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srd.sassa.gov.za Covid-19 R350 Grant Application Status : South African Social Security Agency

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Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Covid-19 SRD (R350) Grant Application Status
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website : https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status

SASSA SRD Application Status

Special Covid 19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) of R350 per month for 6 months to be paid to individuals who are currently unemployed, do not receive any form of income, social grant or UIF payment etc.

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SRD Special Covid-19 Grant Status 2021

SRD Grant Eligibility

To qualify for this Covid 19 SRD Grant of R350 you must

** Be a South African Citizens Permanent Resident or Refugee registered on the Home Affairs database;
** currently residing within the borders of the Republic of South Africa;

** be above the age of 18;
** be unemployed;
** not be receiving any form of income;
** not be receiving any social grant;

** not be receiving an unemployment insurance benefit and do not qualify to receive an unemployment insurance benefit;
** not be receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and other financial aid;

** not be receiving any other government COVID-19 response support; and
** not be resident in a government funded or subsidized institution.

How to Check SRD Status?

Just follow the below steps to check your Covid-19 SRD Grant Application Status.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of SASSA through the URL https://srd.sassa.gov.za/

Step 2 : Next, click “Check Online” link under Application status at the end of the page.

Step 3 : Enter the South African ID number of Applicant
Step 4 : Enter the Phone Number used to submit your application.
Step 5 : Finally click on “Submit” button to know your status.

SASSA SRD Payment of Grant

Payment of the grant will be made mainly through bank accounts of the applicants and through cash send measures through banks.

The benefit/grant will be paid from the date of approval up to the end of October 2020 provided the qualifying criteria listed continues to be met. So if applicants apply in June, their payments will be from June and there will be no back pay.

Period of SRD Grant

Social Relief of Distress is issued monthly for a maximum period of 3 months. An extension a further 3 months may be granted in exceptional cases.

Terms & Conditions

** Applications for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant are only electronic. Do not visit SASSA offices to apply for this grant. If you need assistance to apply, SASSA staff & volunteers can assist.

** Citizens without bank accounts can also apply. In this case payment will be effected through a money transfer, once all the necessary validations have been completed.

** Once applications are approved, SASSA will request confirmation of bank account through a secure site – this will also be done electronically.
** Any applicant has the right to request confirmation that this request is from SASSA to protect themselves.

SRD Contact Numbers

Regional Contact Numbers for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Applications. Applications could be made by either calling SASSA National Call Center: 0800 60 10 11 or Email to: grantenquiries [AT] sassa.gov.za

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  1. Bongani Joseph bixa

    Hi I am Bongani Bixa I was declined for srd grant the reason is uif registered but I am not receiving uif or any source of income I was unfairly declined plz help

  2. Landiswa Mavrngana

    It looks like we not gonna get this R350,yhooo I’m so tired of tryng

  3. Nompumelelo

    Hy my application was decline course of was getting UIF it was longer now there is no income i receiv how can gat help there plz

  4. Boitumelo

    I need help with my daughter application it needs banking details but on the app doesn’t want to help me with information

  5. Thulile

    Hi my application was declined they say i am registered for uif i am not working plz help me

  6. Nomzamo Sihewula

    I appy for srd sassa when I check my status it shows declined so I don’t know why because am not working anymore knw ad i was getting a UIF bt knw is no longer getting the UIF i need thay 350 because i. Depending on in.my child support grant respond plz sir or Mandam

  7. xolisile zikalala

    good morning

    I am a female and I have applied for R350 and it declined due to income but i haven’t worked every since i was born

    please help me i have need this money

  8. nontobeko mlotshwa

    Hi my name is nontobeko mlotshwa I applied for sassa relief grant 3 times but everytime they say I have other income that i receive I don’t know anything about that please assist

  9. Olivia Angeline Marais

    Greetings. I’m a female,I did applied, but forgotten the cellular number, I used for application. Please give me the necessary information , what to DO.

    1. Boitumelo

      Can someone help me with how to update banking details on sassa Social
      Grant please

  10. Gloria Mathulwe Sebopelo

    Good afternoon since from last year i was declined for srdR350 and don’t have any income and I don’t get the UIF they tell me about please help I really need this money

  11. Esther Nnana

    I am a caregiver when i apply it seys already registered but their money i dint get even a cent

  12. Kefilwe

    Hi everyone I applied for srd grant on August my problem is I forgot the number i applied with. so wen I try to apply again It says my ID number is active

  13. Vusi Sam Msinyane

    I received a decline response from SRD that I am still receiving UIF yet is being a year and half unemployed I gave my I’d number and correct banking details please assist

  14. Deon Christopher Fred Fortuin

    I have applied for relieve 350 grant, was decline due that you say that have alternate,it’s not true,I lost my job in 2019 rec al unployement ,did not receive any income from May2020.ID number 630420527XXXX.what must I do have investigated with Sara and Sasa


    Hi…since i have applied for sassa 350 grand even now…it keep saying it was approved but when i go to post office or check my status again it says declined because of uif…i even went to labour to check…they say the is no such thing as uif PENDING its jst an error from the sassa.. What do i do because i really need it nd i am not working…pls help me

  16. Ntlemo linda

    Am Linda ntlemon my sassa say approved but I don’t have a payday why

  17. Phuseletso

    I have received a message from sassa saying my application was declined because i qualify for uif,they said i must dispute the outcome before the 25/10/2021 for payment i don’t know what must i do,i received post bank account but always declining, please help me.

