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online.natis.gov.za Driving Licence Card Renewal Booking : National Traffic Information System

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Organisation : National Traffic Information System
Facility Name : Driving Licence Card Renewal Booking
Applicable For : South African
Website : https://online.natis.gov.za/

NaTIS Driving Licence Card Renewal Booking

Make Bookings to apply for Learner Licence, Driving License and/or Professional Driving Permits, without having to visit Traffic Departments not having the guarantee of being assisted after standing in long queues.

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NATIS Online Booking Service

NATIS PrDP Renewal Online Booking

How To Book Online?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below for Online Booking.

Step-1 : Go to the link https://online.natis.gov.za/
Step-2 : Scroll down and Click on the link “Book now for Driving Licence Card Renewal”

Step-3 : Select Identification Type
Step-4 : Enter Identification Number, Surname and Initials and
Step-5 : Submit the “Next” button.

Slots opened to be made available over a 12 hour period. Please note that the management of slots opened by DLTC’s are now system driven.

In order to ensure fair access and opportunity to all, slots that are opened will be made available from 08h00 in the morning until 20h00 in the evening. DLTC’s have been instructed to adhere to the ‘days’ they indicate that slots will be opened, and the system will ensure that these slots are released in batches and at random times.

Important Notice:
** Gauteng Province wants to ensure that all DLTC’s are Covid-19 compliant to ensure safety of applicants. The sites inspection of DLTC’s are almost done. Kindly note the following before visiting your preferred DLTC.

** All applicants who paid for a Learner’s Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the Learner’s test

** All applicants who paid for a Driving Licence test, which would have taken place during the lockdown period can apply in person at the DLTC where the application was made for a rescheduling of the driving licence test

Pre-Booking FAQs

1. Where can I book?
You can book at any of the registered DTLC sites in Gauteng by making use of the web application.

2. How many times can I make a pre-booking?
You can only make a pre-booking once for the same licence test. You are not allowed to make the same test application at different testing stations.

3. How do I pay for the pre-booking?
You must pay for your booking at the testing station at which the pre-booking was made. Online payment will be offered in the near future.

4. What about the eye test?
You can do the eye test on the day of the payment at the DLTC or; go to a recognised eye specialist where a certificate will be issued that will be acceptable at the testing station.

5. How long do I have to pay?
The payment must be made within 3 days from making the pre-booking. This is to prevent the slot from being forfeited and allocated to another applicant. It is only a reservation of your booking until it is paid within the prescribed period to make the booking confirmed.

Please note that fees are not displayed on this site as the different sites have fees applicable to their province. Please contact the DLTC to enquire about fees.


A telephone number is available on the website as well as an email address that can be used to report any difficulties or problems experienced. For any problems or enquiries please contact our call centre via email – onlinesupport@rtmc.co.za or contact us on 0861 400 800 to assist.

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  1. monica

    It’s been 5 months trying to book for renewal drivers license,its always 0 slot,i give up now.

  2. Manakana

    Can you please stop pop up advert while in process with application for slots. What time exactly do you load slots? Why the app gives internal error massage when you have to submit ?

  3. Adam Makwala

    Those working at the department they are selling the PDP spot it always full

  4. thabang

    this online thing its like waiting for a train in air port

  5. Naledzani

    Iam also struggling to book since may last year, I also don’t know what to do because my driving card has expired

  6. Akasaseli

    I seeking a slot and I can’t find. Iam asking myself what is going to happen if they pull me out of the road.

  7. Pheane

    My license has expired 3 month back even thou the minister said the closing date is end of march 2022,im not feeling confortable driving my car with an expired license in my pocket,so please help me to book im from Randfontein.

  8. Dimakatso

    Stupid system keeps saying my license number is invalid when trying to register

    1. Linda

      i have been trying to apply the system give me access for i dentity store

  9. Nhlalo Mpofu

    Were can i check for my license that is out

  10. Sizwe a ndlovu

    I tried 2 full days bt nothing this is shit.fuck whoever came up with online bookings.It’s just wasting my data.

  11. confused user

    open the online booking slots. I have been trying for 4 months now. what must I do.

    this is frustrating

    1. CATHY


  12. Leah Moloi

    I have tried several times to make my booking online but all invain.My card have now expired I am not sure what to do next.It keeps on showing me zero slots.

  13. Theunis

    What a piece of crap, again total government incompetence. I have been trying to book a learner licence slot and although it says there are spots available takes me through to the last step then says, no spots available and I have to start from the beginning. Bad design bad government! Time we get rid of all the government employees they are anyway just wasting the air we breathe.

  14. Colin

    I’ve Been Tryin Since August To Book A Slot To Renew My Driving Licence Till Today 0 Slots , Its Impossible That Everyday Its O Slots , Something Is Not Adding Up Here & Monday 11 October My Driving Licence Expires From There What Then?? Your Natis Whatever Is Not Working At At All

  15. Elsie Mosalakgotla

    I have been trying to apply online for renewal of my driver’s license for four five weeks now.i even go to the testing station they refuse o help me I always found 0 slot when I’m applying online around my distric Mr Minister please come with better solution we can’t drive with expired driver’s license always

  16. N Campbell

    What a money making racket. Daylight robbery. Government wastes money and expects motorists toi pay for their errors. You should hang your heads in shame about the money being extorted for a non-functional system.

  17. Ninie Pilane

    This system is frustrating…the whole month of September I’ve been trying to book for license renewal but there is never available slots. I even went to the testing Centres personally and I was told to wait until I’m allocated a slot. Mind you my license expires on the 8th October 2021

  18. Anonymous

    I ve been trying to get space but it keep me retrying kanti what goes here
    Does gorv real helpfully for us if like this, ngabe labantu abahola bethi bayas3benza baholelani kanti if we sokolo so to renew our license bakithi
    Asingasukudlala sibadala uma besi vimba on the road we explain as they didn’t knowing nothing about testing stations problem hau 🙆🏿‍♂️ ngeke any solution guys to help 😕

  19. Soso

    I renewed my license but I took time to collect it, they said my license is no longer with with them, they sent it back to the archive. I didn’t understand why the take it to archive when it wasn’t expired yet.
    They told me to redo the renewing proceee.
    And here I am stuck in this online thing, with no slots everyday, all the time. Why is this department making our lives difficult for no reason?

