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gdeadmissions.gov.za GDE 2022 Grade 1 & Grade 8 Online Registration FAQs : Gauteng Education

Organization : Gauteng Department of Education
Facility Name : GDE 2022 Online Registration FAQs
Applicable For : Grade 1 & Grade 8
GDE Admission Portal : https://www.gdeadmissions.gov.za/faqs/

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FAQ On GDE Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on GDE Registration. Enrolment of Current Grade 7 Learners in Public Ordinary Schools into Grade 8.

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Registration Steps:

Step 1 : Parent Registration
Step 2 : Adding The Address
Step 3 : Learner Registration
Step 4 : Applying To A School
Step 5 : Uploading Of Documents

FAQ On Parent Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Parent Registration

1. How do I apply?
Logon to www.gdeadmissions.gov.za and click on Verify or Register. The System will guide you through each one of the 5 steps to make an application

2. I do not have any documents. Can I still apply?
Yes, you can apply. In Step 1, click on “No SA ID” and continue with your application

3. I have started to register my details, but I cannot go beyond the section of my ID?
** Refresh the page.
** Make sure that you have entered the correct ID Number.
** Your ID number is validated by the Department of Home Affairs.

** After verification of your ID Number, the System will provide all the vowels in your name and surname and you need to add the consonants to complete your name and surname.

** After adding the consonants, click OK / Submit to continue with your application.

4. I have been trying to register but cannot go to the next step after entering the password
Make sure that your password contains all the following characters
** 1 lower case alphabetical character
** 1 upper case alphabetical character
** 1 numeric character
** 1 special character
** 8 or more characters

Enter the exact same password in Confirm Password

5. I would like my child to repeat Grade 1 / Grade 8. Do I apply online?
Yes. Parents must apply ONLINE only for children that are currently in Grade 1 or Grade 7

FAQ On Adding the Address

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Adding the Address

1. I’m trying to add my address, but the location / address is not correct
** Click the “Can’t find address?”
** In more remote areas (rural area/plot/farm OR informal settlement), you will need to click on “Select address from map to proceed”

** You can move the red pin to a more accurate point on the map or use the option “use my location”. Once satisfied that you have found your address, click “Select location”.

A confirmation message will appear with the selected address. If it is correct click “Continue” and then “submit.

NB: Use “Use My Location” only when you are applying from your home or place of work

2. Can I use my Work Address to apply?
Yes, you can use your Work Address to apply to schools with feeder zones that cover your work address

3. Will the School accept my child if I applied using my Work Address?
Placement is prioritised for home addresses that are within the school feeder zone and closest to the school.

If your home address is not in the school feeder zone, you may receive an offer only if the school has space available after all applicants in the home address, previous school siblings are placed

4. What application Options are available for applicants to choose from?
There are 5 application options, namely :

Option 1 – Home address within school feeder zone: The applicant learner’s place of residence is closest to the school within the feeder zone

Option 2 – Sibling / Previous School: the applicant learner has a sibling attending the school

Option 3 – Work address within school feeder zone: the place of employment of at least one of the applicant learner’s parents is within the feeder zone of the school.

Option 4 – Home address Within 30 kms of the school: the applicant learner’s place of residence is within a 30 kms radius of the school; or

Option 5 – Home address Beyond 30 kms from the school: the applicant learner’s place of residence is beyond a 30 kms radius of the school

5. I used an incorrect address when I registered my details on the System. Can I change my address?
** Yes. Parents should be able to edit and change addresses during the Admissions Application Period.

NB! Changing your home address may affect all your applications as placement is prioritised at the school closest to your home address

FAQ On Learner Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Learner Registration

1. How old should my child be to be admitted to Grade 1 in 2022?
Remember the child must be five (5), turning six (6) by 30 June 2022. You will not be able to apply for a child younger than this.

2. My child does not have documents. Can I still apply for him/her?
Yes, you can apply. Click on Undocumented “No SA ID” and following the step on the system

3. Can I apply for more than one child?
Each parent may apply for a maximum of 3 children per Grade. This means each parent can apply to Grade 1 for 3 different learners OR to Grade 8 for another 3 different learners

4. How do I apply for my twins/triplets to go to Grade 1 / Grade 8 at the same school?
The System will allow you to make two or three application for twins / triplets. Note that the learners will be linked to the ONE PARENT on the basis that their date of birth is the same. TWINS /TRIPLETS will be placed at the same school

FAQ On Applying To School

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Applying To School

1. How do I ensure that my child finds a school?
Apply to more than one school with a feeder zone that covers your home address. Make sure that you upload certified copies of your home address and the other required documents on the system or deliver same to the school/s you applied to