  18. Norman

    Norman Mazibuko iv been apply r350 grant iv been approved August but i ddnt get a date 4 September n October payment im still waiting 4 date plz i need a help

  19. Frederik Brian Mogudi

    I got a message telling me to dispute the outcome of the alternative income that is not there via the srd website which doesn’t show anything about disputing. Come on South Africa what’s going.yet we read of government officials getting this unemployment grant

  20. Awelani Melsa

    Time and I applied for the social grant relief last year and to date when I want to check my status say received income source and I can’t receive income from anywhere

  21. Portia Mosala

    Hi I applied for srd R350 on the 19th August but still today I haven’t receive I got approved but no pay date why is that

  22. Zameka

    Plz i help me for srd grant ith i qualified to uif so me am not work


    I received mine in September now its pending l dnt know why coz lm not working nor reiceving any income or uif

  24. Nomazibuye tawo

    My name nomazibuye jecky tawo I’m application was declined due to income but I’m not working I got only 1 child from sassa 460 but I did getting 350 so I’dnot understand when ii do application sat approved by t now say declined plz I need help

  25. Tshimangadzo

    Im Tshimangadzo time and i appied for the social grant relief last year and to date when i want to check my status my application is still diclinde i tried times but still diclined pls help me

  26. Lenah baitirile moropa

    I check my 350 they say decline and I don’t work pls I need 350

  27. Mnelisi Election

    To submit the bank account number

  28. Neelan Govender

    How do I change my phone number

  29. Francois Nel

    Hi iv been approved for August, September but still no payment

  30. Liziwe Phyllis Beja

    My name is Liziwe Phyllis Beja, am also apply for sassa 350 grant but they sad i have an income that am getting wish i dont know from where cause that money that am getting from sassa is for my grandchildren. i last working from 2009 and according my age i can not be employed again.

  31. Zimkhitha

    My name is Zimkhitha I’m also apply for srd 350 in August I got it but on September it say approved bt I didn’t get money , what must I do please help me

  32. Sindy

    I also applied since from may 2020 but it keeps on saying irp5 registered so I don’t understand how because I have been not working since 2017…please assist

  33. Tshenuwani Julia Tshivhase

    My heart is bleeding i apply sassa 350 and it has been declined I’m not working i only get 460 for my son who is 17 years old, what is the problem that makes me not to qualify? Coz i apply August it declined i reapply on September

  34. Sizwe

    Good morning, I Sizwe Zondi, to state that my 350.00 grant for covid 19, still in process or what to do for myself to get it because they sent me SASSA OTP code like 025666, but I never get approved SMS.

  35. Thapelo

    Hi…I thought we could rely on the government bt it always disappoint us. They are doing this because of the voting are around. I have never worked before bt they sent me a message saying i cunt qualify due to uif …. Kopa letse plan tuu… Before things turns out badly… We really need that money…

  36. Ntlakuleni Flaviar Msimango

    I applied on the 9th of August it says approved an September says the same but till today there’s no message no money i need assistance please

  37. Nathan

    Hello, I applied for the srd and it was approved for August and September2021. I did not receive an sms but went to the post office and was told to wait for an sms.
    How long must I wait for an sms.

  38. Raymond chauke

    Yeah this srd grant is give us stress because the appeal keeps declining alternative income source which one and where is it please sassa agents be organized and not look about uif no one is getting this

  39. Constance

    Hi I’m Constance Mbanjwa I checked my status last month its approved in august and didn’t get any payment but I’m still waiting pls assist.

  40. Thuli Manci

    Hi i applied for srd sassa R350 it declined because of uif that I’m not getting it been 3 years now with no income and I’m not working plz help me

  41. Sikelela Dlamini

    Hi guys my name is sikelela Dlamini I applied for covid grant since 2020i didn’t received any payment even now 2021 I applied and declined in reason of I have a UIF but I was avolunteer at spar in 2019 now I am unemployed please help SASSA

  42. Shoba Ramatsimele Marcia

    Hi my application said uif registered n it declining since the firstday of application n my last payment from uif was on April 15 2021 and im unemployed pls help thnks in advance

  43. Anonymous

    Hi my status say approved, and i did send my bank details but nothing is happening so i don’t know what to do so i need help

  44. Gloria

    Hi my application says approved from August and September is approved too but i haven’t receive any payment i don’t know why please help.

  45. Ignacius

    I applied in Aug is says decline due to uif I don’t qualify for uif and now my application for September doesn’t say anything I need assistance

  46. Anonymous

    Hi my name is Joyce I’ve Applied for SRD R350 Grant in August when I check Status it was Approved in August and for September but it doesn’t give a Payout Date please assist

  47. Moses

    Greeting i have full one year and months not working i went to uif to cancel still noting thusang for once make things righr we voted for this freedom Mrs Zulu Mama

  48. Hendrick Tsela

    Even last year am not find all my pay, I get only R2100,00 for only 6 months, sassa take my pay back, but that’s is not my problem ,is for sassa problem n post office.

  49. Mpho sithole

    1st time I got sms that says approved but I didn’t get the money for 350 grants now when I check my status again it say I’m qualifying for uif and I’m not

  50. Mbalenhle Wendy Nxumalo

    Hi I applied for srd grant last month but it declined igot sms says that qualify for uif but m no longer working and m not receiving any uif .

  51. Lesly seledu

    Sassa won’t be able to pay me they says i have some income and i don’t have since since last year was decline till now still decline, can someone give me a good decision to deal with it, or maybe they will sort it out?

  52. Leslie

    Hi did my reapplication in August for cash send got message it’s pending. I went back to my application got an approved message for September for post office with payday.does it mean I’m not getting paid for August

  53. Veronica

    I reapplied for R350 and opted for the payment of my personal bank. I got approved for August and September but no money in my bank thus far what must be done now please advise.

  54. Bongeka Mbheki

    They said there is some alternative income source identified,how come because m not working and I have never worked before so why?

  55. Bongeka Mbheki

    Hi I applied for srd grant on August 2021 and i didn’t get money when I check status it says my application has declined there is some alternative income source identified, i was shocked because i have never worked since so i don’t know and they said I should visit srd website and I did then the status now is pending ,please I need this money like anyone else m surviving with CSG for 2 kids m a single parent so why me?

  56. Sabrina

    Really now we are not receiving answers to vslid questions clearly there is a glitch whereby people who are uif registered but havent received or are not benefiting from any money ia beung declined can someone please clear this up.

  57. Anonymous

    Now it has come to our attention why SASSA doesn’t want to pay or give us the R350 grants,its because their staff has defrauded the department,its now difficult for South Africans to get paid,we as South Africans must just forget about these SASSA grants, its so painful that foreigners are getting these grants instead of us South Africans fraud is a daily thing here.

