but is not working and I want to use it urgently pls help me

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