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University of Cape Town (UCT) : Apply For Student Housing

Organisation : University of Cape Town (UCT)
Facility Name : Apply For Student Housing
Applicable For : Students of UCT
Website : http://www.students.uct.ac.za/students/applications/student-housing

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What is UCT Student Housing?

Staying in residence is an extension of your university education, and you can benefit from a range of facilities and services including PC labs, network connections, social and sporting activities.

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Student Housing & Residence Life at UCT strives to ensure that a living and learning environment is the foundation of its residence culture. Every effort is made to ensure that students’ residence life experience will foster their holistic development as well as being fully supportive of their academic programme.

Residence life is a special experience. Staying in a UCT residence is an extension of students’ university education, where they can benefit from all the facilities and services such as student learning centres, social and sporting activities, life-skills and peer-tutoring programmes.

How To Apply For UCT Student Housing?

Apply for student housing as part of your UCT application for admission. Housing eligibility criteria for first-time entering undergraduates: first-tier student accommodation There are limited places in residence and these are awarded to applicants on the basis of criteria described below. Meeting some of these criteria will prioritise you an offer of accommodation, while others may only make you eligible for an offer. Further information about the criteria in each of these categories is provided below.

Minimum criteria for an offer of student housing:
In order to be considered for an offer of student housing, you must have:
** applied for student housing in your UCT application, or amended your application to include an application for student housing no later than 31 July;
** been made an offer (conditional or firm) of admission, at any time, for the 2023 academic year.

Criteria for being prioritised for a place in student housing:
If you meet the minimum criteria, as well as any of the criteria listed below, you will be prioritised an offer of student accommodation:
** you must have applied for financial aid, and must be assessed as eligible for an award; or
** as a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) applicant, you must have achieved an Admissions Point Score of 540 out of 600, for two interim examinations, or only in your final grade 12 examination; or
** you will be younger than 18 years of age on 1 February; or
** you require student accommodation urgently for reasons of incapacity. Such an application must be accompanied by the necessary supporting documentation, which apart from your application for accommodation, must be sent direct to the Director: Student Housing & Residence Life.

Criteria for eligibility for student housing:
In addition to the criteria which may guarantee you a place in residence there are several other ways in which you may be eligible for a place. Meeting the criteria below does not prioritise an offer of student housing:

Faculty merit: you may be considered in this category if:
** you are academically strong and narrowly miss the priority of admission cut-off of 540 out of 600 for NSC applicants; or
** you are academically strong and not doing the National Senior Certificate; or
** you are an international applicant

you may be considered in this category if you are part of a designated group as defined in the Admissions Policy.

Specific programmes: some faculties set aside offers for applicants who will apply and register for particular programmes. These programmes include:
** BSc Geomatics and
** Performing Arts programmes: Music and Drama in the Faculty of Humanities

These offers may be made throughout the application cycle. If you have not yet been made an offer by the end of October, even though you may still be made an offer as late as January, we advise you to seek an off-campus accommodation. Please contact our Off-Campus Student Accommodation Services (OCSAS) office for assistance at 021 650 4934 or ocsas AT uct.ac.za

FAQ On UCT Student Housing

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ On UCT Student Housing

How is a housing offer made ?
** First an academic offer is made
** Housing offer either by Institutional auto offer, or
** Faculty makes a housing offer
** Email confirming that a housing offer has been made
** Followed by an offer letter from SHAAS
** This specifies your residence allocation

Note: You may also receive an unspecified offer (Transit)

How long can I stay in Transit?
Approximately 5-10% of our new students are placed in temporary, dormitory type accommodation in a residence, for a transitional period of 2-3 weeks. When an applicant is offered transit accommodation, he or she will be notified in writing prior to arriving at the university. For further information, please read about transit accommodation on our Residence allocation page.


For any general queries about student housing offers, please contact 021 650 2977 or res AT uct.ac.za

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