  58. Sithembiso

    Am sithembiso Cyprian ngwenya I have applied for this srd grand in August but till now I haven’t any of it but what confused me the most is than I have never worked in my entire life plz Mr government don’t do this to me I’ve got the famaly to feed

  59. Precious

    Good day i apply for sassa R350 srd grant.my status last month said declined ur registered me with uif. I dont have in come .i got my last uif payment on October 2010.pls help me i need this grant.

  60. Locardia kheswa

    I’ve applied for the 350 as I’m unemployed but it was declined, I call the toll free no, I was told to do Appeal I did that but still its show pending its almost two months, funny I’m getting grand for kids one she’s at daycare I pay 400 school fees so I don’t understand why my relief grand was not approved until know,

  61. Leikan Abrahams, 0788820684

    Hi my name leikan, I have received the R350 grant until October 2020,this year I applied and now says I’m drawing uif. Please tell or show me where I worked.. I have NO Income

  62. Busisiwe

    Hi my name is EUNICE BUSISIWE Nkoyi I have tried so many times to apply for this 350 last month it said I have incoming so I don’t understand wish money am I getting because am not working it’s been 5years unemployment but this month when I checked again is saying pending so I don’t understand what is happening please help I need this money.thank u

  63. Silindile

    Hi Slindile here, last year i applied for social relief grant and my application was approved, i received R350 but now it says I’m gov payroll while I’m still unemployed. I was a substitute educator 2016, I’m have no source of income.

  64. Donald lebo

    I have waited for payment till today i choose to receive via bank of fnb like voucher of e wallet.but till now am still waiting please help me what must i do


    I have received a message from sassa saying my application was declined because i qualify for uif,they said i must dispute the outcome before the 25/10/2021 for payment i don’t know what must i do,i received post bank account but always declining, please help me.

  66. Sindiswa

    I applied last year and received all monthly payment. Now this year I applied then decline with answer I’d verified failed. That is not understandable because SRD System is link with home Home affair.

  67. Nonkululeko

    I need help my application was decline due to alternative source of income whih i don’t have any then i appeal but now my application os cancelled when i’m reintaste it fails when i want apply again it says my aplication is active please help

  68. Noxolo

    I waiting for my r350 but i received message who said is declined srd r350 grant declined because incorrect surname or name but i’m Noxolo Rangayi and inver work in my life.What must i do now.

  69. Ntombikayise

    I applied then my application declined due to othe source of income. I was doing learnership which was lasted in November 2020 now m getting nothing as an income. I really need that 350 plz hel

  70. Nontsokolo Angela Tshemese

    Good Morning beautiful people I also apply for the SRD grant yesterday I got a message that says my application was declined due to the name/ surname that was invalid I think I also did a mistake in the first place I use my maiden surname on the application but at the bottom of the message there was a srd website that I use to reconsider my application so I’m still waiting for your answer Sassa please help we are unemployed thank you for your time

    1. Zameka Flepu

      Hi my name is zameka I apply in August for a 350 bt it decline they said I’ve got an income bt I never been employed can ur plz help me

  71. Abigail

    Hi I applied for Srd grant in August it declined the reason said identity verification failed,so I thought may be was because i got married at home affairs but still haven’t change my surname as yet now I made an appeal it says verification fixed but the status is pending please assist I really need the money

  72. luja

    hi I did had applied for srd grand since last year and also this year with moya app but still I haven’t received any payments!!! okay SO two weeks back I got an sms that says for last month DECLINED reason ALTERNATIVE INCOME SOURCE IDENTIFIED then for this month its still pending. please HELP!!!!!!

  73. Njabulo

    I’m worried about my application for SRD grant R350. Yesterday I got a message says my application has been declined. Can I please get help

  74. Siphokazi

    Siphokazi Dondo
    I have applied for srd grant on August ,all to find out it is declining futhermore it says there is other income .But I am not working ever since 2019,

    So I really need an assistant plzz.

    1. Tonny

      Same apllies to me
      I have applied for srd grant on August,only to find out that its declined by saying that there is other income received.But i am no longer working since from 2019

  75. Mqulwana Khunjuzwa

    Hi I have a problem here, last month I’ve applied for social relief grant and it went thru because I received a message confirming that am registered but today I received sms telling me that it declined because I have an income that am receiving which I don’t know about. Am not working I don’t have any income that am receiving.

  76. mkateko

    Hy i’m mkateko.my status for August says canceled,when i try to reinstate it always say failed,when i call sass a they say i will receive an SMS with the link to reinstate but i never get any SMS 😣

  77. Dumisani Khanyile

    Hi SASSA, my application was also declined due to other source of income, which I do not have. I have a U19 form from my employer, which is a proof of being unemployed, and I did not appy for UIF because I do not qualify to apply for it. I do not know what to do now, please help.

  78. Dumisani Khanyile

    Hi SASSA. I also have thr same problem of my application being denied due to other source of income, which I really do not have. I have a U19 form from my previous employer verifying that I no longer employed, and I did not apply for UIF because I do not qualify. Please help me I do not know what to do now.

  79. Dumsile

    Since I apply due covide 19 grant R350 on July 2020. On behalf of my brother. If I check status REASON DECLINE NSFAS.
    Her name Mthokozisi E Nxumalo

    He never study

  80. Cecilia

    Hi I am Cecilia I applied for SRD grant SASSA approved my application but when I check my status it says pending all the time what’s going on tel me

  81. Velile

    I’m register earlier on August my application says now active,but today I recieved a massage my application is decline due to other income.

