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Organization Name : SASSA South African Social Security Agency
Facility Name : Covid-19 SRD (R350) Grant Application Status
Applicable For : Individuals who are currently unemployed
Website :

SASSA SRD Application Status

Special Covid 19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) of R350 per month for 6 months to be paid to individuals who are currently unemployed, do not receive any form of income, social grant or UIF payment etc.

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SRD Grant Eligibility

To qualify for this Covid 19 SRD Grant of R350 you must

** Be a South African Citizens Permanent Resident or Refugee registered on the Home Affairs database;
** currently residing within the borders of the Republic of South Africa;

** be above the age of 18;
** be unemployed;
** not be receiving any form of income;
** not be receiving any social grant;

** not be receiving an unemployment insurance benefit and do not qualify to receive an unemployment insurance benefit;
** not be receiving a stipend from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and other financial aid;

** not be receiving any other government COVID-19 response support; and
** not be resident in a government funded or subsidized institution.

How to Check SRD Status?

Just follow the below steps to check your Covid-19 SRD Grant Application Status.

Steps :
Step 1 : Visit the official website of SASSA through the URL

Step 2 : Next, click “Check Online” link under Application status at the end of the page.

Step 3 : Enter the South African ID number of Applicant
Step 4 : Enter the Phone Number used to submit your application.
Step 5 : Finally click on “Submit” button to know your status.

Payment of Grant

Payment of the grant will be made mainly through bank accounts of the applicants and through cash send measures through banks.

The benefit/grant will be paid from the date of approval up to the end of October 2020 provided the qualifying criteria listed continues to be met. So if applicants apply in June, their payments will be from June and there will be no back pay.

Period of SRD Grant

Social Relief of Distress is issued monthly for a maximum period of 3 months. An extension a further 3 months may be granted in exceptional cases.

Terms & Conditions

** Applications for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant are only electronic. Do not visit SASSA offices to apply for this grant. If you need assistance to apply, SASSA staff & volunteers can assist.

** Citizens without bank accounts can also apply. In this case payment will be effected through a money transfer, once all the necessary validations have been completed.

** Once applications are approved, SASSA will request confirmation of bank account through a secure site – this will also be done electronically.
** Any applicant has the right to request confirmation that this request is from SASSA to protect themselves.

SRD Contact Numbers

Regional Contact Numbers for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Applications. Applications could be made by either calling SASSA National Call Center: 0800 60 10 11 or Email to: grantenquiries [AT]

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  4. Since from the start of covid I haven’t received any money. My status keeps saying IRP5 registered idk wats wrong because I nvr worked anywhere. I appealed no respond even now. Plz help I really need this

  5. my acc has been suspended since last month Feb2021, and I have only received May, June & July ‘s payment since last year is concerned .

  6. I was paid for march 2020 and then later I an sms saying my acc has been suspended and I should email to [] and I did on the 26th last month, but still no response .I have been unemployed since last year even now.

  7. margaret kedibone baloyi

    I apply for this money starting from June but I didn’t get it thy say am not on sistem i need that money am not working

  8. simiso arthur ngubane


  9. Bongani kelvin sithole

    Im have applied since november everything was approved no money had received my 1d no 8009206386081 my bank is 1126648998 bk sithole capitec

  10. Can I be able to change my number that i was registered with?



    ID NO: 6109115169081
    SASSA ID NO : 424658
    CELL NO: 0765233xxx

  12. Helo da i have applied in june and havent received any message o any money they havent let me know what da problem is who must i contact and i come 3 times from sassa offices

  13. I applied earlier for 350 grant but don’t get because of my last payment of June month I hv no income anymore even my children don’t get social grant since 2010 until now and I need it!!

  14. I went to post office today to collect payment and i was told its not paid yet

  15. christopher van heerden

    been approved since november but every time i go to post ofice they say i dnt exist

  16. I received mine from may2 August,I didn’t collect my money from September 2 December because they said it declined. What can I do?

  17. Mr Israel Kgomotso Manqojane

    I only received three payments at post office May , June and July. when I check my status it says approved August 10/2020, September 10/2020 ,October 12/2020 and November 23/2020. December says sending. the dates are all there and the times. please check for me. post office is convenient for me.