FAQ On Uploading Of Documents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) On Uploading of Documents

1. What documents do I need to submit to a school after I made an application?
Certified copies of the following Documents must be submitted within 7 days after making an application

South African Citizens :
** Child birth certificate
** Parent/Guardian ID or Passport
** Valid Proof of Home/ Parent Work address
** Child Clinic card for Grade1 application
** Grade 7 report card for Grade 8 applications
** Proof of guardianship if a guardian

Non- South African Citizens :
** Passport OR
** Permanent Residence Permit OR
** Asylum Seeker Permit OR
** Refugee Permit OR
** Study Permit OR
** Parent Work Permit
** Valid Proof of Home/Work address
** Child Clinic card / proof of immunisation for Grade1 application
** Grade 7 report card for Grade 8 application
** Proof of guardianship if a guardian

2. What can the parent do if the school requested additional documents from parents before the child is placed at the school?
Parents should submit proof of the request for additional documents to the District Office

3. What options do I have to submit documents to school?
** Applicants may upload certified copies of required Documents ONLINE to one of the schools that you applied to All other schools that you applied to will be able to view (see) the documents

** If documents are submitted in hard copy, applicants must go to all the schools they applied to in order to submit certified copies of required Documents

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  1. Sindiswa Ntungwa

    Im trying to upload documents but I can’t pls help

  2. MOFIKI khambule

    I’m struggling to register my child it just give me problems.My sons name is Siyabonga Mangobe grade 1 for Chief Bambatha primary.

  3. Fundiswa

    I can not get the password

  4. tshidichabimaboe

    I can’t log in it is giving me a problem Lesego … admission for grade 8

  5. Ntebatsse Alice

    I’m trying to get the link so that I can apply for my son for grade 8 I can’t find the portal link please help

  6. Asanda

    Help me I have been trying to register my daughter for grade8 but it is giving me problems

  7. Jaselene

    How do I check after I apply which schools did accept

  8. Cashandra

    How do i register on line , want to transfer children in the area in which they live, Children are currently at home with out a school

  9. Amanda

    I have applied in time September last but the system gave me only 1 school which they said I am on waiting list up until today my two kids are sitting at home doing nothing this is a joke honestly while people who applied late their kids have got space District you have disappointed me I went there on the day before 13/01/2022 still no luck kindly assist

  10. NOBUHLE Buthelezi

    I’ve been applying for my daughter but it giving me problems

  11. Sbongile

    I’ve been trying to apply for my daughter since 00:01 till now I’m not winning

  12. Princess Ndwengula

    I’m applying a space for ma son. At 30 August last year since I’m waiting.a space

  13. Kobe Makama

    I try to for my Child this application give me problem, it me truworths online application and is not what I want

  14. Sellinah motupa

    Am trying to register my daughter for grade 1

  15. Akanyang Malotwane

    I did an online application for my two kids (grade 1 and eight).
    I submitted all relevant documents to the applied schools but haven’t received any response or confirmation.
    What to do now ?

  16. Dorothy kg

    Hey I’ve been trying to register my child this online things is giving me problem since day one until now

  17. Katlego

    Hi I applied in August for my daughter m still waiting for a SMS till this date when I check it still says still in process and m starting to panic cause schools are opening with in a day so I jst wonder when we going to prepare

  18. Gloria Thomas

    Greetings,I tried to apply for my twins (Melissa & Johnny Thomas),for grade 1 for 2022.I reside around Alberton. I was not successful in getting it right.I still need some assistance.

  19. Donald

    I did aplay the school for this year grade 1 at Yeoville Boys and my child he was lean grade R last year and I am still in Yoeville but my child they approve me at Orenge grove why because I didn’t aplay at Orenge grove,then I spoke to one of memeber (Sigozo)working at Education he say I must accept that school after that he going to send him at where I aplay since last year nothing done

  20. Itumeleng Mbongo

    I’ve been trying 2 apply 4 my son since September 4 grade 8 no luck…please assist

  21. cecemautjana

    Iv uploaded documents but the system says I didn’t choose a school for my grade 8.
    School I chose is Cultura in bronkhorspruit
    Please help

  22. Jabulani Mkhwanazi

    I have try too many time to register my children’s online and the system did not allow me to register now I can’t get any school for my 3 boys please assist.

  23. brian

    im struggling to register my 2 children how do i apply 1 is going to do grade 8 and the second one is going to do grade r

  24. Ramadimetja

    Hy have successfully applied of my son who is at grade R but he placed at second option school while the 1st option is the he attend he placed at school without I do any reply of which school I choose

  25. Michael

    I did apply for grades learner and even today I’m still waiting for my reply please assist on this regard.