  82. Nontando Masondo

    Hello I have the same problem as most of the people in this platform and I am unemployed but my application was denied, I have not worked since 2009 and this is the second time I am declined because of “other income” please ncela ningadlali ngathi

  83. bongani

    hi am Bongani I applied for R350 and my status is declining due to UIF and I didint receive any income from UIF since I was born so plz help me coz I really really need this R350

  84. Manyeo Florence kunene

    Hi my name is Manyeo Florence kunene i applied for srd 350 grant they declined yersteday they said I registered to uif i have 2years not working please I’m suffering

  85. Sbongiseni justice masango

    Hi I’m sbongiseni Masango I apply for srd grand from 2020 may bt thy pay me for only 6mnth that means thy still owe me another 6mmnth bt nw I apply again on augast 2021 it said decline reason existing grant it painful cs when I checked at post office they said no money I don’t now what a mast do nw plz help me I need this money am not working

  86. Nhlanhla Fortunate Betty

    Hello my application was declined due to other income but am not getting any Income and my UIF I did not get how can I be helped

  87. Ayanda

    My application was successful nd my August was pending ,the following day it was decline they say I’m (UIf registered) I don’t know what happen because I’m not working

  88. Sibongile Faith Nkuna

    I applied last year and all 12 months were approved but I never get sms of collecting money and this I applied again still say pending still waiting for response

  89. Babalwa mantshongo

    I have apply for 350 but it says declined so i wanna known why bcz im not working even not getting any source of income plzz help me i need that money

  90. Omphemetse Mokwanakompe

    Hi I have applied for the Srd grant last month and it declined, it says am UIF registered and I have never worked anywhere in my life I don’t even have a source of income please.. My name is Omphemetse Mokwanakompe

  91. Siviwe Tungata

    I have applied but it only shows now that I was approved for August the 28th, but no message confirming that I should go collect the R350…

  92. Ntombifuthi Zwane

    My name is Ntombifuthi Zwane my cell phone is I am so disappointed, SASSA declined my application from December 2020.

    I am unemployed for 5 years now but SASSA status declined my application. I don’t know which step to take, where to claim. I tried to reapply but still my SASSA status the same as declined uif benefits.

  93. Tshilidzi nengwenda

    NNE ndo apply.yari declined ngauri ndo register Kha UIF..ndoya UIF ndaamba navho vhari vhone avhazwidzheni.a thi divhi nditea uitani ngauri NNE UIF chelede yahone t iwani kana uhola…khombela thuso chichavha…NNE 350 khoitoda saizwi ndisa shumi..zwikho konda ngoho

  94. Mohnisha naicker

    Hi I applied for the std grant but my status is still pending for 2 months.today I checked it’s says failed.I tried 3 times then I read a part where it says sassa did not load data.I think that’s y we can’t check our statuses.I think sassa needs to catch a big wake up before everything becomes corrupt.

  95. Mijlali Nkohla

    Hi applied fir grant in august I am 19byesrs old I never worked
    My name is Mihlali Nkohla
    My ID number is 0111215391082

    It is declined I dong know why that is the ingormation I used on previous grant

  96. Rasta Vejah

    Hisassa,to those that you said and say they have alternate source of income while they don’t,plz tell them where they can find that money or give them srd grant cause your saw and see lies.

  97. Vijie Govender

    My application was approved one day then the next day it was declined coz I have finished all my correcr details but it now it not allowing me to appeal bcz it showing cut off date expired. coz others received their own money so what about us who was unemployed since lockdown started.

  98. Vijie Govender

    Good day my name is Vijie Govender.

    i have applied for the R350 grant. On Frit showed approved then qheni check on Saturday it showed declined UIF Registration.
    I have been unemployed ever since the virus lockdown started. When i try to appeal it show cut off date expired. So how do i go about to eppeal and when i call the customer care there is no answer. I am really desperate for the grant has i am currently not working.

  99. Ntombenhle Makhanya

    Hi guys I applied and they approved I lost my phone since its was lockdown couldn’t go to Telkom for SIM swap so changed my number.Sadly I didn’t receive even 1 payment

  100. Livhuwani Dorah Netshisaulu

    I have apply in August and says approved for the past three weeks no payment it says post office not selected when am I getting my money?

  101. Anele magusha

    Hi guys my application is declined I don’t know why because am not working any where because i been never work since I have my ID number please guys help me I need that money plzzz

  102. Anele

    Hi guys my application is declined I don’t know why because am not working any where because i been never work since I have my ID number please guys help me I need that money plzzz

  103. Moeketsi

    Hi apply and it says Declined cz of (UIF) and I never works plus I don’t understand this decline cz last year i got the money with out prbs now it’s (UIF) can you please check again shrp

  104. Hendrick Tsela

    Since apply 2020, I received half of money , now I apply again use cash send, I check my status says Approved but no payment date. Can I get a last year money or not,coz sassa owe me R2100,00.

  105. Maria Lebo Dibe

    Guys my application was declined due to some alternative income…I mean I don’t work and I have never worked and I only earn child support grand so what’s problem guys

  106. Mphae Paul Musi

    I applied for srd early August with my banking details and it said active, few days later when I check my status it said pending, a week later it said declined due to identity verification. So what must I do?

  107. Mphae Paul Musi

    I completed srd form with banking details and it said active, few days later when I check my status it said pending but now says declined due to identity verification. What must I do?

  108. Margaret Ngina

    I applied for srd grant 8th August and when I check my application status it says I’m being approved. But I haven’t received anything. But my neighbor whom I have applied the same day with have received their payments. I checked balance there’s nothing.

  109. Gurshin Colin Speelman

    I have applied for the extended R350 but was declined. Status says alternative income source identified, but I am unemployed and not getting any money from any source. Please explain this to me. I have made the application via my mother’s cell as I do not have a phone.
    I was successful last year so I do not know what the problem is now.

  110. Khulile

    I applied for this R350 but it came out saying declined because I have a source of income but how because am unemployed for the past two years and when I apply for reconsideration and it doesn’t go through

  111. Kabelo Maake

    You know im starting to believe that we are being scammed here my last year’s application was declined bare UIF even now this new one for August is also declined because of UIF and i have been unemployed fot years now this is not fair really 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢we need that money

  112. Maria kgakwa

    I’ve never received any payment from anywhere but sassa says I have income try the reconsideration site it fails.
    Why is that happening to most of people who really need that money?

  113. xolelwa

    i applied for the previous cycle of the grant and was successful i received payment from post office for several months but, i also applied for the new cycle in august 2021 results say i am uif registered i never worked before how can it be i am uif registered now i am confused course i don’t work and depends on this social grant please assist. i am sure that the sassa system must have had confuse my application with someone else.

