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conquestaolympiads.com : Conquesta Olympiads Life Orientation Sample Question Paper

Name of the Organization : Conquesta Olympiads
Announcement : Conquesta Olympiads Life Orientation Sample Question Paper
Type : Sample Question Paper
Head Office : Durban
Grade : 1- 7

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Website : http://www.conquestaolympiads.com/samples.php?countryId=3&mediumId=1&gradeId=2&grade=4&PHPSESSID=0703fb7f9c84e6046e127c0a36a2ec34
Download Question Paper :
Grade – 2 : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/3340-grade2.pdf
Grade – 3 : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/3340-grade3.pdf
Grade – 4 : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/3340-grade4.pdf
Grade – 5 : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/3340-grade5.pdf
Grade – 6 : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/3340-grade6.pdf
Grade – 7 : https://www.southafricain.com/uploads/3340-grade7.pdf

Conquesta Olympiads Life Orientation Sample Question Paper

Life Orientation

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Grade 7

1. What healthy advantage does fast food have?
(a) It is quick to make.

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(b) It is an easy meal.
(c) It has high fat levels.
(d) It has very few if no benefits at all.

2. What is a kebab?
(a) Small pieces of meat, tomatoes and onions threaded onto skewers.
(b) A standard white sauce made from milk.
(c) A cut of beef or pork.
(d) A type of pasta.

3. What fact about fast food could pose a problem and make people ill?
(a) It is cooked.
(b) It is reheated.
(c) It is produced on a large scale.
(d) It is quickly put together.

4. What should you do if the food has been out for an hour and the air temperature is very hot?
(a) You should put it into the refrigerator.
(b) You should keep it in the oven.
(c) You should throw it out.
(d) You should reheat it.

5. To what does the word ‘obesity’ refer?
(a) leanness
(b) slenderness
(c) slimness
(d) fatness

Grade 6

Life Skills 1 – :
Study the information on the right for questions 1 – 8.
Match up the features in (a) – (d) to their uses described at questions 1 – 4.
(a) Padded back
(b) Hip and chest belts
(c) Compartments
(d) Reflective material
1. Is a safety feature.
2. Reduces pressure.
3. Helps to lighten the load by spreading the weight.
4. Transfers the weight load.

5. Why is it a bad idea to have your personal details on the outside of your bag?
(a) Friends will know where you live.
(b) Teachers will be able to contact your parents.
(c) The principal will know where you live.
(d) Undesirable strangers will know your personal details.

6. Which one of these symptoms of an overloaded and improperly worn backpack is not mentioned in the text?
(a) Bad posture
(b) Back ache
(c) Bruised spine
(d) Lack of feeling in the arms and hands

7. If a child weighs 50 kg, what is the maximum weight he should be carrying?
(a) 10 kg
(b) 7½ kg
(c) 12 kg
(d) 20 kg

8. Which of these methods would be the best way to carry a bag?
(a) Holding the straps with one hand.
(b) Holding the straps with two hands.
(c) Looping the straps evenly over the shoulders.
(d) Dragging it on the floor.

Grade 5

Life Skills 1  :
1. Camping is beneficial since it $$
(a) is an exciting adventure.
(b) does not have to be an expensive holiday.
(c) is healthy to be outdoors.
(d) could be all of the above.

Match up the reasons in (a) – (d) to the statements at questions 2 – 5.
(a) This is a basic essential for cooking and cleaning.
(b) This deters an onset of insects invading your campsite.
(c) This ensures that rain water will not fall on your tent after a storm has stopped.
(d) This ensures that rain water will not flow under your tent.
2. Do not erect your tent under a tree.
3. Place your tent on elevated ground.
4. Keep your campsite litter free.
5. Try and get near to a water source.

6. What does the word ‘flora’ refer to?
(a) animals
(b) plants
(c) wildlife
(d) earth

7. Biodegradable soap means that the soap is $$
(a) environmentally friendly.
(b) ecologically challenging.
(c) recyclable.
(d) dissolvable.

Grade 4

Life Skills 1 – :
Match the text in (a) – (d) to the headings at questions 1 – 4.
1. Sport can help us to do better in school.
2. Playing sport can help us to boost our confidence and self-image.
3. Playing sport is good for our health.
4. We learn teamwork and how to set goals.

5. Which of these statements is true?
(a) Sport is never fun. It is only hard work and always requires hard practice.
(b) If you play sport and don’t study, you will still get high marks.
(c) Sport is a way to make friends and have a lot of confidence.
(d) If you play sport you will always win games and achieve goals.

6. Which of these statements is false?
(a) Regular exercise helps us keep fit.
(b) Regular exercise teaches us many skills.
(c) Regular exercise can help us have good memories.
(d) Regular exercise can replace homework.

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