  20. Snowy

    I’ve been trying to apply for license card renewal but I can’t get through since Aug plz help get me slot at eastrand


    hi +wanna find out if my licence has arrived yet

  22. CEDRIC N

    This thing of online is not working at all, i have been trying to get a slot since last month with no luck. What suprises me why always showing 0 slots.

    1. Nina

      Yes! Been checking everyday for a month now! Always 0 slots available, i’ve checked on different times of the day as well, at night.. 0 slots… if the system does not give an error..

  23. Sello leganyola

    Why the minister don’t book for him self and he will see how I struggle for this. Even at test station they help. I from test station now to report about it . They just look at me nothing help me . Slots always zero from 9am tell 8pm almost 3months now. Please minister help us.

  24. Joanna Steele

    Since 2019 I have been struggling to register. Went to the traffic department a few times eventually this year they said my info doesn’t match the info on my I.D. Still struggling to get a slot and my license has expired. I don’t know what to do anymore how does one get to register because there are never slots on the times the websites show there would be slots.

  25. Oupa Radebe

    This online booking is just a waste of time, forever no slots. I have been trying for past 4weeks no luck. Please minister provide another alternative

  26. Nicola

    Tried to book a slot for 4 weeks,nothing…stand in a long queue for 3 days,nothing ..they just help 10 x people a day in Delmas, its a lost case!

  27. RJ Mashita

    good day

    I’ve been trying to book for my drivers license but no luck, please try and sort this out for us as is not safe for us to drive with and expired license. Not happy at all

    Johanna Mashita

  28. Thembakazi

    Good people

    I can’t get a slot anywhere.
    My license expires 15 October 2 021

  29. J MAYI

    Good day Sir? Madam,

    I am encountering a problem to apply online for a drivers’ license with my identification number given to me with my refugee status.

    ID in the Drivers’ license: 404615HNVXXX1

    I will appreciate it if you can please revert back to me as soon as possible so that I can apply for my drivers’ license.

    Kind Regards

    J Mayi

  30. Michelle

    I have been trying to make a booking to renew my driver’s license with no success. There are never slots available and you are required to renew four weeks before the time. How can this broken system still be existing when CLEARLY it is not working. It adds to our frustration as many before me commented. Atleast with the old queuing system you knew you could go there and possibly spend a whole afternoon at the testing station to be assisted.

    And now there are people that you have to pay to book a slot for you. How can they be successful when you are not as a tax paying citizen of this country.

    Utter corruption and failure of service delivery.

  31. Hlengani Etienne Malepfana

    I lost my licence which just renew on 25 Feb 2001 and receive on 03 Aug and lost on 10 SEP 2021 at Dobsoville mall at about 13h00 noon

  32. Keanan Johns

    Can I postpone my drivers licence test date,. It has been booked via Natis and already paid for. How do I postpone and will it cost me

  33. Keanan Johns

    Hi. I have booked and paid for my drivers licence. I unfortunately need to change this date. I booked via Natis…is it possible to postpone and will it cost me further

  34. Maxie Botes

    Any alternative ways to book for driver card license. I do not get any slots anywhere. My license expired June 2021.

  35. Rita

    I have been trying to make booking to renew my driver’s license, from April till now. There is no slots available, I’m trying every day but never open slots. What must I do, my drivers license is expiring
    April 17/04/21.

    1. Martha Magdalena Christina Ventter

      I want to renew my Drivers Licence Card What must I do

    2. Anonymous

      Hi Rita,
      Try every evening at about 8pm. Slots are released after 8pm on a daily basis. Not sure in which City/Province you are, but I tried today – there were no slots for PE. Tried this evening and only three slots available in PE in December 2021 – so lucky me. ;-))

  36. WS Potwana

    My license expired 20th March I can’t get slots I’m at Ekurhuleni help

  37. Anonymous

    Why not scrap the system if it is not working?

  38. Devashni Saeed

    The traffic department reminded me to do my card licence renewal before 2 October. Why was this message sent knowing that the only way to do this was an online booking that clearly does not work? I have been trying to make an online booking for my card licence renewal from 17 August 2021 up until today 7 September 2021 but there are no bookings available for my type of licence. My card licence expires on 2 October 2021. How can all the testing stations in Gauteng not have any available bookings? I suggest that we can do this like in previous years. The only big difference is that we will follow the social distancing as per the Covid19 regulations and we can do our own eye tests to present at the licencing departments. The other provinces are working smoothly with regard to this. Does this mean that all people that are staying in Gauteng must travel to other provinces to apply for their card licence renewals?

  39. Rachel

    Simple solution for frre….send us dates for renewal by SMS and request response with confirmation of acceptance of the date by SMS. Licensing department has our contact numbers mos and forget about the useless online booking system.

  40. EJ Saayman

    Good day
    It is almost inpossible to get the appointment done. Ive trying for months now.

  41. Angry

    I’ve been trying for months to book I even try before and after 8am, 12pm and 4pm j\like people suggested. There is never any bookings it’s pathetic and ridiculous how this country can’t run itself.

  42. Ma E

    I have been trying to renew my driver s licence since March I’m not getting any slots any where,keeps saying O slots my card expired in feb,pls someone help,it seems we living in another country somewhere there

  43. S Chainee

    The site is not loading at all, please check whether it’s working or not and advise us all as we need to renew our licences and not get fined!!!

    1. JustAThought

      Reality check! It seems like all the slots are being made available to groups & individuals who then “sell” them for learners/drivers/anything-dept-home-affairs ‘applications’ by CORRUPT officials. I myself have attempted ‘daily’ to get a slot via online.natis.gov.za to renew my drivers-card & have yet to see a single available slot!?
      There were 9,013000 million drivers requiring license renewals for Gauteng
      in 2013, and each one of them are required “by law” to “renew” their
      drivers-license-card every 5 years. Divide that into the 1320 odd working
      days over that 5 yr period (261 avg working days per year), and suddenly
      you see that you need to allow 6907 drivers per day just to achieve the renewal for the 9Mil known “existing” drivers in Gauteng! Never mind new applications!And those were the statistics for 2013! What are we looking at currently?

  44. Anonymous

    I have been trying for some time now to book for my card renewal, but there are never any slots available. My card expired in Aug 2020.

  45. Sivuyise

    This online booking thing is not working it must be canceled with immediate effect. Rasmatarz ngenelela mkhuluwa we are slowly getting nowhere as a country. It’s been mouths trying this nonsense

  46. Luisa Fernandes

    I have been trying to book a slot for to renew my license since June. i haven’t been successful. cant we do telephonic bookings.