    1. Thabang Phineas Motsamai

      I apply in may but till to day I din”t get any message, only last month were I receive a message that shows this numbers 066546 I don” know what does that mean

  19. Today is the 1st Dec checked my brothers status it does not even show pending for Nov does it mean his grant stopped Oct.Is the grant not suppossed to be paid until Jan 2001

  20. I have been declined due to an irp5 registration that needs to be updated or changed but I don’t know how

  21. Am still waiting a notification even today de payday was 15 n it was changed to 17 today is 24 what’s going on?


    I applied early may 2020 but my application is declined due ID verification can anyone assist me on which step should i take since am not receiving any income. my status message keep saying identification failed. what should must happen in order to receive my COVID-19 SRG. I have not receive any R350.00 due to this status.

    Thank you for your time and co-operation


  23. vuyokazi veronica I'd 7710100775086

    Hi decline reason child grant but I’ve am not paying any more my father does bcoz is staying with my child plz help

  24. I received mine for two months when i went to collect the third time i was told that my initials are incorrect how do i rectify this i went to one of the SASSA offices and was advise to use this website to change it please advise

  25. Bronwin Christopher

    i apply june or july but get two same messages but not the one that say that i must go to the nearest post office

  26. I do not understand why put that contact number there when it never works fooling people around. My son has 4 payments approved and cannot get his money what the hell is wrong with SASSA seriously

  27. I alway get my grand later like now i didn’t get and is already towards end of the month

  28. May,June and July payment received, but thereafter it says I have income,,Im not working and I Neva deed work as this corrupt government have their own people to employ,,so what happed to other months funds? Its good and giving courage and hope when its said on TV or news,,but when comes to actions,,ONLY DISSAPOINTMENTS,OUR GOVERNMENT,,or my grant is stolen aswel?

  29. after approval when will I get a message to go check for the grant or sending banking details

  30. Vukani Godslove Zitha

    Help i made the first the application between March n April with the simcard no.i lost,bought another sim n i reapplied since never got anything i only recieved the feedback’which says,-application on ID no…has been already made verify at @sassa i have reregistered my sim card no.i lost ,what is da next step from now or how can i rectify that misprint,will b great shud i get the solution.

  31. Vukani Godslove Zitha

    I did applied my first application between March and April i lost the phone together with the sim card,i reapplied with da new sim card the only feedback i recieve says ‘your application has already been made verify @sassa,i have made simswap i hav both sim cards i made applicatioin with n the ID no,hasnt change I wish to know what the next step from now?

  32. siyabulela ngalwana

    ever since the lockdown i did not get the covid 19 relief grant

  33. june, july, august and september payments approved but not available, how is that?

  34. Hi I u’ve received approval message but still waiting for payment I’D no 0008246161080

  35. Ilost my numbers iregester on sassa ithink it been 4months now

  36. May, June and July payment recieved, August states declined due to other income? Really you approve first 3 payments and then state other income, this income come from you? September Pending? Please explain or have you stolen the Relief Grant funds too?

  37. I lost my number which I registered my srd grant with it…what should I do to find out if I can collect my money…

  38. Tebatso Mamabolo was received the SRD grant for 2 months and now he received an SMS saying the grant has been declined due to alternative income was detected. His currently employed and does not have an income. Kindly assist please.

  39. no Comment FANA Sydney Shongwe

  40. I received the r350 grant for may,june and July and saw when I checked my status that it was declined,stating,an alternative income was detected. I am unemployed and not receiving any income at all so how can my august payment be declined but I got payments for may,june and July. Please correct this as I am struggling

  41. I got paid once,since then it declined,with defferent reasons,sometimes it says (alternative source of income identify)while I don’t get any confused

  42. My August grant says approved but still no pay day on it why??

  43. mine says approved whhat does it mean?

  44. ive only receive 1 payment and have been approved 4 both june and july but everytime they say that there is no money 4 me, who stole money now again?

  45. It’s beta if payment be paid through Ewallet or standard bank instant money. It will save tym for all.No long queues.

  46. Since i got link from june but its a wrong ID

  47. Mzingisi Paulos Rorwana

    I applied in may, approved in june, sent my bank details but Ihave not received any payment until today. any problem might persist, hw do I get paid?

  48. i applied in July and i havent receiceved the grant its still pending……
    its been three months nw,must we also pay bribes to get it??????????