  114. Bax

    I think this is just a scam. Gov is not fair on all of is we are being decided because some people are receiving this grant and the others are not. If they say you had an income in the past 18months what do they mean? And sometimes it will reflect that u have unclaimed UIF do they check how long u’ve worked before they say that, because some people have worked for a short period of time of which their uif pay out will be less how will they expect a people of such to survive. Gov is just a scam man. Thy only want our votes.

  115. Yongamela gica

    It clearly shows that corruption will never end I mean how can they mention uif while we not working , y cant we be granted what’s promised to us … y

  116. Marius Scheepers

    I have been declined because they say I’m uif registered..I haven’t worked for more than a year and went to the labour office and they confirmed thatb there is no uif and nobody is paying any uif for me.i have no other means of income.how do I fix this problem.

  117. Nothemba Mabija

    My status shows declined because of uif whereby the last time i receice money from uif it was July,ive got no source of income and strungling to get the job what should i do then

  118. Nothemba Mabija

    My application has declined because of uif whereby the last time i got money from uif it was July,i am not working and there is no income that im receiving,what should i do cause i realy need that money

  119. Ntombentsha

    I’ve applied for this grant for my Lil brother but when they ask me to submit the reference number I did submitt it bt the answer says “SOMETHING WENT WRONG”and I didn’t get anything asked about the bank details for my brother .what do I do.?cz it’s really hard to apply for it this time

  120. Tisetso Sydney Ncayi

    I have applied but my application was declined. The say I’m registered with UIF. My UIF application was rejected earlier this year. Therefore I am not receiving any UIF.

  121. Margaret

    Hi I applied srd on the 9th August and it confirm that my application is active,till now I didn’t receive 350 ,when I check my status yesterday it said it’s pending today it says fail to verified my identification please help I need that money

  122. Nyameka Nopume

    Help: my results says failed bcz of UIf yes i was recieving UIF bt yerstaday was my last payment so may i start again applying for SDR? I need the money

  123. Zanele xanywa

    Hy I tried to apply Fr sed but it declined reason is they say I receive an income but I dnt receive any income I’m in employed it’s been a year

  124. Busisiwe sibisi

    Hy sir or madam I Apply a 350 srd grant they say declined reason there is alternive source of income but i don’t get any income I’m unemployed I don’t know what must do i need help

  125. Maboko

    Since I applied last year ionly received for few months den it started saying irp5now I have applied again it says source of income detected and idn’t know what does dis mean .because iam unemployed😔

  126. Ziyanda

    Hi plz help i have applied on 9th of this month n when i check my status it’s say am decline the reason it’s bcz i get alternative source of income wheres i am not getting a cent…i am unemployed i only recieve social grant i am care giver


    People ask the question wat happend to the cash send option progress?but no answer why?has anybody ever got their payment via cash send?its all about the post office or the banks we hear about?why put a cash send option when people still have to wait so long?it way past the 31st but still no pay?pls somebody give us answers..sms received only is the application for cash send is now ACTIVE???then must stress and get frustrated?

  128. John oktober

    I apply in the beginning of last month for this grant sassa don’t respond to me I think this is not working and government just take the money for themselves these ihs to stupid how could you apply but there is no one you can talk to

  129. Cameron Booi


    I had applied for the SRD and I dont receive any UIF and I got the proof from the DEPT.LABOUR. Why did you decclined my application?

  130. Vusumuzi Gwala

    I apply on the 9 of August i get the sms from that day if i check ny status still pending i cant understand whats going on here any idea help me please

  131. Gift L

    When I check my status it says pending post office not being selected…its so frustrating coz it does not even show where or what to do to rectify that.

  132. Nyameka joyi

    Morning to you all
    Eversince I applied for srd grand 10/08/2021 I was using Moya app also I did add my Absa Bank details it was successful now I’m still waiting a second message,can you please help.

  133. Ntombzana

    Hi i apply since last year May says decline and i”m not working no incomne even this year i applied againg and when i check status via watsap it says decline for may 2020.. what can i do?

  134. Zeenat

    Im extremely disappointed in this whole process,no! actually livid,After finally being able to check my status online(seeing that,the status button was “supposedly deactivated”,because of the influx of applications…The system indicated I am approved,payday on the 1st September and filed the 31st.Only to get to the one Post Office,who conveniently had posters up:”No payments until further notice”,but has been paying out for the past couple of days!
    Then I had to go to the next post office,which cost me traveling money,only for the teller to inform me that “SASSA, has NOT,NOT OPENED MY ACCOUNT WITH THE POST OFFICE YET,even though I have been approved,with a payday!!!!!

  135. Portia

    My application was approved but I didn’t receive my payment coz I have finished my banking details but it now it says post office mxm our government is playing with our minds coz others received their own money so what about us coz they should have told us to go straight to post office coz we’re here waiting for our bank notification but dololo

  136. Nkosinathi makhaye

    Hi I’m worried south African I have applied for covid 19 relief grant in August 2021 but no result as now, Ather people been payed.mine says your application is active please help im desperate.

  137. Sibongile kau

    Hi I applied for my child for child grant it was the first time but when the payment came it was only R600 what is happening

  138. Mavis Mfaba

    My status say “pending” as a result of post office not chosen, this is very odd because I furnished ny banking
    details when I applied and the system confirmed the transaction.
    Please assist.

  139. Narrimah

    I applied for the R350 relieved fund but when checking my status it says pending.Its month end already so when it’s approved will I get paid for August or September.

  140. Narrimah

    I have applied for the R350 but my status keeps showing pending.Its month end how will I know if I’m approved.And will I get paid for the month of August or September only if my application is approved.

  141. Philile Mbanjwa

    I applied for SDR grant and got the massage saying my application is actibe,but when I check my status via WhatsApp it’s says that they don’t have my application in their system.whats going on.i can’t even check my status it’s kept saying fail I don’t know if sassa approve my application or diclined it

    1. xolelwa

      i also don’t know i applied for the previous grant cycle and was approved and received my money but this new cycle i don’t now whether the sassa system is problematic course now it says i am uif registered i don’t even work and never applied for uif maybe the people working with this information are getting confused with our applications and it result in us losing money that we really need my friend.