  47. Zamunda

    Why dont we upload eye tests from Doctors and pay online to renew the licence. Pictures can then be taken when the card is being issued?

  48. James

    Hi Government of SA

    Please assist here, been trying now for almost 8 weeks to get a booking slot, i am online everyday and Gauteng never has slots available.
    Please help.

  49. Anonymous

    Hi I’m trying to book for my drivers licence card but I’m not winning. Please help what can i do?

  50. Sandra ngwenya

    Today is my date of licence renewal,so I dnt have money today,I want to ask that I should get the penalty.? Or they will increase my money ?

  51. Elijah Tshaya

    Ive been trying to book,but the system does not give me any feedback or Ref number.

  52. Jose in Pretoria

    Hi I’ve been trying booking online for a month now, it doesn’t work,reason why, every time I go online for booking there’s no slot,the first time the system told me to book 4weeks before the expiring date, and I’m doing this almost every day, this is government’s new order to create unemployment, remember once your license is expired companies will no longer need our services,so the same government we voted for is the one trying to push us away, I’m saying this with heart broken why don’t government implement a user friendly platform for all south Africans, like mobile driving license centres with the saps and metro police monitoring the situation even if it means additional cost,We would go for it, because I personally feel like our rights have been looted and vandalized to any government department we go, you find that person who also want to be seen as a president or a minister or God by pushing his/her fellow south Africans away

  53. Ntombi

    I was lucky to receive a slot in February and I went to Xavier but when I got there there was a problem and I was told to come Monday morning and mind you I was highly pregnant the security said I must not queue on Monday when I come, I came on that Monday found another security lady asked me for a confirmation, told her my story she just told me that is impossible I should book another slot, then I went back, then I sat at home being a new mom, then I tried in July, but ever since it’s 0 slots, this is frustrating seriously

  54. Lefu Petrus Mphutlane

    I need to apply for my lincence renewable card

  55. Prince Mtileni

    i’ve been trying almost three weeks to book and not succeeding, this is not working and so disgusting. it frustrate me and cannot carry on like this.
    Please do something.

  56. Lorraine

    Like others who have commented here, I have found it impossible to book a slot… it just shows zero slots every time. My licence therefore expired last week. I then discovered that as I am over 60 I could go to Randburg on a Wednesday, without a pre-booked slot. I went there on 18 August but was refused entry and told to come back at 6am next week. (I had also been to another centre the previous week).
    This is obviously causing a great deal of stress to a lot of people! The system may look good in theory, but for whatever reason, it is just not working.

  57. Grace Lebenya

    This online thing is not working at all I have been trying this thing for almost 3months always there’s no slot. Iam tired and am thinking of going to Free state now to book for licence renewal. Please Mr Minister intervene we can’t deal with this system of yours.

  58. Ntombi

    Must we take our frustration to the street?It seems that’s the only language that our government listen too.This is not fair @ all.

  59. Joshua Mafolo

    I have been trying for weeks to get a booking slot but to no avail. So how do you expect us to renew the license by 31 August when the system cannot cope?


    I’ve been trying to get a booking since May 2021. go online everyday and still can’t one. This systems sucks big time. Who are we suppose to make a booking when you go online everyday and can’t get anything. THE GOVERMENT MUST GO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Charmaine

    The natis system is really not helpful I have being trying to get a drivers license renewal slot since March and it’s now August and still not getting any slots can the Traffic department do something about this system of theirs cause the 31st August is approaching.

  62. Naz

    Natis system for driver’s license renewal appointment is a failure. I suggest we all email our concerns to the President United We Stand!!!

  63. Anonymous

    The online system is not working at all.I have been trying to book a slot for my license renewal but I cannot get one,it alwas shows zero.I wish the government would come up with a working system.The problem is that they penalize us for their poor service,if you’re caught with an expired license you are liable for a fine but whose problem is it when we struggle so much to get bookings?these license cards are our lives guys,we make our living with them as we use them at our places of work,we don’t wanna get fired due to expired licenses.please think of something else please.

  64. TITI

    When you want to book online you cant go through, everytime no slot availble, yet there are are corrupt people who promise to get a slot for R100, how they manage to do that?this how our country is so corrupted,why should i pay for a simple thing like that, if i do I will be corrupt as well! Deadline is 31 August 2021 still can’t go through,Mr Minister, what now?

  65. Ben Van Niekerk


  66. Tammy

    I have been trying to book and find that there are no slot available even when I get online on the respective times. I am went to the licensing department (Midrand) and was advised that they will not see to me without an appointment. They don’t even have a walk in register that you can place you name on. How will this be possible to renew licenses before the expiry date when one cannot get a slot. Please advise.

  67. Tumi

    Good day kindly note this is a useless system can this been reviewed is not working for us been trying for almost four weeks now , do you really think is this fair for us as Citizen. please cancel your online is very useless useless .playing games with us .
    we are told to leave comment but nobody is taking action based on that .

  68. Jeff

    This system doesn’t work at all. Have been trying since june2021 until now 24 august2021 cant get a slot around gauteng while logging in everyday. maybe this system is only promoting agents who are getting paid to book you. Seems the slots are sent to the Agencies who are now making a killing while we are told to check online where there are only zero slots day in day out

  69. Gatvol South African

    I suggest we all get together and institute a class action suit against the department and the South African government for this totally incompetent situation. Are there any lawyers that are trying to book that can help us to get this going. It is time that this “Government” must learn that the citizens are more powerfull than they are. They are here to serve the people and it is time that they learn that. No demonstrations, we just take them to court and teach them a lesson.

  70. Rachel

    Im not happy with this site i’ve been trying to find a slot since last year
    Kindly resolve this issue

  71. Sifiso Hlatshwayo

    I’VE been battling to find a slot for my wife Driving license renewal card since June even now I didn’t find one All areas slot give us zero. what to do ??

  72. S KUNENE

    I have been trying to get a slot but unfortunately it seems to be impossible. Can somebody assist me please.

  73. Philisile Gumede

    I have been trying to get a slot since the beginning of April till to date, I always get no slot available in all the testing stations. This online booking does work at all.

    Please advise on what to do.

  74. Maseko

    I’m very disappointed with online booking system. It is not user friendly especially for us with poor network coverage. I tried numerous times selecting different DLC whilst I started with one close to me,without success.Now the dead line at my door step,unable to renew my license, what is it expected.