  49. I would like to know whether m i going to get this grand or not,i since applied in may,was told my June application is approved n to wait for an sms, we in end August n m still waiting for that SMS

  50. Please I need to know I am approved but can’t check for sms as my cell no has changed

  51. amstilll waiting for realief grant since i don get any masage since i aply

  52. I applied for my brother in may when I check the status says declined due to identity verification failed, how can I correct it


  54. I ‘ve applied for relief grant since on May. ..They sent a text that says my I’d docs doesn’t match I wonder why

  55. I applied since mày till today they said reason uif,im not working nd i never worked anything,i never received any source of income in my life or montly fees from anywhere so what those this mean

  56. Tumiso Phillip[ Rasebotsa

    I applyd in june n its approved but still am not receing moneyapplied

  57. Tumiso Phillip[ Rasebotsa

    I got n approved massage but ididint get a money since I applyd …all am asking is am going to get it or not

  58. Masibonge Theophilus Phindani

    I’ve applied for srd grant on May,bt they keep on reply Is verification & there is nothing wrong with my ID number plz help I’m so frustrated

  59. m still waiting paydate

  60. Hi I applied in April never receive the my pay!ent as yet!
    Declined me for june! Please I’m unemployed and am still depending on this money plse for myself

  61. I’m still wanting for R350

  62. I’ve applied in May and I was decline and then July is pending. I applied for two people with the same number and they were approved.

  63. Thabang Isaac Matsiela

    Hi since i have applied since May and it has Declined me and Now it Pending for June so i want to know if im going to get the money or not. because im not working and dont have anything to eat, 0786991xxx

    1. Hi can u help how to check july status coz on me it shows may and Jun

  64. Still waiting for srd 0823600572. Stanley Visagie

  65. Rodney Visagie

    Hi I have also applied in May, but was rejected. I applied in June and for July, but it’s still pending I don’t work at the moment and received no n income can u recheck my application thank u!!! My contact is 0649841xxx

  66. M getting frustrated here,i since applied in may,its now August n yet no conformation of whether i will get the grand or not pkz assist

  67. Mzoxolo Makhwenkwe

    I was applying on 11 of may but declined now I’m on pending from June until now l don’t know if what I can do right now

  68. Tumelo Jeffrey Mathibe

    Since I applied for this grant on May, even today no feedback on my application,i always see n hear on news that sassa is busy helping pop,but I haven’t been contacted as yet,

  69. hello im waiting for money since i applied in mayt

  70. My bank details capitec so iwant my money to earn by bank account 1533709104 nt post oficce


    My Application was provisionally approved back in May. Everytime I try submit my ID it Says Failed.why?

  72. I did appication and when checking status it says it pending. What should i do

  73. Since I apply for covid19 grand(350)in may 2020,i didn’t get any response.i am not deceiving any payment or salary so please I need that money

  74. Since i apply for Sassa R350 from April till nou i didn’t get any answer

  75. Since June pending for outcomes what must I do do

    1. I am approved but can’t check for sms as my cell is changed what must I do

  76. I was declined in May since June is still pending what must I do . I am hungry without food. 0760869058.Nico pls help

  77. I dont have a bank account how do i get my R350 .the money was approved already

  78. On May they say my application does not match may I’d,I apply again on June till now is pending what i must do because I’m no working I really need this money

  79. Ntombizodwa C Madombuka

    Waiting for an approval

  80. Hi I was paid my 1st payment on the 27th May to date I’m still waiting for June and July

  81. sipho: I have made an application and started no bank account.
    Now Sassa is requesting bank details . were will I get one.

    Please rather send our money via the post office.
    we have applied from may even now we haven’t received anything.

    please advise.

  82. How to add my bank details .

  83. I’m still waiting for my money

  84. Godwin Peter Stuart

    i have applied for my brother he was approved but still he has not received, I have applied in June.

  85. I’m still waiting 350grant

  86. I have being approved from May but still never get paid how do I send my banking details pls help

    1. can someone help with the above question…as i am trying to help someone…thanks

  87. I since apply in may for the R350 GRAND,till today no notification no nothing on the state of my application

  88. I checked my status and they failed how

  89. I apply relief grant for my son & it approved on May my son don’t have bank details so I use eWallet options still he didn’t get the money I wonder when he will get it

  90. I allso received a sms in May im approved but still nothing.. June month is also approved but no R350 what must i do im still waiting since May month

    1. nothing till now …

  91. neo sheldon senosi

    I applied on the 16th of June 2020 up to this day nothing

  92. I didn’t get any money since I approved now is pending.

  93. I didn’t since I approved now is pending

    1. Since may decline now pending I am not working any where no income my numbers 0728845299 I’ve tried to email nothing even calling nothing 0800601011 I am lodging an apeal

  94. may only SMS I got application I’d no banking msg payday was 15 may June pending July pending post office says I’m not on their pay system what now

  95. I’m still waiting for R350

  96. My sister approved in may pay date also, but at post office they say she must have an SMS that shows she must go and get the money at post office.