  142. Shenge

    When I check my application status, it says FAILED!!!. Someone’s not doing their job. We need feedback if our application is unsuccessful and clear reasons as to why we don’t qualify for the grand. AND STOP BEING SHADY!!!

  143. MRS Thomas



  144. Zodwa V Manana ka Nkosi

    Hello what’s going on guys any network of this srd Grant it’s not working i want to check my status i really need this money i don’t get any income

  145. Jody

    Hi guys I’m also having problem checking status bt uppon applying n selected cash send I received a SMS saying my application is active so y can’t I c status n payment day starts please help

  146. LEOLYN

    Hi I’m also having problem checking status it says failed.bt wen I applied n selected cash send n which bank. I received a SMS saying my application is active so how do we know da status or date of payment ishhhh

  147. Anonymous

    Itried to apply online but it keeps saying my application is already active which,so i don’t know if someone stole my id number and use it without my approval,can you help me and check what exactly has happened?😪😪

  148. Gcobisa

    Hi I want to check my status online bt I can’t wht should I do, also I want to know when are the dates for it, is it going to click strait on my bank account, thank u

  149. Senzelokuhle

    hi sassa team i wanted to ask that what it means when you check the application status and then the response says “failed ok”

  150. Walter

    Something is wrong at sassa’s office or government itself,how can they promise something they can’t give.i applied srd last year they declined and this time again they used my details to apply for srd grant used deferent cell no not mine and selected cash send😭

  151. Athi

    Sasa department it seems like they don’t want unemployed people to get this money, because all those registration platforms they given to us doesn’t work. Please Sasa help us to get this money khaniyeke ukhohlakala Sasa people.

  152. Ikaneng Hlohlongoane

    I have applied for R350 grand but i did not get anything even first time,they say i get NSFAS and i don’t get any allowance so what must i do cos i really need that money?

  153. Lindi

    My concern is,,if that Moya app is not related in Sassa as we used it how come after finishing the application they send you a message saying you’re now active but now they said they don’t know each other make us clear guys how does this happen we want that money not play games

  154. Janine Langeveldt

    Why are we struggling just to check our status don’t even know if we approved or not please isn’t there another link you can provide just for people to check there status please and thank you for your time

  155. Alfred

    Sassa is so full of nonsense for two weeks we cant check our status but they say we must check our status.WHY ARE THEY NOT INFORMING US THAT THE SYSTEM IS DOWN AND WHEN WILL IT BE FIXED ????? IT JUST SHOWS THE DISDAIN WHICH WHICH THEY TREATED UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE ITS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  156. Faith Shubolela

    I want assistance in status check..nd pls elaborate how does one be declined due to irp5 registered if my last employment was 4yrs ago..pls help me on that.i dont hv any income.

  157. Faith Shubolela

    Ive been trying to check the status of my application it on saying failed..pls help me on that matter.Again i applied last year but got declined bcoz of irp5 registered nd i lost my job a long time ago.havent worked in 4 yrs.pls look into that becoz i really need this 350 since i dont get any incpme in my hpusehpld.

  158. Pheon Matlala

    Sassa keeps reminding us to collect our money before month end but when we go to post office they tell us the money is not in, how can we collect money that is not available… This is frustrating 😤, can you please pay us our money, we need it!!!

  159. Elliot

    Am trying to check the satatus and add banking details but doesnt allowa anyone please assist as even last year 2020 my application was declined

  160. Teboho

    Don’t have IRP but I was told about it, I have query that till today no reply I didn’t receive last year grunt let alone for this year this is so unfair really.

  161. Marilyn seletani

    Hi I have been trying to check my status but it keeps on saying failed should I be worried? How do I know if my application is declined or not if I can’t be able to see the outcome? Pls help

  162. Thandeka

    I don’t have an ID but I have certificate and I am over 18 yrs and I approved so what’s going to be needed to if I want to collect my 350

  163. Bradley

    I tried to check my application status it always say failed so how do we know when to collect our R350 please update your system as I need the money I’m not working

  164. CJ


  165. Nebreshka

    This link has just proven to be completely disappointing. After several non-stop attempts the site always shows failed and this is more than frustrating to more than just a few thousand applicants, its just ridiculous!!!
    I cannot imagine the anxiety of so many individuals who are depending on this money to help feed their families and how do you not feel saddened by the idea of a hungry child?

  166. D. T.

    Admin, I have been approved to get the R350, but my nearest post services at Elspark,has moved to wadeville, and I can’t access the money in due dates. Please help

  167. Ulane. Mosito

    I wish They Can go through data base and Use it for The applications and stop making Fool of People,cos This website and text Number that they giving people it doesn’t work

    1. vanesia

      I wish They Can go through data base and Use it for The applications and stop making Fool of People,cos This website and text Number that they giving people it doesn’t work. tHEY DO NOT RESPOND ON WHATSAPP OR ON EMAIL.

      Is this serious or a joke

  168. Albert Mnyamane

    I cant apply in yr website stil strugling y is so difficult provide us with forms so can apply nd also put in our bank details in yr watsapp yr watsapp only check for status

  169. Monimang

    I only received 350 in 22 July 2021 but I HV applied it long time ago I went to the post office today tit has declined so I don’t know what’s going on

  170. Rudzani Mofupa

    Go to the website and go to “Reconsideration” it will need id number/ cell number you use when you register so they will send you OPT number which you will put on (Pin) and you will c if its approved and also paid. Or go to the nearest Post Office with your ID book or Smart Card you will get your money

  171. siphosethu mvabaza

    I was cancelled due uif which I don’t receive.I called the first time a guy answered and he told me he had fixed the matter so I must wait.I did so,I waited I month after I called again to check what’s happening athen alady answer she told me different story about making a lease which I wasn’t told about when first time.she said I was given the wrong info but don’t know which to believe between the first person or second coz why would her assistant give me the wrong info haven’t received my money since january

  172. Nothando

    I am Nothando Time and I applied for the social grant relief last year and to date when I want to check my status my application is still declined. I tried several times but still declined.