    I would have thought the Manco could have piloted the idea before rolling out,now we are stuck-this is no customer centric.

  75. Mmalekgau

    I am not happy with this online booking because the system will show the available slots but when selecting a slot you are automatically told that there is no slot available when choosing time.
    There are people outside testing departments requesting R200 to book for you and they proudly says you cannot book individually as they occupy available slots for you to pay R200 to them.

    I have been to both Kemptonpark and Tembisa.

  76. Dorothy Powell

    Can your online booking for renewal of drivers licence expire if the centre where you are booked is constantly off line?

  77. Tinyiko

    This is so frustrating they send me a sms to remind me of renewing my license sense ive been trying to book over 3 months now no slot what is this u drive on the road they ll arrest u again hayi mani

  78. Sue

    I have been trying for 6 months and still nothing? Why is this such a useless system? We used to go and stand in a queue and you knew you had to wait but you did it and you got helped – now I am still without a license.

    1. Vernon

      Hi Sue, apparently you need to login 5 minutes before 11am and 4pm in order to get a slot.

  79. Owen

    what is the government doing to respond to the myriad complaints here – clearly there is an issue – it’s disgusting

  80. Owen

    This system is a disgrace !! it is the responsibility of the government to ENABLE peaple to complly with the law !!! I have been trying to get a booking for ages now and this ridiculous system has not allowed me to do so can someone please advise what I am supposed to do to renew my licence given the system is NOT ABLE TO DO SO!!!!!!!!!

  81. anonymous

    i totally agree with the comments , this site is useless.

    i have been trying ever since i received notification in July to renew my DL.
    why send a reminder if you are unable to fulfil the request??
    i am a working class person, i don’t have all day to faff around like government employees.

    no matter what time if day i try, there are zero slots available.

    Please wake up and do something about this

  82. Phineas

    I don’t think to apply online is working for us,is been long time since I am trying to apply for my renewal card but all slots are 0

    1. Alpha

      been doing the same past 2 weeks

  83. Franscisca Shole


    Moira Shole
    4:21 PM (2 minutes ago)
    to onlinesupport

    Dear Sir
    I went to Midrand with the attached message thinking that I will be allowed to renew my drivers licence. I spent half a day on an eye test and the que for payment only to be returned that the system does not recognise me. Before I went there I phoned them many times trying to confirm my booking ,no response. I decided to go as the message said that the bookings are not closed. I drove 50km to go and 50km back, who is going to pay for that petrol ,only to be returned back. IS THAT FAIR TREATMENT, I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN MY BLACK COLLEAGUES.
    I will be happy if someone can do something about this.


    Applicants are advised submit their bookings as soon as possible after reading/verifying the content of the confirmation page. The system does not lock the slots, and therefore works on a first come first served basis. The challenge is mostly encountered on the busiest stations, and when the station is about to run out of slots.

    Franscisca Shole

    Wed, Aug 11, 3:26 PM (8 days ago)

    to me

    Good day,

    Receipt of your email is herewith acknowledged, and the contents thereof have been noted.

    Applicants are advised submit their bookings as soon as possible after reading/verifying the content of the confirmation page. The system does not lock the slots, and therefore works on a first come first served basis. The challenge is mostly encountered on the busiest stations, and when the station is about to run out of slots.

    Hope that you find the above in order.


    Mosa Masemola


    Important Message
    Please Note: You are required to click the “Next” button below to reserve your booking at the selected DLTC.

  84. Khathazile Rhina Nhlapo

    I’ve been struggling to reapply for the booking, last month they said I failed my eye test and I must go to the eye doctor and have my eye results and reapply again, now there’s no slots what can I do now, pls help.

  85. Gerhard Swanepoel

    Waste of time, NO slots available in the hole of Gauteng. have been trying for 3 months with no joy. People paying R300 to an agent and get booking within 2 days, I refuse. Sick of all the corruption!!!!!!!

  86. Anonymous

    This booking system is made for driving school not for us. Because they are paying. Tired my license expired July.

  87. Anonymous

    I have also tried since God knows when to get a booking – If there are bookings the stupid system freeze and then the bookings are gone – You guys need to figure out something here we are now all being pushed into something that’s not our fault and you guys also didn’t think this whole thing through when you by your own extended our expiry dates – NOW 10000 people are trying daily to get a slot before end August 2021 – And if the slots are 10 here 2 there – Gauteng has got how many citizens??????? – Please get this out to the President and get a solution.

  88. Ralph Farinha

    18th August

    Walk-ins in Gauteng are accommodated on Wednesdays. On arrival at the DLTC in Randburg at 11h00 I was informed thatn only 15 applicants could enter the building. There was a line of applicants totalling more than 15 outside so thinking that only 15 are taken at a time I would return later. Going back at 14h00 there were no applicants waiting outside but I was told to return early the next day as they were closed. This arrangement seems to be unreasonable. Is this the situation? I’m confused.

  89. Anonymous

    No point in using the online system. No slots at all. Have been trying from 15 June 2021. It is August 18, 2021 today.🙄

    1. Brenda

      You have to check at 12:00 & 16:00 only! You must also familiarise yourself fully with the system and then watch the clock… when it hits 12:00 or 16:00 go, go, go. Slots usually load within 30 secs to a minute. Choose 3 or 4 places you can get to (look them up beforehand on the same system when it shows 1 slots) and only look at those! If your first choice isn’t available, click “BACK” once and then “NEXT”. Choose your next choice department. If you fail at 12:00, try again at 16:00 and then do it all again the next day. I promise you, you will eventually come right 😉

  90. Kim Viljoen

    I have been trying to book my driver license renewal for the last 2 weeks from 12h00 until 16h00 daily…noting I have a day job!!!!! always no slots available. might be lucky to get a slot available at a station 60km away…..why would I want to venture outside my area and preferred department and incur additional costs..fuel. my license expires on the 26 Aug…this system was not a peoples choice. How is this going to be rectified? Can we obtain Affidavits from JMPD noting that because the system does not allow you to book the renewal of your licence we should be allowed to drive with an expired one?

  91. Hlehle

    I’m at the Randburg civic centre to try and get a renewal form, at least while I try to get an appointment…since there are never any slots available. One of the people there informed me that the only way to get a slot is to pay someone R60.00 then you get an appointment, so is this how things are done??? Our government continues to fail us.
    Getting back to the form, the man handing these refused to give and then said he has a friend inside who can get me an appointment. I give up on SA, public servants and the government.