  97. Hi i got approved on the 3rd of july but im struggling to send my banking details i dont know why because i put the correct details even today when i press submit it keeps saying fail

  98. Got 1st SMS last month with approved code every time I complete banking details at the end says failed as if I don’t have flipen details in front of me jeez.

  99. Hi I got a payday of 09 July it is my first payment but used someone’s account so I just wanted to know weather I am going to get the money

  100. Joyce Khanyisile Sibeta

    I applied on May the result was declined now my status is approved but I don’t receive massage for that my number 0789415094

  101. I applied on May and I approved on June but even now I haven’t get 350 the question is there is something wrong?

  102. Get my aprove sns and update banking details on friday 3 june so when will i get the money

  103. I just checked my status as I applied may2020 it says approved,jun2020 outcome pending. I haven’t received a cent since May. What could be problem?

  104. Bongani Themba Mkhize

    I have got sms 4 July 2020 & I need to submit my bank details on this app they give me ther’s a promblem

    1. Paulos David Soqhaka

      Hi I!was applied two months ago but nothing is happening till now please help me

  105. Amanda nontobeko shongwe

    Igot SMS saying my details dad not match with my id

  106. I applied on May for my brother I just got an approval massage to link on internet but I don’t understand anything he don’t have phone also Bank Details what will happen?

  107. where do I get paid

  108. I applied in may 2020 for the special grant an did not get a single word of feed back.the President and his ministers can keep the money for all that i care i will just go and steel food cause the sa gouverment is useless.
    i regret being a south african citizen !!!!!

  109. Hi got the approval today so I must upload my banking details and m struggling

  110. They is someone who applied 350 with my ID so plz i need help I want to change a number phone

    1. Got payday msg but your site lets me put in my banking then says failed idiots details in front of me


    I applied in May on behalf of my two Brothers, both not working and staying in rural area and no cellphones nor bank accounts,the other one was approved end May but no payment to date,the 2nd one declined butI don’t know why,never work before

  112. Since I approved I didn’t get money.

  113. How to correct mistakes

  114. Nonkulukeko happiness ngcobo

    Igot the SMS saying that information doesn’t match with my id

  115. I got the message to upload my bank details but the link give challenge

  116. I applied in the middle of May. I don’t work. I don’t get a disability grant. I don’t get UIF payments although I have registered a case against a previous employer at the local DoL. When I check the status, I just see “Failed”. There is no pending, approved or disapproved notification. We are into July and nothing has happened. I meet all the criteria for this grant. WHAT IS GOING ON!?

  117. My application was declined but im not working

  118. How to Correct mistake in SRD Application?

  119. I was approved. early may opt to be paid at standard bank until today nothing

  120. I apply 13 may until now I am not getting any message I am not working not receiving any income it’s my problem

  121. I been approved but didn’t get a sms for my banking details

  122. keneilwe grace mogale

    Been struggling for almost 2 months now its either says failed or something else as i was asked to submit bank details.i dnt have a proper phone to do all those things

  123. Thandokazi Wellem

    I received an sms saying that my I’D doesn’t match my I’D number 9907090728087

  124. Goseame Shantel Monku

    I was declined but I don’t have any source of income, what must I do?

  125. My application says my I’d doesn’t match with the details what must I do?

    1. Hi i got approved on the 3rd of july but im struggling to send my banking details i dont know why because i put the correct details even today when i press submit it keeps saying failj

  126. My status says I’m approved but I didn’t get a link where I can confirm my bank details.any help to find a link

  127. Chauke sinikwe suzan

    How to appload my bank details

  128. Chauke sinikwe suzan

    No bank account

  129. Masoeu Tshepiso Elliot

    Hlw plz help me i lost mu sms from sassa and they i am approved they need my bank details so i dont have an bank acc so plss help me what can i do?

  130. Ntombi Busisiwe MZOBE

    help me find the page to upload my social relief grant banking details

    1. I don’t have bank account how do I get my 350?

    2. Jethro makateko mkhombo

      How to correct mistakes

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