  26. Khaulezile Thotshwa

    I applied on line for my daughter who will be starting grade 8 and i still have not received a placement confirmation. I did receive confirmation that documents have been received and placement in progress. Please assist, i don’t want to see what happened to my son to happen to my daughter.(repeating Grade R because placement was not done)

  27. Cedric

    Hi.I successfully applied for my child who is at Grade R.But he placed at a second option school.While the 1st option is the he attend.He placed at the school without I do any reply of which school i choose.

  28. Cashandra Nenzhelele

    I have been helped by the walk in centre opposite Unisa in Pretoria. The guy registered my child as an Afrikaans student because only Afrikaans schools were still available in the Willows area. I have received only offers from Afrikaans schools and told to object online about the language. This, of course is not working. The head of the department in this area is sending me from pillar to post. I am so frustrated and worried that my child,Rendani has no school to go to.

  29. Nthabiseng Masemene

    Hey I been apply to other school for my son because the school that my attend, my son know he don’t know who to write an read. So I need to send my son to other school the administration lady told me if my son failed they can’t accept him.

  30. Nomadlozi Mathabela

    Hi All,
    I m struggling to register since October month, I therefore went to the school to submit documents in cases the online is up and Running.
    the Principal advise that I should check In November, I have been trying each day

  31. Lebohang

    Morning good people I’ve been trying to edit for my Lil brother for next year his going to do grade 8…so wanna edit schools coz I haven’t selected schools so I’m trying to edit but I don’t know how to edit please help me

  32. Thulani nkosi

    Hi I have applied for my child is going to grade 8 next year January but now I was waiting for respond till now nothing happened what must i do about that

  33. Ann

    I’m struggling to apply for my two kids grade 1 and grade 8

  34. Vangile

    I want to change my cellphone number I can’t and when it says accepted by the other school what does it mean

    1. Nomaswazi dlamini

      Good day I’m miss Nomaswazi dlamini from Pretoria I want to apply for the child in grade 2 Sunnyside school but here online is only grade 1 and grade 8 only the child is sitting in the house even now I’m so stressed I need help

  35. Leanne

    Good day

    I have registered and uploaded my documents they have verified and did not accept the uploaded documents when is the system reopening so that I can upload correct documentation

    Thank you

  36. Kgomotso wesie

    I’m struggling to register both my children

  37. Awonke

    I am struggling to register my son for grade one it does not give me any point to proceed with my application please help me out

    Thank you

  38. Mosa scott

    I’ve been struggling to apply for my daughter grade 1 but it’s giving me a problem

  39. Similo

    How do l apply for grade 1 learner, please help

  40. Nonhlanhla

    Good day,

    My son is already attending grade R at a primary school and I struggled to apply online for him at the same school for grade 1. What do I need to do now? Please help!!!!

    1. Sophy

      Hi dear did u gt help? I also didn’t apply for my daughter o was struggling so i went to department of education in joburg cbd, thy told me that thy will be a reopening application end of November or early January

  41. Anonymous

    I don’t know that applied my children to school because I need to apply for intre

  42. Betty

    How do I register my child for grade one

  43. Anonymous

    Hi my name is khathu i am struggling to get a form where I’m supposed to type my detail as a parent and for my daughter who is going to be in grade 1 next year

  44. Keamogetse

    I’ve been trying to register for my child for grade 1

  45. Keamogetse

    Hi I can’t manage to register for my child his 6,going to grade 1

  46. Princess xaba

    I have been trying to register for my daughter please help

  47. Anelerasmeni

    Hi I have been trying to apply for my baby for grade 1 next year but it shows blank

  48. Sindisiwe Ngwenya

    Dear sir/Madam
    I’ve been trying to apply for my child she is going on grade 8 next but the system is not doing good for me since phase 1&now phase 2.I’m struggling with the system,please help me.I want to register my child.

  49. Thully

    I want to register my child for grade 1 l can’t find more options to register please help

  50. Thully

    I want to register my child for grade 1 l can’t find more options to register please help

  51. Maria Tsakane Gama

    I gave in the wrong address when applying for my daughter MMULE Bontle Wame Gama how do I change it

  52. Elsie

    Help me for applying grade one

    1. palesa

      im trying to aaply for my child with no luck she needs space for grade 8

  53. Elsie

    Hi I can’t access the registration of website

  54. Dorah gontse

    I used an incorrect address when I registered my details on the system and I’ve been trying to edit it but it says I only have to edit once on the system,how do I edit my home address?

  55. Salome

    Why the department introduced this online thing cause I’m struggling to register my child let the schools run process of registrations again please, otherwise our children won’t be able to go to school,this is a torcher in reality More especially to poor communities nd pensioners.