  92. Agnes SKOSANA

    I hate ths online system am still struggle to get a slot since March wht the hell of the system is ths,old system was much better than ths rubbish .it make me hate more of the ANC government siess

  93. Anonymous

    https://online.natis.gov.za/#/E7063 try this and chose the day tab from Mon -Fri

  94. Thulani

    Hi all. The website is running and taking booking fine :https://online.natis.gov.za/#/E7063. Choose your province and chose a day from Mon -Fri. in which chosing the current day would make sense. from there fill in and it will take you to the date selection. I struggled and got sent no where at first but after I chose the day tab it worked fine. The dates are alil out of range as my booking to go renew a driving license is in Mid november.

  95. QT

    WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!?! They say we have till end August 2021 to sort out cards that expired during lock down, BUT THERE ARE NEVER ANY SLOTS AVAILABLE!!!
    Someone from this stupid site or Gov please answer all these people. Less than useless

  96. Collen. Ntema

    When are the slots made available, cause I have been trying to get a booking for my drivers license that expired last year during lock down, I manged to book last year but was told the once their license expired during lock down will be notified of when to come as they were given advance. Now I have been struggling to get a slot to re registere for renewal I can’t find an opening or slot

  97. Dereck

    The NATIS Online Booking System seems not efficient at all … 1) No Slots 24/7 … 2) Off-Line … even the Toll Free Number does not work …0861-400-800 the Voice Automated system … i waited on 2x occasions for approx 30 Minutes …. ” Unable to locate the person you are calling & thereafter DISCONNECT !!! ALL I need to assistance to Register … Moat STRESSFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous

      this system is just a representation of how trash our government is.

      is it useable? no. does it cause a major problem for anyway trying to renew their licenses. yes. does our government give a single fuck? nope

  98. Johannes

    Clearly we are governed by incompetent party. Why must we battle for wanting to do what is right. This new system will cause unnecessary corruption. Why must they set for us a due date before checking if this system is working or not

  99. Twins Mthimunye

    Struggling to book from last year till to date, Zero slots in Gauteng.
    What to do now?

  100. ALBERT

    me too – really really gatvol of this goverment depts they want us to pay other corrupt people to get slots for us making us criminals aswell , they dont give a shit about us beleive me , tying to get a slot over four months now – just drive without one – dont pay the fine and land up in court and show the judge

  101. Robert Makalima

    i have been trying to get a slot ever since i received an sms from RMTC, in July but every time i try to book, i struggle to get the date and time, my licence is expiring on the 14th of September 2021 please advise

  102. Orah Mhlongo

    I’ve been trying to get a slot to renew my drivers licence but am failing. Someone told me to try midnight but still zero slot.

  103. LeeSama

    Cant get through, no date, been trying for months. Someone said take your ID, license and eye test results and R1800 to Golf Reef City and same day you get served. I dont have that kind of money. How do I get assisted for cheaper ?

  104. Hazel

    Absolutely useless Gauteng Province has about 49 Licensing Departments its absolutely impossible that not one slot is available, people dont have a passion for their jobs, they must get fired and employ people who want to work to provide service to the public, Definitely the Minister of Transportation needs to get involved.

  105. Livhuwani

    Thi thing are discarding pls open and operated usually pls science i have been trying to book online it’s very difficult

  106. Anonymous

    The process is completely unfair. Now the slots are taken by companies who make us pay R1300 to get a slot which should be free. Another failed system with gaps in the process to enrich their own. You either have to bribe someone at the license department or pay the fee to get the slot. How is this helping?



  108. Annonimous

    Hi guy I also tried to book DL renewal but I can’t go throw all gauteng centers are zero(0) slot pls help my DL has expired.

  109. RUDOLF

    I Have try to book for my pdp expired in lock down august 2020.no its august 2021
    time slot expired now august month end i got a ticket for my pdp expired,how can i book online if no time slots available please exctend till later

  110. White Makinana

    This is unfair,we are unemployed,were must I get R300 to pay for a slot.please stop these corruption system.were is democracy .for months no slots as if we are not trying day and night.Traffic cops stopping us for expired DL

  111. makapela 0

    Selecting date and time is problem for me plz help.

  112. Mante

    I am struggling to book since last month i have trying to book a date with no like and now when i try to make bookings it gives me a error message that says the person entity does not exist i must visit nearest DLTC

  113. neo phiri

    hi I have been trying to book for my driver’s license renewal, but I don’t know what to do, because I can’t get through please help me ,my license expires next month

  114. neo phiri

    I trying to book for drivers licence renewal but its been rejected

  115. Bafana

    Ur system isn’t responding, what should I do now cos my license is expiring.


      Im struggling to get a slot to book renewal of drivers licence, my licence since expired by the end August, im so frustrated with the process. Please assist

  116. JUNEFER


  117. Anonymous

    I have been struggling for wks now, i dont get any slot for my card renewal im worried

  118. Moses

    I need to make a booking but the system shows that the bookings is full . Really this system is frustrating a lot .Kindly improve

  119. Moloki

    I am struggling to book a slot my lincece expire on the 23 August 2021

  120. Bukelwa

    Please help me i want to apply for license renewal but the system is not working and i must apply for a job

  121. George

    Drivers lisence has been stolen and Gauteng is fully booked for months. So you know what, screw the fucking government. Just a way to increase the pocket with money.

  122. JJ

    Why post a comment ?? No one will unfortunately assist you with making a booking. There are never slots available. Good luck to all of us ………………….

  123. Anonymous

    How is it possible that there is no open slot for months in Gauteng if you try to book online, but if you are prepare to pay someone they can make an online booking for you. This sounds like corruption. I am not prepare to pay someone to do something that I can do if the system is working correctly.

  124. S de Klerk

    This USA systems that the gov implement would work if we had the proper infrastructure and a competent gov. SA don’t.

    I managed to get a slot at Temba which is on the other side of Pretoria, Hammanskraal. I live in Roodepoort. Why do I have to drive that far (more than 1:30 hours drive) …. it doesn’t make sense.

    I will do this just because the end of August is cut off. try to be a law abiding citizen.

    I don’t even know where Temba is and if it is safe. I also understand the time your booking says, say 11:50 you have to be there as early as possible because the time means nothing. You stand in a queue anyway. So basically it is as in the past, first come first serve. I wonder if they have kept in mind about Covid??