  173. Rudzani Mofupa


    I first applied last year on April but decline (uif) which I not even receiving, then I make an appeal last on October but start say (sars)🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. So I call them and they say I have to check on reconsidering where it will send me OTP after putting my ID number & cell number which I use to register. OTP will be sended on that number.

    I got that it’s been approved and already paid, I received my R350 grant from last year May till January. They paid me 9 months and i just receive my last grant last week.

  174. Onicca Masina

    How can I change my contacts number on sassa since I’ve lost the phone and now I’m using different number and when I fill up my new number it says invalid number

  175. Maria Hans

    Dear SASSA
    i applied for the SRD IN April 2019 bit everytime my spplication are rejected due to the following reasons; declined reason uif registered or it showed declined IRP5 registered. I am unemployed since December 2016 with no income and I have lost my husband due to Covid 4 months ago. I have also checked with SARS and DOL they confirmed that I have not received or owed them any monies, however My name apeared on the Sars website because of the last time efiling they cannot remove my name as I was registeted with SARS as a tax payer the last time. This doesnt mean that I am employed.

    Kindly reconsider my application as I am struggling with no source of income. I can send proof from DOL that I am not registered. Kindly reconsider my application I beg of you I need the money to take care of myself and my family.
    This is my 5th appeal letter I wrote to you i have not received any answers from my previous letters

    Yours sincerely

    Maria Hans


    im really fed up of doing the same thing over and over, i havnt been paid a single month since the time ive applied, there was a problem with my id and ive sent through my marriagecertificate as well as my green bar coded id several times, the call centre gives me nothing, no info, when i check online the status it still says mismatch id since June Last year, i ve only been aproved for March 2021 and April 2021 but didnt get that money also because no one can help me at your offices,




  177. Lindokuhle

    Help me sassa am not working
    So my account 154529XXXX
    Nd my id 940115560XXXX
    Plz help

  178. Mathew Arthur Ribeiro

    I have applied from January, February, March but only April month is approved what happened with January, February and March they say decline not in sars base
    So how come I’m approved for April and yet no money

  179. Chauke gezani hamilton

    I they send me the message but when I go to the post office they said nothing you have and my message says if not collected by 04-05-4759 re apply so what can I do for now help

  180. Sonwabo Yabo

    Since last year I haven’t paid my R350 it approved all there’s months but when I go and check to the nearest Post office there’s no money my balnce keep saying R0.00 I dont know why?Am confused please help

  181. Sanele Goxani

    I Sanele Goxani.ID number 99061156700864,Please see to the following Post Office address Vincent Post Office in East London 5200,where i can collect my Special Unemployment Grant that applied for.




  183. khnzekile gayiya

    I was paid for march 2020 and then later I an sms saying my acc has been suspended and I should email to [reffered@sassa.go.za] and I did on the 26th last month, but still no response .I have been unemployed since last year even now.

  184. simiso arthur ngubane


    1. Ntombikhona somcho

      Apply sassa moya coletti approve stay mosselbay western Cape 14 August thin now plz help me post office or number sassa 421329101185321



    ID NO: 6109115169081
    SASSA ID NO : 424658
    CELL NO: 0765233xxx

  186. Nozuko Qilingana

    I applied earlier for 350 grant but don’t get because of my last payment of June month I hv no income anymore even my children don’t get social grant since 2010 until now and I need it!!

  187. Thabang Phineas Motsamai

    I apply in may but till to day I din”t get any message, only last month were I receive a message that shows this numbers 066546 I don” know what does that mean

  188. Mr Israel Kgomotso Manqojane

    I only received three payments at post office May , June and July. when I check my status it says approved August 10/2020, September 10/2020 ,October 12/2020 and November 23/2020. December says sending. the dates are all there and the times. please check for me. post office is convenient for me.

  189. Theodora

    Today is the 1st Dec checked my brothers status it does not even show pending for Nov does it mean his grant stopped Oct.Is the grant not suppossed to be paid until Jan 2001


    I applied early may 2020 but my application is declined due ID verification can anyone assist me on which step should i take since am not receiving any income. my status message keep saying identification failed. what should must happen in order to receive my COVID-19 SRG. I have not receive any R350.00 due to this status.

    Thank you for your time and co-operation


  191. Petronella Jackson

    I received mine for two months when i went to collect the third time i was told that my initials are incorrect how do i rectify this i went to one of the SASSA offices and was advise to use this website to change it please advise

  192. T Dunn

    I do not understand why put that contact number there when it never works fooling people around. My son has 4 payments approved and cannot get his money what the hell is wrong with SASSA seriously

  193. Keabetswe Mothogo

    May,June and July payment received, but thereafter it says I have income,,Im not working and I Neva deed work as this corrupt government have their own people to employ,,so what happed to other months funds? Its good and giving courage and hope when its said on TV or news,,but when comes to actions,,ONLY DISSAPOINTMENTS,OUR GOVERNMENT,,or my grant is stolen aswel?

  194. Vukani Godslove Zitha

    Help i made the first the application between March n April with the simcard no.i lost,bought another sim n i reapplied since never got anything i only recieved the feedback’which says,-application on ID no…has been already made verify at @sassa i have reregistered my sim card no.i lost ,what is da next step from now or how can i rectify that misprint,will b great shud i get the solution.

  195. Vukani Godslove Zitha

    I did applied my first application between March and April i lost the phone together with the sim card,i reapplied with da new sim card the only feedback i recieve says ‘your application has already been made verify @sassa,i have made simswap i hav both sim cards i made applicatioin with n the ID no,hasnt change I wish to know what the next step from now?

  196. Arthur

    May, June and July payment recieved, August states declined due to other income? Really you approve first 3 payments and then state other income, this income come from you? September Pending? Please explain or have you stolen the Relief Grant funds too?

  197. Tebatso

    Tebatso Mamabolo was received the SRD grant for 2 months and now he received an SMS saying the grant has been declined due to alternative income was detected. His currently employed and does not have an income. Kindly assist please.