  56. Lucy

    Morning my name is Lucy I registered online and submitted documents at school how do I know if my child is accepted at school

  57. Ntati Seloane

    I have been trying to register for grade 1learner who is residing in 1130 Block C Mabopane since August 2021, even today 22/09/2021 the system cannot allow me to go to the next step and I filled my credentials correctly. What should be done?

  58. rachael

    I have been trying to upload my documents but the system does not open since last week Monday , until I decided to submit manual and fill up the forms at school and submit all certified documents. on the 21/09/2021i received a message that my documents have been verified





  61. Ressani

    I can’t access on a website what’s rong please help me

  62. Cynthia

    . please help me to apply for grade 1

  63. Phoka phoka

    Whr do i fill de forms..

  64. Trish

    I’ve been trying to apply since Monday. The system takes me back to step 1 everytime I enter my address.

  65. Ouma

    I want to apply for grade 1

  66. Basetsana

    How can I apply for grade 1?

  67. Dorcas

    Being trying since Monday nothing when I get to password then I can’t go through applying for grade 1

  68. Rebecca matsemela

    Straggling to apply phone number and password incorrect I don’t know Applying for Grade one

    1. Maggy Malatji

      I struggling to apply online for a grade 1 leaner because my cell phone has changed,
      it differ from the prevoius application.

      please help

  69. Badane

    i cant find a link and i wanna registe my grade 1 learn

  70. Blondie Masemola

    I struggle in step 2

  71. Dipuo mabe

    Hi I’m struggling to apply please help

  72. Noma

    Please help I cannot access link to register my daughter for grade 1

  73. Benjamin Kgooho

    Hi cant access uploading documents

  74. Meloney Page

    I’m struggling to apply please help

  75. Prim Khoza

    Can anyone share info on How to register Grade 1. Still can’t find my address

  76. Masilu

    I’m struggling to register for grade 1



  78. Fanezi Mzingaye

    i cannot register my grade 1 learner. I cannot find the link or the link is not activated.

    1. Kamohelo Goodness

      I’ve been trying to apply for my Son who will be doing grade 1 next year 2022 but it’s giving me a problem the “GDE” doesn’t have options where you required to choose a school or enter the name of the school..what is really going on hle..

  79. Nosisa

    I am in a process of completing the form, I am stuck at Step 4 (apply for school), it does not show the list of the schools that near to me (referring to my home address)

  80. Bianca

    I just want to know.If I submit the they tell me somthing whent rong

  81. Seabata matela

    I was trying to apply for my child Lereko Matela for Grade 1 my contact number

  82. Anonymous

    Your system is very poor we cant attached the child documents , please fix it .

  83. Lubi Elizabeth

    Lubi Elizabeth applying for Paballo grade 1. Can’t access registration forms for grade 1.

  84. Anonymous

    I am struggling to register my daughter for grade 1

  85. Daniel Chidi

    Since from 8 trying to register it rejects me saying my phone number its wrong please help .my child is Letago Chidi

  86. Kefilwe

    Hi I also can’t find the link to register for grade 1 help plz

  87. Fhatuwani

    I’m trying to login it read that my cell number have problem what must I do I need to apply for my daughter grade 1 her name is adivhaho

  88. Hombisa

    I can’t access grade 1 registration website what’s going on

  89. Maukane sinkie

    Im struggling to apply for grade 1 learner

  90. Lerato

    Please help, i cannot find a link or website on where to register for my grade 1 learner.

  91. Tammy

    Can anyone send me to a link that says what is accepted for proof of address?

  92. Thandi Sibanyoni

    Tried so many times to access the web site is not possible

  93. Jethro

    I can’t access more options to add schools

    1. Patricia Rantekane

      Hi Im struggling to registure my daughter for ,when into the website it says my ID numbers already exits

  94. Yvette van Moerkerken

    Admission for grade 8 please

  95. Julia Lekoane

    I want to add another child but the system does not give that option please help.

  96. Anonymous

    How can I apply for a grade 7 learner to secondary school

  97. Anonymous

    How do I apply for grade 7 learner to grade 8
    I’m Simphiwe

  98. Mandisa Sithole

    I have been trying to log in but it keeps on giving me a problem my child name is Busiswa Sithole

  99. Njabulo ubaba kaSbongile applying for grade 8

    I can’t access the registration website
    What’s going on????

  100. Mmamma Lydia Kekana

    Admission for grade 8 and grade 1

    1. Tatu Diana Ndayishimiye

      I have been appealing my twins grade 1 but it’s giving me problems that’s
      Twin A ND B
      Boy:Salim juma Ndayishimiye
      Girl:Salma mgeni Ndayishimiye

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