    I don’t have R1300 to pay a company to apply on my behalf. It’s rediculous.

  125. Mamosidi kubheka

    Hi l was trying to book for renewal licence but no slot now l received traffic ticket for not producing new licence traffic cop fined me Rl000

  126. Martin Challenor

    i am stuck overseas because of COVID-19. i need to re-new my driver’s license. is there a way i can do this from overseas. Martin Challenor

  127. Anonymous

    i am strugling to select the date and time for renewing my spouse drivers licence in centurion pls help

  128. James

    No use complaining or looking for answers to your questions as these corrupt idoits never reply…guess i wont be legal for much longer on the road as this pathetic system doesnt work….

  129. Shakes

    I have trying many times for online booking I never got open slots, is this online only in gauteng or all province?

    1. Rachel Maredi


    2. JUNEFER


  130. Omphemetse

    How do I know that my online booking was successfully



  132. fundiswa

    i am struggling to book a slot im in gauteng. my question is why are driving schools asking for money to book for you if the system is fair to everyone? not all of us can afford to pay R250 to driving schools to be able to book for us. this is not fair.

  133. Arty Nkabinde

    I have been trying to book and find that there are no slot waiting for 12:00 for slots to be released still for Acadia and Centurion but not successful.

    My license expiring date is end of August please advice.

  134. PETER

    I always renew at Florida test centre and is not on the list only JHB is located; and the other thing I struggle on the slot of date and time please advise what do I need to do. I tried from yesterday because my drivers licence is missing.

  135. Sibusisom03

    Can the department come up with a workable solution my license has already expired and I’m unable to get the slot
    It’s such a horrible daunting task even the system is so corrupt.

  136. Felicia

    South Africans let’s agree, we are faced with the biggest problem ever.
    At the end the whole country will be driving without a driver’s licence. Shame man! This ‘no slot’ thing is an embarrassment to the country as long as it remains unresolved. Minister of transport should know about this and address it. Right now we are exhausted as a country.

  137. Tsholofelo

    I had a problem for months to get a slot but I finally got one June 28th, try around 12pm daily for the slots and I see that they also open on weekends as well. Yes it is frustrating but eventually a slot will open up

  138. Queen

    How do I know that my online registration was successful,do I get email or SMS for confirmation?

  139. Brian Moloto

    I made an online booking and successfully I found a slot in hammaskraal Temba,but unfortunately to my dismay I was turned back by security guard saying they’re fully booked & he insisted I should come the following day(17th July 2021) Saturday. Worse I was approached by tis guys who pretendef to be officials, offered to make a plan if I pay something which I refused

  140. Lunda Tlepyane

    I tried several times to book for my driving license renewal online,their system does not work for me.can someone come up with the different ideas,or must i first
    bring coldrink to get assistance.

  141. E Nyathi.

    Iam struggling to get aslot for three month.my licence will expire on the 25/07/2021.

  142. Solomon mmofsa

    I tried to book online but the system don’t allow me to book.

  143. Laura Jordaan

    Dysfunctional system. Know this: it is on record that there are no open slots to comply to the law.
    Tried AGAIN today 15 July 2021 Nothing. Just a dead end!
    To do it via a driving school is not doable for me.

  144. Keobakile Seoleseng

    This system is bloated beyond its capacity,why don’t you apply it alongside the conventional one to measure its impact,its really frustrating to keep on searching for a centre,at most you stay on the web for 2months,technology can do better guys,not redundant abhorrent system

  145. Jakob Moseki

    I have being trying to book for drivers licence card renewal at Vanderbijlpark but I am unable to get the slot can you please help on how to go about for my licence has expired last year in July,can please help with any slot ether Vereeniging or Vanderbijlpark.Thank you.

  146. Catherine Elizabeth


    The system rejects my particulars, it rejects my initials

  147. Bethuel Mtshweni

    ive try several times to but i couldn’t

  148. Lydia

    My drivers license expire in March 2021 been trying still cannot get through this system is not working!

    No slots all the time.

  149. John

    I booked for driving license renewal my appointment was yesterday 13-july-2021 and they where closed what do I do

  150. mswazi eseu

    useless online system

  151. mswazi eseu

    my driver’ license has expired in June 2021 and i have been trying to book online with no joy. so frustrating

  152. Julian Weinberg

    What is this nonsense about ‘applying for slots at midday’? What difference does it make? There is no internet problem causing this! I went to Sandton Licensing and there was virtually nobody applying, so how can there be zero spots? I renewed my license two years ago and it has now been stolen with my wallet, and the system just isn’t working.

  153. sabza


  154. Jericho Ngwenya

    have tried to book the system does not oppen the page ware to feel my details

  155. Janet

    Useless inhave been yrying for months now

  156. Teboho

    I have been trying to book for my license renewal online after logging in on the natis web it does not show me slots it shows the message that says unordered card exist please contact your nearest branch and my license expired 20/08/2020 please assist I don’t understand that message

  157. Sello

    I am trying to book for licence renewal but the system does not allow me to book. I would like to ask for help.

  158. Keabetswe

    This guy Zakes Fathuwani bookedfor me online after being expired an entire 4 months but you’ll have to pay him R200.

    1. Mdu J Nxumalo

      please share Zakes’s number


    I am struggling to book,for drivers licence card,since mine got lost and is reported to the saps and have case number.

  160. TEE

    What’s the use sending comments if they not attended to, there’s always zero slots on the system. We all singing one song ‘NO SLOTS’ BUT NOTHING HAPPENS.

  161. Pearl

    I would like to advise people to check the slots everyday around 16:00, I was able to get slots 3 times in one month.

  162. ANDERON

    The system does not work guys. I have been trying for over a week to get a spot open, from early in the morning, 5-6-7 times a day, until 20h00 at night. Where is the employees, why can’t we leave our number so that they can call us and make a booking for us??? Sure I understand we are a lot of people and probably going to cost a lot of money phoning people to make a booking for them but hell what else? Your system does not work! How do we explain this to the police? We as citizens are trying to obey and abide by the rules of this country but the Government, the license department can’t do anything to solve this or come up with a better solution, or any solution for this matter, really ? So are you going to give me a letter to show to the police saying that I HAVE TRIED AND ALL YOUR SPOTS ARE FULL AND LET ME CONTINUE DRIVING WITH NO LICENCE ?