  198. Ferlyn

    I received the r350 grant for may,june and July and saw when I checked my status that it was declined,stating,an alternative income was detected. I am unemployed and not receiving any income at all so how can my august payment be declined but I got payments for may,june and July. Please correct this as I am struggling

  199. Skhumbuzo moripe

    I got paid once,since then it declined,with defferent reasons,sometimes it says (alternative source of income identify)while I don’t get any income.im confused

  200. Mzingisi Paulos Rorwana

    I applied in may, approved in june, sent my bank details but Ihave not received any payment until today. any problem might persist, hw do I get paid?

  201. Sandile khani

    I would like to know whether m i going to get this grand or not,i since applied in may,was told my June application is approved n to wait for an sms, we in end August n m still waiting for that SMS

  202. Xoliswa

    I applied for my brother in may when I check the status says declined due to identity verification failed, how can I correct it



  204. Anonymous

    I applied since mày till today they said reason uif,im not working nd i never worked anything,i never received any source of income in my life or montly fees from anywhere so what those this mean

  205. Masibonge Theophilus Phindani

    I’ve applied for srd grant on May,bt they keep on reply Is verification & there is nothing wrong with my ID number plz help I’m so frustrated

  206. Lorraine

    Hi I applied in April never receive the my pay!ent as yet!
    Declined me for june! Please I’m unemployed and am still depending on this money plse for myself

  207. Tumelo Mogale

    I’ve applied in May and I was decline and then July is pending. I applied for two people with the same number and they were approved.

  208. Thabang Isaac Matsiela

    Hi since i have applied since May and it has Declined me and Now it Pending for June so i want to know if im going to get the money or not. because im not working and dont have anything to eat, 0786991xxx

  209. Anonymous

    Rodney Visagie

    Hi I have also applied in May, but was rejected. I applied in June and for July, but it’s still pending I don’t work at the moment and received no n income can u recheck my application thank u!!! My contact is 0649841xxx

  210. Sandile khani

    M getting frustrated here,i since applied in may,its now August n yet no conformation of whether i will get the grand or not pkz assist

  211. Tumelo Jeffrey Mathibe

    Since I applied for this grant on May, even today no feedback on my application,i always see n hear on news that sassa is busy helping pop,but I haven’t been contacted as yet,

  212. siyabonga Zondi

    On May they say my application does not match may I’d,I apply again on June till now is pending what i must do because I’m no working I really need this money

  213. sipho

    sipho: I have made an application and started no bank account.
    Now Sassa is requesting bank details . were will I get one.

    Please rather send our money via the post office.
    we have applied from may even now we haven’t received anything.

    please advise.

  214. Smangele

    I apply relief grant for my son & it approved on May my son don’t have bank details so I use eWallet options still he didn’t get the money I wonder when he will get it

  215. Given

    Since may decline now pending I am not working any where no income my numbers 0728845299 I’ve tried to email nothing even calling nothing 0800601011 I am lodging an apeal

  216. Bazil

    Apprv.in may only SMS I got application I’d no banking msg payday was 15 may June pending July pending post office says I’m not on their pay system what now

  217. Sthembiso Ncp

    My sister approved in may pay date also, but at post office they say she must have an SMS that shows she must go and get the money at post office.

    1. xolelwa

      my girlfriend also got approved in may 2020 with pay date as well for june, july august- december 2020 with pay dates but, she only went to post office now in august 2021 and she received her money for 4 months she was not asked about an sms maybe the people at post office assist racially i ques.

  218. Sanele Ntuli

    Hi i got approved on the 3rd of july but im struggling to send my banking details i dont know why because i put the correct details even today when i press submit it keeps saying failj

  219. Sanele Ntuli

    Hi i got approved on the 3rd of july but im struggling to send my banking details i dont know why because i put the correct details even today when i press submit it keeps saying fail

  220. Bazil

    Got 1st SMS last month with approved code every time I complete banking details at the end says failed as if I don’t have flipen details in front of me jeez.

    1. Mbali Mkhize

      Hey,I applied for srdR350 and it declined they say it’s because of altinative income but I’m not working…ND I tried to reapply and it failed I just don’t understand what’s going on


    Hi I got a payday of 09 July it is my first payment but used someone’s account so I just wanted to know weather I am going to get the money

  222. Paulos David Soqhaka

    Hi I!was applied two months ago but nothing is happening till now please help me

  223. Mthobisi

    I just checked my status as I applied may2020 it says approved,jun2020 outcome pending. I haven’t received a cent since May. What could be problem?

  224. Busiswa Gaba

    I applied on May for my brother I just got an approval massage to link on internet but I don’t understand anything he don’t have phone also Bank Details what will happen?

  225. charles wilson

    I applied in may 2020 for the special grant an did not get a single word of feed back.the President and his ministers can keep the money for all that i care i will just go and steel food cause the sa gouverment is useless.
    i regret being a south african citizen !!!!!

  226. nomvopantsi71@gmail.com

    I applied in May on behalf of my two Brothers, both not working and staying in rural area and no cellphones nor bank accounts,the other one was approved end May but no payment to date,the 2nd one declined butI don’t know why,never work before

  227. P D Carr

    I applied in the middle of May. I don’t work. I don’t get a disability grant. I don’t get UIF payments although I have registered a case against a previous employer at the local DoL. When I check the status, I just see “Failed”. There is no pending, approved or disapproved notification. We are into July and nothing has happened. I meet all the criteria for this grant. WHAT IS GOING ON!?

  228. keneilwe grace mogale

    Been struggling for almost 2 months now its either says failed or something else as i was asked to submit bank details.i dnt have a proper phone to do all those things

  229. Thandokazi Wellem

    I received an sms saying that my I’D doesn’t match my I’D number 9907090728087

    1. Awelani Melsa

      Time I applied for the social grant relief last year and to date when I want to check my status my application still decline I tried several time but still decline and try to do appeal still when I check my status say received income source and I can’t received income from anywhere

  230. Masoeu Tshepiso Elliot

    Hlw plz help me i lost mu sms from sassa and they i am approved they need my bank details so i dont have an bank acc so plss help me what can i do?

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