  163. Mrs Zinn

    I got a booking in vereeniging after trying for 2 months. Went all the way there from Kempton park, only to be told that the system has been offline for the last 2 days. Is it too much to ask to advise people via sms? It is an absolute joke! Time and petrol wasted……..and they din’t give shit!

  164. CONNY


  165. Anonymous

    I have been trying for past six months to get a slot. Have even been advised by one traffic officer to try 12 midnight. Does not matter what time there is always 0 slots. All u hear is pay you will be assisted question is what was the reason for this wacky system as it was said it will prevent corruption but it seems corruption is winning. Where is minister of transport now as he said we should not wait for the last minute. This is worse than lotto “sorry try next time” that how on line makes me feel..better luck next time

  166. Esther Mosia

    hi every one Ive been trying to find a booking fr my DL renewal for 6 months..Until I call Sasolburg licence department.I was helped within 15min I was done
    My advice just drive at Sasol or call since we are at Level 4 but they dnt use online bookings.U will be helped,remember proof of adress with your name or bnk statemn.Id or Id copy and old drivers licence.Your stress will be over.Plus 190.Thanks

    1. B KOSTER




  168. doris

    this system does not work, we will end up being harassed by the police on the roads, yet we are willing to update our licenses…government fails us…

  169. George Mathikge

    I have been trying to book for the past few weeks I can’t find any slots for booking what must I do

    1. Jabulani

      The system is just not working.I`ve been trying to book for the past three months and my license is expiring on the 7 July.My area has 0 slots continuosly.I`ll be expected to apply for a temporary driver’s license which I’m definitely sure is the same experience.

  170. Latief Murphy

    The information provided is not user friendly . It’s giving steps but no actual link. This confuses the client that wants to book online . Many are not computer literate. This was my idea with the government but it seems that the development team missed a important point within this online platform. Latief Murphy from PE Municipalty.

  171. Lumka

    Hi, I have been trying to make a booking to renew my DL no slot since May, now my license expired 30 of June, do I drive around with expired license?

    Please help this is frustrating

  172. Anonymous

    Can the licensing department close this online natis booking as it’s rare 2 find slot/date,i think old system was great for all of us.

  173. Raesetja

    I thought standing long queues was a frustration, but this system is wack!! Why develop something that can’t resolve at least 20% of the clients problems? Is that “teething phase? I’ve been checking for slots forever for my drivers license renewal and there are no dates. Not talking about the system offline that one still going to encounter while at the station.

  174. Bc Kgarume

    Why do we have to book online get approval nd time of appointment only to be returned at the gaty by security


    Been try for the last 3 months no slots. what do i tell the metro police when they stop me.

  176. Famanda Ishmael

    To book online I think is bad but is not honeatly.I try yesterday to book for my PDP and I win and there was so many places where can book but I select my close area,even date is not far just a week ahead

    Technology makes things easy

  177. Caroline

    Have been trying to register for renewal of my license but no Slot since April.. So frustrated my license is expiring on Sept..

  178. Nombuso Mthombeni

    It’s been months trying to book for a license renewal prior to my expiring date with no luck. This is so frustrating and we cannot be expected to be driving with the renewed license while still experiencing this poor service from you people. Now my license has reached the expiring date and still there’s 0 slots to book. Your system is weck

  179. Matlou

    Hi there
    Slots are available once a day within different slots keep on checking.l have got a slot within the nearest DLTC & m done with renewal waiting for collection. Just keep checking on daily basis I have checked many times until I got one it don’t give up.

  180. Nelisiwe

    Good day

    My licence expires on the 1st week of July 2021 I’ve been trying to book for renewal of my licence since the end of April 2021 and am always online day and night you wont get any Slot opening this is so frastating.

  181. Anonymous

    Good evening,

    My name is Prudence . Please help , I have been trying to get a slot to book renewal of drivers licence, my licence since expired 24 December 2020, im so frustrated

  182. Masondo Velehlathini

    I have been trying to get a slot since november 2020 to no avail. Evrytime i log in to make a booking there is no slot available all over Gauteng. This system is failing us big time

    1. PABLO

      This is honestly a kak sytem, it must be scrapped…because clearly no proper planning was done prior to it being launched…

  183. Thomas Wiseman Mhlongo

    Hi my name is Thomas Wiseman Mhlongo ID :7605046163084 and i would like to renew my drivers licence as it is expired since the past 3month from now.

    i can be so much delighted if my application can be considered.

  184. Success

    Afternoon Fellow South African, I’ve just booked for my renewal online at Temba Traffic Department with no hiccups. The slots are opening at 12:00midday. “Not in the Morning”


    I’m struggling to get a slot to book renewal of drivers licence, my licence expired in May, I’m frustrated last Friday, Traffic officer told me to go to Ekurhuleni it is true I must just walk in there, I will get help?

  186. Kopano

    Guys come on this is very poorly designed system, Trying to do the right thing is being made so difficult, zero slots until next year. Do we stop driving? This online thing serves no purpose and its simply a tool to facilitate corruption where people end up having to buy slots. Get rid of this bad system and allow us to go que from 2 o’clock in the morning otherwise extend everything till 2023 and might as well stay at home. This incompetence needs to stop.

    1. Nipho

      Bra this incompetence is uncanny. One of the driving schools told they can book online for me for a fee. At first I thought they providing such services to people who are computer illiterate kanti nooooo its a money making scheme mxm. Guess I’ll be driving with an expired license till kingdom come.

  187. Ingrid

    I am struggling to make an online booking. No slots available for months now.
    How else can I make a booking? Please help as we only have until August to renew.

  188. Anonymous

    I have been trying to make a booking on the online system for months now with no luck. It keeps on saying no slots available. I get up early so I can book when the slots open at 8am but to no available.
    Please help.

  189. Ntombilungile p molefe

    Please help ive ben tryimg to register from last year towards end of november till today and im very scared that my licence will expire, because i domt get time to fo to the department of licence please assist nefore my licence expire

  190. Anonymous

    What a stupid procedure!! I personally went to the station since I’ve been having a hard time obtaining a slot, i was asked to pay R200 upfront at Vanderbijlpark, so they can secure a slot for me corruption is everywhere , i wonder how many other people will get slots online now that the grace period is almost over smh

  191. Pinky Moalahi

    Good people

    is this natis system really working because I tried several times to book for the license card renewal but no slot available for all testing district in Gauteng, how possible is that, even the customer care number is always busy.

    Please assist us. we dont want to get the fines because the license card has expired.

  192. Pj Molwantwa

    I tried to book online for the renewal of prdpbut no succces. Where is the slot around Pretoria. This is so disgusting. I’m now give-up.I lost a lot of data without winning.I think this is unfair to us.


    I am so glad to see that another government run department has gone up in shit. I have been trying to apply for booking of renewal of drivers license on line but with no luck no slot opening and my license will expire in August 2021.

    Stop blaming Covid for incompetence.

  194. Masala

    I have been trying to book for renewal prdp since yesterday, but I can’t get an slots, & my prdp is expired, I don’t know what to do now 🤷‍♀️

  195. WR Evans

    I have returned from working overseas. My drivers license has expired. What should I bring to get my renewed drivers license? There are 0 DLTCs available at the moment. I will take a screen-print of your unavailability of slots as proof that I am doing my part. This will have to suffice law enforcement, who can then take the matter up with you.

  196. Seipati Ncahupe

    I’ve been trying to book a renewal license for weeks it shows no slot all the time, when is this being updated? my license is expired

  197. Daniel Van Wyk

    Dear Dept-Please Assist with availibility of slots at Waltloo or Bronkhorspruit Testing Stations.My Drivers Licence exspire end of May AS sTATED IN YOUR S.M.S.WE ARE NOT IGNORING YOUR RE NEWAL SYSTEM..WE D,NT KNOW HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR SYSTEM WIHT NO SLOTS EVER AVAILIBLE.

  198. Alan

    This website is of no value to the public! The main problem is the “system releasing slots at random times”. All Gauteng DLTC sites show 0 slots every time that I have accessed the site in the last two months. The second problem is that online payment is not available and one has to pay at the selected site within 3 days to secure the booking. The way it works is that your slot may be on the other side of Gauteng – to travel there and back to pay and then again to attend your booking slot! Unnecessary travel burden on the public!

    The site FAQ indicates that one cannot make more than one booking for a service at any time. This is a great plan to prevent abusive blocking of slots. With this in place, why can slots not be opened for months in advance so that the public can at any time log in and view available slots at the DLTC site of their choice and plan their booking? Such a site would alleviate most of the criticism against this site.

  199. Jennet ngema

    It never a slot any where around Pretoria or Gauteng for that matter, how are we suppose to drive with out the new license where must we get help if this system is failing us???? and who is responding to these comment we put here someone must get back with the proper respond ,we are using A LOT OF DATA TRYING TO BOOK A SLOT WITH OUT ANY SUCCES TO MY SUPRZE EVEN 2022 DECEMBER NO SLOT WHERE IS THE TRUTH HERE??????

  200. Elena Scholtz

    Why dont you implement the License renewal system to the ID renewal system at the banks???
    It works faster and is much easier.

  201. Elena Scholtz

    Good day. I am trying to book for the renewal of my Drivers License, and have no luck on booking a slot. How can there not be any slots available?? I’ve been struggling an ongoing struggle to book with no luck in doing so.
    What is the reason for you not having any slots at Akasia Tshwane North available???
    PLEASE can someone help me.

    1. Dirk

      I think I must come forward about the zero slots. There is bribery at the offices, that has but somehow the oppertunity to handle your booking with undercounter payment of R650 up to R1000 . It happens for instance at Acasia Pta North. Can proof what i am saying.

  202. Pieter

    Went for my drivers licence card.today.i have a speed fine of r750 on a previous vehicle.on12 July 2019.they will not give me my new drivers licence card until the fine is paid.is this correct

    1. Julian Weinberg

      I hope I will be arrested for having my card stolen, because I will then force the authorities to make me a booking…

  203. Charity

    My name is Charity, i have been trying since the beginning of the month and i am not winning please help book the date in Johannesburg any available slot between Xavier, Langlaagte, Randburg where there is a slot open?

  204. anonymous

    this is not working foe me as well coz when I try to do the bookings I always stuck on the Date and Time slots, what exactly am I supposed to enter coz it seems like all the dates and times are fully booked. Really this is not working at all and you spend more time on the system without help!!!! this is tiring…

  205. Fancy

    I have been trying to apply for booking of renewal of drivers license on line but with no luck no slot opening and my license will expire in February



  207. Shirley

    I got appointment for drivers licence renewal in Kliptown when I got there, there was a problem with lights the securities told me its cable theft I travelled all the way from Pretoria. Tried to call after three days to check if the cables are installed the number I have called does not exist.

  208. lorraine Davids

    My drivers license card expire on 09/12/2020 .I`m a 60year old. This morning i went to Malanshof Randburg for renewal of my Drivers license. I was refused because i did not apply online. I now applied online received an (OTP)810392 but when submit the OTP No slots available. Kindly assist.

  209. Anonymous

    We finally got a booking for card licence renewal, when we got there the cables was stolen and we where told to come back within 16 days. On the 16 were told that we received wrong information we were supposed tcb within 10 days!We managed to do the eye test, finger prints and everything but we could not pay as the system does not allow payment without a booking! We have been struggling to get a booking to pay, on the system it shows the card is ready for collection. No slots available…this is not working.

  210. Thato

    My name is Thato Khumalo, I have been struggled to book for my renewal drivers licence, no slots are available and the department gave us only until 31 January my worry is have i ever get my licence renewed or i really don’t know.my drivers licence is expired on the 5th of May 2020.

  211. Tshepiso

    I am struggling to find slots the one that I got which is Vanderbijlpark does not give me option to book a date please help my licence is about to expire

  212. Catheleen

    I have been trying to make booking to renew my driver’s license, for the last month now. There is never slots avaliable, I’m trying every half an hour or so but never open slots. What must I do, my drivers license is expiring beginning of Jan 2021

  213. Shamoon Shaikjee

    what a waste of time, license has expired but still no slots available from June
    this just creates more corruption where people offer the service at absorbent charges with contacts at the various outlets
    what a shame was so much easier standing in a que outside the licensing outlet and now this online crap



  215. Amy

    i have been trying to access the website for months without being able to make a booking , my licence has now expired and still i cannot access the sit , please give this your ernest attention

  216. Constance Miles

    My license has expired on 30 October 2020. No luck for the past 4 month to get an open slot booking. The side Natis is not user friendly at all. No slots available

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